John's face hardened.

"Investigating an orphanage doesn't make sure the speculation is true."

There is no other way to identify a relative in this world.

To the best of my ability I could compare the characteristics of my parents or use magic to determine whether the quality of magic or divine power was the same.

However, LeBlaine had no characteristics similar to Dubled except Chuan.

The three halves of the Empire have a blue eye, so there is no evidence of Dubled's blood.

I couldn't even compare the quality of magic power.

Dubled's relatives were all the owners of magic power, and LeBlaine was the owner of divine power.

There is no way to prove that the child is a baby bird unless a reset with divine power comes back alive and compares quality.

"Unless we unlock the Trigon's magic, we have nothing to know."

"But you can add credibility to your speculation."

As John looked down on his knees, Theodore warned him severely.

"Investigate directly. No one should notice that I'm speculating."

"I know. If it ends in vain hope, it will hurt Henri, Ishaq, and..... Lebleyne."


Theodore, who was looking at LeBlaine in the crack, turned around within a few steps.

* * *

Early in the morning, Trigon came to the mansion.

Pressing on the hood, he pulls out a pile of paperwork full of arms as soon as he meets me.

"What is this?"

"It's his research."

"Is this really the Trigon's golden experimental record?"

I hurriedly heard the data. On a piece of paper that was cut to the smell of mold, the writing shriveled.

'Exactly. That's the record of the experiment.'

But why did they leave this behind?

If I were the one who instructed the memory manipulation, I would not leave these records. Absolutely.

"He..... Aragon kept it. Very secretly."

The real Trigon's father, Aragon.

The senior court wizard, Aragon, was the one who forced Wale to perform a fake Trigon.

Aragon had dementia, so when the real Trigon was found dead, all the wealth he had accumulated by his relatives would be taken away and thrown into the streets.

The fake Trigon Wale grabbed my hand because he told me about the death of Aragon I saw before the regression.

'Aragon with dementia was keeping this in secret..?'

Trigon bites his lips.

"Young lady, perhaps……. Maybe……."

".... You rich people might have been involved in the case of Reset too, right?"

When I guessed exactly what he was saying, Trigon swallowed the drool.

"You said in your last life that I was a fake Trigon and died?"


"Aragon will be deprived of all his wealth by relatives and put on the streets, but after my death, someone trickled down Aragon's reputation and said that no one had reaped him."

"That's right."

"If the man who killed Reset killed Aragon and I who might have the golden data for the complete destruction of the evidence....."

It is not a story with no possibility at all.

No, it was a story that fits like a puzzle.

"I'm going to kill you."

The eyes of the red-blooded Trigon are clearly hostile.

While I was still looking at him, I sighed and sat in the chair.

"So you're asking me to help you get revenge? It's hard to say. Just sit down."

Trigon's eyes fluttered.

I had a special affection for Dublin Red, so I thought I'd be that excited.

But I shrugged and said with an imaginative attitude.

"You didn't just bring a bunch of paperwork, did you?"


"A way to unlock the real Trigon, isn't it?"


I opened his back with a fist! I got off.

"What changes when I'm angry? We need to find the master hat, find a way to avenge him!"

I know I've had all four prenatal periods in my life, but nothing changes with the heat.

We have to figure out what to do next in time of excitement.

So what we're going to do is...

I stretched my fingers, pretended and said,

"First, find the master hat."


"Secondly, we find out why we have a series of incidents."


"And third, I give a passage. This is the order."

After saying that, I unhooked my fist.

Trigon, who saw the candy I was holding, puzzled his face.

"What is it?"

I whispered to Trigon.

"It tastes like you two are going to die if three of you die. Leah only gives one a day because her teeth rot."

"So why did you give it to me....."

"I just stole it because I thought I needed it!"

Trigon's expression became strange as he raised his head.

"…… did you notice that I was excited to come?"

"Come on, Foot."


"You know, the Trigons are just like old people. It's good to live like a person, even if the money is light and narrow."


"Murderers don't fit very well. So leave it to me to do something dirty and deadly. Do you understand?"

Trigon's pupils shake well.

He stood up and bent his knee while he was still looking at me.

"Oath of allegiance."

"That was Cecilia yesterday."

I just cut it off and shook my hand.

"If people are different, how can an oath of allegiance be first come first!"

"Shut up! Do you have time for this? Hurry up and find out how to unlock the magic! Don't move until you unlock the gold to Cecilia and Leah!"

We struggled as we once did.

Trigon smiles as if he had no choice.

"Aragon kept his diary with the records of the real Trigon golden experiment. According to the diary, he may have been intimidated."


"Yes. The real Trigon blackmailer said," The one with the tattoo on the back of his hand. ""

At this moment, I recalled what Seria said when she examined the people who bought the children of Hope's house.

[I was able to find clues from the manager of the house of hope who bought the children. He has a tattoo on his back of his hand.]

It was then.

Knock-knock, I heard a slow knock.

When he turned his head, his father, who had a few parchments, stood with John in front of the greenhouse.

"Can I join the conversation?"


I smiled widely and ran to my father.

My father also smiled and handed me parchment.


"Trilloni, Cecilia's nephew, the orphanage where your friend Tree stayed."

"Have you already investigated?"

John answered my question instead of my father.

Perhaps I heard the truth of the case of Reset's death from my father.

"Dubled's cancer is brilliant. I discovered something interesting during the investigation."

"What is it?"

"There was a tattoo on the back of the hand of the man who brought Trilloni to the orphanage."

Who sent Jacob to Dubled Castle when he was five years old to buy my abduction.

The one who helped summon Duke Valois's Devil.

The one who became a passage between the Duke of Marche and the Duke of Valois.

'They all had tattoos on the back of their hands.'

If so, the correct answer to the first question is the same as that already found.

I know who was behind Duke Marche.

My father and I, John, put their mouths together and said,




I twisted my purchases with a slash of parchment.

We didn't say it out loud, but everyone knew.

That the scorching flames of war are burning.

'It was fun swinging us behind, wasn't it?'

But it won't be now.

I squeezed Etwal tightly and thought.

'I won't stand still.'

* * *

Now we need to find out why the Temple is killing Reset and targeting Dubled.

'And revenge.'

My father also told Henri and Ishak about this.

It was the reason why they shouldn't have known that Reset and the baby bird were involved.


Ishaq, whose eyes were red, cried out.

Henri was hardened as if rooted in the ground.

Ishaq grinds his teeth.

"Break into the temple now! I need to know why you hurt my mother!"

Henri said in a sinking voice.

"Does that mean the temple will tell you why?"

"But it can't be like this...!"

"We can't stay like this, so we're working together. Is there anyone here who's not as bothered as you?"


"We're feverish, but we can't win the war with the temple yet. The moment you point the sword at the temple, the nobles will gather. I'll be happy to say it's a great chance to bring down the damn Dubled."

"Damn it!"

Ishaq grinds his teeth as he lowers the table.

My father's expression was not good either.

"Where did you go when you did this?"

When Ishak asked his father, he answered after a few seconds of silence.

"I sent him down to territory to find out. I'll leave the system for about two months, so you don't have to wonder where your brother is."

"What is so important that you are in territory..!"

When Ishaq choked, I raised my hand.

"Well... I want to make it between the temple and the Imperial Court."




My family looked at me.

"There's no reason why the Temple can be so cold in the Empire. because of the imperial support."

"Yes. The emperors of the First World War have built temples for peace of mind."

I laughed at Henri's answer.

"But Alexandre, the current emperor, thinks differently. The power of the temple has become so great that it is time to shrink."

"But, child, since the Emperor, who was defending the Temple, let go, the Temple must be weakened now?"

"That's not it. Emperor Yvonne's powers are much stronger than those of Emperor Yvonne, but Emperor Yvonne and her best friend, Duke Marche, are tied to the temple. That's why the Emperor can't weaken the Temple of Good Will."

"So what do you think?"

I glanced at Henri's question and replied.

"I've got the perfect match for the new Emperor."

"Cecilia Olga?"


"How did you get him into the Imperial Palace? Marsh would think you're on my side, but if we make a new Emperor, he'll hold you back."

"Just like we didn't make it."


I put the communication stone on the table, with a smile.

"Are you ready, Cecil?"

[Yes. The Emperor has now arrived at the street where he left the ambush.]

Operation name, "You're the first woman to hit my cheek."