[On a winter day with no snow, there was a basket with a child wrapped in fur in front of the nursery.

The basket contains the child's living body, name, and a few leaves of silver coin, so I'm guessing which nobleman's son might be.]

A private member of the aristocracy? Me?

My heart began to pound with stories I didn't even think of.

I swallowed the dried saliva and handed over the page.

[The child does not cry. As soon as he was born, the abandoned child became ill and wanted to get a doctor's royalty. I didn't find any other problems.]

[The child is gone. The child's cradle was empty when the caregiver returned after taking care of the other children.

Caregivers and guards scoured the area, but I can't see the child.]

[After three days, the child returned.]

[Half a day since he was kidnapped and returned. The child began to cry. I was surprised by all the different reactions, but on the other hand, I couldn't erase my worries.

It was because I had recently heard rumors that there were people who trafficked the child and used it as a material for gold. In case you are wondering, the Principal Nun asked for a wizard.

The Wizard's diagnosis showed that the child was fine.]

[Child sobbing and crying in plain sight. It's a pleasure.]

'I can't believe you came back after being kidnapped.'

What are you doing kidnapping an orphan freshman dwarf? You can't ask your parents for money.

It is more convincing that it was used as a material of gold, as the writer said.

'But why did you bring him back?'

There's no reason to risk being caught by the kidnapper's tail.

I couldn't understand it any more.

I was going to close my glans and turn over the next page.

I heard popularity from a distance outside the door.

"He said it was a lightning bolt in the dry sky. Does it make sense that it only rains around here? I'm the only one who went to borrow an umbrella."

"I was right that I was so sleepy and confused..... what. You really have a broom."

The voice of the guard who was guarding the clerk.

It was like coming with someone else.

I hid behind a bookshelf holding a journal and peeked at the situation.

"He must have been joking. Hey, just try to get caught."

"... Are you kidding me?"

"Yes. If not, why did I get bitten alone in the stands?"

"You stupid greeting! How dare a great writer play in the palace of Emperor Hu! Someone's trying to break into the vault!"

'Oh, my God, I got caught.'

We have to get out of here!

I put the journal in the bookshelf. During that time, the guard's footsteps were getting closer.

You just jumped over the window and choked! and the entrance of the clerk was opened.

"The window is open! It's an intruder!"

I hid myself under the window and quickly ran.

Despite desperately turning the corner, the soldiers' clothing was noticeable and bay-shaped. One of the soldiers said, "Over there!" I shouted.


It's jammed against the wall.

I was embarrassed and didn't know what to do.

The high walls, the soldiers behind them, can't jump to the front.

'What do I do? What to do'

It was then.


Someone twists my mouth behind my back and pulls it.

By the time it hardened, the Gearso soldiers turned around and chased me.

The soldiers' gaze turned to me with their mouths twisted by someone.

'It's a big deal. I can see your face.'

Soldiers get a little closer to me.

By the way.

"Damn it. Where the hell did this mouse go?"

.... What?

* * *

Soldiers walk past me. Those who looked around with a serious expression murmured with a distorted expression.

"This is ridiculous. Is it up to the sky, or is it off to the ground? Apparently, I saw a clothing trail heading here.... Are you a wizard?"

"No way. You didn't react to the Imperial Guard!"

"But without it, you can't just disappear like this?"

Grunting and groaning, the guard said.

"Go get the court wizards. I'll find out if anything's missing."

The guards rushed back to the path they had come.

It was only at a time when they were invisible that the power was released from the hand that was holding me.

I turned my head a little and looked at the one who was holding me.

"... Adrian?"


"How did you……. Did you open the shield?"

Adrian nods a little away from me.

I couldn't hide my fear.

'It can also be used in a line that does not get caught in the imperial shield, a superhigh magic that is perfectly blocked from human vision?'

I even opened the shield when I entered the Warehouse, but it was Cameleon's level of protection.

I could use magic confidently because I heard very detailed figures about what level of protection the Imperial Guard did not respond to from Trigon in advance.

'You don't know how much Adrian only opens to the chief court wizard.'

That means it's completely melted into the Imperial Shield.

"You, how....."

Adrian did not learn magic. No, it would be true that I didn't learn.

Because Emperor Yvonne did not allow anything to interfere with my son's immediate life.

"I feel like I'm in trouble."

"... Are you? Did you break into the vault?"

I tucked and tapped Adrian's jacket. I can't feel any vibrations coming from the passage of the devil.

Rather, it smelled like dark flowers.

'Argh, it smells like harrow flowers.'

"Are you from the herb field?"


I have a Harrow flower allergy. I'm getting itchy in the throat already.

'If Adrian was an intruder, he would have smelled of Haro Flowers from the stands.'

I am very sensitive to the aroma of Haro Flowers, so I can't feel it.

And the herbaceous field with the Harrow flowers is completely the opposite direction.

'Adrian is not an intruder.'

"How did you know I was here?"

"It's good to see this kid."

As Adrian stretched out his palm, a white ash appeared that seemed to condense with a small light.

The whitefish that approaches me grazes my cheeks lightly with its fins.

"I know her! Amand!"

"That's right."

His family I saw when I first met Adrian.

I can't believe you still have such a powerful authority. It's amazing every time I see it.

The youngest cardinal of the future.

It was true that he was a centuries-old genius who defeated the Pope with divine power.

When I open my eyes in circles, Amand bends my nose and hovers over my tail.

"Yes, yes. Cute. But how did you recognize me and be glad to see me? It's amazing."

"Amand feels excited about Mana."

I turned my head and looked at Adrian.

"Manas, not divine power?"


Everyone in this world has a Mana. And live and discharge a very small amount of Mana without even knowing it. It's like ants spilling pheromones.

I swallowed my dry throat and put my hands together.

"Then, Amand, can you find anyone with Manah's trail?"

Adrian's eyes widened as I behaved in a polite manner. However, he lightly curled his eyes within.

"In half a day, Manara."

In other words, if Amand is there, I can find the one who broke into the Warden before me.

'You piece of shit! Where did this piece of shit come from?'

I'll give you the divine power, I'll find the intruder. Adrian can't be the only living lottery.

I said eagerly, holding my hands face to face.

"Are you busy?"


"Are you busy?"

Adrian, who was looking at me, shook his head lightly.

"Rest easy."

"Where can you go with me?"


"Then right now……! Oh, Cecilia asked me to come back before dinner."

And now that the guards have seen my closet, I need to change. I don't know when my mannequin will deplete its holy power again, so I need to bring more mannequins in my bag.

"Wait a minute. I'll be back in 30 minutes."


If you ask the Emperor about the diary, that was enough. 'I came from the state nursery, and you didn't know it because you were young.' I have nothing to say.

'So we have to find the intruder. I need to ask you why you're holding my back and how you knew the Emperor was secretly keeping my journal.'

Then the clue of the things that are not understood around me will be released.

* * *

"Let's meet in the garden," said LeBlaine. I'll be right back. "

After the child was completely distanced, he revealed a person who was hiding in the opposite direction to the clerk.

Adrian recites it without taking his gaze from the place where LeBlaine passed by.

"Keep the guards of the post office clear of the four lines."


The knight's face hardened.

"I don't understand why you just cut him off."

"You don't have to understand."

The knight bows, and Adrian looks at him. LeBlaine was the coldest look I've ever seen.

Only he was allowed to understand it.