I moved to the mansion with Trigon, Cecilia.

Both Cecilia and Trigon were pale in complexion.

Cecilia stubbornly chased me with her body uncovered, and it would have been embarrassing for Trigon to have Dubled tied up in the denial of her brotherly friendship.

Upon returning to the mansion, people were astonished.

It was because there were people who had known Cecilia who had left Dublin ten years ago.

The most outrageous of them was Leah, who was here with her.

"How can you be with the lady...."

"Where's your dad?"

"You're in the office."

"Leah, come with me."

I immediately headed to the executive office.

My father, who was talking to North, looked at Cecilia and narrowed his glans.

"What's going on?"

"I have something to tell you. It's urgent, so please pass on the people."


With Dad's eyes open, North and the administrators made a visit.

They were all suspicious when the door was closed.

My father sat on the couch, and me, Cecilia, and Trigon sat around him.

Salfin Leah also took a tangled position in the atmosphere.

Dad asked.

"So, what's there to talk to me about, bringing me all the way?"

My father was somewhat impatient to me and the people I brought, but he was a different attitude than usual.

It was the view of the one who suffered such difficulties every day at the top of the power.

But his spare time.

"The day Dubled lost Reset and the baby bird."

In my mouth, the reset and the baby bird were mentioned, and the frozen lake was shattered.

My father's eyes hardened all the time.

"Young lady." He called me in a rather urgent tone.

I asked my father without answering.

"Remember that day?"

"…… Rv."

"Remember, do you?"

My father, who closed his eyes for a moment, replied in a very low voice.


"What about Leah?"

"…… I remember."

"Tell me."

Leah looked at my father.

Only after my father nodded did she carefully take out the memory of that day.

"Your master suddenly emptied the castle due to the attacks of the immigrants who crossed the border. There was an attack on the fleet in pursuit of that time."


"The soldiers of the fleet crossed the gate, and Lisette's escort and maid sister escaped with her."

Until then, it was remembered by everyone in Dublin.

"By the time I tried to get out of Dublin, Reset's labor had begun. We had to go into the mountains to give birth, and while my sister was helping Lisette give birth in the cave, the escorts fought at the entrance to the mountains. He couldn't beat the mathematical inferiority and the escort collapsed. So I'm the only one...."

From here, Leah and Cecilia have two different memories.

I put the light bulb on the couch table.


"Absolutely. It's the relic that Reset had, isn't it?"

"How do you know that?"

"I am the one who brought Reset from the foothills...."

Leah replies with a puzzled expression, her father's eyes twitching.

"No. You can't know this."


"I found out how to use the lightbulb after the reset. She didn't tell me how to use the light bulb either!"

"Like that....."

I bit my lips tightly.

'Why didn't I know?'

At that time, my father and Dublin people would never have known how to use the lighthouse.

If I'd known, someone as thorough as you wouldn't have used your name tag.

If he had a name tag, he wouldn't have attacked his father in the first place.

This is a great leash. No matter what he did by threatening his lineage, my father would have used a lighting bolt to prevent him from harming Reset and his brothers.

"Leah. How do you remember? Did Reset ever show you this in Dublin?"

"Ah……. No, that's....."

She made a confused impression.

She grips her forehead while looking at the light bulb with her eyes wide open.

"No, I don't. You showed me that before. Where... when was it? Needle...... thread? Oh, yeah, I think it was the bedroom."

Leah mutters with a gloomy face, and the Trigon growls.

"He's also right about his magic."

"Are you sure?"

"A crafted memory must have errors. When something goes wrong, the memory is reestablished, as Lord Leah Shabanol did. Simply put, 'When a golden man notices something suspicious in his memory, it is reconstructed in real time.'"

Trigon grinds his teeth and says, "Like Lord Leah Shabanol now." He added:

My father asked me with a firm face.

"A manipulated memory."

"Leah, Cecilia, and Reyna, Leah's sister, used the guitar."


"The day Reset died. I promised to put a newborn baby bird in front of her and save her life."


"Cecilia was there. But Leah and Cecilia are all stoned and don't remember. Because the real Trigon made a golden move to manipulate his memory!"

My father, Leah and Cecilia's gaze turned to Trigon.

Trigon said with a white-faced face.

"I'm the closest I've ever seen him experiment with. I know what the flaws are in his memory manipulation."

"A flaw."

"The memory of someone with strong divine power is impossible to manipulate perfectly."

It does not mean that if you have a memory error like Leah, it will be reconstructed in real time.

So unlike Leah, Cecilia could question her manipulated memory.

Until then, I looked at Cecilia with a flaw.

"..... Tree's mother, Cecilia's sister."


"Are you sure you died of the plague?"

"What, what did you say....."

"It's strange. Cecilia's sister is dead and Tree is missing. The timing is so exquisite....."

All the people who were gathered in my father's office lost their horses as if they had been struck by lightning.

'That's what it was.'

The real Trigon said he died of a failed trick.

I didn't think Cecilia, the knight, would have divine power, because she manipulated the memory.

'You must have realized it after the golden rule failed.'

Those with divine power cannot manipulate perfect memory.

If Cecilia is in Dubled, people in Dubled may notice the truth of the case.

That's why I had to leave Cecilia.

Killed her sister, made her nephew disappear.

Cecilia's face completely collapsed.

"…… That's ridiculous. It can't be. No, no, no! You can't have died because of me!"

She cried desperately.


Leah came running and supported her.

The tears of his eyes burst into a jacquard and his blood was like the tears of blood.

"No……. No. Ah, please, sister...!"

In the room where I became Asura, I looked at my father.

As if time had stopped, he looked under his feet.

He didn't even breathe properly.

I couldn't even speak to my father like Asrai was weathered.

The wind blew.

The curtain swings, and Reset's frame, which always occupied one side of Dad's desk, collapses.

Over the baby bird's shoes.

* * *

That night.

The son-in-law was all dark. Light was all the moonlight that broke white in a huge window.

I sent Trigon and Leah back, and I watched Cecilia stretch out like a corpse in that Dublin Medical Center bed.

The room was quiet.

The night of the 10,000 months that seemed to have been consumed by the darkness even by the sound of breath.

I held Cecilia's hand a little.

I heard a voice that seemed to be cut off because I was carefully squeezing her hand.

"Why are you crying?"


Cecilia closes her eyes and turns her head.

"I should have listened to my sister from the beginning... I shouldn't have encouraged greed. I shouldn't have thought I wanted to be a knight."


"My wind killed my sister."


Her silhouette trembles finely.

It was like a poor lamb who was hasty and timid and did not know what to do.

"The night is late. It's time for her to go to sleep."

"…… It's okay because it's not a child."

Cecilia's eyes slowly moved toward me.

"I die three times, I live four times. Some have been betrayed by their families as children of false destiny, and others have been abused and killed. I've been betrayed by a friend who lives as a beggar. To the tree."


Cecilia's eyes were twisted.


"But Cecilia. But you can still live."


"Even if I don't have anyone by my side, even if I feel guilty about breathing, I can live."


"Today's pain, I think, is the biggest pain I've ever experienced? No. Tomorrow could be more painful."

As I wept and barked forcefully, Cecilia cautiously aroused herself.

"Then today's pain is nothing. And I think," Destroy the world. ""


"By the way, there was hope. Strange, isn't it?"

When she said that she looked at me, Zigsy asked.

"What hope can I have? I killed my sister and I couldn't protect Reset...."

"I will be the hope of Cecilia. You can be a knight without holding a sword."


"Protect me. I will be the owner of Cecilia's sister, her family."

She smiled small.

"This little sister."


"Strange. Strange. Why comfort?"

I tried not to cry, but no matter how patient I was, I kept crying.

Scrubbing her eyes with the palm of her hand, she pushed out my hand slightly and wiped her wet cheeks.

She got up in bed and knelt under my feet.

And I kissed my foot very slowly.

Surprisingly shrugging her shoulders, she said.

"I take the oath of allegiance."

I will probably not forget this moment even if I die.

The symbol of peace written in history, the strongest Emperor in the history of the Empire, was the moment I came into my hands.

* * *

Theodore gazes at LeBlaine and Cecilia on her knees with a slight opening of the infirmary.


When he turned his head to John's whisper, a very similar rich man exchanged his weary gaze.

"I took a look at the record of the phrase you said."

"…… Am I right?"


John's eyes were dim with dim dimples.

"The fact that the youngest are alive because they risked their lives to protect the youngest means that the youngest is also alive."


Theodore tightly squeezes the ring divided by the reset.

"Send a search party to the mountain where Reset is dead."



After turning his head to LeBlaine for a moment, he said in a voice without hesitation.

"Recognize the orphanage where LeBlaine was."

"Why is LeBlaine...?"

"I can't help but imagine myself."

Maybe Reset, I can't imagine that you led the baby bird to me.