I jumped out of Adrian's arms because I thought Hayton wouldn't let me go.

Let me look at you. Hayton rubbed his tail a little. I know who lived with her in her second life. That's what Hayton looks like when he's happy.

'What makes you happy? Are you crazy?'

What did you eat wrong?

"If you're tired, take a break in the next room."

"One, no nonsense."


"Two, I'm a Dublin infant. Speak with your manners."

"What do you keep saying....."


I kicked Hayton's ledge.

"Touch it without permission and it will explode!"

Argh! The screaming Hayton grabs my leg with a panicked expression.

"You, you...!"

"If you want to get your living expenses right by the time you turn 18, remember. Die, this is it."

"We've already decided to apply for money!"

"You didn't set the amount."

Hayton said, "Ruthlessly!" I shouted, but I shrugged.

That's why the contract needs to be scrutinized.

I looked at Adrian with a bold Hayton.

"Let's go."


I spilled a real smile into her.

Adrian asked me to come home. I said I'd see you until I was okay, but I had a nasty feeling that when I came home, this cute dog would bite the beasts.

"I'm fine, so go back."


"Go back and get some rest, huh?"

"…… okay."

Adrian was watching me outside the door until I entered the mansion.

When I returned to the mansion, my family was waiting for me. In front of the middleman, when I saw the family making an impression, I flinched and gently put my hands together.

"I was wrong."

When I apologized coldly, my aunt looked at me with thinned eyes and said,

"It's not your fault. This is the fault of an adult who let you follow the Emperor without escort."

"I thought I wanted to go……."

"An adult who listens to anything just because he's crying doesn't deserve to be cared for."

The Chairman lowered his head.

"I beg your pardon."

"Let's split the story. LeBlaine……."

My aunt stared at me, bent one knee and looked at me.

"Look how many people you've worried about."

When I looked around, my three maids and my employers were flustered, and my father and brothers sighed.

"…… I'm sorry."

"It's not a bad decision for you to make alone. But I was right to discuss this with my family. I don't know what a sinner would have done to you in the face of evil."


"If you get hurt, we're all going to be heartbroken."

"And your aunt?"


My aunt cleared my hair behind my ears with a slight hunch.

"I would have wished I had been hurt instead."

As I squirm my hand with my dead face, my aunt opens her arms. Like a hug.

"Forgive me! '

I held her in a warm embrace with a brightened face.

"Thank you for coming back unharmed."


'Smells good, Aunt.'

I smiled and rubbed her face on her cheek, and she also swept my back lovingly.

It was the Chairman who was so upset on my behalf. He had an unfair look on his face, and I held him in my aunt's arms, 'Chairman, cool! It's the best!' I prayed for forgiveness.

The aftermath of Duke Valois's case was my father's.

My father is a man who has no blood or tears in everything but me, so he covers up all his sins and makes Duke Valois a murderer.

It was the perfect finish.

In a few days, the trial of Duke Valois' apostle was confirmed.

* * *

I sat down in front of the table, where the visitor was absolutely asleep, holding Etwald. With a pale light, the demon sits on the chair opposite.

[You finally summoned me right.]

I don't know if it's because I used to be an errand boy so far, but the demon's face was very unworthy.

"Tell me what you want."

[I think I'm going to listen to my wishes now.]

"You don't have time to be sarcastic."

It's been a long time since I stopped the demon attack, but my divine power is still hovering on the floor.

I summoned the demon immediately after exercising that powerful power, so if it weren't for Adrian, there might not be a handful of divine power left.

The demon with the tongue said.

[My wish is grudge.]


[Strong desire not to see the floor, grudge of those who have fallen into a circle. I want a marvelous grudge.]

Unlike Bune, Pymon, it was truly a demonic wish.

'That's why you showed up cold in summoning with sacrifices.'

I heard that Duke Valois has more than a hundred 'offerings' for summoning demons, but it's amazing that he still lacks them.

"If it's grudge, you're asking for a human sacrifice? '

I don't want to hurt people and listen to the devil's wishes. I pondered over my chin and asked.

"So what's your talent?"


"I don't need it."

[You can explore the discipline more deeply than anyone else. Astronomy, rhetoric, science, everything.]

"No way!"

It seems completely separate from the discipline. What?!

When I was terrified, the demon's face was distorted.

[How much are you counting on me?]

"No, well……."

[The family of scholars I listened to became the most honorable family for nearly a thousand years.]

A scholar over a thousand years ago?

At that moment, I felt a strange feeling.

"No way..... is that Valois' ancestor?"

[I don't think my head is useless.]

I shed a laugh.

'That's why Duke Valois knew this demon's summons. It was the demon your ancestors summoned!'

I was obsessed with honor for the generations of my ancestors who summoned the Devil to fulfill the Family Moon.

In fact, their honor was empty shells.

"I'm stuck……."

[Would you wish the same for a thousand years ago?]

"No, I don't need honor. Anything else?"

[Transparency. You can get through everything without taking any protection.]

My eyes opened.

'If that's the case, we can fulfill the devil's wishes and abilities simultaneously.'

"All right, I'll do it. However, I did not receive this merit in advance."

[It's impossible. It is only after you have fulfilled your wish...!]

"Other demons would have. Bunena Pymon only gained the power to fulfill her wish in handover, but you're different."


"With more than a hundred sacrifices, I know that you are already full of power, unlike Bune and Pymon."

It was easy to keep this demon, unlike Pymon.

When I'm whining and laughing, the demon shouts angrily.

[You are more cunning and evil than the devil!]

"Thank you for the compliment."


"Shall we go then? To fulfill your wish."

I was like, "Oh." I turned my head.

"But you, what's your name?"

[Damn it!]

The demon is furious that he has eaten like an errand boy without even knowing his name.

But I gave him a name.

It was not until the time to send him back that he heard the truth. His name was the King of the 'Glashalavolas' Butchers.

* * *

Three hours before the Apostolic Tribunal, Duke Valois groaned widely within Oxa.

"Call him..... I am not going to die like this..!!"

No one listened to the bloody screams.

The inside of Oxa was quiet, and I couldn't even hear the breath of a man.

Fear that he might really die was all over his body.

'Damn it, damn it!'

This was all because of that bitch.

LeBlaine Dubled.

That vulgar bitch who looks like Reset!

If you are given another chance, I will tear you to pieces this time. I will take away her eyes, tear her mouth, and cast her like a vine before Theodore Dubled.

The Duke of Valois shouts, gripping the iron spear with his sinful hand.

"Let me see him!"

"Who is he?"

With a delicate voice, Duke Valois flawlessly looks around.

But I don't see any of it.


"I asked him who he was."


The body of Duke Nolan hardened.

'This voice must be....'

As I thought so, someone soon appeared, shining out of the iron spear.

"How could you...!"

It was a child of destiny. The woman who was going to kill him smiled and approached the iron spear.

"How did you get here? This place...!"

"You can't come because the 14th shield is in place?"

Soon after the child smiled, a familiar man appeared next to him.

In-house with eagle wings and dog fangs. I felt a strange feeling of intimidation and a creepy presence. That was definitely the angel I called.


The Duke with a bright face reaches out from the stubborn gear iron spear.

"You came back for me!"


"Kill me. Get rid of that bitch.... Argh!"

As the angel's eyes narrow, the Duke's arm twists instantly.

As the screaming Duke retreats with his twisted arm wrapped around him, the angel slowly presses the temples.

"Answer what this high asks. I won't give in to the handover any more. (Answer this child's question quickly. I don't want to be handed over again.)"

"What, what?"

"Match." (Answer.) "


The Duke of Valois is completely stretched out as if his shoulders are missing.

LeBlaine nodded satisfactorily and asked.

"Let's get this over with. If you're going to die anyway, it's better to go skinny. Don't you think?"

"You, you...!"

"Now, first. Did you kill all the people in the House of Hope you bought?"

The Duke looks as if he can't believe it.

'How did that bitch...!'

When he doesn't answer, LeBlaine looks at the devil.


This time, my fingers are twisted.

"Mo, I don't know. It's true that I bought children and elderly people from the House of Hope, but I've bought quite a lot of humans elsewhere..!"

"Where are the rest of the people?"


"Where are you!"

"…… I kept it in Geranium's hut."

LeBlaine hastily communicated to Seria, informing her of where the people were.

LeBlaine opens his mouth again, focusing on the communication stone.

"Why did you make a baby bird?"


"Dad's daughter. The reason I created the fourth unborn child to pierce the breasts of my family."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

LeBlaine raises her eyebrows and looks at the Duke.

"Do you want to twist your neck?"

"…… I'm saying that the premise is wrong."


The Duke of Valois twists his purchases with a cold sweat.

"Would you say something to scare me if you knew? I'm afraid I'll lose everything, so I don't know what to do. I wish I hadn't listened."

".... What do you mean."

The Duke raises his mouth.

"Theodore's daughter was born. It's been growing well so far."


"She is now……."