The moment I saw the beautiful deer that appeared with the shining columns, my head was stunned. This was certainly not the effect of the depletion of divine power.

Sigsy looked at me, and he came to me with an elegant step.

[Thank you for freeing me from the agony of fear.]

It was a demon that felt different from Bunena Pymon and Glashalavolas who summoned him earlier.

He was not as stubborn as Bune..... nor arrogant or violent as Pymons or Glashallabolas.

Rather, he is polite and gentle enough to really want to be a demon.

Somewhere I felt a feeling of guilt.

As I looked up at him in a daze and stuttered into my head, I breathed into the scene as if I had been awake.

A lush garden with grass from Amitière family.

Mina sitting in an old swing.

And the deer that was guarding his side.

[Right, nice. …… Le.]

"The Deer of Mina! '

Whenever there was a horrible side to the country, it was the black deer that kept her by Mina's side.

[I am the King of Peace, the King of the 72nd Column, the one who received the thirty-fourth number.]

As if he were greeting me, he leans his head in front of me and rubs his cheeks lightly with a snot.

The Nimps fell down before an elegant and beautiful deer, impressed. But how many times does he not understand what he is saying, "Master, Lord, Lord……!" I was troubled with tears.

[Ah, my poor subordinates.]

An old Nimp walks to his knees and falls low in front of him.

"Yes, I greet the old servant owner. Complete the revelation and release the shackles of our people!"

The deer looks at the Nimps with sad eyes and turns its head toward me.

[Revelator. Please keep my subordinates in mind. Give the world to those who can only get rest in the deserted mountains.]

"Is your wish the liberation of the Nimps?"

The deer nods poorly.

[I need a special power to free them. A hot heart that can shed tears for the poor. I am the thirty-fourth city to the righteous Revelator. Please release my subordinates who have fallen into contempt with your breath.]

Horses make it difficult, but the point was the 'heart'. In other words, what the devil needed was the sound of the Revelator, my heart.

"You mean you need my life to free the Nimps?"

Henri, Ishaq, and Zakari came running on my horse.

"What are you talking about!"

"What did that deer ask you to do!"

Unlike the previous demons, they are visible to men.

'Because this is the space where the Demons live.'

I looked at the deer with my eyes wide open without answering. The deer cried beautifully. The transparent tears from the black and glittering eyes wet the hair and fell.

[It's Adalph. But, the Reverend. Since we were defeated in the war, my subordinates have only been curled up in the darkness. Show me that little, feeble little subordinate. I wandered through a thousand years of nightmares until the Revelator appeared, ignoring the love of the sun and the joy of life.]


[How do I measure the weight of life? One, they don't have a chance. I swear by my name. If the Revelator fulfills my wish, I will give a thousand years of resurrection to the clan in return for your life.]

The deer stares at the weeping little nymphs. It's like asking me for a favor.

I asked the deer.

"But what's your name?"

[I don't exaggerate the name of a subordinate who can't even reap. It's been a long time since I abandoned my name.....]

I said, "Hmm." As I groaned, the deer fell down and trembled.

[Solemnly, eagerly. Please]

"I sat down with all that nonsense."

The deer raises its head in a glorious voice. I smiled because I heard it wrong.


[How can I blame my heart for the subordinates.... Revelator, understand this despicable heart.]


Again, I know him.

King of the crooks.

A demon who lies, except for the sound of breath, who needs to know his name to tell the truth.

And again, I know him.

Not even his real name makes him tell the truth.


When I called out my name, an angry deer jumped at me with four feet.

[Oh, how, what a beauty...!]

That's what I heard from Mina. Mina called him Pur. I thought I might have called him that.

Then it was Channa. Lightning! The adrenal light curled up everywhere. I close my eyes with my forearm and only look at the deer after the light has faded.

By the way.


"'Eh? What's" what ", eh?' Hey! It's you. It's because of you. It's because of you. Aaaaaah!"

Sweet blonde like honey. A frizzy little boy looked at me resentfully and cried aloud.

There was a big deer horn on the head of the boy.

"No way, you....."

"You know my nightmare, Otoké! Aaargh! Aaargh! (How do you know my real name! Aaargh! Aaargh!)"

I shed my laughter as I looked at the child who was crying stupidly with my feet rolled like a swarm.

I see. It wasn't just because Mina called him Pur.

'If you call your real name, you'll go back to the way you were.....'

And that demon seemed to hate the way humans are.

'I could use this.'

I smiled as I watched a demon whining as I went to Hickhik, Hickhik and Hickhik.

* * *

"Let go, let go! Argh!"

I shake my head with one arm to Zakari, looking at a demon that is hot and twitching.

What a devil is more a coward than a child.

One of them said with his forehead crunched.

"Hold still, man."

"Duco Cipher? (You want to die?)"

"Yes, yes."

Furfur shook his arms with great courage. But after turning into a human body, he was really weak like a human child, and he couldn't beat the grip of a much stronger creature than an adult.


"Let's start with the diapers. Oh, it stinks."

"Noooo! Aaaah! (Let go! Argh!)"

.... He can't pee.

They tried to take off their wet cloth diapers, but their hands were so sloppy.

"There's no way a man who lives with a sword has ever changed a diaper. '

I stepped out because I thought that if I left it alone, I would pull it down and wipe away all the baby's skin.

I said, "Come out here." And I laid Purple on the sea.

"Let go of this."


When he calls out his name, he complains and mourns.

"Stay calm. The diapers are all wet and uncomfortable."

"You're singing a nightmare! (Because you called out your real name!)"

"That's because he keeps lying."

"Ingan can give you his life if you stay awake! Saaca! (Humans are stupid, and if they do justice, they give their lives, but you're evil! Evil!)"

"Yes, yes."

I answered without hesitation and took off my diaper with a familiar hand.

Then he wiped his jaw with a towel and took out the clean cloth that was in his luggage and tied it well.

Henri and Ishaq, who had bitten them back, approached me and asked me, "I'm grinding diapers."

"Kid, how do you know how to do this?"

"I've seen it from the orphanage, and I've done babysitting in my past life."

"You give a babysitter to a kid?"

"The average person is poor and can't save a nanny. But I have work to do. That's why I'm desperate for a kid's hand. We fed and watched the kids in the neighborhood."


Henri and Ishak's eyes blurred. When I heard the story of my previous life, it always looked like that.

I'm fine. '

I'm lucky if I can do any babysitting. They usually don't have a guardian, or they don't even give the street kids a place to turn newspapers.

I changed my diaper and knocked my butt to the ground, so the demon felt better. "Hehe..." Sigh and bless, Kaaaaaaaaah! I swung my arms.

I said, "Right, right." I hugged Purple and threw my back.

"Are you hungry? Do you want milk?"

"Yes.... No!"

"Yes, yes. I'll give you milk when you get back. In the Islands, you'll be able to get breastfeeding."

Purple is easier to care for than other babies.

Kids who need diapers don't communicate well, so they don't know where they're uncomfortable or what they want, but even blue words don't work!

"Buy his fantasies and make his wishes easy, and his talents are powerful. '

If you're lucky, you might be able to make her a part of the family, like Mina.

'But what power does he have?'

I pondered what Mina's abilities were. Purpurdo must have contributed to one of them.

Powerful force that overwhelms the opposing forces.

Disaster Damage Appraisal.


And, and…….

As the bear thought, I carelessly stroked Purple's back and blew it.


Furfur looks like it never existed before. It is also the black hair of a deer that I have seen for the first time.

Shortly afterwards, Furfur jumped out of my arms. And again he became a giant deer with the light.

'If you call out your real name, you'll be human for about an hour.'

In the meantime, it really seems to be powerless like a human child.

'Maybe a demon with this much risk has a powerful power.'

Perhaps the ability to fulfill and obtain wishes is a powerful force that is different from the previous demons.

"You know, what kind of talent are you?"


"Do you want me to call you again?"


It was when I was in a fierce snowfight with the deer. An old Nimp brought another Calcedonia.

"Mother, Adventurer, I brought you what you wanted."

I told Nymph to purify the water source while taking care of Furfur. It looks like it's finished.

'This blue calcedonia is the water source.'

I nodded and gave him a handful of almonds in my pocket.

The old Nimph chews the Waguwagu almonds with joy.

"There is no shame in my subordination...! The Different saves his life!"

"Ha, but, master. We are hungry……."

"Starve to death when you beg the enemy!"

"Master, it's ugly. Evil master."

Then other Nimphs who had insulted Furfur that they could not keep saving me, cursed him with a small voice.


"Master, it's bad."

"Dog X……."

Furfur growls, revealing his teeth all at once.

"Hush! Don't harass the Nimps."

Then the Nimps looked at me with a shocking look.

"Adventurer, be nice."

"Give us something to eat."

"Good adventurer."

Son of a bitch Nimp rubs his face on my arm and smiles.

I rolled my eyes.

'I could use this, too.'