The little warrior was brave.

"I'll protect you!"

"Seto, cool!"

"If Nimp shows up, he'll open his arms and stop him."

"Seto, it's the best!"

"You have to trust me!"

"Seto, you're dazzling!"

I walked behind Seto, who was walking in the Great Hall. I don't know. I put a starter on the back of my hand, and every step I take, I look around the shack, the shack, and the surroundings.

"You don't have to look at it like that."

Zakari said with a smile, but I didn't slow down like a furry cat.

'My life, very precious.'

I can regress even if I die, but then I have to reshape my relationship with the Dublin family.

Next time, it will be hard to get close to family naturally, as if they knew nothing. I couldn't bear it if I didn't have the same relationship in a year.

'I'm afraid that's the worst.'

So regression is the last way. First of all, I desperately had to save my life.

My brothers laughed bluntly when they saw me walking cautiously, one step like a coward who would never be in the world again.

"Okay, okay."

"LeBlaine, never leave Seto."

I wish it were like another time. 'Too close! "Hey," how dare you push your back on a kid? I'll put you in a queue.' Henri and Ishaq were very pleased.

Zakari whispered as I tilted my head.



"A shield, or a shield. I don't see him as a human being. Even if you look at Amman, you are still married...."

It was then.


I heard a tearing scream and countless nimps of sharp teeth rushed.

Zakari, who was behind me, leaps into the air and presses Nimp to the end of the spear sack.

Zakari's fitness for spearheading was due to the stresses of wielding a two-handed spear with one hand. Normally, he is stabbed in the sack and pushed by the power of the moment he is overcome.

However, the sack of spear is slightly bent as Nimf mutters several times. Nimp, who used that gap to build up a little bit, said, "Kiek!!" Bite the spear with the sound of it, and it melts.

"The one who drains the mountains!"

Zakari retreated, shouting to the wolves.

I was about to create a magical shield. Seto ran forward.


I grabbed the kid's waist.

"It's okay. I can't attack."

"Idiot! Even though you were in front of us, you ran towards us. I can't recognize you unless I get close. If you have medium or long range skills like the one that drains that mountain, it's likely to hurt you!"


I quickly dragged Seto. Fortunately, after being attacked by Zakari, he did not move properly, and he did not let out the mountain until Seto was close.

"Yikes…… Yikes……."

'It's a little mild. I recognized Seto.'

That means we have to get at least three or four meters closer.

'More and more, it's Tae San.'

Nimf is holding his breath until Seto retreats. But when the child hid among them, his eyes turned again.

Nimp, who was sitting on the ground with one hand, lowered his body.


With a sound, something like a chain pops out from behind your back and quickly binds the nimp.

Red chain and blue chain.

It was produced from the back of Henri and Ishaq's hand.

The chain overwhelms the entire body from Nimp's feet to the tip of his head. Nimp twitches and nods, even if he doesn't open his mouth properly.

"Shh, take it easy."

"You want me to stay calm? You have to tear it off first."

Henri and Ishaq used to speak in turn, reaching out to Tubbuck, Tubbuck and Nimp.

Ishak frowns after grasping Nimp's twitchy hair.

"Kill it. It's annoying to drag it away."

Henri shakes his head at Ishaq's words and hits Nimp's forehead with his index finger. Henri's seal was engraved on his forehead, and Nimph's eyes were blurred.

When Henri and Ishak took the chain, Nimph with a silk jacquard in his eyes said, "Kiehaw… Kiehaw…!!!" I was in pain.

"You can understand even if you can't speak human language. Nod if you're right."

Nimp shook violently with a blue cord around his neck. Like you don't want to answer.

Nimph struggles painfully with tears, but soon nods.

"Are you a guard?"

Nimp nods.

"How many more in the future? Ten? Twenty?"

"Kiyap... Kiyap!!"



"Does having a guard mean you're guarding something? Water source?"


"Are there weak individuals among the species?"

Geary Nimp's white-magnet seal cord bursts and tears mix with blood. He howls. Nimph nods very slowly, as he cries desperately when his opponent is in pain.

"Weak object……. You must be a bastard."

Henri, who caused the body to mutter as Ishaq muttered, commanded these creatures.

"Bring the captured bastards out of the mine. Place in front of the matrix."

Seto, who was tired of the horrible scene, said, "Hey..!" I shouted.

"Threatening with a cub is not just..... so morally..... well, the nobility has a duty to be just....."

Henri looks back at Seto with a faceless face, and Ishak laughs in vain.

"Don't bullshit, stay with me. Once again, you will cross the Jordan before Nimp if you spill into the plane and endanger the child."

"Ha, but....."

"Can justice protect my soldiers?"


"Can morality protect my child's future? Do you know how many water sources I have to give up to feed my people?"


"It is my duty to protect our residents, our soldiers, and our children from any vile acts. I have no intention of bearing even useless justice."

Henri and Ishaq are ahead of Nimf's cubs.

It was assumed that if the Nimps were deep in their pups, they would never attack us.

Henri's guess was right.

The Nimps can't attack us because of the frightened bastards, and they have no choice but to open the way.

Thanks to this, we have come to the middle of the mine easily.

"Strange. Why is there no water source? No matter how you look, it's just the crumbs of a magic stone."

"Let's go in a little more."

However, the water source was not visible until it reached the end.

'Isn't this the place?'

If the Nimps hadn't attacked Seto, it certainly meant the blessing of the Spirit existed.

"Is there something in the Warrior Tesla legend that we don't know?"

"Do I have to find the spirit first? Then we have to go to where the Nimps are gathered."

"That's too dangerous."

"Why don't you send a scout first?"

Our brothers and sisters were discussing this.



It was Seto's scream. Turning around in a hurry, Nimp, who stole my peanut pouch, was released.

Seto, who was not afraid of the bastards, tried to release us secretly.

Poisoned bastards attack Seto with sharp nails.

"That idiot!"

Ishak jumps to Seto, but the bastard Nimp is fast. He aimed at Seto's neck nail.

Did you attack the blessed Seto? '

Ishaq was evil at it.

"Stay back. You're pulling back. Let go of that fool!"


Seto was threatened, so we couldn't move. Another son of a bitch who was released from the gap bites the chains of the Nimps.

The bastards roar toward the void. I felt a vibration like a yellowing. Soon after, new nimps flock around.

We were completely surrounded.

'What do I do?'

I bit my lips tightly.

'You fool, you should have looked after Seto!'

Ishak sees the cub nimps running to the adult nimps. He grabs the neck of Seto without missing the gap.

But then.


An adult Nimph opens his mouth and rushes toward Ishaq's neck.


I didn't think of anything. Only the idea of saving Ishaq filled my head. I reflexively floated the starter and jumped to Ishak. By the way.

"…… huh?"

Nimph, who was running to Ishaq, stopped moving and retreated.


I looked around brutally.

Nimps bend their knees toward me.

In between, a wrinkled jacquard and a crooked nimp walk out.

"Oh, you're back... Master...... Old servant...... Greetings...!"

"What? You came back?"

When I talk with my eyes closed, Ishak stares at me with his eyebrows closed.

"What are you talking about?"

"I just told you. That Nimp."

"Speaking of which, you're usually tall."

What is it?

I panicked and looked around. But no one really understood what the old Nimp said.

'Wait a minute. Why did the Nimps come to me outside the mine?'

I only thought I ran after my peanuts because I was starving, but it was strange to think of it as a bear.

The other bastards attacked Zakari. However, I have only taken my peanut pouch and have never been attacked by Nymphs now.

'It was probably because of me that Saint Nimp failed to attack Seto in the mine.'

So when the first recruits entered the mine, why did they stop the attack when they saw Seto?

At that moment, when I was four years old, I remembered going to the slave auction with Henri Ishaq.

[Born from a crossing with a xenophobic...!]

[It's younger than it looks.]

Among heterosexual hybrids, some look older, while others look younger.

Seto was an abandoned child in a house of hope. Why was it abandoned.

'Nimph who cares for her cubs....'

I thought Seria named Hans, Duke and Seto after one, two and three. Seto was the smallest of the kids.


"Yes, yes?"

"How old are you?"

"It's fifteen……."

"You, Nymph, are a hybrid!"

That's why I'm so sorry for Nimp!

Seto nods brightly.

"Ah, I thought I was mixed up with some kind of monster and it was Nimp!"