The maids blinked several times, staring at each other with a puzzled expression. Within days, Dalia, the oldest of the maids, nodded.

"Whatever the baby wants."

"Give the order."

Linda, Euni and Laura Dalia replied.

"Okay, then, can you go and start a terrorist attack?"

"Miss Elizabeth Nodeli?"

When Laura answered in surprise, I shook my head and said,

"No, the nobles."


"If we go after Elizabeth openly, we won't know that we moved in Nordely. I want to avoid an all-out war. That's why I'm using Elizabeth to destroy Marquis Nordeli."

There is no way the Emperor would be willing to settle a great aristocratic quarrel, and if the Count is Duke Marche, we must wage two wars.

Whatever the victory and defeat we've had since Marquis Nordeli, the nobles will be anxious. 'Wouldn't it be your next turn?'

I want to avoid the nobles targeting Dublin Red and tying to each other. So the Nordeli gun should move as discreetly as possible.

'But in the meantime, I don't intend to leave Marquis Nordeli alone!'

"What should we do?"

"I have to raise my father's assault case.

Linda's eyes narrowed, the wisest of the maids.

"…… not the Dublin Duke's Assault, but the Assault of the Great Nobles?" "


I stood up and looked at the maids.

"Go and destroy the wagons of the nobles. So the Emperor would be forced to find the suspect who targeted his father."

"I get two."

The maids grabbed her cheeky toes and lightly bent her knees.

Suicide terrorists? Don't be ridiculous.

I have a wanted party!

And then a few weeks later.

"Marquis Shuhail was ambushed today, right?"

"Last time I heard you were looking for Earl Wiltro. What is the world going to be....."

When I was walking down the hall, the workers raised their mouths as they heard me rattling.

I didn't want to be agitated, but I wanted to snore down the hallway and burst into a joyful laugh.

'Well done, well done!'

The maids were really competent.

The plan's skeleton was weaved by Linda from the ambassador, Uniga from the lookout merchant who saved the soldier, and Dalia from a serial killer who had never been caught while executing about a hundred sexual assailants.

Of course, the system has gone haywire. The nobles fled the outing for fear of an assault, and the Imperial Court visited their father who was the first victim of the incident to find the terrorist.

Now that this is happening, I understand you don't have to see Marquis Nordeli.

'It will be a whirlwind!'

I walked like a bean, running with a book in my arms.

I opened my dad's visit and plucked him in the neck.

"Hey, can I come in?"

Dad nods and North smiles and opens the door.

I used to pull the chair and sit next to my dad. And I spread herbs and ointments all over the place, and I opened a book.

My recent hobby was to give my father a lot of good medicine and herbs.

I put ointment on my father's arm with a focused expression. Cook North laughed.

"It's strange that the baby is so eager that he doesn't bite so fast."

"That's right. You got a lot better arms, didn't you?"

I said, "Ehem, raise your chin."

My father laughed and lightly hunched my head. My aunt, who was with me, spilled the truth.

"When I first came here to apply the medicine, I cried a lot."

'Forget it!'

Last week's black history came to mind.

I came to see my father when I heard that the doctor was biting me and focusing on my work, and I was so embarrassed that the wound was deeper than I expected.

'On that day, even with gold.....'

There was a lack of divine power, so adult thinking was not good.

'Yeah, that's it. I'm not surprised I wound up like a real child.'

[Dad, the medicine... … Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu]

When she saw me crying, her family turned their heads and shivered their shoulders.

[What's so funny! Bad! My father was injured.... Hahaha!!]

Thinking of embarrassing memories, I frowned and shook my head.

"I thought they were all big, but they're still young."

My aunt teased me, and I coughed and turned my tongue.



"Can I party at the mansion?"

"At this time?"

"The Chairman said he needed it because it was this time. Even if you get raided, Dubled can show you that it's okay."

My aunt said, "Hmm..." I moaned and touched my chin.

"The nobles are trying to get the children out."

"I have an idea. If the Holy Father had a party, he would have been able to reaffirm Dubled's security."

"Well……. Do whatever you want. The head of the household without mistresses is the daughter of Gaju. You don't have to ask me."

I said cheerfully, "Yes!" I said.

'Well, now I have to get help....'

I looked at Henri and Ishak sitting on the couch in my father's office. When I sent a subtle glance, they seemed to be asking what was going on.


"I'm busy getting out of the curse."

"What a nuisance... Ugh!"

Ishaq, who muttered like that, shoots Henri with his arms and feet.

"Why did you step on it?"

Henri twists Ishak's mouth and folds his eyes.

"I have time to help with the party, LeBlaine."

Then Ishaque rolled his eyes. "Ah." I quickly changed my words.

"Yeah, I've got about that much time. We don't have a big brother."

I don't know why I suddenly changed my mind, but it was good for me.

I smiled and said, "Thank you!" I shook my brother's hand and shook the roof.

* * *

Elizabeth shook her lips as she looked at the young girls smiling brightly with an invitation.

"Miss Dubled is lacking in ideas."

"Yes? Why?"

"It's a party at a time like this. My mother says, I don't care about my guardian. The Duke's invitation is hard to bite, but it's going to be hard for the parents to let their children out at a dangerous time."

Elizabeth grumbled and the infants laughed awkwardly.

There may be such an interpretation, but Elizabeth was not the one who called them to the mansion every day.

The cheerful impression of freckles widened with a smile.

"But he said he'd send an escort to the mansion! Isn't Dubled's escort reassuring?"

"Hm, what do you need to do with the escorts in Dublin who are also being harassed?"

"But I thought it was the three of you who came to the escort....."

The infants blushed their faces and gathered their lips.

While the host's relatives came to the mansion to escort the nobles, the escort of the Dubred was unprecedented.

Few parents find it uncomfortable to be at a party in Dublin.

Dubled's three accomplices were significant for parents who were after chaos because no one was engaged yet.

"I want Henri to come."

"I am Ishaq...."

"Will John also come?"

Elizabeth's hand flickered.

"Johan is escorting other ladies? '

His face was twisted all at once.

'Bad girl!'

Johann would not be happy to take care of things like this instead of the apprentice Duke, but I can't believe he would bear such a burden. I really didn't think of her.

'She must have been crying. Dear John, I can't help but listen to you.'

Otherwise, there is no way that the gracious John would escort another lady other than me.

Elizabeth bites her lips tightly.

'I didn't even get an invitation!'

John thought he was holding the other lady's hand, and blood gushed out to the top of his head.

"…… that party, I don't think it's very fun. Don't do that. Play with me in my greenhouse. Emperor Hu gave me a flower deer. I'll show you. How cute!"

Normally, the spiritual children would have lost to Elizabeth's flock without answering.

The Dublin Red Virtual War Winning Party was a bit of a buzz.

'And there are three more beautiful princesses in the Dublin Hall of Honor than a flower deer!'

It can't be fun to see a handsome person, so the party won't be fun.

"Shall we go to the Imperial Palace together? The Imperial Palace is really safe! If you come with me, you can see the Emperor. Your Majesty is very sweet to me. She always calls me cute Elizabeth."


"Yes? Gentlemen!"

But the infants ended up returning unanswered.

Elizabeth cried. There was no such thing as loving people not listening to their own requests. Until that girl comes to the Islands!

'Bad. Bad boy, Dubled.'



Elizabeth burst into tears at this time, wanting to see my mother in the greenhouse.

"What's going on?"

"The Dublin Dynasty is bad!"

Princess Ingrid looked at herself and panicked at her daughter who burst into tears.

"What's going on?"

"You're having a party at this time! I don't care, do I? She's bad, isn't she? Put your friends in danger. And to me..... he didn't even send me an invitation!"

Aren't invitations the first thing you need to send me? How cute you are, Emperor and Emperor. He was the most precious child in the country.

"You did. I must have been upset."

How a child with such pride would have been heartbroken.

Princess Ingrid sighs as she strokes her daughter's back.

After sobbing exhausted Elizabeth, she headed to her husband's office.

Marquis Nordelli, who was nervously picking up the paperwork, frowned at the wife who came into the room without knocking.

"What's going on?"

"I'm upset Elizabeth didn't get an invitation from Dublin Red."


"I want you to get me an invitation."

Marquis Nordeli's face twitched.

"Are you saying that?! It hurts because of this horrible noble raid!"

It turned into a Grand Noble Incident because I had no idea who the raid was aiming for Duke Dubled.

The nobility's origins pierced the sky, and the Imperial Palace desperately sought a suspect in the incident.

'If I go like this, I'll wear a dumpster.'

Princess Ingrid's eyes widened.

"Enough! You're the fool I asked you to be. I'll ask my mother."

"Don't even think about sending our daughter to Dublin! My daughter is going to the mansion of a man who won't be cool if he tears her to pieces!"

Princess Ingrid went out of the room, humming and farting without an answer.

'This marriage was the wrong choice.'

She did not forget him even though Duke Dubled was married. I knew he had a wife, but Ata went to see him because there was no way to break his heart.

Ask them to make the right choice.

But she was driven down, and the deliberate Princess Ingrid chose Marquis Nordeli.

'Ah, Theodore.....'

Princess Ingrid, who holds a picture of Duke Dubled hidden in her arms, takes a hot sigh.

* * *

I saw a letter from the Emperor and twisted the purchase.

[…… send your granddaughter an invitation to your party. He's a lovely kid, Du, so he can be a good friend.]

Zakari frowned.

"However, the Emperor... I'm sure you know the work of the infant and the Nordeli love, but I'm asking you to do this."

"What do you say. It's important."

I smiled and looked at the invitation I had written in advance.

[In front of Mrs. Ingrid Nodeli and Her Majesty Elizabeth Nodeli.]

"Elizabeth bit the bait."

[Yes, Miss Dubled! I took out Johann's name in front of the Nobel Prize. You were so excited.]

I twisted the purchase by looking at Princess Ingrid and Elizabeth's portraits.

"I attacked my family, so my family had to be rich enough to be resilient. Don't you think?"