Shaman hair like a black dagger, neat eyes.

Flexible purchase for stubborn but weak.

Hands messed up with hardened flesh and wounds because they didn't do bad things.

Duke Amitier was no different from what he looked like in his memory.

'Why is this man here....'

I knew I was going to face it all the time, but I didn't think I'd be so embarrassed when I finally did.

When I couldn't move, I looked down and he bent one knee and looked at me.

"Are you hurt a lot?"


"Let's see."

A large hand approached me with its cheeks, and I blindfolded.

"Don't touch my daughter's body."

I heard a familiar voice behind my back. Well, when I turned my head, my dad, who came to the shop one day, hugged me.


"You never would have given me a name, Amitier."

The eyes of the two dukes who placed me between them struck in the air.

"You still have no manners."

"You're still hung up on useless things."

He and his father have been theatrical since birth.

The Duke of Amitière was the most honorable of the founding emperor's families. For generations, he was called the Emperor's Shield and was a hero who defended the Empire.

The Duke of Dublin, on the other hand, bought the title with money, but it was a case of impunity. In the earliest days of the Empire, when the situation of the country was difficult, the ancestors who were in the loop payment business and mercenary business gave money to the Imperial Court and received titles. Even now, the nobles still run a business that they think is wrong.

For that reason, two people differed greatly in their birth, but their personality was completely the opposite.

If Duke Amitier was a man of good will and justice, his father was a specimen of individualism and selfishness.

After all, you have no choice but to become an enemy.

'I actually feel like an enemy.'

"What's going on at the store? There's no way you're going to participate in a charity event today."

"I was obliged to report my schedule to you."

"I still have a knack for not wanting to mix words."

"It seems that you still have the talent to offend people, even if you are unfamiliar."

The skin was itchy because of a blatant enemy.

I jumped down from my father's arms, grabbed my trousers and shook them.

"Let's go. Okay?"


My father frowned for a moment, but moved on without mixing any more words with Duke Amitier.

'I thought we were fighting in the streets.'

I was worried about that, so the frustration that I met Duke Amitier went away.

I grabbed my father's hand and walked with chewing gum.

"What brings you here?"

When I looked around, my father lowered his voice and said,

"That guy..... said Duke Amitier came up to the Island.I heard there's a charity event at the shop."

Duke Amitier doesn't have to attend State meetings, but he doesn't always fall for public events.

I smiled and shook my hand without holding my father.

'You were afraid to face it.'

"I was a little surprised, but it's okay."

"You've never met her in your second and third life?"

"Yes. In my first life, because of me... Oh, I had to be educated at the diocese. That's why you were in the Islands. You're not really up to the Islands."

Unlike his father, the Duke of Amitière does not have to come to the Islands to stay out of power.

The first reason is that the Emperor is pregnancizing him like a relative.

The emperor couldn't summon him, so he was desperate to entrust him with a reprimand when he came up to the system.

The second reason is anxiety.

He said, 'The power of nobility comes from the people. He was the one who proved the proverb.

If anything happens to Duke Amitier, he is agitated, and the nobles have a hard time waiting for him. Rather, there were countless aristocrats who wanted to use the Duke of Amitier for their own sake.

'Duke Amitier is a hero of the people....'

It was then.


After Wen, a middle-aged woman came running. It was Ferma, the only maid in the Duke of Amitier.

She lowered her head to her father and handed me a medicine cart.

"Duke Amitier looked around and told me he was sorry he couldn't walk."

Vincent Amity was a man like this.

He did not hate even the children of the hater because he tied them up, but he was younger than anyone else.

A man who believes and does good.

It was my only pride and admiration for all my life.

My first father, who I wanted to hate, but couldn't even hate because I loved him with all my heart.

I reached out to receive the medicine from Ferma.

"I said thank you."

"I'll take care of my son, so tell him not to play dumb."

Leah rushes and pulls out the ointment as she glances at me in the back.

Ferma said with an awkward expression.

"It's a secret ointment passed on to the Duke of Amity for generations to come. It's my master's favour. Please."

"There are a lot of good drugs in Dublin."

Leah's face frowns. The gaze of the two men was eagle, and I swung my hand.

"You can apply them both!"

Ferma's face brightens when I receive the medicine of Duke Amitier.

"I'll apply Dubled's medicine today."

Leah smiled brightly this time.

I put two pills in my pocket and pulled Leah's sleeve.

"Let's go!"

Leah, who had been fighting with Ferma for a long time, said, "Yes, baby." I replied and retreated.

'I have to make sure the Dublins and the Amitiers don't run into each other.'

If I'm wrong, I'll go to war.

I decided so and sighed.

* * *

My father took me near the Hope Merchant Guild and left with Leah and the Dubled. I was considerate to make my work easy.

'It's easy to share a secret.'

I went into the office of the Hope Merchant Guild through a secret passage made nearby with a single bunk smile.

"You're here."

"Seria! You're here!"

"I've been away for a long time. So far, nothing."

"It was a lot..... huh?"

I look at the people who are making awkward faces behind Seria.

"Do you...?"

"That's right, my brothers. I'm an extraordinarily smart kid, so I'm going to help you with your merchandise. Say hello to Hans, Duke, Seto."

Hans, Duke, Seto.

One, two, three?

When I looked at her with a zinc look, Seria smiled brightly.

The Merchant Guild was built to find the Hope House children, so I built it as a Hoff Merchant Guild, but I really feel the name of Seria....

It was the baby's Merchant Guild, so I should have known it from the time I asked to go to Aki Merchant Guild.

"But, Seria, why don't you live with the kids?"

Seria laughed bitterly.

"I don't have many brothers left, and I need a lot of money to raise my brothers. I'd be happy to let you keep working here."

'It's me!'

Actually, I was wondering if Seria would leave.

I nodded and stretched out my hand.

"Good luck."

"Me, me, us...!"

Hans, Duke and Seto, the three oldest siblings, didn't know what to do.

"You don't have to be so nervous."

"Ha, but you are the baby, and you are a noble, and you saved us, and...!"

Me and Seria laughed at Hans, who was buzzing with the waddles.

"Seria, bring me some snacks for the kids."

"Yes, just a moment. Can't you make a mistake with the baby?"

After Seria left, I told Hans.

"You heard the caution, right? I'm a child of Seria, so I can't tell anyone who I am."

"Falcon, I swear!"

Hans lifts his collar. There was an 'oath seal' that only the one who signed the Horse Tool that Henri brought.

I solidified one at a time and asked.

"Did the Chairman give you that?"

"Oh, no. We said we would."

"I don't know what it is, it's....."

"I know. If you tell me who you are, I'll die."

"But why did you carve that? Seria did something dangerous to save you!"

When I said it out loud, Hans squeezed his pants.

"Because it was gracious. She saved my brothers. So, brother, I have to repay you."

"Who doesn't belong to the sisters of Seria...."

It was when I sighed.


Turning his head to a place with a sharp rupture, Duke and Seto saw the bird. Hans raises his body.

"These guys! I told you not to crash!"

"I didn't hit..... I just saw it and it moved....."

Seto, the youngest of the three, wept. Hans and Duke started collecting glass with their bare hands.

"Stop, stop!"

I shouted quickly and raised the children.

"Don't do it because you're hurt. This is because I called someone.... Huh?"

This was a stone brought by the miner when he recognized the hidden wasteland.

'I dug up all the Magic Stones in the Magic Line Mine and buried only the crumbs....'

It was pretty, but it was just rubbish. However, the miner asked for a laugh because he was mining this and selling it as a souvenir to ordinary people.

"This has moved?"

When I asked, Seto nodded, and Duke, who was with the child, quickly defended him.

"I mean it. I just saw it and it moved!"

At that moment, a legend came to mind, in which the water source was recorded.

The good spirit who loves the pure spirit blesses the younger warrior, and the warrior subdues the beast that is in the fountain and finds the water source.]

Bless the younger warrior.

.... Blessing only the younger!

'That's why I reacted to the children! Wait, so why didn't you react to me?'

I'm nine, too.

I thought of the phrase 'A good spirit who loves pure souls' and turned into a face chewed with dirt and stared at a stone.

"Am I not a pure spirit? Yi....."

At the age of the soul, I would not be young.

It was then.


Seria and Chairman jumped into the room.

"What's going on?"

"There was a cross in the farmlands of the province of Enos. Prelude to the Great Drought!"

"Already? No way....."

We still have a few months to start a major drought.

When I made the impression, the Chairman said:

"Because of Marquis Nordelli. Marche doesn't know what to say from Marquis Nordeli's mouth, so we should keep holding them. We're sharing what's creating disasters, and we can't let Marshall Nordeli go."

"Yes. Nodeli will be desperate to take away the Diamond Mine and get the money out of it, so she will be forced to open her eyes to the water supply business. I can't let go of Marche's hand. It's despicable....."

"What should I do? If Nodeli doesn't let Marche go, our plan is to get Marche's information out of him...!"

I turned my nose fart and raised my body.

"It's okay. We're blessed. To be precise……."


I stroked Seto's cheek and said.

"To our pretty one."


Seria and Chairman stared at each other with a puzzled expression and I banged Seto's back.

"Oh, my baby. Now let's go find Suwon with my sister!?"

A reddish-faced ceto wraps his cheeks around his hands and nods.

"Yes.... Sister...."