I didn't know that Duke Valois's swaying gaze was fixed in one place and would leave. To his eldest son, Hayton.

Freaky face, fluffy head, tight hands. I heard a brilliant feeling in everything.

"No way you...!"


Hayton's silence was no longer a definitive answer.

The Duke of Valois, who came through the people, shakes Hayton's shoulders roughly.

"What did you do in Dublin Red? What did she do to you...!"

Hayton raises his head slowly. He murmurs without avoiding my father's gaze, as he flinches his dull lips.

"You taught me to keep up with the next generation."

"…… what?"

"You said you need to get rid of what you don't need, and you need to get drunk regardless of your temper. So I did what I learned."

"You, you..... you ferocious bastard!"

"Just as my father abandoned my mother, so did I."


When the Duke of Valois hardens, Hayton sprinkles his hand against the evil.

"I did what I learned, I did!"

Duchess Valois, pushed by her son, looked at the monster I had created with an unbelievable expression.

LeBlaine, who was watching them, smiled sharply.

* * *

A few hours ago.

Shortly after the investigators returned, the man I found was the Duchess of Valois.

Since the relationship with the husband was twisted as it should have been, the Duchess needed a new place to lean on.

But the man who sent them secretly came back without income.

"Did Duchess Valois send you back? It can't be."

"No, I haven't seen the Duchess."

"Did the Duke of Valois, who was angry to the end of his head, even make a golden decree....."

As I muttered, Curtis, Seria's companion and vice commander of the Hope Merchant Guild, leaned his head with a strange face.

"It may be, but..... Short notice, I have a steaming point."


"According to the spies planted in Valois, the Duke's luggage did not enter the new villa he relocated recently. He doesn't even know where he is. Niels Valois, my younger brother, is looking for my mother."

"Nielsmann? And Hayton?"

"My eldest son doesn't get stuck in a room."

At this moment, the ominous feeling pushed the creeps from the toes.

When we heard the story together, Seria said, "Hmm…." and groaned.

"I can't believe I didn't even pick up my wife's luggage. Does Duke Valois have a divorce in mind?"

"…… No, that's not it."


"Perhaps the Duchess of Valois... Curtis, come back to the new Valois mansion. This time to Hayton in my name."

"May I say Moore?"

"…… 'Where is my mother?'"

"Would that be it?"

I nodded, and Curtis left.

Hayton's a smart kid. You know what I mean. '

And if he's looking for me, then a bad guess would be true.

I sat on the couch with my hands hiccupped.

Curtis returns around sunset. With Hayton.

I stared at Hayton with a surprising look. It was unexpected that the person who called himself would be me.

"..... Your mother, you were murdered."


"It must have been scary."

On the couch, I stared quietly at the shaking child's eyes.

"I won't tell you I'll protect you from monsters."

Hayton stares at me with a blemish.

"I know you called because you wanted to get something out of me. If you want to get what you want, go pay for it!"

"You want to get something out of me, too. Your father followed my man in the middle of something scary."

"... What should I do?"

"Let's make the right deal. Don't appeal to emotions."

I put the paperwork down on the table with a bang.

The paperwork was that Hayton Valois would pay the monthly living expenses until he reached the age of 18.

"You protect your body. I'll give you money and a chance."

"That's a lot of money...."

Hayton Valois bites him, and I lean my head with my arms.

"Think carefully. You know you can't live under your father's protection like you did until now. Aren't you following my man because you're afraid you'll be the next target of the monster that ate his wife?"


"Even if you can endure terror, your family will be doomed soon. Because I and Dubled will do whatever it takes. You'd know where the odds are if you were clever."


"What are you gonna do after that? Valois' debt is bigger than you think. Once the Duke of Valois is captured, the creditors will come in and take away even one cup of tea. Can you imagine living in a shabby cabin that doesn't even have air conditioning?"

Hayton Valois didn't say a word. Her eyes were blurred and I said it again in a clear tone.

"So take it when you give it a chance."

"…… what do you want."

"The chapter of consciousness. That's where you summoned the Devil."


Hayton Valois said in a small voice, "How could you....." I murmured.

"Where are you?"


The boy thought about it. However, it did not take long to come to a conclusion.

I knew that Duke Valois summoned the Devil, so I was sure it was a game with no odds.


"The investigators and I searched Duke Valois's library, but there was nothing."

"... there is no button to open my father's library."

"Is it portable? Where is it?"

"I never said it was an item."

Hayton quietly walks up his sleeve.

'Scar?.. No way!'

The scar on her forearm was clear.

It was horrible and horrible, as if it were painted with a staple tip.

Seria, who was disguised as an elderly woman, opened her mouth with a terrible scar.

"The previous' button 'was my mother, and now... it's me."

That's why Hayton was able to watch the Duke's wife get murdered.

Even though Duchess Valois had a lot of accidents, this is why Duchess Valois couldn't abandon her.

I carefully put my hand on the tattoo on her forearm.

"I was scared."


"It must have hurt a lot."


She turns her head, as if she doesn't want to see red eyes.

"I just don't want to see it because it's ugly."

"Our Leah did. The scar is a medal for winning pain!"


"This scar will be a medal for getting away from monsters."

As I smiled widely, Hayton's gaze trembled.

After that, I opened the bookshelf door with Hayton, where I found evidence of gold and summons and accused the Imperial Palace.

* * *

Hayton did well.

Today, Duke Valois told me that he was bringing a child who would be a scapegoat to the mansion and contacted me in time.

Evidence in Balois Mansion, the remaining summoners in the secret warehouse of the store that belonged to him, and even the child who was taken as a sacrifice.

There was no proof that he summoned the Devil.

"Damn bitch, what have you done! To my son...! Let go, I am the 21st Gaju of Valoia, the Conspiracy of the Empire!"

I did not lose sight of Duke Valois, who was dragged away with despair.

After the Emperor took Duke Valois and his nobles, the new villa in Valois was like a post-war ruin.

The Chairman of the Standing Committee approached me because there was a tranquil Uducker there.

"Your Excellency has summoned the nobles."

"With the Duke of Valois?"

"Yes, it seems that you intend to open the Apostolic Tribunal in a swift way so that you will never escape."

"Yes. If you were a father, you'd go through it thoroughly. Oh, and this time the child who almost used to be sacrificed...."

"I'll take care of it from the top. It could be a kid who lived in the House of Hope with Seria."


I was stumbling.

I was stunned.

He summoned the Devil for a long time with scarce divine power, and he was constantly nervous to drive the Duke of Valois to his palace. It was strange not to get tired.

'My head's not going back. I have to go back and get some rest.'

When I was thinking like that, someone supported me. It was not the Chairman's hand. A stiff boy's hand with a sneeze.


It was Adrian that I chose as my contact to press charges against the Imperial Palace.

There was a lot of suspicious things that I said when I was a little girl that I recognized the evidence of gold. That is even more so in the situation of defeating Valois and Chuck.

There was no doubt that I manipulated the evidence to drive Duke Dorir Valois out.

So I asked Adrian, who was close to me, one of the princes who became the head of the Imperial Audit Group in the first place.

After the investigation team returns, tell them that you found something suspicious during the final inspection.

'Thank you very much to Adrian.'

The Emperor Yvonne had a fierce relationship with the Duke of Valois, and even though the aftermath could affect Adrian, he did not ask me anything, but followed my words.

"Adrian, today is really……."

"I'll hear about phosphoric acid next time. Take a break today."

"Then I'll find you later…… Argh!"

Adrian hugs me with both hands.

"I'm heavy!"

"Not at all."


Adrian smiled faintly and said in a relaxed voice:


I snuggled and wrapped my arm around his neck.

'Actually, it was hard to stand. Adrian is delicate.'

Let's get comfortable with this!

"Isn't it really heavy?"

"Yes, not one."

I felt a little strange. When did the little one sneak so big that he could hold me in his arms?

By the way, a new hand and muscle resembled that of an adult.

He was as tall as John, and his hands were very large.

It smells good on a neck that stretches straight from a hardened shoulder.

Apparently, the amount of divine power he had was clearly faster than his peers.

Adrian and I were about to leave the mess hall. Someone grabbed my wrist.

At this moment, I was astonished.

'Argh, I almost fell!'

If Adrian hadn't wrapped her back so quickly, she might have smashed her ass.

Hayton grabs my wrist and shoots Adrian with an unworthy expression. Speak to me on such a subject.

"I'm going somewhere. You have something to talk to me about."

"I'm tired. Can't we do it tomorrow?"

"Do it now."

"No, you can do it tomorrow……."

"Take responsibility."

When I opened my embarrassed mouth, Adrian asked in a low voice.


But Hayton didn't answer him, but he turned to me with a dark eye.

"I want you to hold me accountable to the end."

What is he talking about?

"Let go of that hand."

"I can't let go."

"I don't give warnings twice."

And why is Adrian so angry!