Does this make any sense?

Does that make any sense?

I pinched my cheeks with a shivering expression.

'It hurts.....'

I couldn't believe it was pinched, so I was staring at Leah and Rayna in a daze.

I woke up just before they disappeared completely.

'This is not the time.'


When I scream, Leah and Rayna look at me with a blemish. Then Adrian whispered to me.

"LeBlaine, you better not do anything here."

I was surprised and looked at him.

"Huh? Did you notice that this is the past, too?"

"I went to Dublin when you fell for lack of divine power. And I saw the one with the sword. He was much older than he is now. Moreover……."

Adrian paused and spoke.

"The name Reset. That's your middle name."

Adrian is an amazing kid.

If you want to be milder, there are sharper corners than anyone else.

She's right.

I don't understand what's going on, but if it's really from the past, it's right not to do anything.

My minor actions may change something in the future.

Especially when it comes to Reset, I don't know what kind of butterfly effect Dubled will have.

'You know, I have a whole family.'

The wings of a butterfly I created in Dublin to live alone became a storm for Adrian, who had nothing to do with it before.

Without my involvement, nothing would have changed, but his forefather, who had always rebelled until the third life, is silent.

Because of that, Adrian was not expelled from the Imperial Court.

'So I know. I know this is really dangerous.'

My regression always starts when I was four. If you go wrong today, there may never be a Dubled in the Emperor's Choice again.

Until I was adopted, my father did not wage war with the temple because there was no clear evidence that the temple was involved in the case of Reset's death.

However, if Reset is alive and Leah's memory is not manipulated, there will be evidence that the temple was involved in this incident.

No matter how hard the Emperor fought with the Temple, Dublin was bound to adopt me, a child destined for war.

Worst case scenario, Dubled might lose the war and be extinct.

'But..... I know....'

I remembered a father who couldn't sleep easily every night.

Even though I was touching the baby bird's shoes without anyone knowing, and if it was Reset's birthday, I was staring into the air like a corpse.

I twist my cheeky toes, and I yell at Leah and Rayna, who are staring at me.

"I know. There's a cave nearby!"

"Cave? No way."

Leah frowns.

"Our sister is a native of Dublin Red. I jumped this mountain like a front yard. I know there are no caves."

"No, we're from the cave!"

I put my hands together earnestly, and Leah narrows her eyes as if she would not believe it.

I wanted to be wrong, but Rayna said.

"Everywhere. I'll ask for guidance."

"Sister! Do you have time for bullshit? In the meantime, Reset and the baby bird...!"

"So, this is an urgent situation, so we have to catch a Jeep."

Rayna approaches me and grabs my shoulder.

'It smells like Leah....'

Leah in the past smelled different from Leah in the future.

Leah in the past smells like blood and winter, but Leah in the future smells as sweet as a sun-dried blanket.

From Rayna right now, I smell like a sweet, sweet thing.

"Can you guide me?"

I said, "Yeah." I nodded.

"Over there!"

I led Leah and Rayna to the cave.

The two men who confirmed that there really was a cave breathed heavily.

"Oh, my God. Really....."

As Leah mutters, Rayna bends her knees and stares.

"Thank you, kid."

Then I took a small ring out of my arms and held it in my hand.

"This is a reward."

"It's okay."

"Take it and stay here for a while. There are monsters on this mountain right now. If you encounter dissipation, it will be dangerous, so you have to hide."

"I understand……."

Rayna smiles kindly at me and urges Leah.

"Hurry up and bring Reset."


Leah hurriedly ran.

And after a while I came back with the others.


He was definitely Cecilia who supported someone with Leah.

Memory manipulation was also correct. Cecilia was with me during childbirth.

'Then the one who flipped Robe.....'

I looked at Leah and Cecilia in a daze.


Everyone in Dublin is passionately in love, and he still hasn't forgotten.

I am the Dublin Duke's wife.

* * *

Rayna puts the robe she was wearing on the floor and starts preparing for childbirth.

Cecilia draws water from the nearby river, and Leah makes a campfire and boils the water in an iron vase.

And after boiling the handkerchiefs and rags, they boiled fresh water to complete the cleanliness.

Me and Adrian helped them too. I have gathered dry branches for fuel, and Adrian guards the front of the cave with Leah after work.

"The branches! This will keep the water from cooling down, right?"

Leah nods at my words.

"Thank you."

"Three... No, is the other Knight in the cave?"

"Yes, I'm helping my sister give birth."

I stood beside Adrian and curled up inside.

'I want to see it.'

I did not look closely at Reset to help prepare for childbirth. And I also wanted to watch the moment the baby bird was born instead of my dad.

'But what if I have an unfortunate child with me and have trouble giving birth.....'

I'm touching my fingers, and I hear a little voice next to me.

It was Leah.

"Thank you."


"I think you told me about the cave.... I'm sorry for the misunderstanding."

Leah is sweet, too.

It looks rough, but I can't hide the sweet inside.

"It's okay!"

"…… yes."

Hehe, it was time to smile. Adrian said.


Leah hurriedly looks down. It was very far away, but it was definitely the soldiers.

"Damn it!"

Leah quickly tramples the campfire and turns it off and speaks to the cave.


Cecilia protrudes into the yellow face of the fistula.

"There should be no fighting here. I can't help giving birth."

"I'll lure you, so you stay with Reset."


".... I ask you to do the same."

Cecilia nods and returns to the cave.

Leah told us.

"You flee while I lure you."

Then she ran, grabbing the sword.

I rolled my feet.

'What do I do?'

The number of soldiers is enormous even to pretend. The same was true of luring Leah alone to death.

'But when I go, I can't help it.'

I tried to use my divine power several times to help Reset give birth, but Mana never gathered.

It seems that the divine power has been exhausted from the past, or there seems to be a problem.

I'm just a child who doesn't use divine power. Help will only be a hindrance.

That's when Adrian started chasing Leah.

"Where are you going? Can you cast magic?"

"No, but learning swordsmanship will help."

"You said we shouldn't do anything. And you have no reason to help."

"I want you to."

"…… huh?"

When I opened my eyes, Adrian smiled faintly and stroked my head.

"So the reason is enough."

"Stay here with me." Adrian, "he said," hastened after Leah.

'That fool.....'

What if he dies like that?

Leah survives. Her memory is manipulated and she is badly injured, but her life is not lost, as in the past.

'But Adrian..... No, Adrian is a strong prosecutor, so if he helps, he might not get hurt so badly....'

It was challenging to ponder.

There was a fireflie-like light in front of my eyes, and it clumped together and became a silhouette.

'It' looked at me and pointed to the direction Leah and Adrian disappeared.

"Are you saying go...?"

It made me squeamish.

[Come on, not a chance, don't miss it.]

It's conspicuous, but it's a voice in your head. I'm flawed, hardened.

"Are you... a demon?"

Then I started to see the silhouette in detail.

Silver hair.

It looks a lot like Bune.

".... You are the owner of Bune. Isn't that right?"

[That's not important.]

I know who I am, and even my voice sounds accurate.

[This is a chance he didn't give you. Don't miss it like this.]

"What the hell..... Leah survives even if we leave her like this."

[Should I?]

What is it?

When I open my eyes in circles, I see a sharp vision in the Devil's eyes.

[Are they really going to survive?]

"What the hell are you talking about?"

When I turned his horse into a bear, I cried out in astonishment.

'It's not just the past.'

"Because I came back in time, does that mean that the future is now open?"

The demon laughed in circles.

[So, Sal, oh, stay, for him, for us…….]

The demon's voice began to crumble again.

I said, "Wait!" He cried out, but the devil was no more than a swarm of light and disappeared.

I didn't question it, but I understood.

So this is it.

'I have to move, Leah lives.'

It's also possible to find out the secrets of Reset and the baby bird here.

I pushed the ground and ran out.