"What, why are you looking at me like that?"

Elizabeth's eyes were swiftly turned, flawed by the impression she had made.

Zakari, who was assigned to party expenses today, approached me and whispered.

"The infants are quieter than I thought. I'm not gonna move like you think."


"You were planning a party today to isolate Nordely's glory, weren't you?"

"That's right, but it's not isolated from men."

I shrugged.

The infants did no harm to Elizabeth because of their brothers.

There was no one who was jealous and vulgar because I was likely to have a relationship with someone I loved.

"Miss Nodeli, sit here. The table of Younger Love is this way."

They were not afraid of Elizabeth's words.

It is only because I feel depressed by a child who is likely to have a relationship with someone I like.

"Miss Nordeli. Sit this way. This is the Table of Honor."

"You saw him the other day, right? How are you?"

There were a lot of nice people here. They put out their hands first in case the child was surprised at this moment.

Elizabeth nodded, humming. Then he hovered over John's side and squirmed his lips.



"Everyone seems uncomfortable with Elizabeth coming to the party."


As John marched to the other side, he drowned, chasing after her like a child.

"Because they don't like Elizabeth. My mother says Elizabeth is cute and jealous."

John took a drink and said, "So?" and looked back at Elizabeth. She bellied with a shy face.

"I'm afraid of a place without my mother, but John needs you to stay with me."

"There's nothing to be afraid of."

"If I go to that table, will you secretly upset me?"

The look on the faces of the spiritual lovers turned to consideration and speculation in the face.

John came to me with a drink.

"The ball is red."

I was a little excited because things were going the way I wanted them to. But I'm good at hiding my insides and hitting my balls with my fingers.

"You must have been nervous since the first party!"

"Drink it."


"I'll be at the party till the first part."

'Then it's me!'

Part 1 is a party of young ladies, but part 2 is a larger party with nobles arriving.

'Without John, it's easy to crack down on a party if there are nobles.'

When I smiled widely, John smiled faintly.

Elizabeth looked at me, clinging to John's back. But when John turned his step again, he followed him again with a chewing gum.

Zakari laughed with a loud kill.

"Well, I see nothing in my eyes."

"I'm a jealous person, so you all know I'm jealous. They don't have to do anything."

Philly would cry out to the infants in another place. Then, no matter how sweet they are, they must explode. Until I endured the hiccups.

I laughed bitterly and drank a drink from John.

* * *

The party, which was spectacular from the start, was always full of fun. Catering was delicate, beautiful, and tasteful, and LeBlaine prepared a small set of games to hang out with, and the party was followed by a consistent, flattering atmosphere.

"This time again, Miss Hadello is number one."

"I like games. He plays games with his family after dinner on weekends. I play chess."

"Oh, my God, next time I want to play chess with Miss Hadello."

LeBlaine smiled and said to Henri,

"Miss Hadello is good at games! Henrido Chess is special!"

"I like it. We have a good hobby."

"Me, really? Gee, I'm glad……."

"You keep chess better than I do. Right, brother?"

John nodded lightly.

"Your Majesty has made all the festival flags blue because Elizabeth says they are blue! Your Majesty will listen to Elizabeth."

Again, the atmosphere was cheerful. Unless it's Elizabeth Nodeli.

Elizabeth never had a conversation with the three accomplices.

"Henri, Henri. Next time, come to our mansion. There's an incredibly beautiful chessboard and pins. An exotic envoy was given to Her Majesty, but Elizabeth wanted it."

"if you get the chance."

"Ishak, teach Elizabeth the sword. I have an autopsy. The sword of the warrior.The Emperor gave it to me. She's so cute."

"Please, shut up."

"Bad! But I'll forgive you in particular! Oh, John! Where are you going? You're not just leaving me, are you? I'm scared of where only the infants are."

The spirits who were looking forward to meeting the three Confucians were depressed.

There will be no chance of a permanent conversation unless it is a day like this, because the three connoisseurs are not very good at their private parties or in the presbytery.

Elizabeth did not fall behind the three princesses, as if she had really been Dubled's mistress.


One of the youngsters took courage and called Henri.

"I, uh..... thank you for catching me at the hunting ceremony last time. Oh, I am!"

"Hera Dimitri."

"Gigi, do you remember?"

"Of course. You're the Cardinal."

"Elizabeth knows Miss Dimitri too!"

Elizabeth, who was in the conversation, said with a clear smile.

"You said you were a jerk at the Theological Institute."

"I wasn't such a jerk..... It was the second time in Colchie...."

"That or that. Isn't that right, Henri? For a smart guy like us, that's the second time. You look like an idiot, don't you?"

Dimitri's infant bows his head in tears.

Elizabeth embarrassed herself by dragging out all the things that were happening and things that were not happening when the three Confucians only started talking to each other. Ask them to give up the opportunity for a conversation on their own.

John's followers frowned.

"Miss Nodeli is exceptionally overrated today."

Chevyne's infatuation rolls the dice of the board game and looks at Elizabeth, who gives embarrassment to the infants at the party.

Elizabeth was usually the youngest in the social world when she made her social debut around 910.

It wasn't just because he was the Emperor's nephew that made him so arrogant. I gave a small amount to the youngest newborn socialist.

"Are you going to leave it, Miss Chevyne?"

Alexandra Chevine stares at Elizabeth, screaming at me as if the three princes were seizing as if they were approaching LeBlaine.

"…… I shouldn't just look at it."

Another infant picked up finger food with an impression.

"Cut it out. We're gonna get jealous and flipped over. The girl's a little girl, and you'll hear from the club again."

Alexandra, who opened the dice on the table and put them down with a sound, smiled.

"If I was scared of maggots, I wouldn't be able to go into society in the first place. You know my birth. I prefer to keep comrades out of such poor quality words."

"Alexandra," comrades who love three princesses. "When I joked, another virgin smiled and tore her chin.

"The youngest recruit in the White Horse Guard seems different."

Alexandra, who was gasping for tea, flipped an empty cup of tea.

Then the other infants, one after the other, began to flip the empty cup of tea.

LeBlaine, who was watching the situation from a distance, raises his mouth.

'Here we go.'

Representative act of expressing dissatisfaction at parties.

Ishaq's followers also turned the teacup upside down.

Henri's followers, who were generally mild and kind, were questioned. But it is.

"What, what is it? Why are you guys doing that? You're jealous of Elizabeth, too! Look, Confucius. I was so scared....."

When Elizabeth wept over the infants, Henri's followers turned the teacup upside down.

In an instant, the teacups of all the tables flipped over. It meant I wouldn't continue the party unless the unpleasantness was resolved.

This is when LeBlaine wants to go out.

"Nodeli Younger Love."

Then Alexandra went out.

"I beg your pardon, Miss Dubled. Can you give me a chance to make a remark this time?"


Alexandra glances at Elizabeth, hiding LeBlaine behind her back.

"As a social advancement, please be respectful. Please go back today so that we don't damage Miss Dubled."

"What?! What is an infant, to me...!"

"I will no longer bear witness to the uproar at Miss Dubled's first party. Just go back so I don't throw gloves at you."

"That's ridiculous! How could you embarrass Elizabeth like this..!!"


Another angle, another angle. The low hoof sound echoed in the quiet chairman.

Alexander smiled as he approached Elizabeth.

"Don't make me say it three times. Today is the last time we give a small amount to the youngest members of society."


Elizabeth shook her lips and looked around Parr. Like asking for help.

But those who were fed up with Elizabeth's behavior did not defend her.

Elizabeth, disgraced in the presence of John, went out to the party hall crying.

LeBlaine calls into delight.

'Now I've got a watering hole.'

How to be a child fighter is usually an adult fight.

If Elizabeth is humiliated and goes back, Marquis Nordeli, who cares so much for her, will not stand still.

Then the parents of the infants in here will also go out for their children.

Other infants look at Alexandra and stretch their eyebrows.

"Thank you for coming out for us. But Princess Ingrid will be here soon. Are you all right?"

At that time, LeBlaine smiled widely.

"Miss Chevyne."


"You gave it to me for my party, so this time I want to do something for Miss Chevyne."


At the end of the first part, the sound of music came out.

The nobles in the waiting room began to enter the party hall one by one.

LeBlaine respectfully seated Alexandra and welcomed her nobles. Princess Ingrid reveals herself in a herd of nobles.

At the same time.


My father, who arrived in the garden at my request, turned his head towards me.

"…… why is the expression dark."

"That is……."

I looked at Princess Ingrid with a very resolute attitude.

"Miss Nordeli made a mistake at the party. They gave it to me for my first party, but I'm afraid I'm going to be harmed by them."

I gave it to my father.

My father's gaze was on Princess Ingrid.

When my first love frowned, Princess Ingrid's complexion became pale, as I said.

It's embarrassing, isn't it?

Then go and deter Elizabeth from crying to the Emperor and Emperor.

'In the meantime, I need to secure the water supply and build rapport with the infants so that my father can be the manager of the Valois.'