All party guests witnessed Elizabeth's disrespect. At the same time it was offensive, all of them on my side.

'Oh, it was the perfect party.'

I looked at Princess Ingrid with a red face, without even seeing my father.

* * *


After returning to me, Nodeli Ingrid knocked on my daughter's visit, which was firmly closed.

"Can't you come out here? Come on!"

"What a fuss."

Marquis Nordeli frowns at his wife, who has a lot to play with.

"Let it go. As soon as I get back from the party, I'm stumbling and crying. What did Dubled do to my daughter...!"

"What you did was your daughter. You think all the youngsters would have flipped the teacups if they'd died?"

"What? How dare those bitches!"

Marquis Nordeli, who is a bifurcated man, grows old. The Dublin Red Party was attended by nutritious members of the family who had good relations with Nodeli.

'Ignorant things.'

You know what to do? You're a bunch of cars and clumsy girls. You're stupid. I have to tell you whose father is under it.

'It is necessary to recapitulate the sequence.'

Princess Ingrid looks at her frowning husband and spills the truth.

"I don't even ask how hard it was for me to go to the party together."

"It wasn't just today that Elizabeth was throwing a whirlwind, but if she became a mother, she should just wrap it up. What....."

When Marquis Nodeli kicks his tongue, Princess Ingrid's face hardens.

"Are you coming or not?" Do you know how horrible it was when you went to an uninvited Mother's Party and told Dublin's infant, "Goa 'uld, it's impurities"? "

"You're not wrong."

"You always talk like that in front of her, so I embarrass Theodore...!"

"What are you talking about, Theodore?"

Marquis Nordeli's face hardened. Princess Ingrid bites her lips and turns her head.

"Why? Do you really want to break up with me and be Dublin's mistress? Like 10 years ago, Dublin begged Duke Dublin to take his wife's place? Is that why you put Theodore Dubled's daughter first?"

"Philip Nodeli!"

Princess Ingrid stared at her husband with a whiteness of contempt.

"Of course, it's my fault again. It's my fault I was born!"

Marquis Nordelli turns his back as if he no longer wants to talk.

"Go away! You always do. He's not trying to talk to me. If you really loved me...!"

"It's all my fault, isn't it? Now that the princess is all right, this is the one who's going to kill her. Ait, damn house corner."

Marquis Nordelli leaves, Ingrid hesitates to sit on the floor, blindfolded with one hand.

During that time, Elizabeth, who was bragging in the room, threw away whatever was in her hand.


With a sharp rupture, the child's eyes became bitter.

'This is all because of the idiots who don't know the subject. How dare you put a cup of tea in front of me.... No, no. All the vicious orphan chicks made it this way.'

To this end, Elizabeth searches the bedside table in the dark.

I tightly grabbed the little medicine bottle that Black Hat gave me as my father's guest.

'You need a soul.' LeBlaine. '

The child's eyes darkened.

* * * *

A week later.

I glanced at the invitation from the infants who attended the party.

"I also came to the Hadeloro family and the Ragnath family."

As I wrapped my cheeks around my feet with both hands, the chairman, who handed over the paperwork from the opposite side, spilled a pick-and-soul.

"How do you like it?"

"Hadello's squadron is small and has inherited all of his lunatic fanaticism to the infamous."

"It's a useless property, so even if you had a young granddaughter, it wouldn't be a problem."

"If you look at it and buy it....."

I drew a beautiful future with shining eyes.

'Suwon, come out quickly.'

"Is there nothing like the pride of eternal power? It's been five years since your baby enjoyed a movie with the love of Dublin. Even though you lived as a Duke in your previous life, it seems easy to say that you look good."

"If you lose your pride, you'll have to beg under your legs."

I laughed and put the invitation in the box. Then I spoke with a cup of tea.

"And I do it with pride."

"When you were attacked?"

"That depends on time. I'm gonna put my pride in it this time."

"For what?"

I took out the most lavish envelope of the invitations and put it on the table.

"Isn't that the Emperor's invitation?"

The chairman narrowed his eyes and added in a low voice.

"…… Virtual War winner privilege."

"Yes. The prince's escort. It seems that the Valois incident and the Grand Noble assault have been delayed."

"Your baby chose Prince Adrian, so Emperor Yvonne seems anxious. I saw you invite the baby to the Imperial Palace."

"I wasn't the only one who invited you. Other nobles were also invited. Of course you can go to Nordeli."

"Of course. If you only invite the baby, it will reveal your guilt."

I knocked, knocked, knocked on the invitation.

"We have to go and bring tons."

"Unlike Elizabeth Nodeli?"

"But there are other purposes, too."

I shrugged lightly and slaughtered him with the look of a villain.

And a few days later, like Thorne, it became the day of the Empress Tea Party.

I started preparing early in the morning and found the Imperial Palace earlier than anyone else, as the Emperor asked. It was John who came with me.

Before getting off the wagon, John paid some attention to me.

"Whatever the Emperor says, do not give a definitive answer."



"But do I look like a good kid today?"

And I turned my eyes in the presence of John. You shouldn't look so mean for 'purpose' today.

John narrowed his eyes.

"Same as usual."

"Same as usual?"

I squirm! I stretch my shoulders with a shocked face.

"Cute as usual."

John smiled faintly and stroked his head.

Somehow the ball got greasy. When I looked at John at this time, I could see why the sisters of John's "Love Meeting" sometimes said he was desperate, and why he snorted.

John stretched out his hand, and I took his hand cold, and entered the Emperor's Palace.

'It's extravagant, but extravagant.'

I'm used to the smell of Dublin Red's money, but the splendor of the Emperor's Palace is a bit dull.

Immediately after entering the palace, the Emperor's maid, who was waiting, welcomed us.

"Welcome baby and Confucius. First Lady of the Emperor's Palace, Audre Noire."

"Good morning, Sister Noshar."

Huhu, the smiling maid bends her knee slightly.

"You're much more lovely than you've ever seen. I was flattered by the brilliant skills you showed in the Virtual War."

'Abu is a familiar man.'

It's a great position.

But I'm never a good person. Audre is an elegant and beautiful middle-aged woman, and she feels strangely bad even though she doesn't have a single look on her face, her eyes, and her opponents.

I didn't have anything wrong with Audrey in my previous life.

But I hid my insides proficiently and said, "Thank you!" and greeted him cheerfully.

Me and John were guided by Audrey to the Emperor's parlour.

When I went inside, I saw the Emperor sitting on a lavish chair with a window full of sunlight.

John greeted them first.

"I put a light on the wilderness."

"May there be light in the wilderness. Meet the little owner of the Empire."

I'm as bad as Audrey!

As I deliberately greeted the little master, the Emperor's eyes were gently bent.

"Welcome, little owners of Dublin Red. I've been waiting for you. Here, let's sit down."

The Emperor put out his hand, and we went straight into position and sat in the position indicated by the Emperor.

'Six teacups?'

We arrived much earlier than tea party time at the Emperor's request. But six teacups. Anybody else coming?

When I was wondering, I heard a knock.

"Good to see you Emperor...... Dubled Confessor."

Marquis Nordelli, who came in laughing, frowned at John, who was similar enough to be called his father's miniature.


Why did he come so early? Marquis Nodeli, as well as Princess Ingrid and Elizabeth.

"Come sit down."

The silverware of the Nordeli family, and John and I looked at each other with trembling eyes.

At least we didn't look offended, but Marquis Nordelli's face was completely distorted.

"If I had known there was a princess and a princess, I would have come in time."

Despite grumbling words, the Emperor remained smiling.

"I called the ball early on purpose. Heard there was a nasty thing going on between Nordeli's infatuation and Dubled's. Your Majesty is very worried."

Elizabeth looked at John and shrugged her shoulders.

You must be ashamed of what happened last time. '

I was not as hard on John as I was before. But I couldn't erase the shy look.

Elizabeth hurried closer than my father and sat next to John. As it was a circular table, it was possible to take a side seat.

"Miss Nordeli is also very cute today. Because the emperor doesn't have a sense of humor, does the Emperor also care about Miss Nordeli?"

"Call me Elizabeth as usual, Empress! You always call me friendly!"

Elizabeth looks at me like she's gross. I shook my head lightly.

'Idiot, the Emperor is blaming you.'

It meant not to be so arrogant as a child.

Elizabeth smiles without knowing anything, but the look on Nordeli's face is not good.

"I know the Dalai Lama is innocent, sister. But isn't Andre a slut, too?"

When Princess Ingrid spoke in a frenzied tone, the Emperor's purchase hardened slightly.

Princess Ingrid has scolded Elizabeth so much, she can't see anyone insulting her child.

'Okay, okay. Play with the Emperor like that.'

I covered my mouth with a teacup about to go up.

"How nice of you to be in the right age. Miss Nordeli and Miss Dubled could be a sticky relationship."

The Emperor wanted to reconcile me and Elizabeth. Don't let me hate Elizabeth, not even those who are involved with her.

'So you want me to choose Prince Andre's escort?'

No wonder, but unlike Elizabeth, who has an unpleasant inner color, I lowered my head.

"I'm ashamed of the Emperor when he was busy with Narathil."

"Oh, my God, Miss Dubled, maybe this is weird. The more you see, the more you like him."

Elizabeth snaps, turns her head and looks at me. I didn't hear any praise from the Emperor.

"I'm going to the bathroom."

When Elizabeth stood up, Marquis Nordeli was also agitated.

"Me too for a moment."

Princess Ingrid, who remained alone, remained moodless the whole time. The look on her face was so bad that Emperor Yvonne could come out.

"Princess, let's talk separately."

"…… Yes."

The Emperor came out and asked John for his understanding and stood up with Princess Ingrid.

'Now, let's find a way to completely destroy Marquis Nordeli.'

"Brother, I want to go to the bathroom."


After leaving the slumber parlour, I pretended to go to the bathroom, where Marquis Nordeli's footsteps sounded.

'Marquis is a fool, so if you just provoke him a little... Ah, it's just right for one. Aren't you going to raise your hand because you're as excited as Duke Valois?'

It was time to turn the corner thinking so.

"Kid, what am I supposed to do when people see you?"

It was the voice of Audrey, the Emperor's maid.

"Who's coming all the way here? Come on, let's smell my girl's flesh."

"You, too."

I opened my mouth when I saw Marquis Nordeli stroke Audrey's waist.

This is how things are going to work out. '