The surprising Emperor came to me.

"What's going on?"


Even Yvonne looks at me rather than looking at Andre, who is hesitant to shed nosebleeds.

Andre, who was instantly excluded from attention, grabbed Yvonne Emperor's handcuffs with an impression.

It was not a lawful act for the fourteen boys.

'I have to do it. I grow up.'

Andre was the most famous maraboy in the Empire.

"Uh, mother, that son of a bitch told me."

Andre was trying to tell the Emperor what Adrian was doing.

"Ugh, Dad.....!"

When they cried aloud and even called their father, the card of the spleen, they were terribly embarrassed and changed their gaze.

The Emperor opened his mouth.


"Yes, Your Majesty……."

"Answer me. What's going on?"

"Ah, Adrian, Adrian..... turn it off, ugh! Prince Adrian... Hung Hung Hung... Not bad...!"

The Emperor and Emperor looked strangely.

"Don't cry, speak calmly. If Adrian the Great is not bad, how can he know what happened before and after?"

"I'm bad. I am a vulgar commoner..... born a commoner so that nobles can use it and throw it away...!"

When he looks at Prince Andre, he panics and wakes up.

"Well, that's not it, Your Majesty!"

I shook my head in a fist.

'Isn't that stupid?'

If you're so embarrassed there, you must confess that you're a piece of plain luck trash.

The Emperor, the Emperor, and the Emperor looked at Andre with great astonishment, and I decided to wedge him.

"Prince Andre called me a vulgar commoner, so Prince Adrian was angry."


Andre's face is red and blue. I have nothing to say, but the medicine was stuck in my mouth, so I couldn't get rid of it. But I said nothing.

"Prince Adrian politely asked me to correct the words, but Prince Andre said that the common people are tools of nobility……."

The emperor who was looking at me turned his gaze to Andre.

I would.

Ordinary people are tools of nobility.

Even out of the nobility's mouth, there will be a sense of frenzy. By the way, didn't it also come from Andre's mouth, who is the closest prince to Yellow?

If there is a rumor that he said this at a time of horror, people will rise from all over the world.

I opened my eyes, pretending I knew nothing.

"It must be a very bad word that the commoners are tools of nobility. Prince Adrian continued to be patient, even though Prince Andre said bad things, but when he saw that he was angry. Right, Your Majesty?"


The Emperor Yvonne panicked and ran to me with her son.

"It must have been the wrong thing to hear. Ordinary people are tools of nobility. Andre can't say that."



The Emperor seemed very urgent.

I deserved it. Because the Emperor's face was distorted like a demon.

The Emperor and Emperor looked at the Emperor with an uneasy face, and Andre was tired of being white and did not know what to do.

When all eyes were focused on the Emperor, I shook Adrian's collar.

Seeing me, I muttered to him.

'Tell me you're sorry.'


'Come on!'

As I frowned and noticed, Adrian opened his mouth.

"I complain of a disturbance."

"If you hadn't made a fuss, it would have been harder for Jim."


As Adrian nodded silently, Andre said in a crowd of voices.

"Pulmonary, Your Majesty, Adrian is the one who wielded his hand in the Imperial Palace anyway. You can't just leave it there. We have to catch the steel."

"The First Prince!"

The Emperor stops Andre from screaming.

'My God..... I thought you were stupid, but you can't be so stupid.'

I didn't notice enough to put my tongue out.

If you go to the second place without notice, you will feel that things are going wrong until after Emperor Frost.

The Emperor's purchase was twisted.

"I have to give a big prize to the Master of the First Prince."


"I put a lot of confidence into it."


"Pride that is not ashamed of wrong common sense, only the immense chambers of tomorrow that are not even in the midst of the Empire."

"Your Majesty, what are you saying....."

"How dare you give orders to the sun of the Empire!!"

A thunderous cry burst out of the Emperor's mouth. Andre realized that things had turned out so tightly, and the Emperor quickly grabbed his son's neck and made him nod.

"Can't you beg the embarassment to do something wrong?"

The Emperor stares at the Tired Emperor with his sunken eyes.

"Okay. Andre's short thoughts won't even recognize my mistake. What am I going to do with my heartless condemnation?"

"Like that...! Your Majesty!"

"The hat is amazing. How magnificent."

The Emperor's expression cooled. She hiccupped her lips.

'Oh, a full-scale couple fight.'

At that time, the Emperor ordered Adrian to keep an eye on the Emperor.

"Adrian, go back to your palace. On the way, I want to take her to the wagon."

"…… Yes, Your Majesty."

'I need to hear the contents of the fight. That way, I'm in a position to decide whether to take the emperor's side for political gain or the emperor's side for material gain...!'

It was a pity, but Adrian pulled me out of the greenhouse.

As soon as I left the greenhouse, Adrian looked at me. I shot him with my eyes wide open.

"What if I blow my nose in there? If you're going to hit me, you're going to have to punch me out! No, if it's your situation before then, don't punch me... don't punch me... you idiot."

I made an impression by stretching my eyebrows.

He's more serious than the bar.

Adrian, who came to me with a sharp shout and instruction, wiped my eyes carefully with his sleeve.

"It was a fake cry."

"Don't cry, even if it's fake."


"I don't know what to do if you cry."

Adrian's voice became very low. The beautiful blonde hair, like melting in the wind, shook very sadly.

I looked very carefully at Adrian, who wiped my tears like I was about to break a glass.

My hands are full of wounds.

"What is this wound? Who hits you?"

"I increased my training intensity because of today's tournament."

It came to mind.

Who's Adrian in the class now?

'Originally, when I was four, Adrian's great-grandfather rebelled and he was kicked out of the palace.'

After wandering the continent, he stumbles upon a man who was the head of the palace knights, and becomes his disciple.

'I would like to be a cardinal in that connection.'

It always happened the same way until the third life.

But not in this life. His great-grandfather did not revolt, but rather pretended not to know Che Morn, a man who did not know Adrian.

'There's only one case where the future changes. When I intervened.'

Eventually, my journey to Dubled became a butterfly's wings, driving the storm to Adrian.

So I've always been sorry for this kid.

Since Adrian lives in the Imperial Palace, he would be much more comfortable living as a drifter.

I was also convinced that I had endured the inferno of Duke Amitier and Duke Valois.

Adrian smiled faintly as I became gloomy.

"I won today."


I'm doing my best because I don't feel good about this nonsense.

I laughed as if I had no choice but to know her heart.

"I think so. Good job. Did you hit him?"

"Three shins, one command, seven heads."

"I only hit the sickest place. Well done."

When I raised my legs to stroke my head, he bent his back naturally.

"How are you eating?"


"What did I tell you to do when someone was harassing you?"

"It's not worth your life. How can you be sure of the future? I wouldn't end up with a pair of limbs if I didn't have a chance."

Adrian remembered a word I taught him. I nodded with a blunt expression.

"Well done, well done."

I put my shoulders together. Then I looked behind him at a wagon rental.

'I have to go now.'

I had to step up now to stop at Hope Merchant.

"I have to go now. He's doing great. I'll come back next time."

Adrian grabs my sleeve.




"… no. Be careful."


Adrian turns his back first and looks at his shadow and starts walking to the wagon rental.

'There was something subtle going on.'

What do we do?

Are you sick?

I don't think so.

I was pondering with my arms. Hmm, groaning.

'I don't know. Oh, there are some things I need to pay for the merchandise today, but I need to buy some thick clothes before autumn comes. It's been a few days....'

When I counted the dates in my head, I stopped walking. And quickly turned around and ran to Adrian.

September 1st.

Today is Adrian's birthday.

"Hey, you idiot!"

When I ran and hit him on the back, Adrian opened his eyes and looked back at me.

"If it's a birthday, you don't have to say it's a birthday."

"… how did you know?"

Well, Adrian will be a prince in the future. On the day of the crown prince's resignation, a splendid party is held at the Imperial Palace, so everyone knows.

But I couldn't tell you that, so I turned my back.

"Can you go outside the Imperial Palace?"


"Then let's get out."


"Shop. To eat cake."

When I smile like a frog, Adrian's face brightens.

* * *

That time, that Dubled.

The Dublin Three brothers gathered in the Dublin Duke's office to do their work. Henri opens his mouth after unconsciously checking his watch.

"It's time for LeBlaine to come."

The Duke replied, taking off his occasional glasses when he saw the documents.

"He stopped by the shop and said he was coming."



Ishaq, who was shaking his chin, said.

"Shall I pick you up?"

"Well……. It's not a bad offer."

As Henri smiled and arose, John stood up with his youngest brother.

"What would you do?"

Theodore Dubled picks up a coat of clothing that spans the chair and leaves the room first.

The Dublin War was the beginning of the Second Army.