[I can't say.]

Can't you tell? Not because you don't want to?

It means we're being constrained. '

Until then, when the idea went crazy, conclusions were naturally drawn.

There is only one being who can dare to constrain the devil.


I lifted my head, as Furga could read my thoughts on the floor.

[It's a strange guy.]

"What's wrong?"

[It's not uncommon for anyone to believe in God. Humans only believe what they see, don't they?]

"There are demons and there is no god. And there are a lot of people who believe in God these days. So if you can't even eat blood, you have to make a donation to the temple."

[That's right. You've changed a lot from his era. ….]


The moment he mutters someone's name, a sharp tinnitus crosses his head. I took a deep breath, holding my head in shock as if I were shaking my whole brain.


[Chuckles] Huh? Hey!]

Fur surprises me. I made an impression by rubbing my frozen ears.

"What the hell. '

I felt like my whole body was pounding. Like a warning sound.

The scary and hard body became more distressing, but this made one clear.

'He is not the god of Neriad.'

No one knew the name of the god Neriad who served the Temple. The name that everyone can easily call out of the mouth of the devil can't make me suffer this much.

Does that mean that Fur said his name is evil?

'But why did Fur, the evil god, become Mina, the child of Neriad?'

I raised my head.

"If you have Etwald, can you make him a member of the family without the need for demonic opinions?"

The fur that was approaching me stopped flinching and stepping.

[Ah, no! You're mistaken!]

"I don't think so."

I smile and take out the Pure Passage, Calcedonia. Then the blue whale yelled, "No!] came running screaming.

But before Fur touches my body, he jumps into bed and flickers at Calcedonia.

"Why are you so surprised when you say no?"

[That... that...! No, no, no, no.]

"Yeah, yeah. That's right."

When I took Calcedonia to Etwal, Fur jumped and said.

[I'll change my wishes! Not the heart... No... Ah, yes. One hair for you....!]

"It's too late. I don't have the strength to keep you any longer, Gerd."

After saying that, I overlapped Calcedonia with Etwal. Then, just like in the centuries of military history, Calcedonia became small enough to fit into Etwal's void.


As soon as I put Calcedonia in Etwal's Vacancy, the blue light flashed. And not long after…….

"That's ridiculous. I can't believe I belong to this human.... This wasn't even there at the time."


"I told you not to call me that!"

A smiling boy with a horn on his head cried. It was completely different from the human body I saw the other day.

"Is this what you look like? '

I stroked Pure's head with a blurred face.

"Good luck from now on."

"Get the hell out of here!"

"Yes, yes. I'm going to hell. But aren't you hungry to be human? If I were naked, I'd be cold. Should I start wearing clothes?"

"…… why are you being so nice? You're an ugly kid."

Fur looked at me with an uneasy face. I humbly laughed.

"I'm a child in a cold city, but I'm warm to my people."

How much food do you have to use to be mean to you?

"So, what can you do?"

Fur stares at me with an anxious face.

It wasn't the face I wanted to talk about at all, but "I……." I opened my mouth.

'What, when you're in charge, you have to listen carefully?'

I never thought it would be such a perfect slave structure.


I stared at my new lottery with a dazzling eye.

* * *

The day after you made Pur a part of the family. After a long time, I jumped down the stairs with a lively face.

"You're lucky today, young lady."


Employers smiled as they saw the bright day.

'I had to be energetic. Now the divine power is starting to heal.'

I went to the reception room with a humming nostril. A growing aunt was with Cecilia as she pushed her face through the door.

My aunt looked at Cecilia with an untouched look.

"You join the Emperor's Mansion……. You live in the world and all this stuff is happening."

"I know the connection between Her Majesty and Javelin. How dare I seek His Majesty's place? I'm just a tool of Dublin Red."

"It's not the story of the deceased. You, you."


"How can you live well?"

Cecilia's eyes widened.

Cecilia looked dumb when she came to see her aunt.

"Auntie looks cold, but she's actually very sweet!"

Cecilia and her aunt burst into laughter at the same time as I flattered in the conversation.

"Yes, I'm sweet. Especially to my sweetheart."

My aunt pinched my cheek slightly.

'We got along a lot.'

Auntie was more kind to me than her brothers.

Cecilia smiles and says,

"Javelin's million followers would be very jealous to hear it. By the way, are you going to the palace today? Why do you wear an outing outfit....."

"Yes, I'm coming with you. The Emperor asked my father."

As the Emperor was the National Capital Region, not everyone could participate in the adoption.

Only deprived women who have received the recommendation of the noble family can enter the mansion.

They are usually recommended by relatives or guardians, and the mistress of the recommended family joins them to help the lady who joined the nursing home.

"Why did His Majesty kill the lady....."

"It would be better to have this child, who is destined and now a symbol of Dublin, present with you, than to go instead of just replacing the mistress."

"Your Majesty."

"I think it would be better for this child to help your caretaker. Our sweetheart has the wisdom of a snake and the courage of a lion."

Aunt rubs her cheeks at me and says, I smiled naively in front of my aunt and secretly traded Cecilia for the seedling's eyes.

'There will be a disturbance between the Emperor and Yvonne, but I will make Gipilco Cecilia Emperor.'

* * *

But the enemy was not only Empress Hu and Yvonne.

I burst into laughter before the wedding, so I watched the events that had taken place since the palace party where the wedding participants had gathered.

"Cow, I beg you, Lady! Kill me!"

The servant, who fell down on Cecilia's dress, knelt on his knees.

The gaze of the nursing home participants and referral days who had been gathering together to talk about Sameo was focused on us.

Some came to us and bellowed with a sad voice.

"Oh, my God."

"Are you okay? The Emperor and Emperor will be here soon, but when the clothes are like this....."

A young girl with red hair twisted to the top of her head sighs and looks at Cecilia's face.

'Oh, it's you.'

Gloria Angoise. She was the maid of Marquis Angoise.

The goddess said that the Emperor is pushing her away.

[Emperor Taehu personally admitted his nephew, Yvonne. Yvonne respectfully received the Emperor's posterity in the beginning, but she seems to be a nuisance after she took over the power of my palace.]

[Is that why Emperor Hua was trying to push Emperor Yvonne away with the spirit of Angoise?]

[Clever, baby.]

Other ladies also have a sad look, but they can't hide the enemy in their eyes.

Ladies from all walks of life sent to create a passage with the Imperial Court.

Some of them are hated by the Emperor, like the infamous Anboaz, others by other noble families, and others by the temple.

This was like a knifeless battlefield for those who carry their own desires.

Anvoyage's infant child slipped into debt.

"What do I do? If I go to change, Emperor and Emperor Hu will be here."

Then the other infants stretched their eyebrows and said a word.

"It's not polite to look at you two like this, though, is it?"

"Stop it. Lady knows that even half the nobles can't see Her Majesty like this."

"Angoise Younger! You said you were half noble in front of the Dublin Dynasty!"

"Oh, my God, I have such a short thought. Excuse me, ladies. Please forgive me."

It was a mockery of Cecilia, who was a nobleman with only me and my father adopted as ordinary citizens.

'Oh, it's been a long time. It's cool, it's cool.'

I felt a lot in my first and second life.

As a child of fake destiny, and as a replacement for Mina, I was very familiar with the wording of the door with knives like this.

But Cecilia has a new face.

"I can understand what you're saying to me, but, young lady...!"

I quickly grabbed Cecilia's hand. She looked at me with a suspicious face, but I smiled and said to the infants.

"You made a mistake, didn't you?"


"You have to forgive your mistakes?"

"Exactly, my dear. He's extraordinary."

I looked around at the ladies who couldn't hide their laughing little faces around me, just as a child, and grabbed a glass of juice. And you are.


I poured the juice on Angoise infant.

"What are you doing...!"

"I'm sorry, I made a mistake!"

"What, what?"

I put down the cup and took my hands off the table.

"Will you forgive me? It was a mistake."

"That's ridiculous. This can't be a mistake...!"

It was then.

"Your Majesty, Your Majesty."

The servant's voice echoes as he announces His Majesty's position.

I shook Cecilia's hand and quietly retreated from the center.

When the Emperor and the Emperor were seated on the statue, the Immortals and the Recommenders bent their backs at the same time.

"Shining light on the Empire."

"Let's see the light."

The Emperor nodded with a blunt expression.

"Everybody raise your heads."