Investigation has begun.

It had falcon wings and canine fangs, and it was not difficult to specify a presence that could create a shield that even the court wizards and the newcomers placed in the Imperial Palace could not break.

The Imperial Palace declared the attackers to be 'unclean', and searched the entire Empire like catches.

Seria, who gave me milk, said:

"The Imperial Palace is convinced that it is not a foreign attack."

"It's wild. There's no such thing as a threat from the Empire, but we can't attack the wild. Unless you want to starve all my people to death."

"Yes, the important thing is that the temple where the attacking creature is known to be a demon has just declared the baby's demon to be 'unclean'."

In the Chairman's words, I shrugged.

"The Temple will never be declared a demon."

The first reason why the temple and the diocese receive support from the Imperial Palace and noble families and collect donations from the people was because of the cause of 'defending the continent from the devil'.

There are many other reasons, but the beginning of the Temple was to stop the Devil.

But the fact that the Devil has come to the ground is like a temple job or something.

"I will never use the word 'demon' in the temple unless I bring the demon to the swarm and attack it."

"You can also promote a greater rise because you are preparing for the war against the devil, right?"

In Serria's words, I looked at the spire of the temple that looks out the window.

"The Pope was more honorable than Duke Valois."

"Are you?"

"Yes. Christian pushed out the first priest, Quinter, and became Pope because he was a sacrificial adult for the seal of the devil. I can't tell you that he was an ordinary demon."

"My honor takes precedence over the lives of hundreds of millions of continents. You're foolish."

Seria twists her purchase with a cup of tea.

"In any case, the investigation is going smoothly. I'm holding even the hidden goldsmiths, so soon the Imperial Investigation Team will come to the Grand Noble Family."

"Even at the mansion of Valois!"

The man is trying to somehow get back into the Baloic mansion I took to find another book.

'But it's no use.'

Who is currently guarding Balois Mansion?

I covered my mouth with a sheep fist and laughed.

At that time, Seria drops a cup of tea on the tea coaster.

Grabbed her hands to her knees, she stared at me with a clear eye.

"Can you tell me now? I know who you are."

I nodded lightly, and said to the Chairman:

"Bring Zakari and Trigon. Because they need to hear it too."

"To Trigon? If you need a wizard, I'd rather give it to Veronica, your baby's side...."

"It has to be Trigon."

"Veronica has no desire for me to do it."

"...... Desire?"

"The Chairman has a desire to meet his son Louis, and Seria has a desire to find the children of the House of Hope. Similarly, Zakari has a desire to protect her kindergarten friends and become the strongest knight. And for Trigon, no, Wales....."

"The desire to protect my father."


I came back several times and realized, It means you have to trust the situation more than anyone else.

I know how to save Trigon's father. In the next 10 years, I'm the only one who knows.

So he would never betray me.

On the contrary, even if I die of unspeakable circumstances, it was someone who would not sacrifice my life for the cause.

The Chairman took the communiqué.

Seria opened the door for Zakari, who was waiting outside the office.

Soon Zakari and Trigon came into the office, and I started talking.

"Don't be surprised, listen."

"Is there anything more surprising than the nine-year-old baby who told you to kidnap me...!"

Trigon shouted, but I opened my mouth completely.

"I die three times, I live a fourth life. And this time, I summoned a demon."

"What, what, what?!"


When I saw the two men with their mouths open as if they were missing chins, I nodded.

Look at that. You said you'd be surprised.

* * *


The man who watched the mercenaries who fell with the terminal wins.

It's the second time already.

A middle-aged woman who twisted her black head like a black dagger wiped the bloody Great Sword lightly and put it in the black house.

The mercenary commander, who was looking at the horseback riding with the man to determine the power, stepped back with a white-faced face.

A man opens his eyes to the commander.

"Put in a review unit right now. I don't have time."

"Mo, I can't!"

"Have you forgotten how much I gave you? You accepted my request. Go and keep your vows!"

"That's when the lookout doesn't know Leah Shabanol!"

The blue-bored leader shakes his head.

Who is Leah Shabanol?

A deputy commander of Erie, he was the most vicious of Erie's reputable personalities to be cold-hearted.

'Knight? No, she's alive!'

Dubled's here was a powerful marshal who could put a tier up right away, even if he defeated only one.

Now that there was such a decent girl here, how prey could it have been?

Numerous mercenaries and knights offered her a battle, but no one spared her life.

I've seen her battle in the past. He who grows up on the battlefield also grows creepy as if his whole body's blood were sinking.

Even though she was a knight, she didn't see anything like it.

He has insulted the defeated and slain them as brutally as he can.

It's like enjoying murder.

Unlike male knights, she was naturally weak in fitness and strength because of her cruel qualities.

I thought I lived with Ana because the news had been cut off for over a decade, and she was still holding the sword.

"I'll give you the money back. There you are! Pack your bags. I'm going back!"


The man shouted, but the mercenaries removed the burinake butt.

'Damn it, damn it...!'

A man threw a horse and shook his head.

This afternoon, the Imperial Palace Investigation Group crossed the door of this noble family.

It will be my turn soon.

'If we don't deal with the underground camp before then.....'

The man holding the forehead, no, the Duke of Valois' hand was shaking.

* * *

"Oh my God....."

Zakari, who heard all about me, laughed in vain.

Seria closes her eyes from the vicinity of 'assaulted and killed by Duke Valois in his second life.'

"The Apostolic Tribunal is not the only one. Duke Valois needs more for his crimes."

"The Apostolic Tribunal is no different than a painting."

"The one who beat up less than fifteen children!"

Seria is evil at it.

"How, how can that be……. How could you go through that...."

"I'm fine."


"It's okay, Seria."

Even the Chairman had never told the story of Duke Valois's youth in detail, so he was quietly furious.

"In this life, I've paid that much back."

"Are you saying that you don't belong to the past life...."

Seria looks at me with a dismal eye, and I frown.

"No? I'm so hot!"

It never happened to anyone else, but it certainly happened to me.

If only they had been adult soldiers like the liars in this life, so sweet, so sweet, and so true, they would have lived without a corner. They were the same horrible villains.

If the same situation had come, he would have abused me again. Obviously.

I've done so many times in my life.

Besides, it's not.

"You have to give me back what you received. If you hit him with your foot, I'll break his leg. I'm deadly and sleepy!"

"You're right."

Seria nodded her head bluntly, and I laughed.

"He's got it and he's dead, so he's gonna get it and he's gonna get it. It hurts more than I do."


"It just means you don't have to be impatient right now. I keep paying for this life."


Me and Seria, when the chairman smiled at each other with a nasty, nasty expression, Zakari swallowed up the drool with a blue face.

"Really, scary people....."

He murmured like that.

"Did my father really say yes?"

It was Wale.

When I look at him, he twists his mouth with a trembling hand.

"No one helped him. Why? I and Trigon were worried about taking property from relatives. But… but……."

Wale, who hadn't spoken for a long time, barely opened his mouth.

"He's called a bizarre old man, but he's kind. How many people has he helped? You mean not a single one paid back the favor?"

"Someone did a good job."

"A masterpiece?"

"I don't know why. I drove Aragon as an apostle. I wasn't referred to the Apostolic Tribunal, but the rumors were so bad that no one would be able to help. I'm guessing your death wasn't just about trigonometry."

"Like that....."

The Chairman, who heard my story, opened his eyes.

"That's strange. Things are happening all the time that I don't understand. That too is very secretive."

"Yes. As if an invisible hand is crushing the Empire."

Balua bought the children of the house of hope.

I was going to sacrifice the children of the House of Hope and summon the devil to make a baby bird.

Rumor has it that Aragon is an apostle.

And two fateful children.

I looked at the chairman and opened my mouth.

"And there is another strange thing, which is different from the memory before the regression……."

It was then.

The Siege of Seria jumps into the office.


"What's going on?"

When asked, he said:

"I started searching the palace for Valois mansion."

Here we go.