There are two truths I learned as a beggar.

The first is, 'The one who feeds when he starves to death looks like a god.'

I gave Nymphs peanuts, almonds, and all the dried fruits and vegetables in the Jim Wagon.

"Adventurer, our comrade."

"We share friendship."


The nimps that were breaded were very favorable. More than the owner who was begging to see me like that.

In a way, it was natural.

When the servant of God, whom Nimphs wanted to complete, was released from the anguish of fear, the souls who fell asleep in the tears of God would receive light.

In other words, it was their wish to enter the world without falling asleep.

According to Nimp, when you're asleep, you seem to be alone in the vast darkness. That's why I care about the people I woke up with.

I said I would liberate the servant of God from the agony of fear. I also gave him something to eat. How gracious of you.

Nimphs with boats have picked up tons of rocks from the mountains.

And I refined it with a water source, but Nimp didn't make it all possible to purify it.

Only the cubs and feminine nimps were able to purify everything in the mountains into a water source.

I nod in my head as I see the nimps refine.

'You weren't locked in a cave to protect the cub and the female body.'

Nimphs with special powers are considered superior. It's like the nobles are escorted.

I watched a bunch of blue calcedonia piling up, and I said, "Ugh." Moaning amazingly, I look back at the Nimps.

'My bellies.'

"Oguo, eat a lot. Well done."

Henri opens his eyes and looks at the water source while I'm tossing Nimp's back.


"…… Why can't I use the Horse Tool yet?"

"That's because the Nimps didn't give me permission."

When Ishaque answered, Henri shook his head lightly.

"Isn't that weird?"

"What the hell?"

"It's not a personal manatee, it's not a horse tool. The Horse Tool doesn't disappear because it blocks the exit like a human force. The magic power that has already been ejected is only contained in the Horse Tool. But how can you allow someone to use a horse tool?"

When I heard it, I did. I touched the blue calcedonia and was drowned in thought.

Ishaq said.

"Well, if you gave me permission to use certain horse-drawn tools……."

I shake my head with my glans narrowed.

"I had eight long journeys. I know what I'm going to use, and I've given you permission to use certain horse-drawn tools."

Ishak then turns his head and looks at the nimps who are still intoxicated with peanuts.

"Yes, it's not possible. What the hell did you do?"

Activation of the Horse Tool basically goes through this process.

1. Activate the calculation expression in the mediator with a startup or operation.

2. The calculation is combined with the horsepower inside the mediator.

3. Activation.

There is no intervention here, so it is only possible to prevent individuals from using horse-drawn tools, physically speaking, or moving.

I hurriedly run to the old Nimp who is chewing almonds and shake his shoulder.

"How do you authorize the use of horse-drawn tools? Huh?"

"Don't, Horse Tool, it's a crooked creed. Can't be used in the House of God."

"Can't you just use it here?"

"Everything that is the power of God destroys the false gods. We, Nimph, are skillful in allowing God to trigger the false divine creature."

After seeing a fairy tale sound, I knocked my heart out. Then Furfur, who was facedown, said with a scowling face.

[Incorrect from the premise. You humans are so imbecile to common sense. Even if it's common sense.]

"Wrong common sense?"

[Use Mana when you humans activate the Horse Tool.]

"That's ridiculous!"

When I scream, Henri and Ishak, who do not understand our conversation, look puzzled.

[It doesn't make sense to you humans who think you can't eject Mana unless it's divine or magical.]

"Isn't Mana divided into divine and magical powers?"

[Humming, still wiggling in the barn of the apostles. If the Ancients had seen it, they would have hit the ground. Humans can eject Mana. Only a special human can spoil a special Mana, so it spoils it with divine power and magic!]

"Then the Nimps....."

When I muttered, Furfur snorted and replied.

[The starter and starter actions you use to trigger the Horse Tool are all actions that eject Mana. I just don't realize that breathing is natural. The Nimps stopped Mana from erupting!]

I hardened and looked at Purple. A lot of things got tangled up in my head.



I was chosen as an offering to seal the evil god because I had the same divine power of quality as Mina.

Instead of the mina that had to be eaten by the evil god in the sealing ceremony, he offered me as an offering.

If Furfur's words were true, there was no reason for me to be chosen as an offering because I could gather people's Mana and spoil it with Mina's divine power.

'Then why did I have to die in my first life?'

Thinking of the pain of sacrifice, I tightly bit my lips.

When I remembered the first part of my life when I was begging for blood to be shed from the hole of my whole body and to be killed, I became silent.

'…… wait.'

[Mina is amazing. Such a rapid increase in divine power. Nothing in the past, nothing in the future.]

[You're amazing. That's why you're a child of destiny!]

How could Mina increase her divine power so quickly?

Nothing in the past and nothing in the future means, in other words, "not possible."

I know that I was desperately raised as a child to increase my divine power.

That fast and powerful escalation was absolutely impossible.

So I thought it was the power of Adrian.

Adrian was a possessor of immense divine power and had a very special power to give his divine power to others. That's why I thought it was vague to support Mina from behind.


[Yep, LeBlaine. What's going on?]

[Meena, please, can you tell me how to increase my divine power? Ah, no, of course you're busy, but I might be able to help you if you don't mind....]

[Ah……. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I promised him. I decided not to tell anyone how to practice.]

[I see....]

[Don't get too upset. LeBlaine, you're still good enough. I know how hard you work for the people here.]

[Thank you…….]

[You're a very proud sister to me.]

Method of training.


I grind my teeth.

I didn't even know that every human being could eject Mana.

If the temple had known that, it would not have been possible for the current Pope to lose his authority by being pushed to Adrian in the Holy War.

"Furfur told me. To the man who came to find the water source!

The puzzles that have been blurring in my head have been weaving themselves.

Nodeli, who has the warrior's record, found the water source and summoned Purur through the record.

'Nodeli already knew Furfur's name.'

Otherwise, Mina, who didn't know the devil at all, couldn't have known his name. You must have taught her a name in Nodelina Marche since she showed up.

However, because there were no adventurers at the time, Nimf was still asleep, so Nodeli and Marche created a fake water source through the records.

'It would also have been helpful to record where the water source was in the first place.'

I squeezed my cheeky toes tight.

"Do you think that when you wake up, everything on this mountain, like the Nimps, will stop Mana from erupting?"

[Yes. More powerful than the Nimps. I am an enormous being!]

Furfur flattered and replied.

I spilled real blood.


"What the hell are you talking about? I'm so bored!"

Ishak pressed my cold cheek with both hands and asked anxiously.

'Marche and Nodeli knew that Mana could create divine power.'

Then why did they offer the poor little girl to the altar, which no one can count on?

Why should I die?

No, he was murdered.

[Ah, Father, please save me! Mina, ah, Holy Father. Please!]

I remembered my first life in tears of blood.

"In my first life, Duke Marche killed me."

When I looked back at Henri and Ishaque, I said, "They are hardened."


"Kid, what the hell are you talking about?"

"All humans eject Mana. Mina was able to transform Mana into divine power. I had no reason to die as a sacrifice!"

As I trembled in anger, Henri grabbed her shoulder.

"Calm down."

"I was just a powerless and pitiful man at the time, and Duke Marche, Mina..."


Henri called me in a rarely raised tone.

I looked at him, swallowing up the gloom I had been pushed away. Henri grabbed my hand with a warm hand and said,

"Think rationally. There's something we don't know."


"You're the only one who's been through all that. That's why it's important here. If there was no reason to sacrifice, why would they have to kill you?"

I closed my mouth with my less trembling hands.

Why I had to die.

Because they killed me.

I grabbed Henri's arm.

"There is. One reason."