The Duke of Valois threw a drink at his wife who returned to the mansion. The duchess, eagerly avoiding the glass, twists her mouth with a dull face.


"Crazy bitch!"

She ran to her angry husband and hung.

"I got hit, too. How do I identify a crook who grows as tall as me? Aim for you in Dublin Red and kill me……! Argh!"

Duke Valois turned his eyes upside down and grabbed his wife's shoulder.

"What does that art bitch say? Are you sure you handed over all the financing to Dubled? Yes?!"


When the Duchess of Valois failed to answer and avoided the gaze, the Duchess pushed her roughly and straightened her forehead.

Dubled's younger brother, Henri Dubled, was not as cool as a boy.

[Shut up at dawn and pack up! The father of Confucius doesn't even know the city!]

[Does anyone question the Beast? Ball, please don't provoke us any more.]

[What, what]

[I've had a hard time enduring this mess.]

Once upon a time, he despised himself with an insult he had heard from Theodore Dubled and a word he could not be wrong.

I look at myself with the same gaze as a bloody child or a bloodless bitch or that vulgar butcher.

Born in the womb of Cheonchoo, just like the day that Dublin, the younger generation of Dublin, sat underneath my feet, the heir of the Duke of Valois.

[I'm sorry. I thought I was good at catching swords.]

When I recalled Theodore from my youth, I remembered the first moments of my life in a row.

The garden where the nobles gathered.

My sword that was brushed on the grass and Theodore Dubled's sword that came before my eyes.

A whistling voice.

[Theo, stop.]

I had a poor back that was blocking me and a glowing hair.

The only woman William Valois couldn't have in his life.

A man's fist that didn't wrap around her.

A moment later, the child of fate and the woman's face were overlapped by Theodore Dubled.

The Duke of Valois grips his fist tightly.


When the Duke of Valois shouted, a man wearing a wide hat and covering his hands with gloves came in.

"Highlight it."

"Bring 'em from the basement."

"The Fall." "


The man bowed his head deeply. Duke Valois' eyes glow red.

'Do you know how to take it from you again?'

The glorious glory is his. Only humiliation will remain in his life that he has not kept what is precious.

* * *

The Virtual War Prize will be awarded at the Imperial Palace Dinner in four days.

I replied to an invitation from the Imperial Palace as soon as I returned to the mansion.

And today. My family left for the Imperial Palace.

At the dinner table were the children and their families of the two families who had already entered the main line.

We greeted the snow, and shortly thereafter the Emperor and First Prince Andre and Emperor Yvonne came in.

Usually, the person in the highest position is unlucky to greet.

But it was up to me to greet the winner of the Virtual War.

"God bless the sun of the Empire. Enjoy the glory of terror."

I bowed down politely and said,

'What do you think? It's perfect, right?'

I learned from Mrs. Camilla and the Chairperson.

I heard my father, brother and aunt laughing, and then people followed me and gave examples to the Emperor.

"Enjoy the radiance of terror."

The emperor nodded with a blunt smile.

"Welcome to the Imperial Palace. Have a seat."

After the sitting, everyone in the dining room started eating. A small conversation broke out, and the atmosphere was consistent and cheerful.

I was a little worried that the final opponent, Confucius Schhayle, might feel uncomfortable, but he had already forgotten all about losing the final.

Shout out, "This is delicious." You asked me for pie.

"Thank you."

"You have to eat a lot and grow big. So no one would take it for granted that it's small in the next Virtual War."

.... I don't seem to have forgotten all the defeats.

Ishak snorts and puts a different kind of pie on top of the pie he gives you.

"Why? You think you're being ridiculous and you're being applied to my brother?"

"Valiant. In front of His Majesty. Make your horses squeeze."

"Yeah? Then pick one. It's gone, it's gone, it's gone. What do you like?"

Edgar Schuheil frowned. "Let's not talk." I filled my tongue.

The two guys at the academy said it was bad luck, but it's really bad to get along.

I chewed the pie that Ishaq cut, thinking I should keep it in my mind.

By the way, what about the merchandise? The prize! '

I am impatient to find out the demon of the summoning faction I saw in Duke Valois' Secret Depot.

I originally tried to contact the goldsmith to find out, but the goldsmith who knows the summoning faction is extremely rare. It was difficult to find a goldsmith in the first place, so I needed the help of the devil.

Yvonne tapped her mouth with a napkin while eating and talking to other family mistresses.

"Your Majesty, it seems that the children have waited long enough, so I now give you the Virtual War Award."

The Emperor nods and shines his eyes.

'I wish I could see Bune again. If not, the devil of the 56th column. Because Boone said the demon was kind.'

When the Emperor raised his hand, the servants came in.

They handed the envelopes to the main entrance. It was because there was also a small prize for those who entered the main line.

And he gave me a chunky envelope and a jewel in a transparent box.

'This is a blind spot....'

A slightly curved oval, depressed jewel. Unlike pumpkin or ecstasy, the color is slightly turbid.

I looked at the emperor, and he nodded.

"It's a jewel in ancient records. You can take a closer look."

I quickly opened my mouth and touched the jewel.


I knew it as soon as I touched it. As you can see, the blind spot is the path of the devil I was looking for. Light whirlwind forces in your hands.

'It's not like the time of Boone.'

I felt a very sweet energy in the 'Sleeping Mineral', which was the passage of Bune. By analogy, it felt like I was submerged in warm water.

But this is the same energy as the fossil that was the passage of Pymon. Rough.

'No, it's a lot rougher than Pymon.'

A powerful demon?

"…… I hope so."




I was obsessed with the blind eye and missed the Emperor's words.

'Oh, I'm focused.....'

After spending quite a bit of divine power chasing monsters during the Virtual War, it's hard to keep up with adult thinking because I was tired of dealing with Duke Valois' couple in many ways.

"What do you think of spiritual love? Which one of you is the First Prince and the Second Prince?"

I looked at the slutty families. Neither side deserves it.

The Emperor Yvonne was smiling very lovingly.

'Valois is useless, so this time you're gonna grab Dubled's strap?'

I rinsed, snorted.

I absolutely hate it.

It is the Emperor Yvonne and the First Prince who are as dangerous as the Temple.

In his first life, Emperor Yvonne Andal wanted to bring the child of destiny to the bride for the legitimacy of the First Prince.

I wasn't interested because I had a false opinion, and I was very obsessed with Mina.

The Emperor set up all kinds of chest systems to connect Mina with the First Prince. How hard I've been stuck in there.

'After all, the answer is set.'

"I am the Second Prince Adrian!"

Yvonne's face hardened. She, who held the napkin in her hand, asked with a face.

"Why Adrian? You never met Adrian, did you?"

"I saw her, uh, at Mrs. Camilla's mansion. The prince has given me the honor of being a friend!"

The Emperor said, "Oh..." He nodded with a gush of resilience.

"Is that so. Already with that child...."

It would also be a good thing for the emperor.

This was when Yvonne needed a tool to stop the Emperor from getting too big.

But Adrian doesn't have a proper support base.

With Dubled on his back, the bow of Yvonne the Emperor would stop.

I want to stop Dublin and Yvonne from leaving.

Aunt Adrian nods to see if she thinks it's the best choice.

But the look on my father and brothers' faces was not good. Especially John's face.

He grabbed my hand and said, "Why?" I asked.

"You haven't forgotten, have you?"


"Last time... with me... no."

I tilted my head.

Ishak mutters, narrowing his glans.


Henri also asked in a small voice.

"What's wrong."

"Something, so feverish...... I think I'm going to take something precious away."

"Watch your mouth. In front of His Majesty."

"You can't hear me."

* * *

My father and brothers felt bad even after dinner. I grabbed my aunt's hand and walked with my family's eyes open.

"Did you want to be the first prince?"

"No. The second prince is better."


But why do you feel so bad?

I thought so, and then I caught a blind eye.

'This is not the time. We need to go back and summon the demon in this jewel....'

And it was just outside the Emperor's palace.

The wind swirled sharply.

"It's spring now, what a breeze...!"

Ishaq shouted.

Henri looked at me and said, "Isn't there dust in your eyes?" I asked nicely, and my father made sure to open my coat.

While my family was doing so, I was looking at the void, stiffened.




"What's going on?"



I looked back at my family with my eyes shaking.

"Can't you see that?"

That guy in the air.

That man who looks at us in a sharp attitude, like a pile of manna that he doesn't know about.

"What are you talking about?"

When Ishaque asked, I shouted.

"Out of my way!!"

The moment the spark from a man's hand condensed into a large circle and flew towards us!