I'm the one who's most loved.

John's confident words distorted the faces of the other families.

The Chairman greets the Duke who does not even know the document and then leaves the room.

Administrators and employers followed him with a white-faced face.

"What should I do? This is a Class 3 alert."

"No. Grade 2……."

"Grade 2 didn't explode because she was injured in divine training three years ago. By comparison……."

"No, it's a marriage. I could actually leave Dublin with my husband. Do you think they're ready to take you out of your arms? This is second class."


An administrative officer stares at the Chairman as if it were horrible.

"How do you do this……."

'This house is crazy.'

The Chairman sighed and gave a solution that seemed inevitable.

"Tell the lady."

People's eyes opened.

"You are indeed wise!"

"Come now!"

"Yes, let's get to it!"

The Chairman trembled at the sight of those who had found the light at once.

* * *

The next day, morning.

I quietly put my hands on my knees in the library and looked at the four men who were staring at me with their dead faces.

"You summoned the Amzo and the Army?"


Dad turned his eyes, and Henri smiled awkwardly.

"LeBlaine, that's not true."



Henri tried to appease me with a kind expression, but I shot them with a stern expression.

"Why are you dragging my escorts?"

"Kid, we're not hurt...!"

This time Ishak tried to make excuses, but when I lifted my eyebrows, I kept my mouth shut.

I sighed deeply.

I woke up in the morning and was surprised.

In front of the visit, people were waiting for me with their faces. And he said, "Ah, Miss....." I cried out, and when I heard the story, I felt overwhelmed.

"Not my marriage, Cecilia and the Emperor. We talked about that yesterday morning."

"I'm embarrassed that the marriage came out of your mouth……."

"Well, yeah. Kid, tell me exactly what's next."

"Then again, summon the Amzo and summon the whole army?"

When I opened my eyes to Henri and Ishaq, they nodded.

"I was wrong to misunderstand. But I said I was getting married. Handal Amzo and the whole army were too much."

Families groaned as if they had nothing to say.

As soon as my eyes met me, my eyebrows were as good as a rainy puppy.

'Oh, this will weaken my heart.'

As soon as I coughed, Henri quickly came to me and realized that the atmosphere had subsided a little.

"I won't do that from now on."

"…… really?"

"I'm so sorry."

"Promise. Then I want you to release the emergency."

"You will. Right?"

When we looked at him, he quickly nodded and said to North.

"Cancel the training now."

North couldn't stand the laughter and covered his mouth with his hands. "Yes…… Phew." He replied.

My father's eyes became sharp.



He closed his eyes again.

'Well, are you too angry?'

I feel like it's time to let him go, so I grabbed his hand.

"I don't want to get married. I'll live with you my whole life!"

I saw my dad's face loosen a little in the 'Dad likes best' of the essentials.

"You're not going to be angry anymore."



"…… yes."

"Then will you help Cecilia and the Emperor marry as promised yesterday?"

"Yes. Can I go to the Imperial Palace and build a wall with the Emperor?"

I shook my head when I asked my dad's question.

'You don't have to move first on this side.'

First, I think it's us who are impatient, so I'm mistaken for being superior.

"We'd better let the Emperor move first. Maybe it won't take long?"

As soon as he finished speaking, the deacon came into the library.

"A message came down to the master asking him to be admitted."

Look at that.

When I put my mouth up, my father smiled, who understood the situation.

When he tried to go to the library to prepare, I quickly held onto the material and whispered.

"Tell His Majesty that it is this side that has the advantage. And take the Duke of Valois's decree."

"I know what that means. But can the story of the Duke come from the dowry?"

I replaced the answer with a smile.

* * *

Imperial Palace Al Reality.

The emperor sits face to face with Duke Dubled, rubbing his arms with his eyes wide open.

'What does the author think of the Great Joint?'

The temple created a fake youngest daughter. The Pope said it was done by the Augustino Individual, but how many can believe that?

Those who knew Duke Dubled's holy name thought he would point the sword at the temple right away, but he had no movement. Rather, he was silent with a premeditated attitude.

The Emperor had to be frustrated when he didn't know it was LeBlaine's plan.

"You will formally charge Augustino."

"What do you mean?"

"Do you want to play with Jim? The Temple is what made your youngest daughter!"

"Well, I don't know if you're using it, but it's not your thing to use."


"Do you need to waste time between players? Let's just get this straight. Your Majesty doesn't want to use Dublin Red on the tug with the Temple."

Theodore raises his eyebrows and stares at the bulging emperor.

I saw the Emperor's insides.

It would be upsetting to hear that the Imperial Court received a bribe because of the Augustino incident, while the eyes would be open.

The emperor was only peeking at the opportunity to reduce the power of the temple. And this was going to be a very good cause.

Ugh, I raised my hands lightly as if the groaning emperor had lost.

"Admittedly, Jim would like to put this case on public interrogation. I want to confirm the corruption of the temple in a place where the people's gaze is focused."

In order to do so, the victim, Duke Dubled, must charge Augustino directly with the Imperial Palace. That way the Emperor can move.

Theodore gently rubs his chin as if he were tapping a jupan egg.

The emperor was confident that Duke Dubled would hold his hand.

Does anyone not know the deep grudge of the Temple and Dubled?

It would not be bad for Duke Dubled if he could get the Emperor's help.

"I don't like it."

What did you say?

The Emperor's face was distorted.

"For some reason!"

"Let me be clear. The battle between the Imperial Court and the Temple is the imperative of His Majesty. And Dubled doesn't lose a fight."

The Emperor's eyes subsided.

"It's all good. I can assure you. This is a chance I'll never have again. Does Jim look like a greeting stubborn enough to blow an opportunity?"

"Do you know where the nobles are now?"

"What do you mean?"

Theodore twists his legs and speaks.

"I'm at Duke Marche's. With the cardinals of the diocese."


"As soon as His Majesty called me, the Pope told Duke Marche to detain the nobility. Do you have any idea why the nobles are so clumsy?"

"... it must be Andre."

"Yes, the prince, who is sure to be the emperor, has flooded his majesty's power."

"The sun of this empire is still a burden!"

"Your Majesty. If I were Duke Marche, I would think: That's enough if you change the slide. The prince is in the hands of a great scarecrow."

"Theodore Dubled!"

The emperor was furious and cried out. When Theodore adhered to his imaginary attitude, the emperor cut him close and asked.

"So what do we do?"

"So you have to remove the diaphragm."

"Do you want Jim to kill his son?"

"No way. That's not the best greeting I've ever had."

"…… what?"

"Distribute power. Let the nobles divide. Isn't there a great means of being an Adrian Prince?"

The Emperor narrowed his glans.

"Not Adrian. Adrian's Foreign Ministry is more vulgar than Duke Marche. As soon as I empower Adrian, I will try to commit treason."

"If you do that, please attach another guardian."

"Another guardian?"

"An opportunity to raise the Prince Adrian brilliantly, without holding back Emperor Yvonne."

"…… the new Emperor."

In the eyes of the Emperor Lee returned.

"Will you help me?"

If a new emperor can be heard, he can completely revamp the current power landscape.

Among the four Dukes of Valois who collapsed, only Dubled could stand with Marche.

Theodore's help is needed.

"I don't have the blood to be Emperor. Do you want me to say something to Javelin?"

"What did you say? Your brother is going to assassinate me for revenge against the Emperor."

"I agree."

"You will be the guardian of the new Emperor. Enter Dublin Red and send me as Dublin's new Emperor. There's the right guy."

"Who is it?"

"Have you heard of Saint Cecile?"

[When Cecilia's name comes out, it's a success, Dad!]

Theodore, who recalled what LeBlaine had said, smiled.

"What will you give me?"

"I will give you Valois. Isn't that what you wanted?"

'The boy has come all the way here.'

Everything went as his clever daughter intended.

The emperor explained to the Pope that he would give up one step, and then he issued a new Emperor's decree.

Emperor Yvonne was furious, but Duke Marche did not move at the Pope's request.

At this time, when the Emperor could retreat, it was clear that he would insist on the public interrogation of Augustino, who would enshrine the prestige of the temple if he even opposed the adoption decree.

The Imperial Court and the Temple gained one, but lost one.

The emperor gained a new emperor, but he was confused, and the temple could not confirm their corruption, but he bought the wrath of the Emperor Yvonne.

Hosaga said the war between the Temple and the Imperial Army was bigger than the score.

But they didn't know. We know that there are those who dictate victory. Dubled was the complete winner of this war.

* * *

After fortnight.

The preparation of Cecilia's palace proceeded in a calm manner.

No one knew that the Emperor had told Dubled to give the name of the family to the woman he loved.

'Cause I got a rumor!'

Henri, the leader of the polls, leaned on the rumors I had told him, 'The Emperor is from the Knights of Dublin, and the Emperor aims for the Duke of Dublin and carries Cecilia.' I even produced a story.

So we solved Cecile's problem.

Yvonne and Marche said they were not indulgent, but all the anger was directed at the emperor who thought he had done the job.


All aspects of the Empire were flowing as I wished.

…… except for one problem.

"You.. really.... are you going to do this..?"

[Good luck...]

Deer blues and I stare at each other with a dying face.

The problem was this. Furga doesn't break his stubbornness. He didn't change his wishes, saying he wanted my heart even if he died soon.

It's been more than two months since I called Pur. Considering that another demon has returned within 23 weeks, it is a tremendously long period.

The first month was fine because of Adrian's divine power, but it became a second month, so I became distressed.

"I never give a heart. Give it up."

[Give up on you.]

I glanced at the buzzing deer purr as I was struggling.

As the depletion of divine power reached its limit, it was painful to maintain Purdo's shape.

'I will exhaust all my divine power in three or four days.'

Then he dies or, at worst, he goes crazy.

I sighed and said,

"Let's hear why. Why the hell is that my heart?"



[…… you have to have your heart to meet him!]

Fur cries out. He? I think I've heard that one day, so I thought, "Ah!" I shouted.

'So did Bune.'

He also said that jewelry was a wish for him.

"Who the hell is he?"