After returning to the nursing home, I opened the bag and poured out what was inside.

'Manaseok. Hurry, hurry!'

Cecilia came to me in the next room.

"Young lady?"


She blinks with a look at what she is doing, but soon she smiles and gives out a communication stone.

"This communication stone is mine." '

"Why is Cecilia...?"

"I got a call from Dublin."

"Who is it?"


I stare at the clock on the wall. The stabbing was on 5.

"Oh, it's time for dinner."

"No, not anymore."


"Separately. Everything. Your Excellency, the three of you, and Javelin, Sir Leah Shabanol, Chairman Nuanok, and....."

Cecilia folds her fingers and says, "Stop, stop!" I said.

I can't believe so many people are in touch. There must be a fire in the comms.

What are you doing so shamefully!

I replied with a slightly reddish face.

"Oh, I see."


"I... I don't usually get in touch with you this much. Usually it is very, very, very moderate..!"

"Yes, I do. I don't know that I don't get in touch with a communication stone as if I left to study abroad."


"There will be no such thing as a parrot saying to a total of twelve people in the product store, 'How well are you, how many snacks have you eaten, you went to work for a while, but you'll be back soon'."

Cecilia laughs in her mouth, but she looks pretty tired of it.

I smiled awkwardly and brought a communication stone. And I sent a communication to my dad.

Less than a few seconds later, communication was cold.


[Are you a child? Please change it!]

[Didn't the Emperor bother you with a useless word, LeBlaine?]

[I have something to tell you.....]

[Ah, lady! How are you eating?]

[It's quite cold this evening, so I need you to tell me how to grow a blanket. There is a fleece blanket in the twelfth luggage bag, so...!]

The surroundings were extremely noisy.

'No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!'

Cecilia's expression was blurred as if she saw the world's most extraordinary family.

I whispered as I glanced at her.

"I'm doing fine. It also gives a lot of food, is warm, and gives the Emperor the escort……."

[Thank goodness.]

"Yes, so communication is now only done once a day."


"I'm not going to do anything on the phone."

Cecilia nods a few times, as if she was right.

[Hmm, then we should all set the time to contact you.]

"Once a day, only one person."

[Trouble, LeBlaine. My father and I are all worried about you....]

"Should I do it once or twice a day?"

[Once a day, one person. That's a good idea, kid!]

That's good.

I nod. And I decided to talk to my family because I connected to King Ki-kyung's communication.

Of course, he was absorbing the manna stone hard with his hands.

'What. I've used twenty mannequins, but only this much divine power?'

Is this the only thing you need to absorb the power with Manaseok for the first time, or is this the original quantity?

'Manaseok, it's so expensive, but I'm disappointed if it's just quantitative, really.'

The price of one manatee charged with rat poop is close to three carats of diamonds.

'I almost had a bloody tear when I bought it....'

It's not extracted from humans, it's a very rare mineral naturally occurring in the mountains and fields.

There are two special minerals that allow Mana to extract its spoiled power, Divine Power and Magical Power.

The Divine Power can be extracted from the Blue Spinel and the Magic Stone.

However, it is not known how to extract pure Mana.

'Only the temple knows.'

Therefore, I have no choice but to buy expensive mannequins to keep my eyes open.

'But I think my head is clear.'

Thank goodness. This will make it easier to find the intruder.

[…… so make sure you have dinner.]

"Okay, Dad, I just have to go out and I'll call you later."


[Be careful, LeBlaine.]

[Kid, if you have a bully, call me right away.]

"Yes. Oh, but isn't Johann here?"

[Big Brother left again for work.]

"I see. I get it. Well, have a good night, everyone!"



[See you in Dot Sea.]

Lost communication, I put the communication stone in my pocket and changed my clothes.

"Cecilia, I have to go back out and come back. Please tell me that if the Imperial Palace people find me, they are playing with Adrian."

"Yes, go."

I went out of the house with the help of Cecilia.

And I went to the garden that I promised Adrian, and she was there in advance.

"I'm sorry. It's ten minutes late....."

"I just got here."

"Thank God."

I laughed and grabbed her sleeve. Then I grabbed my hand and it was very cold.

I was startled and my eyes widened.

"Adrian, you liar! You've waited a long time!"


"How long have you been waiting?"

"…… Ten minutes."

"I don't believe it."

"…… fifteen minutes."


"I came here straight from the clergy."

Then I waited over forty minutes. It's winter time and the day is cold. I'm wearing it so thin, I can't believe I waited this long.

"I'm sorry....."

"I didn't think I was going to have time to think about it."

When I became gloomy, she smiled faintly and turned her words.

"Now let's go."


'I'm so sorry.'

When Cecilia enters the Imperial Palace, you must take good care of Adrian.

I decided so, I stood with Adrian and went near him.

I thought the guards would have a heavy guard because they noticed the intrusion. Rather quieter than ever.

I didn't even put anyone on the window. '

I didn't see any ants except me and Adrian.


Adrian replied as I murmured with a frown.

"There's nothing missing from the book, so you might not have told the Emperor. To avoid liability."

"It's hard to do. It could be..... huh? But you knew I was coming out of the bookstore? How do you not know you didn't bring anything out?"

Adrian's hand seemed to flinch for a while, but her voice was fine.

"You were being chased by the guards standing there. It was obvious you broke into the bookstore, but you didn't have any books."

Something was strange, but the convincing horse nodded.

"Now, please."

When Adrian looked at the void, there was an inconvenient light, and it soon became a form of fish. And Amand appeared.

He said to Amand, who was lightly propagating the air.


Amand approaches the closed window. The child flows through the window as if it were seeping through.

And some time later.

Amand is back.

The child rests in the shape of an arm lying before Adrian's eyes, and Adrian narrows his glans.

"…… Five different manas with different qualities."

"Five times?"

When I opened my eyes, he nodded.

I sighed.

"I have to investigate them all."

"It's not hard to narrow down a suspect. One is you, and the other is the knights who came after you, the Emperor. But....."

Then there's only one thing left! "

"Is that so?"

"The last manna is divine."

"..... divine power?"

"Yes, that's also very pure. With this high purity of divinity, there's only one person in the Imperial Palace today."

"Who is that?"

"Cardinal Blasio."

"…… the Pope's most recent visit."


We faced each other with a firm face.

* * *

I followed Adrian's instructions to the office of the Cardinals, called the Palace of Grace.

The Cardinals set the time to enter the Imperial Palace in preparation for the enemy's invasion, similar to the preaching of the Emperor.

Adrian said it was Cardinal Blacio's turn this week.

The more I went to the palace of grace, the more convinced I was that Cardinal Blacio was an intruder.

"The vibrations in the corridor are getting stronger. '

When I reached the door, I felt a vibration that was strong enough to beat, beat, and run.

I took a big breath and prepared to knock on the door of the cardinal's office.

By the way.

"This way."

Adrian grabs my hand carefully and heads to the prayer room in the center of the palace of grace.

No, to be precise, it's a shabby warehouse in a prayer room.

Adrian, who entered the warehouse, drew the Holy Grail in the air, and the bookshelf moved. And what was revealed was a small passageway.

'Secret passage.'

"Adrian, how could you....."

"Because you treat me differently in the temple."

If the Temple wanted to establish a new Holy Emperor, it was likely that it approached Adrian beforehand.

"Let's go."

I walked down the aisle along Adrian. Some time later, a space appeared in the cardinal's office.

There was no one in the room.

"You're connected to the office bookshelf. '

It was time to look around.


I felt a sharp septum in my heart. The gaze naturally turned to a box placed on the sofa table.

I approached as if I were possessed and opened the box.

[…… I have to go. For me.....]


[Call me, baby.]

A strange voice resounded in my head.