The Tower of Rosario, the supreme voting institution that gathers those who have the right to vote in State meetings.

Only wandering politicians can enter the country, including those whose family history begins before the country, those who grabbed the fortune of Ferdo Ferdo Marzi, and those who own a million-dollar army.

"Five years ago, the Great Drought, Typhoon and Valois already lost their function as agricultural land. William Valois' tyranny is causing uprisings everywhere. I need someone who can afford to rule them."

Earl Wiltro said that Gombo Pin's nobility twisted the purchase.

"There is no place for the Wiltro family to spend the rest of the year trying to save the poor."

"I will not be humbled. If the people have lost their godliness to the lord, they will need a reckless meditation, right? I might be able to contain the turmoil."

Marquis Schuheil, who was wearing his arms, burst into thin air.

"There have been a number of precedents for the fall of the House of Lords to be attributed to adjacent territories. It is my territory that is adjacent to the Valois Spirit. I'm the one who knows how bad it is for the rest of the country to find stability."

"Only if it's a military order of 100,000 pyeong or less. However, the Valois spirit is a huge landmark that gathers 33 local nobles. The attribution of the governor is governed by the decision of His Majesty the Emperor."

"Do we need to have a meeting? You can wait for His Majesty's decision. After the fall of the House of Conscience, 21 years of Empire power, there is a precedent for voting in Rosario's Tower."

As the excitees began to raise their voices, someone opened the table, opened it, and knocked.

"Whatever the decision is made at the meeting, it is the role of the 5th Duke to convey the will of the nobility to His Majesty. We need to hear from the parties."

The nobles' gaze turned to the two men sitting on the throne, Duke Dubled and Duke Marche.

Duke Marche gave the same loving smile to the buyer.

"Let's start with the idea of the Dublin Red."

Duke Dubled opened his mouth as he looked at the meeting with an award-winning expression.

"You're just talking about him or him or some shit."

At that moment, the meeting chairman froze.

Theodore Dubled slowly looked around the embarrassed nobles.

"Is there anyone here who has gathered for the people of Valois? They all turned their eyes upside down with greed."

"Duke Dubled, be careful what you say! How can the nobility outweigh the people awaiting relief!"

Earl Wiltro raised the Duke of Dublin in a playful voice, but Theodore Dublin lost his mind.

"Leave my mule alone while you know it. It's greedy to have a fleet of Empire's most exclusive technology in Valois and based on it."

"Dubled ball!"

"Why don't you hand over Valois' data and fleet to the Imperial Palace, and only Valois' diseased land to the agenda?"

The chairman of the meeting once again calmed down. Theodore closes his eyes and gently casts the temples.

"Don't blur the thesis. After all, this place is an auction house. Which one buys Valois's tech and fleet the most?"

The nobles groaned, but did not refute. As the atmosphere subsided, Theodore looked at Duke Marche.

"It's going to be a fight between me and Marche, so it's easy to finish."

"It's hard. If I'm a Baloic fleet, I'm tamed."

"What greed are you so old for? No matter how many balls I present, I intend to attach another ball."

"Well, then we can't stand down any longer."

Theodore Dubled and Igor Marche's gaze hit in the air. Very sharp.

* * *

After a brief break from the restroom at the suggestion of the goddess, I looked at a familiar boy and opened my eyes.



John came to me with an insensitive face, as always.

"What brings you here?"

This was the center of the Chimatwind in the Islands and was not a place for John to go to study abroad.

John looked at me for a long time and slowly took off his mouth.

"…… passing by."

"Passing by?"

It's on the side of the store, but it's just outside. Above all, it was a place where the mistresses of the ruling party gathered and boasted of thorough security.

'It's not a good place to pass by.'

The goddess next to him frowned and trembled.

"Yeah, it's a coincidence."

I tilted my head with laughter at the end of the horse, but John gave her an example.

"I didn't become an invigilator."

"There's no way Dubled's eldest son is a guest."

The godmother is right.

In the social world, the uninvited regard him as an uninvited scoundrel, and at least there was no one here to offend John's visit.

The young ladies couldn't take their eyes off John, and even the old nobles were looking at us with curious faces.

John was a genius who entered without even going through the best academic institutions on the continent. Anyone who makes eye contact with their child's education can't be interesting.

Moreover, Dubled's eldest son is sure to succeed him, but at this time there is not even an engagement. It was a prey for parents who had a daughter's throat.

I took hold of John's arm and whispered, because the eyes of the people were troubled.

"You said hello to the godmother, so go back."


"You hate a lot of places, don't you? There's a lot of people here."

"I'm good."

John frowned as he looked at the vastness of his eyes.

"I don't think it's torture."

You think it's torture?

"Are you here for me? '

All the other kids are looking for a place with their parents, because I'm the only one with a godmother?

'Ah, no way....'

The noble lady, who was the host of the gathering, laughed and gave up her place.

"Now that you're here, let's share a plea. Everyone has a lot of questions because they don't really show up in society."

'Especially with my daughter!' I felt the pressure of something.

"This is what celebrity greetings look like. Little Confucius, we often meet at parties with youngest Confucius, but we've never met the big Confucius."

"But I think you've been out a lot lately, whether it's Prince One's resignation or a virtual war. Oh, my daughter greeted me in the Virtual War."

I was anxious that John might be annoyed.

By the way.

"Les, it's Leila Nelcock. Nice to see you, Young, Glorious...!"

"It's John Dubled."

Don't you even say hello!

The goddess looked at me with a smile as her eyes widened.

"You have a good Oraby."

"…… Are you here on purpose?"

"John Dubled is a thoughtful boy, unlike you."

At that time, John called me.



"Come here."

He pointed to the side.

Unlike Henri and Ishaq, John was a little difficult because he had a short time with few horses and had so many storms.

But now that I've come to think of it, I've taken care of myself much more delicately than Henrina and Ishaq.

When I realized it, I felt like a smoke breeze was blowing with salamanders.

I laughed, and said to John,

"John, have some tea."


"There's Dazzling, there's Asam. And, and orange peco....."

"Why am I still John?"


"..... don't you call Henri and Ishaq differently?"

"What do you two call each other by name?"

"'Sir' doesn't stick."

When I blinked, John said, "… that's it." I reached out to the teacup. And then I said, "Aah! 'Nod.

"Brother John."


His hand stopped trying to pick up the teacup.

'Isn't this it?'

Was John overjoyed to realize that he actually liked me?

I squirm my hands with a slightly starved face.

"Shall we just go to John?"

"…… No."


"I like my brother."

John was smiling faintly.


Smiling makes the impression completely different.

John looked just like his father and felt incredibly cool, but he smiled and looked very mild.

'I've never seen you smile like this.... Huh?'

I was flattered when I turned my head.



The surrounding infants were sighing at the same time, and even the nobles were staring at John with a very blunt face.

* * *

'It's the Dubled Younger.'

'It's Miss LeBlaine.'

He's a child of destiny! '

The shortest course to the Dublin Confucians!

I heard that the Duke's family's people had fallen in love with their newborn daughter, but I was repulsed.

Do you really want to stop calling monsters with blue blood daughters or brothers?

I thought it was cute because it had a purpose. Until you see Johann Dubled's smile!

The eyes of the young ladies and nobles were fixed on LeBlaine, who drank the juice that John had given her.

"Miss Dubled, I've been performing a very interesting opera lately. My family has the largest venue in the Islands. If you don't mind, come with me...!"

"It's been a long time since the opera. I had two very cute deer at the mansion. Do you like animals? If you don't mind...!"

"My family has a jewelry store. There's a special jewel that suits you well. I hope you'll accept it, but if you don't mind, come with me...!"

It was more intense than when I first arrived at the party hall.

LeBlaine was flattered by the courtship of the virgins.

Even LeBlaine, who suffered from antenatal showers to aerial warfare, was a shockingly hot eye.

"Oh, that's....."

I panicked and forgot my communication stone.


"Oops, there's a comms call. I'll be out of your seats in a minute!"

LeBlaine, an excuse and an uprising, stepped into the hallway.

'John is really popular.'

A sighing child connected the communication stone.

[This is Nuanok.]

"Yeah, what's going on?"

[Let's share a story that went back and forth from Rosario's Tower today.]

In Rosario's Tower, the story of Valois territory is hotter.

When he heard that Duke Dubled and Duke Marche were in full friction, he swallowed groaning.

'After all, is it wealth competition? When Marche comes out like this, it's hard to get funding to buy the water source from my father....'

"I get it. Take a good look at the situation……."

LeBlaine, who was talking, hastened to terminate his communication with the popular audience at the end of the hallway.

"So he's a silver-haired, blue-eyed, picturesque boy!"

"There was no boy downstairs, as the infant said."

"No way. Today at the salon, it's not just a mother's party, it's a downstairs party. Who isn't at the Mother's Party..... what is it?"

Elizabeth Nodeli frowns as she talks.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"I wonder if you're not back yet."

"Huh, why do I have to go back like I'm avoiding my seat? Of course, if you're going to a party like this, you don't get to be a part of it."

"I guess you still think I'm impure."

"You're an orphan, aren't you?"

Elizabeth, who raised her eyes aloud, approached LeBlaine and said,

"Let me be clear. I don't like infants."

"That's great. So am I."

"Really, it's horrible. I don't even know the subject……!"

It was then.


Elizabeth hardens after seeing the boy walk out of the party hall.

Beautiful boy with blue eyes on silver hair.

The one who became Prince Elizabeth in a moment!

"King..... Ah, no, Confucius! Hello."

Elizabeth bowed her head with a shy face.

"Brother John."

.... What?

Elizabeth hardened in the words of LeBlaine.