The Duke of Valois smiled and said.

"She lives without knowing who my parents are, taking away from you everything she deserves."


"It's all your fault."

It was like a cursed voice.

"My fault?"

"Theodore and Dubled didn't let go of the rope of hope until you were adopted. I put most of the cancer in the blood to find the fourth. And this year, after the fake appeared, we completely stopped the search."


"If I hadn't stopped searching, I would have found the fourth. It's all your fault."


"She's alive. One day I will come back and take away everything from you. Only then will you feel it. My moods are glowing...!"

Duke Valois laughed arrogantly.

"The Apostolic Tribunal is where all five dukes gather. Your father would be here, too, wouldn't he? What if I told him all this?"


"The search will begin again and you will be the back of the war. This time, your real daughter will show up and get everything you have back."


"What do you think? Are you going to make me meet Theodore?"

He twisted the purchase.

"But if you help me escape, I will cover all of this."

The Duke of Valois approached with an iron spear and whispered.

"The Empire's greatest refusal, beautiful, only father you know. The love of Orabees who are good enough to fear the future. A special and wonderful aunt who is attracted to the body of the entire Empire. You will snatch away all the special ones who have bees from the wounds of your fingers. Here you go, kid. This is the only chance."

For a moment, the smiling family and my loved ones passed by, looking at me in my head.

I nodded and murmured without strength.

"…… Yes."

"Yes, then hurry up and help me...!"

"Still garbage."

"…… what?"

I tucked my hand into the iron spear and grabbed his collar.

A messed up body with a long stalemate couldn't even sprinkle a child's hand.

"If you're afraid of me coming back, you can kill yourself here, right?"

"Sa, murder is different from virtual warfare. Do you think your conscience can handle murder?"

"Hiding the fourth one alive is a crime against the family, and if anyone is unconscious enough to handle it, even murder is fine. Don't you think?"

"You, you...!"

"This isn't stupid."

When I speak in vain, the Duke of Valois stiffens.

This kind of intimidation is boring to hear in my second life.

[It will soon be revealed to the whole world that you are a fake, because you still haven't brought up the divine power. The temple will give you up, and even the Emperor will no longer bless you. I have prepared an experiment for you.]

That's what drove me, and I made my wish.

'But you think you're gonna get hurt again?'

"If you kill me who is about to be tried by an apostle, you will be thrown out to the Emperor for the rest of your life. If I get caught, I can't even apprehend your good father!"

"Can't you let him go?"

"Is it good that I don't have to answer your questions anymore?"

I smiled.

"Why did you make Mireille and send her away? To shake Dublin Red? No, if you knew the fourth whereabouts, you wouldn't have put Mireille in jeopardy, but you threatened her with a real fourth hostage."


"If you were a saint, you would have made the fourth a scarecrow, whether you were using gold or experimenting."

Duke Valois's glare narrowed. I know because I have lived as his daughter in my second life. This was evidence of panic.

"What I was wondering is why you chose Mireille as the fourth band."


"Mireille was your girlfriend, wasn't she? So you knew she wasn't perfect for the fourth act. Why did you send him to the fourth place to let him in? I was wondering, but I already heard the answer."

With what he threatened me with, I knew enough of the purpose.

"…… what?"

"You wanted to make me nervous, didn't you?"

He swallowed a hardened drool.

"If I stay under Dubled's protection, I won't be able to get me out, so I'm anxious to hold someone's hand on my own."

When I was a child, a "guest" tried to kidnap me.

At that time it failed and almost caught its tail, so it changed its way.

Let me hold their hand myself.

When I left him, I took out my hands and laughed.

"I think I have something I don't know. There's something very desperate that the man who controlled you wants."

"Wicked bitch……."

"Now there's one thing I need to hear. Who controlled you?"

The Duke of Valois withdrew with a wink.

"Do you think I'd say that?"

I smiled.

I could tell without looking in the mirror. I have a very similar face to Duke Valois.

Since I learned to look at him in my second life.

"There's plenty of time. Let's experiment with how much pain a person can suffer."

As I glanced at Glashalavolas, Duke Valois' face turned pale.

Soon the oxaen burst into flames, and a tearing scream sounded.

The Duke of Valois only spoke when he did not look like a man.

"Igor Marche!!"

Father of Empress Yvonne and cousin of Empress Hu.

Name the unmistakable power that goes beyond Dublin Red.

I hardened my face, and Duke Valois desperately begged for a stubborn gear.

"It's time. Save me. Please save me...!"



[Please save me, Father. Please save me!]

The second part of his life that howled over his face overlapped me.

I stared at him and said to the devil.

"I will fulfill your wish. That grudge, which is so deep and dark, you take."

The purchase of Glashalavolas went up bitterly.

I went to Oxa without any foolishness. The terminals that were disposed behind my back followed.

Duke Valois disguised himself before the apostolic trial.

Valois did not escape extinction, as the ego before the Apostle Tribunal claimed to have used the wrong power.

However, Hayton and Nielsmann, who accused my father, were able to escape the storm.

* * *

The trial is over without blurring. The corpse of Duke Valois was caught in the wall, and people stoned the corpse.

"An ugly man. How could they have made such a man a father?"

When Marquis Irozen kicked his tongue, the nobles who had gathered for the Apostolic Tribunal spoke to each other.

"It's a good thing kids don't see the trial. I liked calling children as witnesses. The apostolic trials are too horrible for the children to see."

Earl Wennis stares at me, sitting quietly by my father's side.

I, the owner of the Duke of Valois, was to attend as a witness.

I woke up pretending I didn't know anything.

"Dad, why don't you go back to the mansion?"

"Go back first."

"What about you?"

"I have a story to talk to the nobles."

It's about Duke Valois.

The Duke's decree was extinct, so someone would take over.

The Valois was not as spacious as the Dubled, nor as greasy as the Marsh, but it was a place where Gummi was drawn as the Duke.

'The Duke of Grimoire and the Duke of Amitière have not come here, so I will take it from my father or Marche.'

I cheered my father hard into my heart.

If my father owns the territorial integrity of Valois, I'll be able to get out easily.

'I need to know what's in there.'

Maybe there's something about the fourth.

'No, I would never have believed Duke Valois, even if he was the Duke of Marche. I'm sure we have a device that ties Marche to something.'

I whispered to the chairman who was by my side.

"Valois, we have to get it by any means possible. First, tighten your neck with a spinel."


I greeted my father and went to court with the Chairman.

'Why did Marche target me?'

I'd rather understand if it was a temple or a royal family. I was a child of destiny.

But for Marche, I am rather unhelpful.

The Duke of Marche was as religious as the Emperor at times when he was thinking. So it was never a good temple and a good photosystem.

'That's why Emperor Hu decided to adopt me, except for his family, Marche.'

When I was walking, I hit something.


"Holy shit."

As I was rubbing my forehead, someone reached out to me.

"Are you okay?"

Upon raising his head, the old man with a loving expression reached out to me.

'Duke Marche!'

I was flawed, but soon I took a look and smiled slowly.

"Excuse me, Duke."

He looks at the day of his courtesy and laughs. Behind him was Emperor Yvonne and a man in a black hat who seemed to be a deputy.

Emperor Yvonne introduced me.

"This is the Dubled Younger."

"Ah, the child of destiny. This is how you see celebrities. Nice to meet you."

"I wanted to see you, too."

"My eternal love for me?"

"Duke North said you were a wonderful man called the shield of the Empire."

"Eugene North....."

He nods with a smile.

"It was a shame I missed him."

"Do you know North?"

It was when I deliberately opened my eyes.


My father, who was looking at me from a distance, approached.

"Long time no see, Dublin Red."


"Short words remain. It hasn't changed since I was young. I thought it was fun when I first saw you with your father at Youngwolf."

Then the Emperor Yvonne smiled and said,

"It's not the first time I've seen you. It was before that. My father took care of it when he fought at the shop, saying that the spirits and foods that surround the 'Three Confucians of Flowers' were the best."

"Three Confucius of Flowers…… Ah, yes! You were the Blue Rose!"

What are you, Blue Rose?

I looked at my father with a puzzled face, and his face was horrible.


The Duke of Marche must have blown the fireworks.

"I was very popular when my father was young. Young infants used to call it that."


When I muttered, Duke Marche continued.

"Princess Ingrid was very fond of you, Blue Rose. Ah, the current Mrs. Marquis of Nordeli."

I glanced at him again, and he was evil.

"Stop talking about it in front of your daughter."

'Cause you said you were a flower's three donors, didn't you have two other people?'

Who are the other two?