[If you don't listen to my circle, you'll be in danger. It's enough to stop the attack, isn't it?]

He said with an arrogant expression, and I turned my nose fart fat.

"Then either I exhaust all my divine power and go mad, or you wait for me to die."


"But if I die, can I go back?"


"That's already been used by Pymon."

When I opened my eyes, the demon blew.

The demon is never as human-friendly as Bune when he notices four cars in his life.

Nevertheless, it's good to see you as soon as I call him.] I'm sure there's a wish I have to listen to.

'This makes it clear.'

It's on my side to take advantage of relationships with demons.

Whether you're desperate for a wish like Bune, or not as interested in a wish as Pymon himself, I was the only one who could send you back more than once.

When I saw the embarrassed demon, I laughed miserably.

The devil masqueraded with a calm expression.

[How to go back to the way the world works. To offer sacrifices and to help those who called me is also pure.]

"If you do that, you want to hurt my family, and you want to see me forgive you for making me like this?"


"I'm sorry."

[…… I can't. I don't do it!]

"All right, let's die together."

The demon stares at me like I'm really trying to gauge if I'm going to drive the situation to its worst. I didn't avoid his eyes.

"Let's both be fucked together. I'm not afraid of anything."




I pretended, raised my head.

"I will never touch the Dubled family again."

[…… again……… Dubled…….]

When you look at me, you say, "Do it." I said with a smile.

"All right, then don't tell me."

[.... How can you be so overwhelmed with me?]

The demon asked with a flurry of eyes when he was not feverished.

"If you tell me..... I'll lose my strength..... right. Quiet…… there……."

After unwinding, I fell to the ground and rolled round my body.

'I thought I was going to die.....'

I struggled to get a little bit of manna in the air.

The threat of "dying" to the Devil was sincere.

I remained calm in Oxa, but it was only to reassure my family and to show that I could be held accountable for being innocent outside.

In fact, I was swarming. From here, it was dangerous for Valois to intertwine with his family.

That is why the divine power was only a short time away, and I was forced to summon the devil in the worst possible situation called in Oxa.

Because the Devil's help was desperate.

But cooperation in distrustful relationships only grasps the ankle.

'I'd rather be turned upside down than die because of this unreliable cooperation with the devil.'

So at least my family and my people will get away with this.

The demon who looked at me as if blood had escaped sin hid its appearance.

The last time I saw it, I lost my mind.

* * *

"…… in."



My eyes were swollen and I couldn't get it right. Three-eyed rubber eyelashes against the forehead, squeezing something lightly.

'I feel good…….'

It felt strange.

As soon as something touches me, my hot, heavy head cools.

As soon as something fell, he rubbed his cheek on it and said, "More…." and frowned.

And let's open our eyes unconsciously.



What a handsome face..!!

I shouted in surprise.


She held my hand and hopped her eyes.


"What, why are you here?"

"His Majesty summoned me to the Imperial Palace, because I felt you."


"Yeah. I saw you, and you were down."

I tilted my head.

You think that's possible? Huh? But I'm in good shape.... '

Body is lighter than before collapse. It seems that adult accidents are also well maintained. I felt like I was going to burst into tears in fear of being trapped in a dark oxa.

I looked at Adrian with horrible eyes and looked at my condition.

"But what's wrong with you?"

The sick looked like Adrian, not me. I think my face is getting dim and I'm going to fall down soon.

No way.

I quickly walked Adrian's sleeve. The starter of the hand lamp spread to the forearm of the jacquard as if it were a silk cord.

"You, you gave me divine power."


I thought I was better than everyone else. I didn't know I had this much power.

It is a blessing to give away divine power to others, not to put it in a spinel. It was the Bible that came down to the Popes.

"Where did you learn that? Did the Holy Father teach you?"


"But how."

"I just thought I wanted to save you, and I could tell you. Thank goodness."

Adrian smiles, and I'm choked.

"Thank goodness. This isn't stupid!"

".... Are you angry?"

"What if I give away my divine power like this!"

I, too, am a man of the sacred power of cardinal rank. Having a lot of divine power, for example, meant having a bigger cistern than anyone else.

It is different to pour water along a cup than to pour water into a huge cistern.

Adrian almost died because he had exhausted his sacred power.

"But I like it because I don't think you're sick."

"... You're such an idiot."

Adrian smiled again.

'It seems like a sick boy who comes out mainly in the novel that the maid sees.... No, this is not it.'

I almost got held up in my mimo for a second, but I grabbed my mind and said,

"How did you get into Oxa? You won't have anyone to help you."

"As you taught me."


Adrian nods.

"No way you....."

"It's not worth your life. How can you be sure of the future? I wouldn't end up with a pair of limbs."

You remember the blackmail I taught you.

I said, "Oh. 'and nodded.

"Yes, yes. Well done. If you still need anything next time, you can threaten to see the situation."


"Thanks for today, anyway."


I smiled.

"He's such a puppy. '

When I look only at the beasts at home, I see this naive puppy, and my heart shudders.

He touched my forehead again and said,

"I think it's really okay now."

Then I closed my eyes, and somehow I remembered what my baker sister said to me in my last life when I saw Jay, a coworker with a beggar's hand.

[That one, you're ringing your sister's heart.]

I did something called "Sister's Heart," and it felt like this. I just want to protect it, I want to pinch the ball. At the age of this life, Adrian was four years older than me.

If it feels like this, it makes sense that Jay got a lot of bread left in the bakery.

"Yes, yes. Thanks to you, but now go back. It's dangerous to see Emperor Yvonne."

"What about you?"


"When will Duke Dubled pick you up?"


"Did you make contact with Duke Trigon? That's what's at the heart of this."

"How do you know that?"

I was surprised and asked.

It is true that Trigon is at the heart of this crisis.

Whether I used defensive magic or assault was the focus of this nona.

But this will depend on my point of view, and my treatment will be determined by the testimony of Trigon, the chief court wizard in charge of the Imperial Shield.

"Your Majesty told me."


I grinned and stroked Adrian's head.

"That's clever. Okay, okay. You have to remember that."


"Dad must have been in contact with Trigon. Don't worry, I'll be out in a minute."

I swiftly raised Adrian and pushed him towards the iron gate.

"I'll see you when I get out of here, Adrian."

".... Can I call you Lebra then?"


We need to have a good relationship with Adrian, who will be in power in the future.

I said with a nasty smile.

"We're friends!"



"…… yes."

Adrian hands over my hair and mutters in a very low voice.

"See you next time. …… friend."

I flinched without even knowing.

'He really is. His eyes are so affectionate.'

Choking on people's hearts.

* * *

LeBlaine in the iron spear shakes her hand until Adrian leaves Oxa completely.

Adrian looks at the door even after leaving the door.


A man in a knight's uniform approached Adrian.


When Adrian asked, the man reported what he had learned in a low voice.

"I'm in contact with Dublin Red and the Temple respectively, but I still keep my mouth shut. However, it was said that he had a conversation with the Cardinal and was bitten by Duke Dubled's request for solidarity. His scale doesn't seem to be tilting on the Dublin side."

"Or maybe it's a trick to raise more money."

"Shall we prepare the treasure over here? You can't keep in mind that there is a problem with the baby that is scheduled to happen as a result of the degradation."

"Duke Dubled would have ended the situation right away, if he had the heart to spare his fortune."

"If you……."

"Bring Trigon."

"It's not time for you to step up."

Adrian slowly shifted his gaze to him.

"I didn't want to see her locked up in Oxa for another day."


"Drag it. If you rebel."

Adrian's eyes were red with hints.

"You don't have to bring it in intact."

"…… Yes."

Camilla the Great, who was asked by the Emperor to look after Adrian, said:

[I was so naive in the ambush. I'm worried.]

That's naive.

The man spills real blood into his heart.

Adrian was a child who grew up in a cradle with a blade. The enemy, not his mother's milk, grew him.

If this thirteen-year-old knew what was going on inside Mzi, no one would dare call Adrian just a child.

That night.

The court wizards look at Trigon with their eyes full of drunkenness.

"This is a really big deal. You're drunk and you're going back to the mansion by yourself."

"Who dares lay a hand on me! That Duke Dubled and his great cardinal will not dare raise their heads in front of me!"

The court wizards tore it apart, but Trigon walked the streets alone.

'What the Temple has proposed is 50 million francs. I said if you're good, you can put a double here, so I'm rich. Rich!'

Duke Dubled could not even gauge how much more money he would call.

He was stumbling and walking blamelessly.

"Who are you? Who dared follow me?" "

My father's connection took the position of chief wizard, but even if I rot, Junchi. I wasn't blunt enough to know someone was following me.

As he shouts, those who hide in the dark reveal themselves.

"My master loves you....."

"The Lord calls……."

"My client……."

"The noble adult made you...."

"My master loves you....."

The guests looked at each other with a blemish.

'What, those bastards.'

Not one or two.

At least five assassins stare at each other, wrapped around the Trigon.

"What, what, what, what! You guys!"

While the Trigons were screaming, the assassins held each other back.

"Back off."

"You guys."

"Do you want to taste my master's iron mace!"

"This is something you can't even imagine!"

"It can't be bigger than our master!"

As the assassins struggle, Trigon engraves a starter on the back of his sluggish hand.

Is it a temple, Dubled? No, there are so many..! Let's run. '

And then it was.

Puck! Trigon, who gets hit by something, squeaks and snorts.

The assassins were flawed and looked around.


Something invisible is here.

"Something" murmured silently.

[Dammit. How dare you use me as an errand boy.]

I want to.