The party was spectacular.

It was my first party at the mansion after my father was surrounded by a family, and I wanted to widely show that there was no problem with Terra Dubled's convenience after he was raided.

"Put the champagne away. Don't let those who can't control the liquor make a fuss. There is nothing worse to see where the children gather."

"Yes, Lord North."

"Set up a spearhead outside the mansion. Place the archers on the wall, and let those who wear the insignia here guard the party leader."

"I get two."

I didn't care about the progress of the party because North and Auntie gave me a careful look.

My share was only the hospitality of guests.

'The Hadeloro family has a powerful Maestro army.'

Hadello's chief magician is a highly educated man, so he may know about the water source.

'The Ragnars owned the most mines among the noble families.'

I can't necessarily think of a water source only as a waste light.

Marquis Nordelli buys the Abandoned Mine because if it were a mine currently mining ore, the water source would have been found, so he put it out of the way.

"Place Miss Hadello and Miss Ragnar's seat on my table."

"Yes, baby."

The chairman, who was taking notes on my notebook, looked at me.

"Did you know that at this morning's meeting, the Gossip mentioned the marriage of John the Teacher?"

"John's Marriage?"

As a nobleman, his marriage is discussed at my age, so John is a long time late.

'But suddenly, when my dad got beat up and went crazy?'

I had an ominous feeling at the moment. I narrowed my glans and looked at the Chairman.

"Who's the opponent?"

"This is Elizabeth Nodeli."

When I woke up, the Chairman grabbed me.

"Where are you going?"

"To your father. Let's marry John, the daughter of the family that attacked you? Does that make sense?"

"Think rationally. If you marry Elizabeth Nodeli, you are no longer at risk of being attacked. Marquis Nordeli can take a life-saving daughter hostage."

"You don't think it was Nodeli who ordered Dad's raid. But why should I be engaged to John?"

"Because of the spirit of Valois."

'The fleet of Valois.'

Dubled boasted of the uselessness of defeat in the earthquake, but not as much as the sea war.

If we could have the Empire's largest fleet based on Balua's technological power, Dublin would be able to defeat the naval conductors.

In addition, the Duke of Valois has collected thousands of scholars.

If Pymon is the 'Reporter of Information' of the next generation, the 'Reporter of Information' of the Empire is Valois.

Valois did not have much military possession due to a lack of wealth. It was less than a fifth of the other families, but it was because of their proprietary information that they were not pushed into the other families.

"Your Excellency has been raided, and the Baloic fleet and information are desperate. But, baby. Do you know Dubled's problem?"

"…… I don't have a good relationship with other noble families."

"All of your factions are surrounded by wealth. I don't have the right friendly family. But Duke Marche is different."

In the case of Dubled, most problems could be solved with military and possessions, so there was no need to deepen relations with nobles.

My father's reign demanded even more relations with other families. The mistress who acts as a bargaining agent with other families has been absent for a long time.

"The manager of the Valois decree will be decided at the State Council next month. Seven halves of the nobles with the right to vote support Duke Marche."

"Is that why you need the help of the Nordeli family who are as good with the Ta family as Marche?"

"Yes. Even if we had a bad relationship before, if it were Dubred and Sadon, we would have no choice but to support our daughter. Above all, there are no children of the same lineage as Elizabeth Nodeli."

The Chairman's voice was lowered.

"You know the baby. You can't defeat Elizabeth Nodeli if you only take the advantage of power. After her, there's the Imperial Court. Your baby has a good relationship with the Emperor, too. It doesn't mean that the blood is thicker than the water."

The Chairman said nothing wrong.

After the Emperor and I, the Emperor was only paid to promote mutual benefit.

If I waged a war with Elizabeth, the friendship I had built would collapse.

"With a drop of her tears, the Emperor will become a bison, and the Emperor will not hesitate to touch my cord of blood."

"So you told John to force an unwanted marriage?"

"That's the burden that those who enjoy movies at the top of power have to bear."

"Yeah, no."


I glanced at the chairman with a coat on my chair.

"I don't do anything to avoid losing."

Without missing the button on the coat, I made an impression.

"You give one and you get one. Dubled is too resonant. People are too good!"

The Chairman stares at me with a cheeky face.

"Dubled is good?"

Zakari, who was guarding the door, also opened his mouth. Then I turn my ear as if I had heard some nonsense.

"If you're going to use Elizabeth, you have to use her. Well, until the state council meets, and then it gets tight!"

"I'm amazed that you're not Dublin Red's bloodline."

"You know, Chairman."


"Because I've lived. When I was a good man, I was beaten in the back."

When I told my nine-year-old, the chairman, who had been sniffing for over half a hundred years, he spilled the truth.

I shrug like nothing. I am the 4th time in my life, the Chairman is the 1st time. The 4th time is the 4th time there is only an enlightenment.

"I will use John's name. I don't want to be forced into marriage."

I also want to take a little revenge on Elizabeth, who called me an orphan and treated me like an impurity.

"The Chairman goes and stops the goblins."

"How can I? I've already noticed that everyone is in favor of the engagement with Nodeli."

"Roll the floor, flip over, threaten. I can't even tell you that story. Here we go!"

When I cheerfully shouted, the Chairman drowned with a tired face.

* * *

When the party started, guests started coming into the garden.

"Hello, Miss Dubled."

"Thank you for coming."

"What do you mean? I have to say thank you……."

Hadello, whose face turned greasy, caressed Henri, who was talking to someone else.

'I think Henri did well.'

At this time, I thought I would be reluctant to let the children out of the nobility, so I used some of my brothers, which was a great choice.

All of those who received the invitation responded to the invitation, except for the little one who suffered from a cold.

Even the uninvited were somehow in the mood to win the invitation.

'The problem is that the spiritual children Ishaq picked up....'

I didn't erase my worries in case I said something harsh about Ishaq's character to the spiritual children.

I heard from Laura that Ishaq's followers were mostly screwed into their heads. One or two years ago, some of them were stalking the scary Ishaq.

'Please don't yell at me, Ishak!'

At last, the people who Ishaq had picked up began to come in.

"You didn't forget your promise to give me your hair, did you?"

"I think I'm missing a nail, do you have one? I hear you're missing a lot during training. If you have one, give it to me."

"Me! Me too!"

The infants surrounding Ishaque arrived at the party with a crawl. Ishaq frowned.

"All right!.. I'm going around. All right, now get in there! …… please."

Bang! Kill your voice like a squeal! I screamed and grinded my teeth.

I said, "What are you doing? 'I was surprised. It's not unusual that Ishaq was flipped a few times while he was coming.

"Hello, Dubled Younger!"

"I'm glad you invited me!"

"The infant is my savior!"

The glorious infants grin and shake my hand.

Even I was embarrassed by the attitude of Ishaq's followers, who suffered from prenatal episodes.

"Ah…… yes, thank you for coming."

"Thank you. Of course you have to come. Wherever our Master is, even the gutter! Oh, this is a gift from us."

The infants gave me a big box.


The box was full of flowers.

The other infants who were next to me also gave me these wreaths or flowers, so I whimpered and handed them over to my servant.

And even the young girls who came with Henri said, "Oh, we too....." With a shy expression, I gave out a lavishly wrapped flower.

'The first party I hosted, I didn't get a bunch of flowers or a wreath.'

I looked at the pile of gifts that had been piled up under my feet.

Laura, who was holding the market by my side, muttered with a buzzing, buzzing face.

"The Cultists' Tribute War...!"

It was the infants who followed John who organized the "Tribute War" that Laura said.

"Move it carefully."

The servants are empty! They push away the gifts of sin with a sound and lay down the golden statue on the floor.

John's peer-to-peer, tall infant, smiled and said,

"with a wreath."

"Ah……. Thank you."

"Good luck."

Adult infants looked at me and laughed.

Laura came close to me with a still excited expression and whispered.

"I'm a member of a group that loves John! The infant of that trap is Miss Alexandra Chevine."

I know.

'She's the reason I invited Elizabeth.'

The youngest white horse enlister.

And the eldest daughter of Count Diana Chevine, the son of the great Carlos.

'Unlike Elizabeth, the real princess.'

Of course, since the Empire does not recognize the father-in-law, there is no such thing as a princess, but Alexandra is different.

In the future, he will make numerous achievements as the White Horse Captain and receive the title of the Princess' one step underneath.

"Take care of us."

Alexandra reaches out and I hold her hand cold.

"I'm glad Johann has a good acquaintance!"

When I smile flirtatiously, Alexandra says, "Oh, my God." Cook, "he laughed. Other followers of John made me cute.

"You're much more lovely than the rumors. Feel free to call me sister. We call each other sisters."


When I opened my eyes deliberately, John's disciples laughed.

"Don't worry. We are not people who want to have a deep relationship with John."

"It's just a reflection of his dignity."

I clapped in my arms. These are wonderful sisters.It will be even cooler in the future.

Future White Horse Captain, Future Horse Master candidate, Future Merchant Guild backbone.

My brother is handsome and something to see.

Thanks to you, I have no power, and I have a relationship with the future powers! '

The people who came to the party today will make up for the only weakness Dubled has.

'Relationship with the nobles.'

Maybe that's not the point of having a party at this time.

It was then.

"The party leader is narrow."

Hmm, Elizabeth enters the garden with a snoring sound.

She looked around the garden, and her cheeks were red, and she said, "John!" I shouted.

"I, uh..... I didn't talk well in the wagon earlier....."

"Hello, Miss Nordeli."

I approached her with a smile. She hardened her eyes and said, "Yes……." Approximately, "he answered.

"Very nice to meet you today."

"Miss Dubled told me?"

"Of course! Even this morning, the people at the meeting told me a story of eternal love."

The fact that the witches mentioned their names at the meeting was usually related to their engagement.

I did not deliberately mention which of the three Confucians had mixed up in the ceremony.

Three brother's followers stared at Elizabeth with bitter eyes at a time.

'For this.'

For the first time in my life, Elizabeth was embarrassed, and I smiled and asked her to shake hands.

'Welcome to the enemy camp.'