I opened the base of Burr with groaning.

The thought of a drunkard was when the tea the Emperor gave me came out of the glass individually.

"The Emperor picked out a cup of tea for one of his guests, so it's easy to do it by hand."

"I'm sure."

I thought one of them would do the trick.

"Elizabeth is the most likely. It's weird that you've been away too long, right?"

"That's right, but isn't it hard to be sure you've prepared the poison?"

"I don't need to be sure. If you have a little anxiety, you need to be prepared."

The social world I went through was a den of beasts. If you break the boundary, it's this way. In the social world, the person who gets hurt is bad.

'So if you have a small number, you shouldn't spill it.'

"None of the people at the Emperor's Tea Party are worthy of grudge against me, are they Elizabeth or Marquis Nordeli? Even if one of the three is the culprit, it's in my best interest."

"If the Emperor had been the culprit, Duke Marche would have had to give up the Valois to help the Emperor, and if Marquis Nordeli or Elizabeth were the culprit, it would have been a setback in securing the water supply."

It was really helpful that Trigon, the chief court wizard, was on my side.

As the manager of the shield, I was able to teach you not to get caught in the shield even if I used holy power in the Imperial Palace.

I used my divine power to 'mark' my teacup in case the party became an ashtray or a teacup would mix.

To do so, I had to avoid the eyes of others, so I turned my gaze to the butterfly in the Emperor's Garden.

'And I bet he's got a poison he doesn't have called an investigator!'

It was not difficult to identify Elizabeth's medication. If it wasn't poisoned by the Imperial Palace import inspection, it was the only mediator of the curse.

I laughed and jumped out of bed. The Chairman sighed.

"My heart is pounding every time the sun goes down after I hold hands with my baby. Do you know?"

"Every time the sun goes down, it's rising. By the way, what about Elizabeth?"

"Marquis Nordelli's accusations have led to his imprisonment in Oxa. Princess Ingrid was furious."

When I heard him, my eyes flashed.

'The one who wants to be the most culprit has won.'

The Chairman narrowed his glans as if he did not know how to do it.

"Marquis Nordeli has accused my daughter of something..."

"Audrey took care of the car."


"The Emperor's maid. I'm having an affair with Marquis Nordeli."

The Chairman frowned.

"You sacrificed my daughter for an inner woman? Did you see such a crazy writer...!"

I pointed my finger at the chairman with my index finger.

"That's it!"


"Princess Ingrid will never forgive you, will she?"

"Certainly.... Are you after this?"

No matter how stupid Marquis Nodeli was, he was a member of the noble family.

I would not have accused my child of being blinded by love and turned my family into a field.

Maybe Elizabeth knew she had the poison. When the search begins, it will be difficult for each other, so it is possible that she will be able to get a hold of the inner woman and play first.

"But people will all speak like chairmen."

"It's crazy for an inner woman to sell her children."


I sat in bed again and shook my Dongdong leg.

"The social world is a place where mistresses diplomacy is easy to say."


"And it's the mistresses who hate to sell their children for affairs. Who will defend the Nordeli family?"

"Moreover, since the infants turned the teacup upside down at the baby's party, Marquis Nordeli grabbed the nobles like this...."

We look at each other and slacken our mouths.

"All we have to do now is look at how Nordeli is going to die."

"The question is, how does his affair end?"

"So I said....."

I lowered my voice and whispered and the Chairman nodded.

* * *

"You too."

Audre hugs Marquis Nordeli and kisses his cheeks everywhere.

"But what if the Emperor turns around and comes out?"

"What am I going to do? It's true that Elizabeth had poison in her hand. Goddamn Weiss, I left it alive because I had a good head, and you dared to poison my daughter?"

"What is he going to do?"

"I sent soldiers to his residence to twist his neck, and they've already fled."

When Marquis Nordeli grumbled, Audrey said, "Hmm..." Moaning, he nodded.

"The news is fast. The case of drunkenness was as soon as the infant fell, but how did the Emperor tell me... Is there anyone in the Imperial Palace?"

"I see....."

Audre whispered, holding Marquis Nordeli's arm.

"If you're that fast, you know there's a string around here. It's too bad to throw it away now."

"But because of him....."

"So we can't throw it away anymore. Shouldn't you be holding it in your hand, twisting your neck later or cutting off your limbs? Of course, after using enough."

Marquis Nordeli smiles and pinches Audrey's cheek lightly.

"You cutie. It's so wise that I can't get my hair out because I'm into it."

"Just a word?"

"No way. I want to divorce my wife right away. I wish it wasn't just his diamond mine...."

That's when I heard someone's footsteps from afar.

Audre is far from him and reveals the presence of Marquis Nordeli's deputy.

The deputy looked at Marquis and Audrey's shattered clothes and bowed his head as if he was familiar with them.

"The nobles gathered yesterday."

"Is it about Elizabeth?"


Tsk, Marquis Nodeli with his tongue taps Audrey's waist and moves her steps.


The emperor closes his eyes with one hand holding his head together.

Marquis Nordeli said, "Hmm, excuse me.

"Elizabeth doesn't know. She's only nine years old. It's just, you know, I was just trying to make a joke out of it."

"Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?"

Ishaq, who was with Duke Dubled, frowned and hit the ground. Henri stood in his way with one arm and said,

"My brother is wandering about because of the playfulness of Nordeli's love. But how the hell did she poison my brother?"


"How can you be so sure that she poisoned herself? Maybe the Marquis, the Princess, or the Emperor helped?"

Marquis Nordeli was flawed.

'That cunning...!'

If you don't abandon Elizabeth, one will bite and stretch.

There was no way to miss Dubled's younger niche than a snake.

'If you do this, you might even get involved with me.'

"So what do we do? The National Act states that the offence of a minor under the age of 12 is not punishable."

"However, if the Emperor and the New Kingdom have been violated, they shall be extradited."

Henri folds his eyes and adds:

"It is also stated in the imperial law."


"You have brought the medicine delivered to the Imperial Palace, treason. It was against the Pope's will to poison my brother, the child of destiny. Elizabeth Nodeli can't avoid the drama."

The Emperor, who was anxious and watching the situation, said, "Look, Duke Dubled!" The eldest son, John, "he cried.

"Should we step out of the temple?"

"You're blackmailing the old man!"

"The oath that His Majesty entered the Emperor when he adopted LeBlaine is clear, isn't it? When LeBlaine is in trouble, Dubled receives the Temple's 'help'. The horse."

She had nothing to say, as the Emperor insisted.

Henri Dubled said:

"Our terms are three. Firstly, the investigation of both the organizers of the party and those invited. If necessary, proceed to a restraining investigation. Secondly, let your doctor see your brother."

"What about the third?"

"When you are certain of Elizabeth Nodeli's sole offense, please allow me to battle under the flag of the family, according to the precedent of Earl Ezla and Marquis Schuheil, which happened in 31 years."


Yesterday was frozen.

After Earl Shuhail died by the sword of Earl Esla, his son went up and fought with Earl Esla.

Each of the five Gazan bloodlines fought under the Emperor's feet, and the throat of the defeated Earl Ezla was cut off.

'Don't be ridiculous!'

Over there, the Duke of Dublin, the three princesses, and all five of the bloody tribes came to Javelin Arige.

"Your Majesty!"

If you fight, you will not escape death.

The emperor looks at Duke Dubled with an unhappy expression.

"Should we do this?"

"I was asked not to drive me to the palace the other day. Today I stepped on the line. Please spare Huang Eun from moving on."

Duke Dubled's eyes sparkled blue.

"If I cross the line, I'm not sure where I'm going."

"The brat. '

The emperor shook his tongue without a sound. However, the daughter who is so obsessed is drunken in the Imperial Palace, so even if her eyes are turned over, there is nothing to say.

'Even if it were a child of destiny, this excuse would invade the Emperor in the temple....'

The emperor reluctantly nods.

Marquis Nordelli's face is dull.

The nobles who gathered yesterday exchanged their gaze.

'When this happens, there is only one way for Marquis Nordeli.'

'I will somehow intertwine this with the Emperor.'

'That way, Duke Marche will step up and try to clear things up. As Dubled, if the Imperial Court and the Duke of Marche cooperate, they will be forced to retreat.'

'But the Emperor would be more than happy to have Emperor Yvonne tied together. Now that the Emperor's reign is flooding the emperor's throne, if the emperor's authority falls to the ground, it can reverse the atmosphere of the inner palace in that gap.'

Where to stick.

The nobles quickly noticed.

That time, the Emperor's Palace.

Wajang-chang! The item on the table rolls out on the floor with a sound.

"Calm down, Empress."

"You look calm?! What are you doing at this time?"


The Emperor looks at Terasa, the maid who narrows her glans without saying anything.

"Why didn't you say anything? What are you doing?"



"You're meeting with Marquis Nordeli."

"What? Who made this a mess? Why!"

The Empress bites her lips tightly.

I knew that my father secretly tied up with Marquis Nordeli. But I can't believe you're meeting him until he reveals his claws to you in Nordely. Why?

"If you don't have any weaknesses, why....."

It was then.

A young maid came into the bedroom as a bell step.