The Wigggentra Empire, the loser of the continent. Even in the Empire, the most flourishing shops in the archipelago.

It took a week to see a little bit of lies, and people called it a shopping district.

Even though fewer people come in the morning, they get tired of the huge misfortune, but only in the afternoon can they see the advance of the Islands Shop. Afternoon shops, where most shops opened, would not be short compared to the stars.

Adrian walks around like a man on a remote island.

It wasn't because I first saw the shop. I used to come to the shop looking for me the other day, and since I lived in the mansion of the godmother Camilla several years ago, I often had the opportunity to come out here.

The reason she was surprised was that the place I led was a shabby path for ordinary people.

"There was this path in the alley."

I looked around the dark alley and muttered.

"You only went to Main Street?"


I nod.

'The prince will never go through these alleys.'

Main Street is where the Islands nobles go.

The back door is where noble travelers from the Nomadic Islands, or jobless people, wake up and touch the money.

And there are ordinary people in these deep alleys.

I didn't even know there was such a place when I lived as Amitier, Valois. I didn't know this place was my last life as a beggar.

"If you go around that corner, there's a place that sells really good cakes. It's better than the cake on Main Street. You can trust me."

When I said it like a whiff, Adrian smiled faintly and said, "Yes." I nodded.

I walked more energetically because of his response.

Soon after, I saw a very shabby shop with half the signage.

Johnny Bakery

It's a shop where I used to get food bread.

Johnny, the owner of the bakery, seems awkward, but he's really upset. That's why I was hungry. When the kids put their hands out, they used to throw bread with the lake.

[They can't get out of my shop!.... I don't have to take the bread!]

When I opened the door, I heard a shout and a landscape cry.



Christie, an employee of the assignment shop, was also a really nice person. Johnny, I used to give them almonds or peanuts, one punch at a time.

"Oh my God, there's a little visitor. Do you want to order?"

"Mmm, mmm……!"

I shake Adrian's sleeve open and open after God.

"You want something to eat? What do you like? Chocolate cake tastes good, raspberry pie tastes good. Ah! It's a butter cream cake. This is really good!"

"Then I'll do it."

I put a silver coin on the counter with my crowbar.

"Butter cream cake."

"Can I have it in pieces?"

"No, the whole!"

"Excellent choice."

"Oh, and……."

I whispered in her ear and Cristina nodded, laughing. She soon led us to her place.

'Wow, old chairs.'

The chairs and chairs in memory remained unchanged at all. When I sat in the chair, I heard the groaning, queek, of iron.

"Hm, hmm. Hmm."

Christie brought a cake, two glasses of milk, and a long, thin paper bag.

"Thank you."

"Don't say anything."

The envelope contained the chops I asked Christie to do.

I took out the candles and put them in the cake, Cook, Cook, and Christie skillfully attached the candles, and then went back to the calculations.

"What are you doing? Wish me luck."


"On my birthday, I make a wish and I pour a chop."

He hesitates for a moment as I wait for Adrian to open his mouth with a slit.

"No wishes?"



How can we not have wishes at our age!

I looked at him with a shocked face.

"Whether you want to express your opinions or get good grades in exams. You have that wish."

"You can do that if you want to."

Adrian seems puzzled, so I'm a little shaky. It reminds me of what a boy who was a fellow castaway boy said.

[This is why talented things....]

I almost frowned at the hippocampus, but I realized that Adrian's wounds were shaking sleeves as if the hand and cuff button were about to fall.

He has no one to look after him. It was a war to keep people from dying every day.

I also knew what life was like that I couldn't even think of my wishes, so I felt like I had a hard stone on my heart.

"Then let's think about it. I don't know what to wish for. Well, why don't you grow about two meters tall?"


"You're incredibly handsome."


"Whether you get rich or not."


"Or a little greedy. Birthdays are a good day to be greedy. Why don't you ask him to become the tallest, most handsome rich man in the world and make you the cutest girlfriend in the world?"

"…… Do you like it?"


"A rich man with a big sniff."

Adrian's eyes somehow became serious. I glanced at him and replied.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"That's good, then."


"I'll do that."


"I want to be an incredibly tall, handsome rich man."

It felt strange why.

'This child, you must be me....'

I looked at Adrian.

Adrian's eyes were sweet. It's sweeter than any cake in this bakery.

And I became very blurred.

'It's about time.'

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's time to start your first love. Oh, my prince. You're all grown up.

It felt like she was watching her brother's footprints.

I nodded with a compassionate expression.

"Yes, yes. Make a wish."

Adrian clumsily follows me. And I made a wish with a serious expression.


After a few minutes, I pulled out the candles and placed them well on the tray and grabbed the bread knife. Carefully cut, the moist sponge in the savory butter cream is revealed. And I tried to pick up the biggest piece, but it kept slipping from the bread knife.

"No, why is this……."

Adrian grabs my hand lightly.

Then I grabbed the knife and put it on my plate at once.

"I tried to give Adrian the biggest one."

"I like the second big one."

"It's still my birthday....."

"I always like the second one."


"I like you first."

I have an itch in my throat.

"... Do you lose if you live so well?"

"It's okay. I'm the only one who's nice to you."

"Lie. You'll be mean to someone else."

She's too nice to be nice.

It wasn't just about giving up the cake.

I went to a place where people had little eyes, and maybe I didn't want to get involved with the Emperor Yvonne's restrained prince, who was just happy to come with me to the cake shop.

"Let's eat this and go get a present."

"A gift?"

"Yeah. Birthday present."

Adrian smiled brightly.

* * *

Ishak looks at Dubled's wagon, which is waiting at the entrance of the shop in a frosty position.

"What is it?"

A horse stabbed and rolled his hat in a fishy fishing line.

"Yes, yes?"

"Where's the kid going and you're all here."

The escorts were all in the wagon. Even the escort, Zakari, is waiting here.

Henri bites the horses and wolves back and whispers to Zakari.

"Did LeBlaine go to the top alone?"

It was not unusual for him to move alone, since he only knew his family recently.

However, I doubted that I did not treat Zakari, who knew who LeBlaine was.

LeBlaine is a cautious child and does not bite the escort unless it is urgent.

Zakari looks at the shop.

"I don't think you went to the top."

"No? Where did you go then?"

Ishaq made an impression and asked. Henri, John and Duke Dubled also looked at Zakari.

Your man's beast-like sensation said,

Somehow, I feel dirty.

As Zakari remained silent, Duke Dubled stepped forward in front of his sons.

"Answer me. Where is my daughter?"

"Destination not heard."

"How can you be sure you didn't go to the top?"

"…… You are not going to be a Merchant, since you are with the one who won the wagon."

"Who dares."

"You are with the Second Prince Adrian."

The distant horseman scratched and stepped back.

Late summer and early autumn, the surroundings are cool. The look on the faces of Dublin Castle's men became very harsh.

"…… Adrian Louerg."

When John murmured, Ishaq frowned.

"That son of a bitch, he keeps bothering me."

"The prince that LeBlaine chose to be escorted....."

Henri murmurs quietly as if measuring something.

John opened his mouth, looking at his father.

"Madame Camilla, the bird..... once held LeBlaine in her arms."


"What!? Now tell me why! You decided because you wanted a limb amputated? Why are you holding someone else's brother?"

Ishaq leapt down the street, and the eyes of Henri and John were darkened.

The Duke of Dublin looked back slowly, as his sons were so excited.

"Give me ten minutes. Come to me."

The eyes of the Guard General of LeBlaine tremble.

Ten minutes.

Are you sure you want to see her?

At a store that says it takes a week to look back?

"Poetry, ten minutes is nothing, it seems like a crowd."

"Hurry, if it's been ten minutes, I'm really going to want to overdo it."

The fresh-faced wolves ran out of their minds.


"Emergency! Emergency!"

"Soldier! Find the Lady and the Tiger Malko!"