The warning light in my head flashes when I have four cars in my life.

LeBlaine murmurs as he steps back.

"Ah, ah, child, be sleepy."

Then the three princes wrapped themselves around LeBlaine and asked him kindly.

"Will you? Shall we go to bed?"

"Yeah, kid."

"Don't go."

LeBlaine said, "Yeah!" I came out of my room cold, and the princess who was climbing the stairs behind the child looked at my father as he soaked.

"You of Blue Rose…… Phew."



After the brother-in-law disappeared, Theodore said in a silent voice.


After observing the beginning of the forthcoming ambassador in the middle, North swallowed a stiff, dry face.


"I like the stars, so give them one."

"Yes? …… yes."

Theodore's eyes fluttered black.

* * *

The next day, I woke up and groaned, looking at the blue rose stuck in the vase.

[You'll be happy to give it to your father.]

It was a problem that Henri was choked by the indisputable smile.

If you gave up the flower gift and handed it over, the mansion might collapse.

I recall the evil father I saw yesterday, and I shook my shoulder.

I was so scared that even in my dream I could see my dad throwing up fire in my mouth with a blue rose.

At that time, I heard a few knocks, and I heard a familiar voice.

"Baby, did you cough?"

It was Laura.


And when he cried, the door was opened, and Laura and the three maids who bore the washing water came in.

I washed and changed my clothes with the help of the maids.

"What's your schedule today?"

"Would you like to have lunch at the mansion?"

"Should I get my coat ready?"

The maids asked me, and I said, "Umm..." Moaning, he nodded.

"I'm going out today. You'll see the shop."

"I'll tell Duke Nuanok."

The neural warfare of the nobles surrounding the Valois Spirit has intensified. Since he was most likely to take over the Valois spirit in Dublin, my father was concerned about the greedy Hyena crowd, so the Chairman would follow me when I went out.

'It's me. It's not bad.'

I'm going to the office of the Hope Merchant Guild today, so I have to go with the Chairman anyway!

I thought about what to do in my head.

First, I have to work for the merchant instead of the seria who went to find the children of the house of hope... Ah, I have been a social worker for quite some time, so I have to meet the nobleman and the virgins.

'The most important thing is to find a way to respond to Duke Marche's attack.'

The Chairman said it was audacious, but in fact it was meant to reassure my people.

Returning to the dead is the last way.

'Well, the Chairman noticed and pretended he didn't know.'

I love my family very much, but objectively Dubled is now pushed by Duke Marche.

'It will be different in a few years, but that's the story after the Continental War.'

The situation is still a few years away.

If Marche attacked before then, there is no way to respond.

'At any rate, Dubled must be a power beyond Marche. It won't be easy, but we can't keep our hands off it, so let's find a way.'

After clearing my mind of what to do, I was contacted and left for the shop with the chairman who came to the mansion.

When we entered the office, Curtis, Seria's deputy, welcomed us.

"Are you here, shorty?"

"Yes. Have you contacted Seria?"

"The area where the Duke of Valois hid the 'Man to be sacrificed' is a difficult place to come and go without permission, so it seems to take some time. The Deputy Lord wants to see the children with your eyes."

"It's worth it. They're precious brothers to Seria."

When I told you where the Duke of Valois hid the 'Man to be sacrificed', Seria was very excited.

'I don't want all the kids dead.'

I thought so and checked the documents Curtis brought.

The Hope Merchant Guild was gathering information from points throughout the Empire, so it was able to deal with interesting rumors.

"Marquis Nordelli is buying a ruined mine?"

As I looked puzzled at the documents, Curtis nodded with a cup of tea in front of me.

"It looks like a mine, a mine that's looking for something, is buying sin."


That was not the case before the regression.

Most importantly, the mine was not a good place to invest at this time, as all of them had owners.

'The Nordeli family also received a diamond mine from the sunset when the Marquis married Princess Ingrid.'

That diamond mine has tons of quality black diamonds.

Tuck, tuck, and knock on my desk caused me to wake up with an interstitial thought.

"That's right, that's it!"

The chairman who was going to sit on the couch said, "Yes?" He looked back at me.

"Curtis, get out."


After I sent Curtis out, I looked out the window and the door and killed his voice.

"I'm looking for a water source in Nordely."

"If it's a water source..... you mean the Spirit Stone that produces water? But that's not the product of a legend."

"No, the water source is really there."

In the near future, the water source will be on the market.

The owner is Marquis Nordeli.

'The legend says it's deep in Nimp's lake, but was it a mine?'

I don't know how Marquis Nordelli knew there was a water source in the mine, but if not, there's no reason to buy a ruined mine.

"But most provinces get water from the Amentar River as a starting point, so you don't have to have a water source, unless there's a big drought like five years ago."

"What if he comes?"

"That's..... no way!"

"There will be a major drought soon. There was an extreme drought that drowned the Amentar River, which is called the Empire's dairy line."

Marquis Nordelli was a business-headed man.

I'm glad I got a lot of money from the mine I got married to. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have eaten the house already.

People laughed that his water supply business was also a waste of effort.

The only thing that was done was to find the water source and distribute it to other countries that have suffered for a long time.

Revenues were not large compared to investments and efforts.

Until the Great Drought.

'After the Great Drought, the price of the water source soared to the realm of heaven.'

The duration of the Great Drought is three years.

In the meantime, there hasn't been a drop of rain in the Empire, and it takes two more years for the Amentar River to do my job.

In the meantime, the water source became a power beyond the emperor.

'If that's the case, you can outrun Marche in no time!'

"I have to find him."

"Water source?"

"Yes, I'll think about what the mines that Marquis Nordeli bought... hmm."

"You don't know everything, do you?"

"Then we're forced to buy them all."

"You're quite rich, too, but you're not close to the Nordelys yet. What would you do then if the Marquis turned his eyes upside down?"

"If it comes out like that……."

Touch the jaw and say, "Hmm." And groaning, I laughed.

"There's a way!"

* * *

I went to see my dad.

Today my father's schedule was a grand noble meeting, so the tower of Rosario, chairman of the grand nobles, was the destination.

The nobles were coming down in front of the tower about half an hour to see if the ceremony and meeting were over.


As I gladly raised my head, my father turned his head as he went out of the tower to talk to the nobles.


"I'm here because the chairman says it's time for my dad to finish."

"For what?"

"That's …… so……."

I had no excuse, so I turned my eyes and said, "Oh." I shouted.

"I miss you!"

Then the nobles laughed.

"You're a lovely daughter."

I laughed quietly and quietly, and my father held me in his arms.

Then I looked back at the nobles.

"Does your son come out often?"

"Yes? Ah…… No, not at all. It bothers me to go to my room."

"It's just annoying. My daughter came to puberty, and that's how she locked up her visit!"

"She's cute, though. I envy only the Seekerman sons."

My father's expression became arrogant among the laughing nobles.

"He's always waiting for me to rub his sleepy eyes until I get home."

"I envy you!"

"It's right in front of the gate. Frequently."


"You came to see me again today."

"You're not the cutest daughter in the Empire!"

When I saw the nobles shouting, "I'm jealous," like a push-button horse tool, my father raised his tail.

"Let's think positively about long-distance movements."

"You are a wonderful daughter who will remain in the history of the Empire for a thousand years!"

My father nodded satisfactorily, and I turned my gaze forcefully in a situation in which he said, 'The shame is mine.'

"What kind of gift should I give you that will make a long way to the millennium history of the Empire?"

My father spoke with a blurry face and I opened my eyes.

'I waited for that.'


The nobles laughed.

"You have to give me a lot."

"Allowance. Definitely cute. My kids haven't asked for an allowance since they started giving me my money."

"Yes, you can buy something with a seal, so there's nothing you can do about Joe."

My father rubbed my cheeks lightly in a word and said,

"How much do you need?"

"Well, I mean……."

I looked in the air and calculated the amount.

'I have enough money to run from the top, so I need more money…….'

After the calculations, I said with a clear face.

"50 million francs."


"What, what?!"

"Oh, oh, oh, 50 million?!"

The nobles who laughed laughed were frozen and puffed up. I had no idea that the one-year budget of Wennan Territory would be blunted with 'allowances'.

I reached out my hands calmly and took the position of a necessity that even the maids and the blacksmiths here had fallen.


50 million francs.

I have to buy a water source with that.

My father was silent for a moment and looked at North.


'The nobles must be upset.' With a face, he sent me a mourning eye.

Dad said.

"Dispose of a few islands."

"… yes?!"

Nolan North squeaks his mouth, and his father opens his eyes.

"You need the allowance, my daughter."