Your name is Trilloni? '

I tapped, tugged, and tapped the papers of Saint Cecile.

[You know, my name is actually Trilloni. I told you that I'm a tree in case the kids make fun of a fairy tale called Guy Trillie, but I like the name Tree. I want to be a precious person to be shaded in summer and soldered in winter!]

Trilony was never a common name in the name of the city appearing in the Bible.

The Bible is written in ancient languages and has never been interpreted in its entirety until now. And the part where Trilloni appears is very back.

The preaching to the people other than the aristocrats will not be called "Triloni" in the name of their children unless they are aristocrats.

In the Empire, a fairy tale called Trilli is so famous that anyone can think of Trilli.

As I was narrowing my glans, the Chairman asked.

"Would you like to meet Cecilia Olga?"

"Yes, but still pending. I'm not sure I can convince you."


"If it had been my father's knight, the one born of a marginal nobleman would have had unimaginable money in his hands, but when he saw it spurred out, he could not have persuaded me with wealth or power."

"I'm sure."

"If you get in touch and you're rejected, it's hard to find out. If I find out that I'm looking for an Emperor candidate, I'll have a relationship with Yvonne Emperor and Marche."

So I wrote a list of names to contact.

The Chairperson nodded, giving out other documents.

"In doing so, Count Vestia's infancy is best suited. The Emperor was the first person to respond to the rumor of entering the new Emperor, and recently Earl Vestia arranged a meeting with the Emperor's daughter to friction with the Emperor.... Lady."

The Chairman stares at the day when he is submerged in thoughts.


"You have some concerns."

I groaned and groaned with both my hands.

[LeBlaine, are you from a private orphanage, too?]


[Me too! I'm from Westian Regional Nursery over there.]

This is where Saint Cecile began her healing in the Westian region.

The name Trilony.

Tree from the orphanage.

'No matter how much you look at it, it looks like Max's Hand Tree is right.'

In this case, I don't want a damn good memory, which is the benefit of regression.

"I really don't want to get in touch with the loser kids."

"You don't have to. Isn't there a reason you haven't been looking for them?"

They're like Duke Amitier. Kids who are shabby, but can't hate them perfectly.

"In my third life, the newcomers found me."

"How? At that time, she would have run out of the orphanage and not been tested for divinity."

"You're a loser," the kids said. To get food and clothes from the newcomers. "

At that time, the temple turned on the lights and found a 13-year-old child from Teresa's nursery with a blue eye.

Of the children who were not tested for divinity on February 29, I was the only reason.

"What I said was, because I got out of the paddle."


"That's when the plague exploded. No one tried to contact the child. The Imperial Palace started supporting starving children in the Islands by offering them a piece of bread when they were in the paddle, but it wasn't possible alone."


"If I go to get bread and find out that I'm an orphan without parents, I'll find me in the temple."

The Chairman's face became frightened.

"Do not meet. Don't even try to help. They're the ones who helped your baby die."

I sighed.

[Don't hit! Don't hit Lev! Lev was just sick. That's why I couldn't get out of the mattress!]

Trees were beaten together, wrapping me around what was right for Max for failing to fill the quota.

It was Trees and Emulin who handed out bread to me that I was not afraid of going to the sanctuary.

And Tree always longed for his family.

[Emulin wishes. I have someone waiting.]

'Failure to meet with Saint Cecile until the plague erupts means she did not find the tree.'

"Hans and Duke, you're in the top office, right?"

"You've always been passionate."

"Get him disguised as a beggar and send him to Max Gurry's Hand. Tree may be the child that Saint Cecile is looking for."

I sighed deeply.

* * *

A week later, I found the top office. To get a report from Hans and Duke.

I'm sitting on the couch waiting for a while, so soon the kids come in.


I looked at the children of the beggar-like age because they were flawed.

"I dreamt and watched for the perfect infiltration!"


I dreaded my eyes when I saw the children talking loudly.

'But it's not that reassuring....'

The children were flipping sacks and burying all kinds of blackness on their faces.

Seria wraps her cheeks in one hand and gives a hard look.

"They had a romance about infiltration."

"... I didn't want you to see it, either."

"Don't worry about that. We're not beggars, but we live like beggars, so we can smoke."

I was a little embarrassed when I saw Seria smiling. Zakari laughed at me, asking if anyone had embarrassed me.

'Seria is strong.'

"All right, then, report what you found out."

Then Hans and Duke pretend to be very serious! I took out the notebook.

"Trees are from Westian province. She lived with her mother until she was two years old, and then she died and went to the nursery."

"The Westian region is far away, but the orphanage principal beats him every day to escape! Hide in the luggage wagon, that's great!"


I swung my eyes wide open and dried up the children who were watching each other.


"I fight with Emulin every day."

"Emulin is a strange kid. I keep getting annoyed..... No, it didn't come out of the mattress, so Marx had it covered. But he just got mad at Tree. I'm not doing this anymore! like this."

"That's right. Just give me the temper to meet."

I opened my eyes in circles.

"Didn't Emulin take care of you?"

Emulin has a bird 's-eye face, but she takes care of the newcomers in the family.

It's not as easy to recognize as a tree, but it teaches me something like this to get used to living in the street.

That's why the geese are called Emulins like their mothers, sisters, or sisters.

"Yes! You almost kicked Max out yesterday? If the tree hadn't dried up, I'd have been banished."

"Tree is a good kid. Hand out the bread. It's a little silly."

"Yeah, a little bit. The tree doesn't know the letters, and the calculations are always wrong. But power is good. And if the animal is sick, I also know how to treat it...."

Seria said, "Guys." Mate! Hans and Duke got serious again when they clapped their hands.

"Tree wants to have a family, but he doesn't."

"No, she said she had an aunt. But she didn't come to the funeral because she didn't get along. Auntie won't find the tree. So he said he couldn't wait."

I stared at the Chairman who came with me. He frowns at the glance and nods.

In the meantime, Hans and Duke said, "We don't have an aunt, but we have a sister. Sister Seria!" she laughed.

Seria stroked the children's heads. Then he looked at me.

"I think you're right."

"I have to meet with Saint Cecile."

"I'll arrange a seat in the name of the Hope Merchant Guild. Maybe we can get the perfect Emperor candidate thanks to your 'companion'."

Seria's eyes sparkle, and I nod.

* * *

The view, the deep alleys of the shopkeepers.

"Yeolin, are you sure you won't eat? It's been two days. You want to starve to death?"

The tree with the food shakes the emulin that covers the fur to the top of its head. Emulin, who had been silent for a long time, choked on the castle.

"I'm not eating! I'm just gonna starve to death! Get out of here!"

"You really...!"

"What are you doing alive?"

After shouting, the children in the abandoned building did not eat food, but saw Emulin's eyes.

"He really..... My brothers are scared!"

"What a brother. You're all your brother's gang mates? Listen to me! You have to live like this for the rest of your life. A kid without a guardian can't get a job, and all he has to do is sell it to a faraway farm! We'd better all die together...!"


Emulin's head is back. She glances at the tree, wrapping her cheeks around a burning flame.

Trees cried and made an impression.

"How can you say that.... They're still children.There's no such thing as cursing a seven-year-old."

"…… I was right."

"It's strange since I met the Master at the Folk Shop, you."

"…… it's off."

"I'm sorry I hit you. But, Emulin, no more...."

"Shut up! Shut up! What do you know about being abandoned by your aunt? I'm not like you! I told you my dad was coming looking for me!"

Emulin, who pushes the tree, lies on the floor and pulls up the fur.

The figure of the boy who kept turning cold was in front of his eyes.

I've never seen a boy so beautiful. It was such a boy who was drawn when he imagined himself as a noble infant.

I knew there was a girl next door, but what does that have to do with anything?

The girl next to the boy was wearing the cloak of the Focal Point. New Zealand was about to resemble itself.

Then it can't be better than me. Moreover, he was a nobleman who would one day live luxuriously in search of his father.

'Cause I'm not a nobleman yet.'

My father didn't come, so you ignored me?

[My father will come when you're ten, Emulin.]


You're not coming.

"When you're ten, your dad won't come. '

I kept feeling inferior. The family I was waiting for did not come, but I felt like I would live my whole life in this dark, shabby backalley.

The tree sighs deeply and looks at the back of the shivering Emulin.

* * *

The skilled seria easily gained the opportunity to talk from Cecilia, who does not meet a top person, a high noble.

And today is the day I decided to meet Cecilia.

I was looking in the mirror and I was just leaving the room, and my dad came in.

"Are you leaving now?"

I looked at the distant employers and whispered to my father.

"Yes. I'm going with Seria, the Chairman, and Zakari to where Miss Olga is. You know that, right? Cecilia Olga."


"You said it was an article by my father?"

"Reset's escort."

The Duke's wife's name came out and I was surprised.

'It was the escort of the Duchess like Leah....'

Turning to Leah, she smiles as if she knows what's going on.

"Tell me when you see her. Now you don't have to worry about us."

I don't know what that means, but my father's eyes subside, so I nod slowly.

My father stroked my head with a faint smile.

"You have to say goodbye."

Then he held me in his arms, and I kissed my father's cheek and said,

"I'll be there!"


I also greeted my brothers and went to the greenhouse. Then he tore apart the long-distance movers with Seria and the chairman, who came to the mansion secretly, angry with the elderly.

A dazzling light wrapped around her body, and when she opened her eyes again, she was in the reception room where she was seen as an objection point.

A woman with black hair sitting on the couch raised her body.

"Are you a Hop Merchant?"