"Where is it? Where is it? '

I looked around urgently.

It wasn't on this way. Probably wandering around looking for me outside the alley.

'No, why are you chasing me!'

He told Eri and Zakari, who escorted me to the Imperial Palace, that he would vacate for an hour or two.

These people were a little uneasy, but Zakari understood that I could call him at any time at the mansion because I was connected to Blue.

But all of a sudden you're looking for me.

'.... It's my father. Daddy's here.'

If these guys take precedence over mine, it's just my dad's orders.

At that moment, an ominous future was drawn in my head with a whiff and a whiff.

The ones who found me with Adrian.

Adrian and I.

My dad and my brothers walking around.

'Adrian, you might be killed..!'

The look on my father and brothers' faces reminded me of Adrian.

When I was about to call Adrian, Emulin heavily took a deep breath as she opened her lips and looked at him.


"Emulin, Emulin!"

The tree that just came out of the Fountain Store rushes and grabs the Emulin.

"Let go of me!"

"A man who writes silver coins like nothing. Most likely a nobleman. I'm in trouble!"

It was only the nobles who carried large amounts of money, such as silver coins and gold coins.

Besides, Adrian's actually a prince. As is customary, it is also a commoner, a loser child who cannot speak.

"Well, why come to this alley without the nobility going crazy! You must be the son of a troublemaker."


"Your precious son didn't learn to be polite, did he? It's the most important thing. Don't underestimate your opponent. History warns me that what I see as a sticky rod may be a blade at some point and come to my throat. Don't you know?"

Adrian's eyes narrowed.

It was not a sentence to come out of the mouth of a street child.

That was a sentence from Nobleship that noble children learn when they're young.

Emulin wears his arms as he turns his nose fart.

"I treated you with kindness. But you disgraced me by saying," Fuck off. "Apologize."

"I don't remember the passage to look back on myself before pointing out other people's disrespect."

"…… what?"

Adrian glances at Emulin with cold eyes, who wears my half-spilled hood well.

"It means I'm escorting."

It is rude to talk to another reason while escorting a woman.

I was wearing a hood, but Emulin couldn't have known I was a woman because long hair had flowed out of my clothes and I was talking to Adrian after leaving the Focal Point.

'Even so, I'm nine.'

Emulin blushed her face and said, "Well, that's...!" I shouted, and Adrian wrapped me lightly with one arm.

"I did my best to be polite just by not tearing up and killing the one who disrespected my partner."


"Get the hell out of here if you know."

Emulin trembles with a fist full, and Adrian passes by without even looking at her.

Behind you, I hear a tree beating Emulin. Emulin is still angry. "Well, there's all that!" I shouted.

* * *

Out of the area with the Focal Point, I took off the hood with a sigh. I can't hear any more walkers from the knights.

'You're not coming this far, are you? "

You don't think the noble infant will get deep into the alley. That too, I picked up the prince.

In his first life, John and Adrian acted like they would kill each other. I almost killed him.

I became increasingly nervous, knowing that.

'I can't let you hit the royal family.'

Ishak doesn't know what to do when he flips his eyes.

I don't know what the Emperor will ask for if Adrian gets hit.

Even more worrying than rewarding the emperor was his conviction that he would not ask for compensation for his son's affection.

'Adrian might get hurt.'

Adrian asked as he held his fist on fire.

"Are you okay?"


"I look anxious."

I stare at Adrian with a worrying young face.

"I don't think there's such a good kid in the world."

I smiled at her with a horrible look in her eyes.

"I was surprised when I told Emulin to go away earlier. I look so scared."

"…… you don't like scary people?"

I tilted my head.



"It's better than being stupid and being nice. He's a good man for me."

Adrian, who had not spoken for a while, folds his eyes gently.


When I asked him, he answered.

"I always have a different answer than expected."

I played along with Adrian's question a little while ago.

"Don't you like someone who answers differently than expected?"

"No, good."

"That's it, then."

I smiled and looked around.

'Gift. Let's buy a present and go back. What does Adrian need?'

At the end of the day, I saw a 10,000 year old pencil shop. This is a professional shop with few shops in the alley. The shops in the alley were hard to eat and live in, so one house was a grocery store because all of these things came and sold.

'There's got to be something good.'

I grabbed Adrian's wrist and pointed to a ten-year-old pencil shop.

"What about that? Your gift."


I smiled and said, "Then let's go!" Strongly went into the store.

We greeted the clerk and looked into the 10,000 year display.

"Black is pretty, too. There's a serpent-made pattern over there."

"Yeah, it's pretty."

"What about the red? No patterns, but I think it's cleaner because it's not."


"That military blue too....."

"I'll do that."

I opened my eyes and smashed Adrian's back. Then he opened his eyes and looked round.

"Beautiful, good. Don't say that, choose what you like. You can express your intentions, fool!"


My stomach hurts. This kid was still a boy. Adrian's peers often had accidents, so the Empire had a saying, "Mar 13."

As soon as she was born, the child, who had lost her mother-in-law and lived only in the emperor's indifference, would naturally have lived by killing her own doctor.

"Pick. Slow down!"

Adrian looks at me with trembling eyes and turns his gaze to the display. Looking at the merchandise slowly, he pointed to the 10,000 year pencil in the corner of the display.

A blue ten-year pencil with a light brown strap.

"Do you like that?"


"Isn't it the cheapest? There's something better."

The design was a bit rustic as it was cheap.

"I like this."

It was a rarely stubborn face. I looked him in the eye and nodded with a smile.

'It was your choice anyway.'

"Hold it. See if it's comfortable."

When I asked the clerk if I could write a 10,000 year paper for the display, she said, "Sure!" I brought parchment, "he replied.

Adrian carefully grabs the 10,000 year pencil that the clerk put in the ink.

'Your hands are so pretty.'

"Oh, Master, your hands are so beautiful."

The clerk shook his head to make sure I wasn't the only one who thought so.

'Right, right.'

I enjoyed seeing my long, smooth fingers move lightly.

And then there's no such thing as this kid. A child whose appearance is sure, and whose voice is pleasant enough to sleep in, and whose nails are even more beautiful. It's like an artwork owed by a god.

"What do you think? Easy to write?"


"Argh! Honestly!"

"…… I think the pens are a little thick."

Then the clerk smiles comfortably and says, "Our store is also a custom. You can also make the pen thin." I told him.

"Can we grab it by the perimeter?"

"Absolutely. There are many shapes."

The clerk showed me several pens. I looked at Adrian with one side pointing at a flat pen.

"Would you like to hold this? It'll be comfortable."

Because a few years later, a pen like this is fashionable.

Adrian grabs the pen awkwardly. It does not support the flat part with its thumb, making it look sloppy.

"That's not it. Flattened part……."

It was when I held his hand and fixed how to hold it.

"You're a good man. With my daughter."

Four men with a hoarse expression rushed into the door.

What, this Yankee pose.

"Oh, Dad....."

"Come here."

"Dad, this is....."

"Let go of that hand."

I swallowed the dried saliva.

I couldn't move because I was hard, so my family said again with a sunken face.

"Come here, Lev."

"Hands off."



When I approached the tangled family, Ishak grabbed my hand and wiped my coat with a buckle of rubber.

"I don't know which one you're scared of, but you're just chasing me, huh?"

"I didn't chase him, but I brought him....."

Ishak opened his eyes, and Henri smiled brightly. John looked the same as usual, but his eyes seemed to tear Adrian to death. Really scary.

My father said to Adrian with his gaze fixed.

"What were you doing here?"

"It's Adrian's birthday, so I brought her out. Trying to buy you a 10,000 year pencil....."

Then the family's gaze was focused on the moment. It was the eagle's eyes.



"Call me by name?"


It was in the order of Johann, Ishaq, Henri and Dad. I panicked and said, "Oh, no, Prince Two..." And I fixed it quickly.

I just came to buy a friend's birthday present and why should I feel like a criminal who has been found guilty....

"It's a gift……."

"Ten thousand years? I didn't get it from the kid either!"

"That's ridiculous."


Again, the order was the same.

It's unfair. I even gave it to my family for their birthdays. I just didn't have a ten-year pen.

How do we solve this? While I was pondering, Adrian lowered her back deeply.

"I beg your pardon."

"What do you mean?"

"I know you were worried about coming with me to an unsafe place without contacting me. LeBlaine only cared about me, so blame me."

It was a very respectful apology. It was never common for the emperor's son, the only outcast prince of the Empire, to be so guilty.

I was restless and hung on my father's arm.

"No, I came out of stubbornness. Really!"

My father watched Adrian, who was still bowing his head with a thin face.

"Do not meet my daughter in the future."


"You don't seem too clumsy to know your own circumstances. Always keep in mind that my daughter is an overbearing and overbearing child."


When I frowned, Ishak and Henri grabbed me.

"My father wasn't wrong. When the prince is knifed, it's never friendship."

"Yeah, kid."

I choked.

"I didn't mean for Adrian to come out. I asked you to come out. It's me who makes the choices, and I'm responsible. I'm not a baby! But they're making me the deadliest kid to take over my responsibilities to a friend."


My father called me strictly, and John pulled out his wrist.

"Let's go."

I looked at Adrian as I was caught by my brothers.

When I look at the child standing alone, my throat stings.

* * *

The mansion is turned upside down looking for me. Wizards were summoned and Dubled's Islanders searched the shop like this.

"Very hot, kid!"

Ishaq dashed at me with a stern expression.

I sat on the couch with a fat face and looked at the fathers and brothers who surrounded me.

"I went to play with a friend."

"I'm worried about my family."

Dad said it was cool. I would have stabbed you normally, but this time I didn't back down either.

"The store is where I go every time. My dad said you can go around freely because you trust me."

"I was constrained to be with the escort."

"There was blue. Summoning Pur is more powerful than escorting them!"

My father and brothers were flawed when I shouted with a squeaky torazine expression. It was because I had never rebelled against my father this much.

Adrian was born today. It's someone's first birthday.

He smiled brightly and took a precious second and stood alone in the store. When he crossed over, a thorn appeared on his neck.

Henri said as he would soothe me.

"But you were with the two princes. He has many enemies....."

"Dubled has a lot of enemies. More than Adrian. So I don't have to go anywhere and stay home all the time?"


"I know my family loves me. But that doesn't mean you can't hurt people."

Henri kept his mouth shut to see if he had anything to say. The four of them changed their gaze for a moment. Ishaq, who is hypertensive, said with a choking face.

"Anyway, no! The Second Prince is even more. That son of a bitch feels worse than any other son of a bitch!"

"Why can't Adrian be different from the maids and other ladies in society?" 1

"You're an asshole!"

"Ishaq's a guy, too. Then we shouldn't even play with Ishaque."

"Not if you can't! They're all gross! Kid, I'm only looking for a chance to propose to you!"


"That's right! You're the cutest person in the world!"

It doesn't make sense. I didn't have the energy to talk because I only insisted on strange logic.

Families are quiet when I tell them not to bullshit, as usual.

I looked at them and groaned. Then I went up to the room with my feet banged, banged, and rolled.

My family followed me into the room.

"LeBlaine, we were just worried about you."

"Yeah, kid. Let's not get mad. Let's get some ice cream. I have your favorite apple sorbet."

"And the salmon."

This time he was trying to soothe me.

Ishak, who received an apple sorbet from the maid, raises his head.

"…… what are you doing?"

I lay with my hands together like I was lying in a coffin, uncovered.

Then I closed my eyes and replied to my family.

"I'm going to sleep without a blanket from today."


"Hey, kid!"



Panic families rushed to bed, but I said nothing.

"It's going to catch a cold. Coloccoloc."

"Rain, coward!"


"Let's settle this with calm and dialogue."


Families didn't know what to do, and the sound of wailing came out around them.

"Oh, girl!"

"Argh, argh!"

As they opened their eyes, the employers were weeping on their knees, and the family trembled less than the sheep heard, even with the power of the Cheongcheon Wall.

The chairman, who was passing by my room, shook his head like he couldn't see.