I held a warm glass in the greenhouse and smelled it with a deep eye.

"Well, it smells good."

"…… Isn't it milk?"

"Very sue."

Then Trigon murmurs with blurred eyes.

"The complaint must be about something else."

Yes, I picked up the mud on the side of the road and felt the taste of salt.

The reason is that all the greedy men who lined up the mansion are gone.

The horoscope revealed Augustino's plan to make a fake baby bird and swallow the Dubled.

Augustino, who was captured by the Dubled soldiers I took, was handed over to the imperial knights who came into the crowd.

The greedy people were terrified because their attention was drawn to the 'one who tried to make a fake baby bird'.

I giggled and said,

"Augustino, he's in so much trouble. The Emperor took the road."

It wasn't just Augustino's stranger that was revealed through the horoscope.

[The Emperor paid Duke Dubled to make me a priest.]

Everyone in the world knew that the Emperor took a bribe on Dublin and tried to get involved in the sacred Thanksgiving ceremony.

I even bought the Emperor's wrath, so Augustino and the temple he was involved with would probably die.

"The same thing happened to me...."

Trigon shrugs silently, covering his dead face.

As I shrugged, his eyebrows, which saw me between the clefts of his hands, climbed up to the coultle.

"Do you know what I did because of the lady's order?"

"I issued the Imperial Horseshoe Code. He also illegally sent Augustino's foreigner with Veronica."

"Do you also know that if I get caught, my limbs will be torn to death?!"

I nodded without hesitation as I drank milk. The Trigon looks like it's going to burst into his outfit.

"You're a common sense in a strange way about people stealing noble identities."

"Ah, right. I was already a sinner....."

I knocked on his shoulder because I thought the Trigon would collapse in no time.

"Think about it, Trigon."


"When I broke the Imperial Shield because of Glashalavolas, you said you were helping me and you dared to rip the Dubled off a large sum, didn't you?"

"…… but it does."

"You'd be dead to your father if I hadn't taken care of the case that broke the imperial shield myself. It's real. You can bet."

His face, which was dying, was shattered. He looks out the greenhouse door and swallows the drool.

"At that time, I was sold for money.... When I realized that I could release Aragon's dormitory for the rest of my life, I went out of my mind...!"

"Yeah, well, things are working out, so you're alive. I almost died once already. What are you afraid of?"

"It seems comforting, but why should I be more distressed……. Let's go."

"Yes, come on!"

Trigon twisted.

When the chairman came into the greenhouse, his eyes widened as he was dying. Trigon bows to him without a castle and leaves the greenhouse. The Chairman used to frown.

"What's with the greeting?"

"Because of the illegal shipment of horseshoes."

"…… It's common sense in a strange place."

"I was right. Do your best. I guess conscience is a habit."

The Chairman smiled and handed me the documents.

"The stature of the one you spoke of. When I heard from Seria, she said that she had once ordered an investigation into the youth drug case in Emperor Hu."

"I was involved with the temple then. That's why I thought about it."


I smiled bitterly and turned my mouth to paperwork.

I sighed as I read the statement of identity that the Chairman had been investigating.

'Even though I knew that no matter how I regressed, why did I investigate this man again with hope?'

* * *

After breaking up with the chairman, I headed to the restaurant.

At the restaurant, Emulin was eating as I heard from the maids.

I bited the people who were watching the meal, and sat across from the kid and said,

"Salmon tastes good, doesn't it? I was surprised when I first ate."

Most of the bastards in the Islands don't even touch fish.

In islands far from the sea, people with money or fish can eat. Fish coming back to beggars are injured or in trouble. When you eat it, you lose a hundred bucks.

So the children of the beggar paddle were desperate enough to search the trash can, and the fish didn't touch their mouths.

After coming to Dublin Red, I thought salmon was this delicious food.

Emulin slams down the salmon fork sharply.

"Are you giving Pinzan a lot of food? You eat this kind of food without a circle. If I get out of here, I won't be able to watch unless I find my father...!"

"Do you really want to find it?"

Emulin frowns on a question without a goggle.

"If I help you, it was our deal to let me know where your father was."

"I care about you before the deal, Emulin."

Caring for you who was my friend in my previous life.

"If you hear the whereabouts of me, you can't turn back. It might be more painful than it is now."

"That's ridiculous. How can living as a beggar be more painful than it is now? Even if my dad wasn't better than I thought, I'd be happier now."

It was a tone of conviction.

She felt that her mind would never change and once again had to experience the preoccupation of her previous life.

"Yeah, I'll tell you what."

"My father, he's a noble, isn't he? You didn't cheat her, did you? Isn't that right?"

"The nobles are right."

"Ah, I see...! Look at me. I can't believe I'm going to be happy."

"He's also a newcomer. Newcomer from the aristocracy."

"Like that..... You're not from a good family. Yeah, but it's okay! He said he's a noble.I don't need a house if he's a godfather anymore."

"One of the 21 priests of the Central Temple."

Emulin's face froze. This smart kid knows what I mean.

The conditions of the 21 priests of the Central Temple are three.

First, he must be the owner of the divine power that is excellent enough to be called the Central Temple.

Secondly, there will be no problems in the stature and the house as much as the governors.

And the last one.

'Take a patrol vow.'

Emulin was an unclean child.

If this child goes to his father, he will be thrown out of the temple and family immediately for the sin of wronging God.

* * *

The central temple is turned upside down. It was Augustino's case.

The Emperor has announced that he will reduce the power of corrupt temples in his solidarity with the Pope.

21 The priests were gathered at the table. They were all silent faces, but the forces who supported Augustino in particular were unable to conceal the embarrassment.

"Priest Augustino needs to take off his new clothes, right?"

"It's a good thing he ended up taking off his new clothes! If the power of the temple is really reduced……. What does this look like to you because of one stuffy one!"

"The Pope won't see it. Even the Emperor can't touch the power of the Temple. That's the power of national politics."

"Meet the nobles who are all connected. We must press the Imperial Court and the Dubled."

"Yes, the Pope is talking to Duke Marche, so we too....."

21 The priest began to move.

Stephano, the newly elected president of the meeting, shook his head.

"I don't know what this warehouse is."

The priest who chased him shook his tongue and sympathized.

"However, Priest Augustino... But it's not so bad, is it, Priest Stephano? Congratulations in advance on being Cardinal."

As the priest rubbed his hands, Stephano's face was distorted.

"What do you mean? God's servant has committed a denial. Temples are dangerous, and the mood is confused. In the meantime, how does personal joy matter?"

"Oh, no, I....."

The embarrassed priest smiles awkwardly and turns his back.

"Priest, you are the one who can't dare to follow the sense of divinity."

"Really.... Hand it over."

As he nods, Stephano narrows his glans.

Once confusing, I had to overcome my anxiety. It was the mission of the Shrine to guide the people who were hungry by the great drought from getting lost.

It was around the time he had just passed the chapel. The child who flipped Robe was looking for something in the street a few times.



"Are you lost?"

"…… I was looking for a confession room."

"It's where the Angel Statue is around the right corner."

The child who was staring at him looked down, and Stephano took off his robe and gave it over his shoulder.

"Your clothes are thin."


As he moved his steps, the child shouted.

"…… Priest!"


"Priest, listen to me."

"There must be a priest in the Confession Room."

"I don't like other priests."

He looked at the child slippery and smiled and moved to a bench nearby.

The child sat down and hesitated for a long time and was unable to open his mouth.

"If it's hard, will we talk again next time?"

"No, no. I can tell."


"..... if there is a child who has made a vow of purity, then should I go to him knowing that he will become a lung? Is it a sin to visit?"

Stephano's power is in his hands. He glances at the sugary child with a deep head. The little hand I held facing me was shaking.

"Well, that's a difficult story. But....."


"How is it wrong to be just born? It's the newcomer who committed the denial."

Stefano said in a young voice, "Yes, it is the sin of the newlyweds who loved her……." I murmured.

The child asked after opening his lips tightly.

"Well, then, if you really are a priest in a year....."

"Well, I can't imagine having a child."

"If only."

"It must feel terrible."

"I feel terrible...?"

He used to stroke the child's head nicely.

"I'm sorry. I have to go back."

Stephano took a quick step. I didn't look back on my child even if I made a mistake.

"Priest! Priest! Ah!"

"I'm sorry."


"I'm sorry."

Emulin pulls Robe down.

The child's face, looking at Stefano's narrowed back, wetted with tears.

That was a rejection.

Hardy, hardy rejection.

Don't ever come to me again, ask me to live like I don't.