I stopped for a while after I called John.

Elizabeth Nodeli's atmosphere is strange.

She had a dreamy look on her face as if she were looking at John, and then she looked at me and looked like she had been struck by lightning.

"What's going on?"

John glanced at the side and said, As soon as he touched his gaze, Elizabeth's face ran as red as a tomato.

'This..... I think so.'

The eyes of the ladies who were pouring out on John in the hall. It's embarrassing, she's riding, she's excited, she can't help it.

Let's check it out. '

"Yes. Miss Nodeli keeps telling me....."

until, Elizabeth was stiffened in flaws.


"..... I said thank you."

"Why are you thanking me?"

"Well, my brother."


"The nobleman told me about your marriage. Will your brother have a fiancée?"


This time, Elizabeth's face became brighter.


Elizabeth was clearly in love with John. I didn't know that John was my brother, the Dubled Confessor.

Hagia Elizabeth started social work only a year or two ago, and John was busy in the academy, and even when he found the soybean system like a drought, he didn't go to a party where the young nobles could be nourished.

'But is taste inherited?'

Princess Ingrid also chased her father before marriage, and she fell in love with her son who looked most like her.

And this is,

'It's good for me!'

I had a very nasty look in my heart.

"There you go, brother."


"Someone told me I was an orphan."

Elizabeth blew it again.


Elizabeth twists her cheeky toes with a white-faced face.

"The shame of nobility."

Elizabeth reached out to me, took a step back, and didn't know what to do.

"You can't be my sister, can you?"


John's answer goes somewhere!! I heard thunderstorms.

When I saw Elizabeth, who seemed to have been struck by lightning, I lodged a complaint.

"Who told you that?"

"Just in case, if anyone's saying that."

"If you have someone like that, tell me."


I said to Elizabeth, who was hardened, "Well." After being respectful, I went back to the party leader.

I was holding my place for about an hour, and then I woke up with him at sunset.

"Too bad."

"I'll see you next time, young lady."

"Be careful and go back."

Elizabeth said, "Hey, there!" He approached me.

When I looked at her, she was bitter and barely opened her mouth.




Elizabeth became depressed.

* * *

That Dubled.

After dinner, I sat around with my family and held the pen in front of a large piece of paper.

Ishak looked up at my homework and said,

"Why do you write the old words?"

"She gave me a homework assignment."

"Why? It was fashionable before we were born."

Henri said that I would fix the wrong problem.

"Fortifications are often used among older people. If young LeBlaine uses the old words, she'll feel like she's in the castle. No one would hate a child trying to keep the conversation going."

Ishak used to say, "It's annoying." I murmured.

'That's why the word is...'

I write hard, but my joints have not yet moved as delicately as adults, so my writing is crooked.

Unlike when I was five years old, I can recognize it, but...

What is a child's hand? '

When I saw the familiar handwriting with an unworthy expression, I wrinkled the back of my nose and took out another piece of paper.

"Why? You did everything you could."

"The writing is not pretty."

"What does that matter? All I had to do was find out."

"Today at the party, the godmother said she liked the neat writing."

So how pretty would I look if I tried to write it this time?

You shouldn't be lazy trying to say you've already caught your heart. Auntie said that you have to feed the caught meat regularly to make a strong connection.

And I am an evil child who knows how to make a strong connection.

"Yeah, Johann's brother?"

When I spoke, John nodded.

'I think we're getting to know each other a little today!'

I can hear a silent voice next to me as I nod proudly.

"Johann's brother?"


It was Henri and Ishaq on both sides.

My father's eyes widened slightly, and my aunt shed a fine thread.

"Why is your big brother?"

"You're right."

You're not.

When I look at her with a puzzled face, Ishaq gives a harsh impression.

"Brother..... I didn't hear from the kid either."

Aunt Javelin shrugs and hands over the bookshelf.

"I need to hear it. There are many brothers and sisters in the Empire who don't call each other names. You're misguided."

That's right. Although the Empire has titles for brothers and sisters, it is still only the ordinary people who question 'sister, brother'.

Nobles naturally change their titles because they receive titles, and brothers and sisters often change their status when they are older, so they usually omit titles when they are young.

'You call your aunt dad sir.'

In Aunt Henri's words, Henri's eyes narrowed slightly.

"But the title is proof of kindness. Why would Marquis Nodeli still call His Majesty the Emperor in public statues?"

"Yes! I use a kindly brother and sister!"

'Yes, I do.'

It seemed that Henri and Ishaq's eyes were increasingly twitching as they nodded.

'I am burdened…….'

Not necessarily, I was stared at as if at a party today, with a pen and a piece of paper, causing a sluggish body.

* * *

LeBlaine left, and Theodore and Javelin also aroused themselves.

Henri and Ishaq shoot John who drinks tea with a fine expression.


"What did you do to the kid?"


"Then why is the child only to you..!"

Then, John's deputy approached.

"Master, we have completed the investigation of Nordeli's affection."

"I'll check."

John, who put down the cup of tea, aroused himself. When he was about to leave the door, he looked at his two brothers.

"LeBlaine looks better to me."

[Why is your title different from ours? He seems to like us more!]

To sow the wind and reap the whirlwind, John, who raised his mouth in anger, left the room.

Ishaq grinds his teeth.

Why can't my brothers play with each other? There was only one lovely child in this house.

"Why do you like your big brother more?"

Is it because you're angry you know how to eat carrots?

You didn't like pinching your little hand because it was weird?

I don't think it's a good idea to call him a kid!

Ishaq glances at Henri with delicate eyes. Henri did not look down as usual.

Henri's head speed was just as complex. The fool next door may be thinking of a little thing like carrots, but I really made a mistake.

Don't tell me that no one really thinks the adopted one is family.

I wanted to kill the young man who kept rubbing his heart and biting thorns in his mouth because Leblane was scared.

"... but I don't think I hate it."

LeBlaine was a child who was clearly foggy. Never leave a person who doesn't like it by his side.

However, it was undeniable that John was ahead of his brothers in this situation.




It was the moment when the Second World War broke out between the two Leblans.

At that time, LeBlaine.....

"Why are your ears so itchy?"

"Are you itchy?! Doctor!"

The maids' eyes were blurred by the extreme outburst of arms.

* * *

At the Mother's Party, I decided.

'Now that you have handsome brothers, let's use them!'

I wasn't just a good kid who thought my brothers' beauty was great. All I could use was a mean kid who knew how to use it.


"Yes, baby."

"Invite the spirits of the family that owns the Abandoned Light. Starting with the lunatic light that Nodeli is after."

"There are many families who don't have a home in the Islands. Do you want to come up here? I would've kept them locked up in Nordely, so the householders would have died. I'm going to try to tug this way, that way, to raise the price, even if it's not."

"Tell them they're coming."

"…… Yes?"

I've seen it in my past life as a beggar. When the most famous bard poet on the continent found the Islands, the provincial aristocrats watched the flock flock like dogs.

Fancym is a way to go beyond the occasional good.

If you say where your brothers are coming from, the infants will jump over the walls.

'Of course, some of the parents will be looking for Dublin's Sadon.'

"Will you have a party at the mansion?"

"Apparently, the Islands nobles don't like borrowing Shallows from where the local nobles gather."

"If you do, I'll tell you a story."


When I saw the watch, it was time for my father to come home soon.

I went down to the middle with my ears full of greetings. But it was weird.

'Why is it so noisy?'

There were people gathered in the middle. Even the doctors of the medical center poured in with an open door.

'What's going on..... the smell of blood.'

The more I went down to the first floor, the darker I smelled. In a moment, an ominous aura came up smouldering.

I squeezed the gaps between the people I was gathering.