Ishaq pushes the door and enters the garden.

Four times in a lifetime. Only the snowflakes exploded and naturally raised my senses.

'It's not unusual.'

I quickly sprinkled the hand of Deriver Confucius.

[LeBlaine, if there is a man approaching you..... no, just say this.]

"If you can't take care of yourself, you have to realize that you live in a world where one wrist can fly easily!"

[Yeah, kid. And then you say,]

"If you don't want to die, go away!"

[Then say,]

"Dubled is a house with swords faster than words. Especially the first one."

He said in turn what his brothers had told him. Three men nodded with a proud face, and I sighed in relief.

'I saved a man's life.'

And I approached my father and brothers and told them what I usually care about.

"I didn't have a rash under my fingernails."

There's no way you're going to touch it in the first place.

My father had a grumpy face, but when I pulled his arm, he followed me relatively gently.

It was short-circuited as such, or a moment of thought.

"I am Seon Woon, Youngyeon... …. What did I do? It's not unfair to hold on to your waist."

I was flawed, and my father and brothers, who were going to follow me into the garden, stared at the Deriver Confucius at a moment.


"Whose waist?"



Ishaq touched the sword, Henri said.

"Avoid crowded places. It's cumbersome to handle."

Ishak then hangs his arm over the shoulder of Deriver Confucius.

"I'll be out in a minute."


Deriver, who seemed thirty-four years older than Ishaq, was very pleased with his solidarity request.

"Of course... Ugh."

He groaned for a moment as he was joyful to run. Ishaq's back, which held his shoulder, was covered with a cord of blood.

Ishaq smiled and said,

"Smile, smile."

Derivatives seem to have felt something strange, but it's too late at the time.

He was already being drawn out to Ishaq, followed by Henri and John.

I was silent.

'Hello, Confucius. I've worked hard.'

Deriver Confucius, who came back to the party hall, was fewer and fewer fluttered. I changed the red pants I was wearing.

Afterwards, when my eyes met, he said, "Hi-yeah!!" I ran out of the hall screaming.

And I realized.

I know there are four dangerous goods that should not be brought into this party.

I looked up at them.

"LeBlaine, can I get you some juice?"

"Rev, if you're tired, you can go back first."

"Kid, you want to ride that? It was invested by my little brother....!"

"Your clothes are thin. I'll tell you to get your coat."

…… The four dangerous goods smiled widely.

* * *

I dragged Zakari, who was obsessed with lone wolf smoke, to where the chairman was.

And said to the Chairman:

"Take a good look at your dads and brothers."

Zakari was a suspicious expression.

"Master and Master? What's the problem?"

"To prevent casualties from occurring."

"The party is not a battle map, what casualties……."

Zakari, who said that, looked at his father and brothers and stopped. His face became strange.

My father and brothers were looking at Oman's food in the party hall as if they were hunting.

The Chairman said:

"I've already paid attention to the goons who participated in the party. If you kill, assault, or assault someone, you risk your life."

"Well done."

Then, the spines opened their eyes with a frightened expression.

Zakari murmured.

"He said it was an arm's length....."

"Not just because it's an arm's length issue."


"Isn't my peer food overrated at the party?"

Zakari nods, looking around the chairman.

"I see. Ah!"

Clever Zakari quickly understood the period of the nobility, even though he was not a noble.

"This has made a lot of people think I'm a child of real destiny. The response of the diocese or the temple is not unusual. I'm pretty cute in the family there, aren't I?"

"A coveted newlyweds."

In the words of the Mina world, I am about to become a lottery player.

"Most of the people who participated were looking for chaos. Some of them have canned heads."

"…… Seed seeking plunder."


"But would you say something stupid enough to put your hand on the baby inside the fence of Dublin Red?"

The Chairman replied at that point.

"It's Dublin Red, so I think it's possible to plunder."


"Why should princesses and princesses of powerful families be engaged to plunder so far? Because you think of honor as your life. Once you abduct, whether you touch it or not, your mind will go up and down into the mouth of the corrupt."

"Are you trying to make a blemish that you're forced to marry? Crazy...!"

That was also the case in the past.

Of course, although the frequency has decreased significantly by now, I am well aware that when a person becomes blind to greed, he loses his reason.

Of course, my father and brothers would think the same thing. So you must be too vigilant.

"Congratulations, sir! You have a wonderful daughter."



"It's not cool."

…… but it's also a bit of a sellout, of course.

"Anyway, take a good look. I'm gonna clear the hall for a second."

"Where are you going?"

"Now we have to go collect the debt."

Duke Valois.

The Chairman understood me straight away.

"Shall I follow?"

"No? The Chairman is fragile. I think he'll fall if he hits me."

"When I was a prince...!"

"I mean, you've probably done it in the royal year."

The chairman became gloomy, and I tucked, tucked, and struck Zakari's armor.

"Escort me from behind."

Now is the time to use Zakari properly.

Chairman Serena wasn't the right person for an escort. Rather, when something really urgent happened, Seria and Chairman were the targets I had to protect.

Zakari followed me with his sword.

I walked down the dark corridor and headed to the place where the Duke of Valois had checked in advance.

"May I ask what it means to recover the debt?"

Zakari's voice advanced as usual.

For the five years that I raised him, I looked carefully at Zakari.

Whether or not you can reveal who I am.

Zakari is someone who has all the conditions I need to be with someone who reveals my identity.



And I think there's a desire. In other words, you must be someone more precious than me.

The reason I don't tell my family or Leah is because they didn't meet the last condition.

For the Chairman, there was a desire to see Louis again.

Seria has a desire to find the children of the House of Hope.

Zakari also had a desire to protect his childcare friends and become the best knight on the continent.

It also meant that anyone who had something more precious than me could abandon me at the same time.

I'm afraid to see my dead body, which means they won't tear my way.

"I owe it to Duke Valois. I'll tell you more about this next time."

"…… Yes."

Zakari was a quick and wise man, even if he was a punk.

Me and Zakari left the building. Zakari hid herself in the dark before coming out, and looked at the fountain where the lights were shining. The Duke of Valois is shouting with a communicating stone.

"What the hell did you do...! Dubled infatuation."

He scratched and stuffed the communication stone he was yelling at.

"What are the protagonists of this party doing here?"

"I'm here to see the Duke."

The Duke of Valois spills the silhouette thinly.

In front of the puffy fountain, only the footsteps of Duke Valois come to me.

"What a brave man."

He came out with his back bent and his eyes closed, and he grabbed my shoulder.

"Or should I say the liver came out of the ship."


"When I saw that I had done all my work, and came before me, I could not say that I was clever."


"Yo, what am I supposed to do with a pretty mouse?"

His shoulders are full of creeping sheep, even worms.

I'm still afraid of him.

In a time when I couldn't protect myself, the assault and slaughter proverbs left me sick of the trauma of life.

Even if you try to endure a shaking eye, you can't stop a shaking hand.

Duchess Valois, who saw me like that, said:

"Did your father tell you to do it? You want me to come here for a ride? But you've become useless. You're so cute in front of me."

[Useless guy. It's a terrible burrow.]

"Do you think everyone has a world because they are destined children?"


"But, child. Those who can see the truth know. You're a fake."


"I was loved by the title of a child of destiny, but if the truth is revealed, I should be banished soon."


"The Trinket of Mankind will eventually become a beggar under that oyster bridge. So you should be humble today. Huh?"

I once wanted to forgive.

It's so painful to hate. Because I think every time I forgive you, my sinful fear will disappear.

If he kneels before me and asks for forgiveness, he tries to quit if he forgives that it was a beast who lost to desire.

Not until just now.

"Are you afraid of me?"


"My dad did. Fearful dogs are trying to bite people. I'm trying to hurt you somehow. Trying to get away from my fear."


"But now you have to be more afraid."

Duke Valois' expression became harsh.

"What nonsense...!"

"Pay up."

"Three million francs you lent Lord Lane, five million francs your wife borrowed. That's my money."

"What, what?!"

"I handed over the entire loan. I sold a long-distance mover. Because I advertised in a good place, I sold it at such a high price."

I smiled widely.

"You didn't pay any interest! When you ask my brother, he can confiscate the house!"

You may not have noticed it in the other family, but I am not.

"Get out of the house, scum."

Duchess Valois, whose face was singing, was appalled.

"What..... that can't be!"

I pushed the paperwork, Chuck.

"Why not?"

Confirming the paperwork, Duke Valois's face turned red.

He reviewed the documents with a meticulous loan of 3 million francs, but not his wife.

Failure to pay interest, forfeiture of property.

There is no way for the author to repay 5 million francs, so the house that was so shaky in his second life, the secret warehouse in the library of that house, are all mine!