'The cheating kite should be naked and hung on a cliff right now' was my theory, but I decided to hold on for a while.

After a quick step back, I covered my mouth with a sheep fist and smiled.

There is one reason why Nodeli has not been ruined so far, if only by doing business.

'The first diamond mine on the continent to be given as a wedding gift by Princess Ingrid.'

However, if Princess Ingrid were to bring the mines after the divorce, she would have to buy the abandoned mines to secure the water supply and sell them.


I hold my fist tight and shake it.

Princess Ingrid can't stand her husband's pride. It was so sad to live with the wind.

'Thank you, Elizabeth. I wouldn't have had a chance to see this happen if you hadn't been so skinny about my work that the Emperor wouldn't have been so worried.'

Thank you, thank you again!

* * *

I organized my thoughts while I was returning to the Emperor's parlour.

'How can I burst this?'

As much as possible, Princess Ingrid and Emperor Hu should burst into fury. That, too, must be done at the earliest opportunity.

If Marquis Nordeli secures the water supply first, what he has prepared will be a great deal of work.

When I returned to the parlour with a contemplative face, it was shortly after some guests arrived.

"Hello, baby."

"Dear Dublin, good to see you."

People who have cooked their faces at parties like this. I greeted him politely and went to John's side.

"The Emperor and the Princess are here?"


After a short talk, the Emperor was greeting the nobles in the parlour and in the transparent door that led to him.

Soon the servants pushed the tray in. The garden was quickly crowded, and the Emperor kept me by his side the whole time.

'The cheater is late for cheating.'

I looked around the interior while the car was being reset. But it's weird.

'Why is Elizabeth so late?'

It took a long time for the Emperor to feel angry that he praised me a little while ago.

"Have a seat."

When the Emperor spoke in the voice of the Son of Man, the people who had gathered in the garden and talked to him were gathered at a large circular table.

Even though it was much smaller than a regular tea party, guests were a powerhouse brushes that the Emperor could not see anywhere. The Emperor's neighbourhood is not well represented at my party or the godmother's party.

In between, the Emperor sits next to me.

"I prepared a car for my dear acquaintances. I'd be happy if it fits your child's taste."

When the Emperor raised his hand lightly, his servants moved the teacup with a polite attitude.

'There's no teapot.'

In general, tea is worrying about teapots, so each of them is divided into tea cups. But this time, there was a tea in the teacup.

The nobleman smiled and said,

"Pretty, isn't it?"

I looked inside the teacup and panicked for a moment. Unlike a normal car, it dried the flowers all over and we were tea. A flower blooms in a clear yellow tea like barley.

'It looks like seaweed....'

It seemed a little weird to me, but I smiled a lot when I was the nastiest kid in the world.

"There's spring in the teacup!"

In my words, people burst into laughter as if they were cute.

"Have you ever had one? The Empress gave it to me a lot."

Elizabeth, who came back to the garden one day, said with pride. A nobleman added a light explanation to his words.

"The tea the Emperor gives to Guibin."

The Emperor nods.

"There is no such thing as a nobleman. Take care of one cup of tea, one leaf of tea and get ready. Taste it."

I was wrapping my hand around my knee and I said, "Yes." It was Channa, "he answered. A butterfly flew in somewhere.

Hovering over the Emperor's teacup, she screams. It was famous that Emperor Yvonne hated butterflies. Not a single fragrant flower in this sumptuous garden.

Everyone who attended the party looked at the frightened Empress with a worried face.

"Are you okay?"

"…… yes. You're making a fuss. Dublin Red, don't mind your tea."

"Yes, Empress."

I stayed in the car.

I, a child in my head, was silent to put a lot of milk and cream in my head right now, but I smiled widely. Clap your hands and say it's delicious! I didn't forget to be happy.

"I love the smell. It's a really nice car."

The Emperor nods with a pleasant nod.

But it was then.

* * *


LeBlaine, who blinks, grabs her forehead and narrows her glans.



John and the Emperor seemed to call out what was going on, but the child only bowed his head and had no answer.

"I'm dizzy… why……."

LeBlaine, muttering, fell from the chair.



The nobles who saw the fallen child screamed.


"The poison in the car...!!"

John ran and hugged LeBlaine.

"I need a doctor right now!"

In the voice of John, the servants began to run out.

The garden quickly became an ashura, and even the Emperor was tired and did not know what to do.

Duke Dubled's family arrived at the Imperial Palace. Even the Emperor bites the officials and finds LeBlaine in the care of a court doctor.

Court wizards and investigators repeatedly investigate by turning the Emperor's Garden into a muddy field.

"Poison is right."

In the words of the wizard, Yvonne screams as if the Emperor is seizing.

"Poison, that's ridiculous! How can you poison the Imperial Palace! If someone had poisoned me in a year, I'd have a field test."

"It's not a common poison. The Imperial Palace import could not be inspected. Because it works only after you put it in the human body, like a curse."

"Like that....."

After LeBlaine's syphilis turned out to be true, the Imperial Palace was closed. Guests invited to the party were detained in their individual rooms, and the Emperor also tied his feet to the palace.

Empress Yvonne bites her nails in a restless tone.

"What the hell is going on?"

The maids who saw the Empress screaming nervously nodded in a troubled hue.

'There were no guests who touched the cup of spiritual love. Now that we've all seen it, we can't afford a poisoner.'

This meant I poisoned it before the car came out.

'People will think I ordered the intoxication.'

I don't even know why. LeBlaine chose Adrian.

I'm afraid Prince Adrian and Dubled will settle down, so I'm going to think they've broken through LeBlaine, which will be a passage between the two.

'Diarrhoea, even if it is not, will not avoid responsibility for neglect of care.'

"If you do that too, now....."

I can't believe this is happening right now with the new Emperor Takeover story.

"Tuesday, Empress……."

Audrey, the maid who managed the tea that LeBlaine drank today, approached with a blue face. The Emperor's eyes became scary.


Audrey's head returned with a sharp friction sound.

"What the hell did you do? What did you do to get poison into the car?"

The Maid of Honor rushed to meet the Emperor.

"Calm down. This won't solve what's already happened. You should promote the future."

The old maid glances at Audre, who is shaking with delicate eyes.

Audre was flawed.

'What, that look.'

Anxiety came up smouldering on my ankle.

The Emperor, who was breathing for a while, sits in a furry seat, and the maid gently grabs Audre's shoulder with a strange smile.

"Get out."


"Don't worry about this, I'm going out and waiting for you. I'll call you separately."

As if expelled by the maid Theresa, Audre leans against the wall and trembles less.

'I'm trying to use it as an excuse to abandon me.'

The place where Odre, who was whitewashed, was headed was the individual room where Marquis Nordeli was detained.


"What, what's wrong with your face...."

"How do you do that? The Emperor will cover this for me."

"What……. That can't be right. Aren't you the Emperor's faithful Hand?"

"Does Emperor Yvonne look like a great man to pick that?"

"That's ridiculous. Why would you poison an orphan girl in Dublin?"

"If you put it on, it'll make any sense. Maybe I tried to kill the Dubled Immortal who chose Prince Adrian with a false allegiance. What do you do, I...! This is all because of you!"

"Because of me."

"Even if you didn't drag me to prepare the car, no, I don't want you to do your daughter's favor...!"

"My daughter's favor?"

"Elizabeth asked me for the Dublin Cup of Honor! The car is ready for me. I never put anything like poison in it. Who would? It's your daughter!"

As Audrey screams, Marquis Nodeli is away from her.

"No way. There's no way my nine-year-old daughter would do such a cruel thing...!"

He stopped shouting.

[This? Weiss gave it to me. This will make all the people Elizabeth hates disappear.]

Before I left the mansion, I remembered my daughter smiling brightly with a small medicinal bottle.

"Elizabeth... No, that's ridiculous....."

"Does your daughter take precedence over me?"

Audre bites her lips and looks at Marquis Nordeli grumpy.

"I didn't love you. You should have forgotten when you abandoned me and said you'd marry the princess. To you, I was just a petty creature to heat the bed, wasn't I?"

"Oh, Audrey!"

Marquis Nordelli held her in his arms.

"That can't be right. You're the only one I love."

"How do I....."

The marquis sighs as he looks at Audrey floating in poverty.

'Elizabeth is Ingrid's daughter. The fact that he was poisoned doesn't mean his life is at stake.'

The Emperor and Ingrid will not stand still.

"I'll fix it. Trust me."

"Philip……. I love you."


Marquis Nordeli's eyes became sharper as he stroked Audrey's back.

* * *

"Kill me, Your Majesty!"

Marquis Nordelli bowed before the Emperor. The emperor sighs with a choppy face.

"So Elizabeth put poison in it."

"I will bear the guilt of wrongly raising my daughter."

"What a terrible thing to do!"

Elizabeth shrieks like a panic.

"No! No! I, I've never done that! Really!"

"If you search her body, you'll find that she has a medicinal bottle."


Princess Ingrid screams.

"Are you crazy? Do you know what you're doing to your daughter?!"

"Even now, it's right to have them punished. That way Elizabeth will be a better adult."


Princess Ingrid lowers Marquis Nodeli's cheek.


The Emperor shouted, but Ingrid's eyes widened.

"What the hell are you doing, you."

"Mother, Father! I really don't. I was going to put the medicine that Weiss gave me in his cup, but I didn't have time..... so Audre came back sooner than I thought!"

Elizabeth burst into tears with her fist-yellow face, and the Emperor ordered it without hesitation.

"Send Elizabeth Nodeli to Oxa underground."

"No! I've never done that! Your Majesty, Your Majesty!"


The Imperial Palace was full of chaos. The Emperor, who grabbed his back neck, groaned. There was no day for headaches.

At that time, the Imperial Ward.

The Chairman stares at Zigsy LeBlaine, who closes his eyes like dead.

"What the hell is your baby....."


"All the masters and magistrates have gone to see His Majesty, so stop pretending to be fallen!"

LeBlaine blinks. He shook his body in a single breath, looked around and killed his voice.

"What do you do when you say that out loud? What if someone hears you?"

"Who can imagine? The baby will be poisoned!"