The emperor's pursuit was entirely LeBlaine's.

Here's the order of things.

Once the Chairman spills a single punch of diamonds while the Grand Chamberlain's grandson is on his way back to the palace.

The child took it cold and gave it to my grandfather.

Thereafter, Seria went to the Chamberlain and said, "Mother's Day Diamond, it's me." Uh-huh, finish laughing.

The Grand Chamberlain, who was bribed in a groundbreaking manner, said without fear.

[This is the sleepiest, deadliest bribe I've received in the last 40 years. I'm surprised you're using a child! Even if you get caught, you'll have ninety-nine excuses!]

When the masters of dishonest solicitation and bribery came together, the baking of a chaplain was this simple.

Afterwards, the coroner, impressed by the bribery in the castle, told the Emperor no.

[The aftermath of the Great Drought is reaching the Islands. It is said that there is an uprising in various parts of the world because of the frustration.]

[We will soon send water sources from Dubled to each jurisdiction. My breath will be twisted, so my mood will be quiet. But how dark is your face?]

[I have gathered three monarchs from my predecessor to His Majesty. There's something I've seen and heard from an old fool. The Emperor was not recorded as a Holy Army. Where would that be because of a lack of holiness? It is because of the pervasiveness of the parasites that are called my belly with a sacred heart toward the people.]

[But keep it simple. What do you want to say?]

[If you seize power, there will be corrupters. There are many dead and rotten people in this empire. Will the water source be delivered safely to the Minchos?]

[Hmm, that makes sense to you. I must summon the heads of the jurisdictions and warn them severely.]

[Do you have any great greetings to reveal your desire in front of His Majesty?]

[So is he. …… be prepared. We have to go out on the trail.]

[Ouch...! How dare you! Please reap your word!]

[No, you're right. I've released too many of my officials. 'It's old and rotten.' That's right. Go see for yourself.]

[Heaven will be touched by the Holy Heart!]

The Grand Chamberlain fell flat and said, "My lungs!!" It was decided to roar.

The emperor, deeply flipped over the hood, frowned at the long ropes outside the Islands.

"What's that line? Did you open an unauthorized stall?"

The Grand Chamberlain replied as received from Seria beforehand.

"This line leads to St. Olga's Healing Center."

"Medical center?"


At that time, Hans, who was looking around the healing center under the command of LeBlaine, steals the conversation and blinks.

'The Emperor has arrived at the infirmary. Ready to go!'

Seto, who received Hans' signal, pokes the side of the performer at the end of the line (Hoff Merchant Worker).

Then the performer flashed and recited the lunar dialogue from yesterday.

"Three, Cecilia Olga is a great person!"

"Then! Ah, do you have an emperor? Woe to the Emperor!"

"Three, Cecilia Olga is the Emperor of this street. Hahaha!"

The Emperor's face was distorted.

But if you rule over the people without knowing anything, there will be no one left in this empire.

Emperor Tsk, kicked his tongue and tried to turn his foot.

Seto, who saw it, signaled Hans.

Two trillion dollars! '

Hans shakes his hand behind the rock, and the sleepy little ones rush to the end of the line.

"This is Saint's Healing Center, isn't it?"

"That, yes!"

"Whoa, whoa!"

"Have you also come to be treated by the Saint?"

"No, I'm here to see the Saint. He's brilliant."

"Well, yes."

"The Saint, who even abandoned the Emperor, said he would look down on us!"

The children sympathized with each other.

"Saint, this is amazing."

"Brother, I wish the Emperor could do it. Isn't that right?"

"No. There's a stupid emperor in the castle."

"But the Saint is bigger!"

The Emperor's face turned red.

The Grand Chamberlain said, noticing the sluggishness.

"Do not be distracted by what the people of Ardun say."

"Is Jim so sleepy! Jim is just..... Oh, yeah. I was angry with the man who set up the infirmary without Jim's permission."

"Yes. The Saint Olga is neither a priest nor a doctor, so you should not treat the people as you normally would."

"Yes! How dare a cult harass Jim's people and make money? We must keep the passover in front of the people so that a special crowd will not ride."

"You are indeed wise."

The Grand Chamberlain secretly frowned on the Emperor as he was asked by Seria.

The emperor crossed the line with a furious face and headed to Cecilia.

Cecilia was sitting in an old chair looking at the old man's legs.

From Cecilia's reach, a weak light dawned, and soon the face of the elder became more comfortable.

"For the time being, don't do field work."

"Ew, it's time to harvest. What if we can't work the field?"

The old man jumped and said, "No. No." Stirring his head, Cecilia said with a playful face.

"Your joints are so inflamed, you might have to amputate your legs next time you go out."

"Hey, cut?"

It was then.

The Emperor approached with a stiff face and said:


'You're here.'

After noticing the Emperor's identity, Cecilia hides the communication equipment in her ear and raises her head.

[Tell them to line up for care.]

"Line up for care."

As LeBlaine said, Cecilia glanced at the emperor.

The emperor frowns as he bursts into thin air.

"Who gave you permission to set up a clinic like this?"

[Not a clinician. Where is the clinic that doesn't even have a tent without a building?]

"I'm not a clinician. They didn't even have a building, they couldn't do it, they didn't even have tents. There's no such clinic in the world."

Then there really is no tent. National law stipulates that "practitioners" should not be established.

Practitioner. That is, you should not set up a home where you see care.

'Targeting the gaps in the law..... and be mean!'

The Emperor's face turned red.

"Are you qualified? Unqualified people can't see care!"


[Shh, shh! Don't tell me!]

LeBlaine hurriedly stops Cecilia from speaking and sends a signal to Hans on the other communication stone.

Hans, who received the signal, cooked and stabbed the side of the man in the front row (worker at the top).

"Why are you interrupting the Saint's care!"

Then the workers of the merchant, disguised as the patient, gathered their mouths and shouted.

"Why don't you do your homework because you want to get medical attention first?"

"Get the fuck out of my way!"

"Fuck off!"

As the workers of the Merchant Guild, hidden among those who received care, incited ordinary patients to stare at the Emperor with their eyes open.

The emperor was embarrassed by people's cries.

"Oh, no, these people..... There are two imperially licensed hospitals nearby, and there is a temple! You need to be treated by a qualified doctor and a shrink. You need to be swayed by a cult!"

A worker from the Merchant Guild disguised as a patient shouts as instructed by LeBlaine.

"We didn't know that, so we must have gathered here! Do you know how much it costs to get medical attention from an imperially licensed medical institution?"

"Yes! If people like us want to cross the threshold, we have to give up the field!"

"A hospital or a temple is a place for noble lords!"

The emperor became increasingly puzzled. I don't know what they're talking about.

"The medical expenses of private hospitals have been frozen by the Emperor. so that even ordinary people can be cared for..!"

"What a ghost. What do you think the Emperor is eating and playing at the Imperial Palace? Do you know how to make money in a hospital like that? It's a drug, it's an operating fee, it's a special fee, so I'm almost going to charge you for it, you idiot! Get the fuck out of here!"

The emperor couldn't stand the anger and grabbed the necklace of the shouter.

"Should we call the Emperor to regain consciousness! Stupid things, to me right now...!"


"Stop it!"

Cecilia holds the Emperor's arm.

"I can't let go of this!"

Oh, shit!

Cecilia raised the Emperor's cheek.

"Well, what are you doing……!"

"He had no money to ride horses, so he carried his sick wife and came to this place for another 300 kilometers. He's got lung disease."

In fact, the one who was necked by the emperor was the emperor himself.

The emperor then looked at the man with the blue face and shut his mouth.

"And he lived in a private orphanage, and he had no hospital fees, so he had a cold with pneumonia."


"Do you think we don't know that we shouldn't violate national law?"


"This is all I know. For the royals and nobles, the cost of the hospital is enormous for them."

Speaking of which, I was ecstatic. The water in Cecilia's eyes was young.

The emperor looks back without saying a word to the frightened and sick.

They are all plain and good faces. Those who can't think they can break the law.


The Grand Chamberlain quietly attracted the shocked Emperor.

"Go, Your Majesty."


"Shall we call the Emperor?"

"…… No, no."

The emperor withdrew less turbulently. Cecilia sighs only after he is invisible.

The workers of the Hope Merchant Guild, who were hiding among the sick, came as a sign! I shouted.

Screenplay, LeBlaine. One of LeBlaine's romance plays ended perfectly.

* * *

A few days later, the Emperor overturned the medical staff and the temple.

Those who exquisitely inflated their medical bills with medicines, surgical expenses, and special expenses were convicted and punished.

"You did a good job."

Seria smiled and said, I answered with my chin open.

"I didn't mean to do this. You caught a rat. What is it?"

"Isn't that great?"

"It's hard. It's hard. I have to get worse, but I keep being a good person."

Seria laughs as I sigh.

'Oh, this is not the time.'

I quickly connected the communications to Trigon.

"You did what I told you, didn't you?"

[Yes, I enchanted the Cecilia Olga when the Emperor was sleeping.]

"All right, perfect."

[By the way, will the Emperor really fall in love?]


No way. It can't be that good.

[…… So I didn't do anything in vain?]

"Trust me. Do you understand the man who married as he was told, and gave birth to a child as he was told?"

If you […….]

If you keep coming up, you'll be mistaken.

"Do I like him? 'I want to.

I've seen it in my past life.

The emperor was a lover.

And the next day, Cecilia came to me.

"You were right! The Emperor is a fool!"

"Yeah? What did he say?"

"…… you're the first woman to hit me on the cheek."

Look, you want to be in a relationship, right?

I laughed.

'Well, then. Now let's flip the Imperial Palace.'

But it was then.

The chairman rushes to me and shouts.

"Trilloni... No, Tree...!"


When Cecilia and I were told, the Chairman replied with a blue face.

"Emulin and I are holding each other's hair in the shop!"

What the hell are you talking about?