The Chairman, Seria, and Trigon raise their bodies as they swollen their eyes, grasping Tree's hand, and entering the Merchant Office.

"Young lady...!"

Seria approaches with a frightened look at the dress, which has become all filthy with a violent battle.

"I fought."


"I won."


I hesitated, pretended to raise my chin.

Max is so big that he's afraid of nearby paddles, but he's not that scared when he rips them off.

Frequently hit by Max in my last life, I was sewing up his attack pattern.

'It's not right anymore.'

I get hungry every day when I live with a wild goose, and I get knocked out because of a bad adult accident, and now my head is twitching.

He is trained in hell by Ishaq during the Virtual War and retains his evasion skills.

I got hit wrong, rubbed my frozen nose wildly and looked back at the tree.

"You want something to eat?"

Tree looked at the adults with a dead face.

"Ah, no……."

I can hear the beeping.

'The grown-ups must be scared.'

Thinking about it, my sidekick was very dirty. Before I got used to all the prenatal hypnosis, I would have winked.

An old man, Seria, smiles kindly and looks at the tree.

"What kind of juice would you like, little lady? Orange juice? There's milk or chocolate."

"Well, I....."

Trees roar for a while, and I shake her hand.

"Drink chocolate. Chocolate. It's really good if you add milk to warm it up."

It tastes like two to eat and three to die.

"Then with chocolate……."

Seria nods lovingly, and I whisper to Seria a little further away from the tree.

"Bring me some body pills. And I'll give you an address so you can send the kids their favorite food. Cookies, pies, pudding, meat."

"Yes, miss."

Then I sat on the couch with the tree. Seria quickly brought a week's worth of chocolate and milk.

Careful, the face of the tree that drank milk is brightened.


Didn't I? I shed tears for the first time.

Trees suck the chocolate on their hands as if they were blindfolded.

Thereafter, Seria opened her mouth.

"Nice to meet you, Trilloni. I'm Deputy Chechet of the Hope Merchant Guild."

"Uh, how can I..... name him, and I'm not the one to raise my voice....."

"You have to have an example. He's your precious nephew."

"Your nephew?"

When I stared at Zakari, who was standing in the small passageway that led to the office, he picked up the tapestry. The one who walked out of it was Cecilia.

Cecilia has been blushing since she saw the tree. She reaches out carefully as she approaches the tree.

"Hello, Trilloni."


Trees look around with a confused face. His eyes roll in a rush to see if he really is.

I nod and the tree shook, swallowing my saliva and slowly opening my mouth.

"Ooh, is this our aunt?"

"…… yes."

"Uh, my mom and aunt didn't get along so well……. That's why the principal said I was abandoned, obviously, obviously....."

Cecilia hugs the dry tree while crying. The tree, which held Cecilia's collar without a clue, frowned as my shoulders wetted.

Trees with a messy impression cried.

"Ooh, is this our aunt? Are you sure you don't want to be an aunt, right?"

"I'm sorry I came so late....."

That's good.

It was really good.

Cecilia was a good person to save the tree.

* * *

Trees were full of energy about how they cried. I'll drink chocolate and take my body pills together, so I won't be able to be more powerful.

"Let's live together now, aunt. I'll help you eat what you want, do what you want, and sleep when you want."

"Ha, but the children of the gang....."

"I'm going to help the kids live comfortably. Once I got together, I decided to get a home to live in and support the food."

"Then..... but you don't have to go now, do you?"

"If you can, you better get going."

"I want to go and say hello.... and there is a child who is like a sister and if I leave without saying anything...."

"Of course. Say hello."

Cecilia smiles softly, and Trey is happy to run.

"So can I go now?"

"Alone? It's dangerous."

"I grew up here. I know every corner. None of it is dangerous."

Cecilia nods as if she can't help but think for a moment.

The tree tried to run out without a bird to dry. Seria, who grew up in the House of Hope and cared for her younger siblings, cleverly grasped the tree. Then I gave the child a good quality coat.

"Your aunt would be upset if she wore it so cold."

Cecilia said, "Thank you." I bowed my head, and Trido Hehe laughed and greeted me and quickly left the Merchant Office.

The tree looks small as God jumps out of the window. Cecilia, who had been watching for a while, gripped her cheeky toes tightly.

"When you first suggested it, I wasn't really confident. Emperor. I dared to think of it as a realm I could not dream of."


"But I have to. It's horrible to see my nephew grow up in such a poor environment."

Charitable business is organized by the Emperor's Palace. Welfare funds are always delivered, but never properly delivered to disadvantaged children.

For the Emperor, it was the political fund that would put his son on the throne.

As everyone knows, the welfare fund was considered a public bribe because everyone was silent.

"I'll be Emperor. I want to be."

Cecilia looked at me with determination.

When I smiled, Seria put something on the table. It was a lighthouse.

"We make the right deal."

"…… deal? Can there be a deal on your behalf? The beginning of cooperation is trust, baby."

"If you could just trust a person, a contract wouldn't exist in the first place."

Cecilia's purchase was gently curved.

"You really are a good match for Dublin Red."

"First, we will make every effort to make Cecilia Emperor. And I respect Cecilia's doctor for everything. However, on a line that is not harmful to Dubled."


"Secondly, when Cecilia enters the Emperor's Palace, I can make three demands on you. Whatever it is, even if you are against Cecilia's doctor, you must listen to my request."

"That's too dangerous a condition."

"The conclusion won't be detrimental to the Empress. Absolutely. I swear."

"There seems to be no room for negotiation on the second condition. Yes."

"Third, the Emperor must not in any case harm the Prince Adrian."

Cecilia's eyes narrowed.

"Prince Adrian?"

"I want Cecilia to be the perfect guardian of the sun in the new empire."

The sun of the new empire. Cecilia shed light on the words referring to the next Emperor.

"That's why you wanted to make me Emperor."

Precisely one of the preparatory tasks for Dublin Independence, but I was able to hide my insides and nod.

"The future of the Empire will be brighter than the Emperor's coming from Yvonne's palace. I'll take it."

"Finally, nothing about me can be shed outside."

"I swear."

"What condition does Cecilia want?"

"I'm the only one."


"Stay close to me."

"…… Yes?"

"I like your baby."

I nodded as I opened my eyes in circles.


When I put my hand on the light bulb first, Cecilia stretched out her hand over my back.

A vow was made under the admission of the Wizard Trigon. At this moment, his lungs seemed to be tightened. And the light became a chain, and Cecilia and I curled up, and vanished within days. Only then could I breathe properly.

Cecilia narrows her glans and hits her chest.

"The second one doesn't adapt very well."

The second chandelier?

I looked at Cecilia as if it meant something, and Trigon narrowed his glans and asked.

"This is a sacrament that only the Imperial Court, Dublin and Temple have. Do you force the use of your vocabulary in Dublin Red?"

"This is not Dubled's sanctuary."


"Reset had it. Maybe Leah took it back to Dublin in the aftermath."

"What does that mean……."

"Leah, me, and Reyna, Leah's sister, were tracked down in the mountains, and they swore an oath to this nameplate. I'm going to protect the baby bird with my life."

That's ridiculous.

I harden and stare at Cecilia.

"No way. It's only Leah and Reyna who are the only two people who will defend Lisette when she dies. Why Cecilia...."

"What are you talking about? Who guarded Lisette's side in the mountains..... who guarded her...?"

Cecilia sits on her forehead.

"It's Leah and Rayna."

I shake Cecilia's muttering shoulders.

"Leah and Reyna stood by, and how Cecilia used her chandelier!"

"That's..... Battlegrounds, mountains... Baby bird... Ugh!"

Cecilia is in pain with her forehead. From the neck, a blue cord came up, like a branch with a leaf hanging from it.


Seria quickly supported her.

I looked at the Chairman.

"What happened? What are you talking about?"

"I don't know. Leah reports that the escorts were annihilated in the castle. Sir Cecilia Olga fell from the mountain entrance, and it was Leah and Reyna who went up to the mountain."

"So Leah lied? That can't be right. And why is Cecilia doing this? It's like……!"

I stopped screaming and looked at Cecilia in agony.

"As if…… like a golden man……."

The Chairman asked me what I said.

"Do you have this kind of magic?"

We all looked at the Wizard, Trigon.

Trigon panics and stumbles.

"Even though there is such magic....."

"You have it?"

"The Trigon..... so it's not me, it's the real Trigon. If it's the magic that he experimented with his life...."

"What the hell is that magic!"

When I shouted, Trigon swallowed the drool and replied.

"Memory manipulation."

"That's ridiculous……."

"Ha, but this is not very likely…. The price is the magician's life, and the one who can cast it is the only one."

Trigon, who was talking in a fuzzy voice, shut his mouth.

It didn't lead to words, but everyone here was intuitive.

Only one crusader was put into battle a decade ago. He was a real Trigon.

There is something we don't know about Reset's death.