I deliberately ran to my father, pretending to be very pleased. He hangs his chin on his desk, stretches out his arms and shakes his collar.

"I missed you so much, so much."

A dry, stareless gaze looked at me with a smile. I was flattered by the cold gaze of the morning.

'Chaa, I have lost my temper....'

I tried to calm down and smiled brightly at my father.

'Don't get caught. I can't lose my family.'

"I'm hungry. Lord Mayzu had to eat the recovery ceremony, so I only ate oatmeal every day. It's not sweet, it doesn't squeeze, it doesn't taste good."

"Long distance travellers."


"About youth."


I grabbed the heel of a flawless dress with a long-distance mover and a horse that opened my eyes.

Long-distance travellers know that I developed it with Veronica's help, but it's not a drug of youth.

The development and distribution of drugs of youth had nothing to do with 'Dubled Youth'.

"Top of the Hope."

Gear even came up with a name he didn't want to hear most from his father. As I shook my head with the waves, I fell down with a sharp-edged gaze.

"When should you tell me all the stories?"

"Uh, how……."

"I hope your answer is not just a question of reason when I get out of my mouth first."


My father's gaze was very clear and straightforward.

"I, I mean, I..."

"I hope it's not an excuse either."

I closed my eyes tight.

I knew it. It was almost impossible to cheat the Dublin Duke perfectly every time I had a Fiberin workshop in the midst of some obscene politicians.

'But I wanted to be a little younger in front of my dad.'

It is not difficult to admit that you have been drugged. The problem was afterwards. If you ask me why my father cheated, I have nothing to say.

Even though I know that Marquis Nordeli was the one who assaulted my father, I can't say that I need to find the source of water that Marquis Nordeli is going to have.

It is no different from stating that I have returned three times. I must say that I am not a child of real destiny.

"Families will be disappointed. '

Maybe it's creepy.

You're gonna be scared.

Maybe you don't think of me as a family anymore.

I fooled my family who truly loved me for five years. Pretending to be a normal child, the sheep knew nothing, and so they conspired to do a lot of things.

Of course, it was all for Dubled, but that alone would not be easily forgiven for deceiving the family for five years.

What would everyone think if they found out that the adopted child was not in fact a child, and that Dubled's goal was to survive parasitically?

'I can't forgive you either.'

Even if one family forgives me in a year, our relationship will change.

It may not be possible to maintain a peaceful and short-lived family as before.

'If I lose my family again.....'

[I'm disappointed in you, LeBlaine. I regret the last decade when I saw you as a child.]

[I really thought you were family. We were sisters. We believed we could count on each other..... Please stop going, LeBlaine. I don't want to see you right now.]

In my first life, I recalled the story I heard from Duke Amitier and Mina.

At that time, he was unfairly turned into a poison killer, but this time there is nothing unfair. You were right to deceive your family with intent.

[How foolish I was desperate to survive. You really are a creepy kid, Lev.]

When I revealed my identity to the only friend I could call my last life, it also passed through my head.

My father leans deeply on his backrest and slowly twists his legs.



"LeBlaine Dubled."

"…… I am. I was wrong."


I rubbed my hands with a hump. desperate, desperate again.

"I was wrong, Duke. I'm sorry. I was wrong. Don't hate me."

When he saw me kneeling and crying, he raised his body.

"I wasn't trying to hurt Dublin Red. I just, I just, I wanted to live. I didn't want to be a sacrifice again. I was wrong. I was wrong."

My eyes are all blurry thanks to the tears that sprinkle all over my face. But I didn't take my eyes off my father who was walking to me.

"Forgive me. Don't throw it away……!"

"…… Blaine."

"I was wrong. I'll do better. You can do well. So, so....."


I only got sober when I heard a scream that looked like a rage. The eyes close tightly, and the eyes clear as the tears of old fall.

My dad was frowning. It hurts a lot.

"Don't make me sad anymore."

When my desperately rubbing hands came down, my father hugged me.

The warmth of my beloved touched my less trembling body. I cried aloud, holding my father's waist tight.

I never want to lose this warmth.

I can die a few more times.

It's okay if the flesh is bashful, and the soul is torn from sin.

'Keep me in the LeBlaine Reset Dubleed.'

* * *

Henri turns to Ishak, who is making an impression by sticking his ear to the wall.

"Stop squatting."

"Why don't you say anything? Didn't he ring again?"

John grabbed Ishaq's back and threw him into the chair.

The three brothers were eavesdropping on LeBlaine and Theodore at the beginning of the conversation.

I've been noticing from the beginning that LeBlaine's syphilis isn't right in front and back. Moreover, John, who was there with him, was convinced that the butterflies that appeared well in time were actually made by LeBlaine with divine power.

Above all, I never visited my youngest daughter while she was hospitalized by a weak father.

I must have had a hard time doing it, too.

With LeBlaine back today, it wasn't hard to guess that the two of you were going to have a conversation.

That's why the three of them were standing next to Theodore's office.

"So what. Why did the kid have to eat poison? What else did you do wrong?"

When Ishaque asks impatiently, Henri kicks his ledge with an impression.

"Ugh! What, why?"

"Stupid guy."

I don't know if it's Blunt Ishaq, but Henri and John were noticing.

We know that LeBlaine is hiding something huge that he doesn't know about.

So no matter what I say, I am not surprised....

[I die three times, I live my fourth life. I'm a fake whose temple was misrepresented, and after the child of real destiny comes, it's offered as an offering.]


Henri's eyes widened. John also hardened and looked toward the office.

Henri, holding his forehead, was rarely confused with all his insides.

"No way. '

It can't be.

It was not possible.

There can be no time related magic.

John also held the armrest of the couch firmly with his embarrassed face.

Are you making fun of your family? In fact, I'm not sure I can tell the truth because I've been in a relationship with the temple.

It was the time when the arrogant thought wandered through my head.


Ishak nods with a fine face.

"That's why you're so mature."


"When I was a kid. She's a four-year-old baby, and she said something grown-up. …… I also eat carrots well."

Ishaq clasped his arms and said, "That's what I did." Henri nodded and frowned.

"You believe that? Stupid as well...."

"That's what the kid says."


"Brothers, are you stupid? He's our brother, so even if he's lying, he'll believe it."

Henri and John look at Ishak with their eyes slightly open.

Within hours, John burst into laughter, and Henri Cooke smiled and twisted his head.

"And what if I get hit in the back?"

"You're making a terrible fuss."

"You will scold Puck or LeBlaine."

It was then. The story began again in Theodore's office.

My father thought he had no resemblance to Ishaq, but at a crucial moment, what he saw to his loved one looked exactly like Ishaq.


The asking voice was very calm.

[I tried because I didn't want to be a sacrifice, but I was always dead. Even when I live as Duke Amitier's love, even when I live as Duke Valois's love..... He died as a sacrifice when he was the Duke of Amitier, but when he was the Duke of Valois, he died as a sacrifice. [I guess here]



[What do you mean, he's dead?]

[Duke Valois abused me.... Ah, it's okay. I also thank you for mistreating Duke Valois in this life.]

When LeBlaine speaks in a sneaky voice, Theodore's office is silent for a while.

John asked.

"Where was William Valois' body buried?"

"The limbs were torn and caught in the gates, so it must have been powder in the first place."

John's fist was full of power.

Henri glances at the side.

Ishaq, who thought he was going to run the road, was calm. Rather, he held his chin and narrowed it to the glans.

"What, why?"

When Henri asked, Ishak asked with a serious face.

"..... because I've lived three times, is this kid a sister to me?"


Ishaq asked in a gloomy voice.

"So now you have to call me sister, not a kid?"

Henri looks at Ishaque with his eyes like a road worm.