I became a regent and had a number of risks. It was a typical example that it was not easy to think of an adult when he was a child's body, and other things are that his memory is so good that he clearly remembers a painful life.

But in the latter case there are also advantages. Because remembering a painful life clearly meant having a very good memory.

I remember reading it clearly when I was just four years old when I came to Dublin Castle.

'Evil God's Record.'

The book that was stuck between the fairy tale books.

[The most sacred achievement of the founding Emperor Fried I must have been the defeat of Ivan, a member of the Evil God.


According to Ivan's records, there are two conditions for the power of evil to be expressed.

The first is the acquisition of the key to awakening the potential power, contact with the new creature, and the mediation that enables the power to be exercised.....]

Ivan, who was called the worst traitor, used the power of evil.

That's very similar to the lieutenant that led me to summon the devil.

I have come into contact with the new 'Newit', the key to awakening potential power, and I have used a different power from my previous life by gaining a mediator 'Etwal' that can use that power.

'If I belong to the same evil god as Ivan....'

I asked old Nimp.

"Is the name of the first adventurer Ivan?"

The old Nimp with the peanuts in his hands stares at me. Within hours he asked in a puzzled voice.

"How does a sweet adventurer know the name of his wife, the first adventurer?"


"Ivan Shaman Tesla. First, the name of this adventurer."

"Ivan Shamer Tesla……."

Henri and Ishaq stare at me as they mutter their names.

Ivan was so famous that no one in the world knew about the Empire.

A man who has a crush on God.

Apostle Ivan.

But more importantly,

"Shaman.... Kid, what are you talking about...."

"LeBlaine, if anyone had heard of it, you would have been summarily executed, whether you were a Dublin infant or a child of destiny."

The name of the Founding Emperor, Fried Enniss Shaman Khalid.

The Imperial Palace tried to hide the name of the founding emperor by using his chi. It is because the Middle Name of Shaman indicates that he is descended from a tribe called the Evil Creature.

'Ivan, like the emperor of the Founding Kingdom, was first called a hero.'

Two Etwals.

Two heroes.

I closed my eyes tight.

"Only the winners of the two heroes with Etwald are recorded in history, and the losers are apostles and disappear to the back of history."


Henri looks at me with a firm face, and I look at my forehead with a confused expression.

"Ivan and the Founding Emperor were the same tribe. I need to take a look at the Emperor's records in the Founding Territory. Obviously, I remember seeing you at Dublin Castle. You know, I..... Henri, Ishak, I might....."

It was then.

All of a sudden, I get stunned! Tinnitus crossed my head.

[…… Giya.]

[My...... baby.]

Yeah, that's right.

Why did you forget?

In my first life, I heard a voice that cried out to me as I was dying as a sacrifice.

'It's like the voice I heard when I touched Newit.'

Immediately, I lost my strength in my legs and lost my balance. Wheezing, I saw Henri and Ishak running to me with a narrower vision. That was my last memory.

* * *

Maple-like hands.

Short arm like Frank Sausage.

Frizzy curly hair.

It was me, a little girl.

Is it a regression? '

I fell in despair and buried my face in my knee. There is no one by my side. A lonely, lonely space. How long do I have to be locked in the chords alone?

I keep crying and my knees are all wet.

It's [...].]

At that moment, a voice was heard in the air. Like a pack of fireflies, a real light hovers in the air. It soon turned into a young boy and came before me.


[Yes, … hey.]

[I can't see my face because my eyes are broken. God, hold my hand, hold my hand.]

[Poor kid. You're still on a solid mission.]

I cried with my head in front of him.

[I don't want to go back. The world is scary and boring.]

[I have left no path for you. Lay down your stubborn burden and leave for the kingdom of the loving shepherd. Well... hey. Come here.]

I reached out, but the boy didn't hold my hand. I followed him like I was possessed. Until the son-in-law gets a little dark and ends up trapped in the dark.

[……], it's dark and cold here. I want to go somewhere warm.]

[Not long. Soon you will find rest where there are soft vegetation and sweet people. Come on, kid, let's go where the light is.]

I saw a white herd of light in front of me. I ran towards it with a bright face.

'Ah, you will soon find rest. There's a land of peace there that doesn't have to be lonely.'

The moment you reach out to the horde of light.


Someone pulled me. The one in the big, shabby clothing was as devastated as the one that would crack in no time.

Go back…… to…… a family…… baby, please…!]

It was a very eager but sweet voice. I know this voice.

The boy's purchase was a mess. Ten and forty sharp teeth appeared scarcely before the glorious and beautiful lips.

[Serga, are you trying to take..... from me again!]

A black pearl flowed out of the boy's body and stuck to the floor. He soon turned into a great darkness, and struck the man in shabby clothes.

[Go. …… I have to go. My, my Ah… go…… to the place where my family is!]

At that time, I heard a familiar voice from a distance.


"…… LeBlaine!"

* * *

I looked around with my eyes open.

This is my room in the mansion.


I had a father by my side. I saw him with a very worrying young eye, and the field covered my eyes with a breath.

'I didn't return.'


My body trembled with cold sweat. My father swept my cheek with his big hand.

"Are you okay?"

I couldn't answer because my tears kept springing. I was anxious and afraid that I would never see my family again.

My dad hugs me and knocks me on the back.

Then I saw the people around the bed. My maids, Leah, Zakari, Chairman, Aunt, and brothers.

The red-eyed Ishak grabs my head.

"Let's sleep like that. You were surprised!"


When I cried aloud for relief, Henri and John lowered Ishaq's back.


"Take another look."

"LeBlaine, are you okay?"

I sniffed with my father's face on his neck.

"How long have I slept?"

"Two more days even after twenty days."

What is it?

I was so surprised that my tears burst into tears. I opened my mouth and fell away from my father and stumbled across the table to find the calendar.

I heard that John was arrested on the 3rd of this month. Today is the 24th.

"You must be crazy!"

I shouted aloud, and the family and the workers laughed in relief.

"I'm glad you're awake."

In the Chairman's words, I nodded and looked down.

'If you lay down like this, your body would be a mess, but it's okay. What happened to the water source? What happened to the demon?'

When I thought of Purpur, I heard a voice in my head.

[Stupid human! You slept in the wind, and there was more than a full moon in the dreadful incarnation! I'm afraid I'm going to be stuck in tax like this.... Ah!]

'The Devil's condition is fine.'

It didn't feel like it lacked divine power at all.

If I had been opening the Devil's Passage for more than twenty days, I would have lost my breath.

"I, why……."

"Why? You're not feeling well either?"

Henri looked at me with his glans narrowed.

"No, it's not. It's better than usual. You know," that. "It's hard for me to call it in, but I called it in for 22 days, but it's awesome."

I can't say that people summoned demons from a lot of places. "When I lifted up my arms, my family understood and nodded.


Henri and John exchanged their gaze with a difficult expression.

"What do you know? '

Ishak grumbles while holding his head with his chopped hands.

"Why don't you tell me? You're the one who got the grace."


There is also something.

I opened my eyes and wiped my brothers.

"What is it? What is it?"

"The abandoned prince used to come every day."


"I've been in bad shape since the third day after you fell. Very well. But I came directly to the mansion where I heard it. I wanted to know what the handiwork was. At first, the kid tried to put Mana in you somehow, just like you heard about evil..... but you couldn't convert to divine power because you couldn't find consciousness. That's why I got the prince's help."

"I see. It's not possible with Adrian's power, but I must have had a really hard time."

I should say thank you.

I'd like to go right now, but the sun has already set and I can't get into the Imperial Palace.

After I promised to be Adrian's escort, he is staying at the Grand Lady's mansion and at the Imperial Palace.

'Today is the first time I share what I've learned with my family.'

I said with my father's cuffs tightened.

"Pass on the employers. I have something to tell you about that."

My father nodded and looked at the employers.

Auntie also noticed quickly, "I'll see you later." I went out with the workers, and there were only those left in the room who knew I was a regent.

"Dad, you know. Maybe...!"

"Maybe Ivan's progeny."

"…… How do you know?"

"I took a look at Ivan's record, as you said. That's weird."

"What is it?"

"Dubled never owned Ivan's record."


"There is a book in our books that we do not buy, that we do not write."

John also spoke.

"It wasn't even on the library's book list. You're the only one who read it until we find it. It's like the book came for you, the owner."

"Am I right with the power of the evil god....."

Henri said with a difficult expression.

"LeBlaine. We don't care if you belong to the evil god. So I don't have to worry....."

"I was a really good match for Dublin Red!"

I'll clap my hands! The family opened their eyes as they struck. I said with a smile.

"Dubled's daughter, the villain of the underworld, belongs to the evil god. It suits you too well. Right?"

Dad used to laugh, pick his head off.

"Is that all you have to say?"

"There's more I've found out."


"Maybe Marche doesn't know who the child of Neriad's destiny is yet. Using this, we can kill Nodeli and weaken Duke Marche."


"Yes, let's go get revenge."

I'll make you cry very desperately. I held my fist tight.