Elizabeth Nodeli.

This nine-year-old girl was the forbidden lobe of the Empire.

The words that refer to Elizabeth were endless.

Princess Ingrid's daughter.

The only granddaughter of the Emperor.

The Emperor's nephew.

They were also close to Duke Marche and Yvonne Emperor, which meant that all these modifiers were precious blood vessels.

In the wilderness, only the immediate family of the emperor came into the palace like a bungalow, and occasionally used the formal statue of the Emperor's knee as a chair.

"Even if Princess Ingrid had an accident, Elizabeth is cute and can't do it."

Even Yvonne the Emperor, who says, "I'm long," can't even be a nobleman in the social world.

Elizabeth blinked as she looked at me.

"Why doesn't Miss Dubled say hello?"

I said with a fine face.


"Didn't you learn the example?"

That girl with the naive face! I clapped my hands.

"Then I'll let her know. Now, here's the thing."

Elizabeth gently presses my head down and smiles widely.

"Bow your head and say hello."

I was so strong that I didn't feel like a child.

Her grasp was furious, and the maids' heads were puffed with sweat.

I kept my head down. The clear laughter and clapping of hands fall like a blade over an eagle.

"I bow my head and say hello to the royal family! Now you know it, right?"


The garden was heavily sullied. I saw the children rolling around without knowing what to do.

It is clearly disrespectful to touch a person's body without permission. It was absurd among the nobles of the Empire to ask, "Can I touch it?"

Miss Hadello, who was reluctant, said, "Stir...!" I shouted.

"Well, you can't touch my head...! So, so Miss Nodeli is nothing, disrespectful...!"

Elizabeth looked at Ms. Hadello, who was embarrassed and bluffing, and said in a gloomy voice:

"Why are you angry?"


"You just got mad at Liz. You screamed!"

I wondered if my voice could be heard as a cry, but at the end it turned into a cry.


When Elizabeth started sniffing, surprise nobles came into Urr Garden.

"My God, Liz!"

I know this voice.

'Princess Ingrid.'

She approaches Elizabeth and rubs her daughter's eyes.

"Uh, Mother, Black, Mother!"

"Yes, yes."

And she knocked on her back and said, "What's going on? And he said," Elizabeth pointed to Miss Hadello.

"Hadello was angry with Liz. Liz is so scared....."

The embarrassed Miss Hadello quickly gave out her hand.

"That's not it, I'm not it……."

However, she was very embarrassed by the glances that were pouring into her eyes, and as usual, she was shy and clumsy.

Then, I raised my head.

And you are.


I burst into tears at once.

You're the only one who can cry? '

There is no good Leblane in this life who tolerates what a child has done. Here I am, a vicious child who, if struck by one, gives back ten.

This time, the goddess Camilla came running because I was crying.


"Grandmother.... Huuuuuuch!"

"What's going on? What's going on with the big joint?"

"My head hurts……. I was surprised and I cried. I'm sorry! Aah!"

"Suddenly your head hurts? A headache?"

I pointed my finger at Elizabeth, just as Elizabeth did to Miss Hadello.

"Miss Nodeli hit me!"


The godmother and the nobleman stare at Elizabeth in astonishment.

Even her mother, Princess Ingrid, took a deep breath.


"I didn't hit him, I pressed him. Miss Dubled didn't know how to do it, so she taught me. You said she should say hello. Am I wrong?"

I swallowed the real inside.

As soon as he entered the garden, he looked at me with hostile eyes. He must have hit my head to insult me.

You know how to fake a cry. '

I knew very well how to get the minds of adults.

It seems familiar to turn someone's insides upside down with a weapon of age.

An unworthy opponent.

'But my age as a weapon is also my specialty!'

I stretched my eyebrows and shook my head.

"No! I know an example. She told me everything!"

"But Miss Dubled didn't bow to the royal Liz, did she?"

"But Miss Nordeli is not a royal...."

"No! Liz is the granddaughter of Her Majesty!"

Elizabeth shrieks and tilts her head.

"But in national law, only the Emperor, His Majesty's immediate family, and the Emperor, the Emperor, are called the Emperor? The godwife here is also a Joon-hyung."

"Do you know how beautiful Emperor and Emperor Hua are?!"

"But not the royal family."


"Only the father or mother of the Emperor is a royal family. And I only bow my head to the royal family, the Duke's son."

"Liz is…… Liz is……."

Elizabeth, whose face was red, turned evil.

"on the subject of orphans."

Everyone was blamed for what they said.

"You're not a pro. You're a civilian. You're an impurity that came into the noble world on a civilian subject!"

"Nodeli Younger! I can't stop! Maybe you're saying something so horrible...!"

The godwife yells and stops my ear.

But that doesn't make me hear the words of the wicked.

"You fake! The shame of nobility!"

I looked at Elizabeth quietly in the godmother's arms.

But it's weird.

Once upon a time, when I heard of orphans, impurities, or fakes, I was heartbroken, but now I'm not even a little agitated.

'Oh, I see.'

You're not okay because you're loved enough.

I look at Elizabeth Zigsy, who still does evil with a slight wrinkle in her hand.

"Screaming at me doesn't make you a royal."

"Shut up!"

"I was adopted, but I'm a Dublin infant. My dad, my brothers, my aunt really loves me. But Miss Nordeli."


"Miss Nordeli can never be a royal."

"Hey, hey...!!"

"Yvonne's child will be a princess."

Elizabeth will be very anxious now.

Really, what if the princess was born and took away all the attention and love she had to come to me?

'If you grow up to be the right person, you'll be forgotten soon, but if you live as a demon as you are today, you'll be worried for the rest of your life, man.'

Elizabeth Nodeli's face is fresh. I was afraid and didn't know what to do.

I was soothed to see the goddamned woman who paid me back properly.

"I'm sorry for the commotion."

"Calm down with this insult, my child."

The goddess smiled, and the nobles didn't know what to do.

In fact, at first some of them were holding back in case I took my child's academy spot. But now they were all unwilling to look at me.

I wanted to know how to get to know her. I'm glad. Thanks to Elizabeth, I snore without touching my hands.

'Thank you, man!'

I smiled bitterly at Elizabeth who burst into tears.

* * *

Elizabeth bit her lips tightly.

LeBlaine Dubled was more evil and mean than he had ever heard.

Jealous of good and cute Elizabeth, she said bad things and made herself a mean child.

I cried to make my nose red in the garden, but the grown-ups didn't give me a single glance.

How could you do this? What an orphan! '

Everyone in the world loves himself.

That was natural from birth.

The Emperor of the Empire is my uncle, and the Emperor is my surrogate. They were both so cute, and my parents couldn't do anything for me. Everyone in the world bowed before me.

It was all because he was the loveliest person in the world.

At some point, however, the orphan appeared in the system.

Called a child of destiny, he took away the interest that should come to me, and he won the Virtual War and took away even my popularity.

When only two people came together, she had a mean name.

"He" is right. She is the impurity of this world.

Elizabeth touches something in her pocket.

[If you were a child, the escorts wouldn't be too wary. And who would dare to doubt the granddaughter of Sunbae? Take a look at the timing and add 'this medicine' to your child's food of destiny.]

I knew it was a very dangerous drug.

But it doesn't matter. A child who is so mean should feel sick.

I'd rather die. '

Elizabeth was walking around the corner of the hallway with the medicine bottle in her hand.


I hurriedly walked and bumped into someone.

Elizabeth rubs her nose and raises her head.

"I can't see properly...!"

"It was you who came and hit me."

"…… come on."

A tall boy fell and looked down at himself smashing his buttocks.

Dazzling silver hair.

Deep blue eyes like a lake.

There was a prince who seemed to be protruding from the picture book.

I think my heart is bursting and I can hear a pulse in my ear.

At that time, someone approached the boy.


"Where is she?"

"I've got a location. Take it. Huhu, when you see your big brother come, you'll be glad of him."


The boy follows the man in a soft suit, and Elizabeth stares at the boy's back with a bruised expression.

"I should have asked for this name....."

Who is she? She's beautiful.