I was watching Emulin tearing down in the front courtyard of the temple from a distance. Until Stefano disappeared into the temple.

I approached the child. The child, who dug his face in the palm of his hand and felt dim, raised his head with popularity.

"Are you here to make fun of me?"

[How foolish I was.]

In my past life, I taught Emulin the whereabouts of my father.

I was educated in the temple as a child of destiny in my first and second lives, so others knew the 21 priests who were difficult to meet.

Especially since Stephano was one of my teachers, I witnessed both his rise and fall.

In his first life, he takes off his priesthood.

The 21 priests who took the vow of chastity, it was also revealed that he had children before the Cardinal's book.

I had never seen his daughter in my first life, but I noticed as soon as I heard from Emulin about her father in my third life.

[My father's name is Henry. The necklace I shared with my mom says Hen.]

Because I knew that the name on the necklace that was always hidden in Stefano's priesthood was the same as Emulin's mother.

But I hesitated to let Emulin know.

Stephano took off his priesthood and hanged himself shortly after.

And the first person to find his body was his daughter.

Emulin's hope was Stefano's despair. And the cruel father took off his servant and abandoned his daughter.

So I didn't want to tell her, but ironically, it was because of me that she met her.

Stephano was in the procession of the temple to find me, and Hapil Tree found a necklace hanging from his neck.

I held on to Emulin, who was going to run to him right away, and explained the situation. Everything I regressed and Stefano didn't want Emulin.

[How foolish I was to be desperate to survive. You really are a creepy kid, Lev.]

[I'm... Emulin, I'm not like that.....]

[What was it like to see me waiting for my dad for over a decade, knowing everything? Did you have fun?]

Even then, even now, Emulin looks at me and bites a knife in his mouth.

I couldn't understand her in my past life. It was unfair and angry that what was done for her was made a mockery.

But, ridiculously, now I can understand her and I who are not friends.

I understood because I had a desperate father like Emulin.

I know the feeling that the sky is going to collapse, the misery that you can't breathe without making a pretext for anger to someone, the sadness that you're going to collapse if you don't do this.

I could understand because I had a precious person.

"Yeah, that's ridiculous."

In my words, Emulin bites his lips tightly.


"How ridiculous. You're a pervert because of someone you don't need."


"That's how you'll live your whole life. The word" father "will crumble to death, and life will be meaningless. This is how miserable it is every time. Because you were abandoned by your father."

Zachari, who came with me to escort me, looked back at me with flaws.


"You're worthless, abandoned to your father. Don't you think?"

Emulin chokes.

"No! I, I..... Me too....."

The boy twists his face into a mess and spits.

"I can be happy too……."

"How? You were abandoned by your father. The center of your life is your father. How can you be happy?"

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! I am the center of my life! I mean! I mean..."

She closes her eyes tightly and looks at me as if she has realized something.

I smiled.

"Look at that, Emulin. You know that."


"This is just one of the few misfortunes in your life."

Abandoned by Duke Amitier, abused by Duke Valois was just one of many misfortunes.

Tears begin to flow again from Emulin's eyes.

The tree I had called before came to the child who was feeble without a sound.

"Ew, Emulin……."


"Don't cry, Emulin. Don't cry...!"

The family of Emulin, who was truer than anyone, held her, even though the blood was not followed.

I stood there and watched them.

Zakari smiled and handed me something. It was a handkerchief.

"I thought it was all big, but you still shed your nostrils."

"Be quiet."

"Yes, yes."

I put a pin on Zakari's handkerchief, untie his nose.

And shortly afterwards, I went back to the mansion. As in the old days, Emulin held his hand against the tree.

[Hello, Lev. I'm a tree.]

[Stupid, if the opponent hits you, you should bite your forearm too! Let's go, Lev. To revenge!]

* * *

That night, Cecilia, who came to the mansion secretly, was surprised to see the bed of my room.

I was clinging to a sleeping tree and an Emulin, and I couldn't help but groan.

"Oh, he is, too."

Cecilia smiles and hugs the tree.

When I saw Cecilia, a dwarfed figure, lift a tree with a span larger than her peers, my eyes widened.

"Cecilia, be strong……."

"I think he's from an article, even if he looks like this."

"Emperor, you didn't turn your neck when you were slapped, did you?"

Seriously asked, she burst into laughter.

"I thought about it a little, but I didn't let it go back to my neck. Ah, speaking of the Emperor, the Chaplain came to my home prepared by the Lady."


"Isn't that what you sent me?"

"No, what did he say?"

"I asked him if there was anything uncomfortable or if he needed anything."

I smiled and slightly pushed the hand of Emulin, who grabbed my clothesline, and jumped out of the bed.

The time is ripe.

'It's time to harvest.'

I took the tree and left the mansion, evacuated Cecilia and went to see my father.

My father was discussing territorial affairs with his brothers and administrators in the office.

"Dad, Dad."

When I approached the couch in Por 'er's office and waved his sleeve, my father sat next to me and asked me,

"What's going on?"

I put my hands together and said with a desperate expression.

"I have a favor to ask."

My father and brothers were surprised.

Because I rarely asked for something first.

Dublin Red often took care of others before he even thought I needed them. Above all, he could not speak easily because he learned not to ask for them to live as Duke Amitier's spirit.

Ishaq asked with a glittering eye.

"What is it? A sword? I have a lot of autopsies too!"

Henri also smiled.

"If it's a jewel, I have a good one, LeBlaine."

And then Johann.

"Tell me if it's clothes or nice or a toy. The underwater merchant in Dublin started distributing toys to noble kids."

My father smiled faintly and stroked my head.

"It's okay to talk about the building or the land you own."

So I said really comfortably.






I nod with a clear face.

Now that we have tons of rice cakes, we have to collect them.

Isn't it time to marry Cecilia and the Emperor?

'But why do you think you got struck by lightning?'

* * *

LeBlaine said, "Then I'll know you're doing me a favor and I'll be ready!" I went back gloriously.

Employers and administrators listening in the office murmured in a silent voice.

"Marriage..... Isn't it too early?"

In the words of the Administrator, the deacon groaned.

"It's time for you to get engaged."

"Are you?"

"Isn't it the custom of the nobles to get engaged at this time and get married after they reach adulthood?"

"But I didn't expect you to ask for marriage first..... You have a favorite donor."

"It's time to learn those feelings."

When the butler laughed in vain, the other administrators nodded with a dull face.

"When did you grow up like this....."

"I don't think you were able to climb the table alone yesterday."

When the clerk, who spoke with a sharp face, wept, his supervisor said, "Uh-huh, this guy." I got hurt.

"It was only for a moment that the child left the adult's arms. I'm old enough to make my first love... Argh."

"What kind of a jerk....."

"I have to congratulate you."

"I didn't expect your first love to come so soon....."

Administrators and employers say, "No! (Greetings!)" he said, recalling LeBlaine who was running around the castle, and feeling feelings of regret, pride, dullness, and sorrow.

"First, love."

A dark, low voice emerged among Dubled's men as if they were going through my nucleus.

Theodore, who squeezes his fist, stares at the floor with his eyes like a scoundrel.

"What son of a bitch dares to kill a kid....."

Ishaq raises his body with a dagger, when he should have screamed with excitement, as usual.

Henri, who touched the paperwork's head, stared at the Administrator with cold eyes.

"Call in the dark. We need to search around LeBlaine."

Theodore squeezes the armrest of the couch.

"Soldier, convene."

"Hiiq……." I swallowed it dry. Other administrators, employers and deacons also violently shook the pupils.

To kill?

Are you sure about that?

'Something went wrong.'

It was time for you to start your first love, but crazy eight-issuers were not the time to let you go.

When all but Dubled's men trembled, a single stalk of light shone.

John opened his mouth with a calm expression.

"What are you so excited about?"

John Dubled, too!

It is worth calling Dubled's reasoning.

The administrators and employers nodded as if they were fortunate.

"Master John is right. Your brother's marriage is something to celebrate."

The butler smiles awkwardly and shouts, "This is ridiculous."

"The big brother said the kid is getting married, so you can stay calm?!"

John twitched his chin and said, "What are you talking about?

"My brother said he'd marry me."

I'm sorry?

Everyone looks at him with an absurd expression. John said nothing.

"I'll be back in my arms anyway, so a little prank won't matter."

The Chairman, who came to the office with the papers, frowned.

'What nonsense.'

The world was going crazy.