Me and Chairman Balois immediately headed to me.

In front of the mansion were the father, Henri, North, and the investigator of the Imperial Palace.

I own the Valois mansion because the house search advisor was handed over to my guardian, my father.

Henri seems to have come with my father because he was the one who took Valois Mansion on my behalf.

There was a large parchment in the investigator's hand.

'Internal design tools or tools.'

When building or renovating a building, I had to report it to my Ministry, which was in the hands of the messenger. It was a blueprint that I submitted to the enemy to build a mansion in Valois.

"If you have increased space outside of the blueprint, please tell us in advance. If found during a search, you will not be able to avoid punishment."

"We were not notified of the increase at the time of the mansion transaction."

North handed over a signed document from Duke Valois stating that there was no additional space.

The search has begun.

I followed the investigators around as if they were watching the search.

I was an enormously large villa with a three-storey main house, four mansions, an employer's residence, an ecclesiastical knights barracks, and a huge library of monologues.

Built over a hundred years ago, the mansion was very well maintained, so it had only a modest look and no place to get hurt.

I touched the middle steps carefully.

[Oh, my God, Niels. Don't run around like that. Let's see, my baby..... What are you staring at like a rat! You can't go in there! You don't look like a bitch.]

[Sin, sorry, Mother.]

I am an eight-year-old enemy who was feverish and couldn't even fit in.

When I came down to get about a dozen eggs, Duchess Niels, whose forehead was slightly red, was looking carefully at them.

I remember a heavy shoulder that shriveled like a stone, and a hot breath that I carefully exhaled to not groan.

"There are no specifics from the middle government to the south of the first floor."

"Dining room."

There was an old cupboard in the dining room that followed the investigator.

The dining room where I was so hungry that I hid late at night.

The six-year-old steals dry, puffy bread and hides under the frightful cupboard, surprised by the popularity outside the door.

Mayden's neck is tight.

A body that was less shaky.

I remember knocking on my clogged chest after a person disappeared.

I look back at the mansion in silence.

I had a vision.

A curly-haired little girl walks in a corridor with an old charm in her hand.

I broke a seven-year-old vase and picked up a piece of glass with my bare hands.

I grew up a little more than that, curled up in the narrow corner next to the ornament and trembled.

I nodded with a hiccup in my dress. I keep suffocating.

It was when my eyes were blurred.

"…… Ginim."



I heard a sweet voice.

Upon raising his head, he bent his knee and saw Leah staring at me.

She smiles lovingly and rubs my cheek lightly with the back of her hand.

"Why is my baby so powerless?"

She said so.

[Let's see, my baby.]

The poor Leblane in his second life told me what he wanted to hear once.

"What's wrong with you?"

"…… No."

As she shakes her head, Leah wakes up in her arms and taps her back kindly.

"If you have a sore spot, don't hide it. Even one of your sneezes, I'm shaking my chest."

"…… yes."

"He's also nice."

"Yes, Leah."

I buried her face in her chest.

Leah is a curious person. I always hold my hand when I need it, when I'm scared and don't know what to do.

It's like a mother.

I put my hands together to my chest and whispered.

"You know, Leah."


"I'm not afraid of Leah. It's weird."


"When you're next to Leah, you're happy, and your heart is warm. You love this, don't you?"

Leah kissed my cheek and laughed afterwards.

"I love you, too."

I hugged Leah's neck.

I'm smiling face to face. Big! I heard a cough.

He was the Chairman.

I jumped out of Leah's arms, and as she went a little further, the Chairman whispered.

"The investigation is over, but we haven't found it yet."

"These idiots."

I rushed down the corridor quickly.

The head of the investigation who was looking at the internal blueprint in the library said, "Hmm……." I touched my chin with silence.

'Bookshelves, bookshelves.'

Mister, look over there!

While he cried out with his eyes open, the investigator's gaze remained fixed only on the blueprint.

At that time, other investigators came into the library.

"There are no more employer accommodations and barracks."

"I also have a third floor. The only thing found is the Duchess' secret book."

'Fools, there's a secret space behind your back!'

I was so frustrated that I wanted to make fun of my heart.

If this happens, I can't do it.

I pulled the book out of the bookshelf and threw it back and forth.

"Holy shit!"

When the investigator looked at me and shouted, the father and Henri, who were with him, looked at me.

I shouted cheerfully, disguising my childish naive expression.

"I'm going to play the block. You have to stack as high as your father's height!"

An investigator glances at the Dublins as if he's asking me to do something.

Then North approaches the hummingbird.

"You're so thoughtful not to jump, you're just going to build a book, baby!"

I picked up the book I threw and brought it to me. The look on the investigators' faces decays.

"Sir, this is a space under investigation by a ghost. Send the child back."

One of the investigators replied, "An eight-legged man who was sitting on the couch alone.

"My daughter wants to build a book."

When my father opened his eyes, Dubled's arm was blown 3,4,5 and so on, and he stared at the investigators with eagle eyes.

One investigator could not raise his voice to Duke Dubled, who could not do anything to the Emperor.

I picked up the book hard because of the arms issue.

'There must be a button to open the passageway somewhere in this bookshelf.'


The Chairman used to call me as if he didn't have the time to look at the clock.

Investigators were preparing to leave the mansion one by one. I was trying to build up whether the person in charge thought he didn't have much income.

I looked at the bookshelf impatiently.


Why not? '

The bookshelf is definitely the same as the one in the secret warehouse of Valois. No matter how I searched it, there was no button to open the entrance.

'You didn't build a basement at the mansion. No, the Duke of Valois's reaction clearly shows that there is a place of consciousness in the mansion!'

"Thank you for your cooperation. Now that we've finished our investigation, let's go back."

The investigators bowed their heads to his father.

The Chairman whispered urgently.

"If this is the case, fire the store's secret warehouse. That's where Valois' experiments took place."

"It's been over ten days. Even the traces of manas that were mixed up in the air would have been scattered. The subpoenas are almost wiped out, so there's no perfect proof."

Only when the ceremonial space, the secret warehouse, and the demon I summoned are combined can the Duke of Valois testify.

"But there is no Dory. If you miss this opportunity, you won't be able to drive the Duke of Valois away forever. If the Summoner is not completely erased, fire the Secret Depot."

I hiccup my lips.

'What to do.'

* * *

The investigation of Valois Mansion is over.

Duke Valois laughs and hears his blessings.

"Yes, I didn't find it. In the end……!"

I don't know how worried I was about finding a place of consciousness.

However, the investigation team eventually retreated without finding anything.

"I'm glad it's done safely."

A man in gloves smiles, and Duke Valois shakes the glass while sitting on the couch.

"Cancer, yes."

"Now that you're less concerned, you should promote the following. What are you going to do now?"

Duke Valois laughed.

"Theodore, he who has no blood, no tears, seems quite bored with his father's role. If you destroy what is most precious right now, how much will that face be frowned upon?"

"What if……?"

The Duke of Valois leans and raises his eyebrows.

"I intend to kill one of the little bitches I've been working with."

"Are you referring to a child of destiny? But escorts are not normal. In some way……."

"We know an easy and fast way, don't we?"

When Duke Valois pulls the rope, the butler draws someone with a cloth on his head.

"Please, save me. Help me! Aah! Sister! Please...!"

The boy who turned over the cloth cried and pleaded, but the men in his place did not move a single eyebrow.

The Duke of Valois rises with a glass of wine and tugs, tugs and knocks on the boy's shoulder.

"It's gold."

"…… that's how it was nine years ago."


It was chalna that he twisted the purchase.


The Emperor kicks the door and spills it in.

"Surround yourself!"

Duke Valois panicked and looked around.

"What...? How dare you...!"

"It is imperative to redeem the sinners who threatened the Imperial Palace with sorcery!"

What did you say?

"Nothing came out of the mansion that was mine. Why did you kill me...!"

A little girl walks in between the emperors.

"A child of destiny? What are you doing here...!"

As the Duke hardens his face, LeBlaine smiles and shouts.

"I'm here to see you get caught!"

'I thought I couldn't find it, you scum. Even if you hide it thoroughly, there's always a way.'

"Basement Warehouse at Balois Mansion."

"…… what?"

"Wonder how you found it?"

When LeBlaine looks behind her back, someone comes inside carefully.

The Duke of Valois' eyes widened when he saw the incoming one.

"How, how did you...!"