I barely caught up with Leah and Adrian.

When I saw the back of my body hiding in the bush, I grabbed my fist instead of reaching out to them.

There is no divine power left to wonder if you are crazy or not dead.

You can't use magic.

I'm not even in the best shape.

Besides, there aren't any of my people here to help and protect me.

What can I do in the absence of anything?

Is there anything I can do?

Isn't it just a load?

Then he scratched and bit his lips tight.

'Idiot, since when have I had anything?'

I heard the sound of a vermin every time before the divine power began to blossom due to Newit. Status, money, of course, and no family.

I've lived up to the risk of regression. When I was hungry, sleepy, or sick, I was stubborn and came to life with a body that could not do adult thinking.

"Since when have I had strength and family, I'm afraid I don't have a shield. '

Everything I've accomplished.

Nothing, but I didn't always give up on keeping something. Whether it's yourself or someone else.

'Think about it. There's definitely a way.'

I was dizzy with my heart rate, but I looked around calmly, and I remembered the geography of this mountain.

I grabbed Leah's shoulder.


Surprisingly, Leah hardens her face and looks around and lowers her voice.

"I told you to go back. Why did you come all the way here?"

"I have a way to turn the enemy around."

"What does a little girl know? This help is enough for a boy. You're dangerous. Come on."

"It's a lure."

"Enemies can't know the handout."

"I can use persuasion if I have an infinite number of people."


I pointed to myself with a proud expression.

"No matter how smart you are, you don't have to be wary of a little girl like this. So Leah and Adrian...."

I whispered and my eyes twitched.

* * *

I leapt ahead of the enemy with my adult cloak wet with blood. And as soon as I met the enemy, I narrowed my first shoulder.

The knight running towards me made an impression.

"It's a child."

"A child at a time like this?"

A heavily armored man came to me who was busy instructing among horsemen. The man's gaze turned to the robe I had drawn.

"What is that?"

"Oh, it's clothes."

When I pretend to be frightened, a man in heavy armor grabs my wrist roughly.


"I know it's clothes because I have eyes. I asked whose clothes it was. It's not yours. Isn't that right?"


I was waving my lips! and burst into tears. And as he cried, he came to someone who turned the hood upside down deeply.

'Starter of the hand lamp. It's a wizard.'

The wizard asked in a pretty sweet voice.

"I'm not trying to scare you. Tell me the truth and I'll be able to get back home without any problems. Whose clothes are they?"

"Don't, I told you not to tell....."

The man took a silver coin out of his arms and gave it to me.


'That's right. Good. Now, even if you tell me, I'm gonna think the kid's hooked on money.'

I touched the silver coin and said,

"I don't know his name. I was gathering some branches for firewood, and a sister asked me to help."

"Help me?"

"The baby is born……."

The wizard exchanged his gaze with the heavily armed man before the horse was finished.

The heavily armed man smiles and opens his eyes.

"Why did these rats hide in the mountains instead of running away, and he tried to get out."

"Let's hurry. I don't know how long a freshman born on a rugged mountain can last."

What are you talking about? '

The wizard was talking like he had to save a baby bird. The man in heavy armor nods as if restless.

It wasn't Reset they were after, was it a baby bird? '

Why is that?

If you tried to take him hostage, that's enough as a Dublin duchess. But they killed Reset and manipulated his memory.

'Did you manipulate the memory to get the baby bird...!'

As I realized, I squeezed Robe tightly.

The wizard asked me.

"We are people who have come to help their mothers."

"Me, really?"

"Well, can you tell me where it is?"


I nodded and the soldiers began to follow.

The heavy-armed man left the Horsemen of the Three Nuts in contact, but Leah and Adrian will be able to take care of them.

I've been leading my men for a long time. However, I did not forget to listen to the heavy armored man and the wizard.

"Are you sure you have the communication jamming shield open?"

"Yes, you will never be able to use communication tools and mobiles within Dublin for a while. But now that the Beacon is up, Theodore Dubled will soon know that something happened in the Territory."

"It's just a lot of garbage. I would have raised the beacon if it had been flattened."

"It's Dublin employers' focus, isn't it?"

"This is hard work. Theodore Dubled took her as his wife...."

"You take her as your wife? Are you talking about Reset? '

The heavy-armed man continued to grumble.

"I should have killed her right away when I found her. Who knew the runaway bitch would be the Dublin Duke's wife? Goddamn it, you're wasting your godless life. She deserves to die."

"Your mouth is light."

As the wizard flinches, the man in heavy armor coughs like a shrug.

"I'm not..... but why did you come all the way here?"

A heavy armored man yelled at me.

"Are you really on your way!"

"Don't be right……."

"The girls wouldn't have had time to go this deep....."

As the heavy-armed man mutters, the wizard also looks around with a curious expression.

"Kid. Did you say you were saving firewood from the mountains?"


The wizard glimpses my hand.

"But now that I've picked up the firewood, my hands are high for the child of the house who has to live. Like the nutrition of a precious house that didn't suffer once."

He grinds his teeth and adds:

"You were so carefree because you were a child."

"What are you talking about?"

When a heavy armored man asks, the wizard speaks in an idle voice.

"I guess we're just too carefree to call ourselves kids. It's a handoff."

"I got it!"

As I retreated, the heavily armed man cried out with a furious expression.

"How dare you fool me, you fucking rat?!"

"I'm right, I'm here... …."

It was when I rolled my hands.


The ground oscillated finely.

Soon something huge fell on the cliff.

The enemy's gaze fell on the cliff at a time. They all begin to freeze as if time had stopped.


The soldiers shouted alongside a creepy howl.

"Argh!! Monster!!"

I look at the man and the wizard of the heavily weary blue armor.

"Look at that. You got it right."

With a trap set up by me and Leah and Adrian for you.

"This damned girl...!"

"Avoid it, Lord Benedict!"

Countless sharp teeth were revealed when the flying monster snapped its beak. And in an instant, I bit the dead seedlings of the corporation.


The torn screams burst, and the soldiers choked.

'This was our Zakari's tactic!'

Zakari's nasty tactics that won the Virtual War. The tactic is to smash the Shuhail army with monsters.

Looking back at the topography of this mountain, I realized that there is a nest of monstrous birds here.

'Monsters catch the place where Haro is bleeding.'

That's why there was a monster on Mount Redgers behind the Dublin Islands.

You need a wizard to hunt monsters. There are wizards in the enemy army, but it's too much to hunt now.

As in the Virtual War, the large army collapsed completely, giving the wizard not enough time to cast.

A heavy armed man, the commander, panicked. This made it impossible to trim the line.

The wizard cried out.


'Yes, run away, these things!'

He said there's a shield around here that the wizard put in place. A shield that prevents the use of communication tools and mobile machines.

That means that if the enemy army flees like this and becomes a misogynist, they will not be able to make contact and unite.

And if I break the shield, my father will come here.

'How do you feel, you guys?'

I smiled as I saw the soldiers fleeing in flames.

"Oh, I have to run! '

I hurriedly threw Robe against the other side of the monster bird. A monster bird that reacts to the smell of blood bites Robe with a single breath.

I ran heavy.

'I'm the fastest one to get away. This is my home ground.'

Those hostiles will not know where to go, so they will lure monstrous birds to the right and to the left.

By the way.


A heavy armored man hugs me behind my back.

He came running to me to bury blood while his shoulders were being torn to death.

'Oh my. Blood..!'

A heavy armored man fell, and the gaze of a monster bird fell on me.

The six eyeballs on the head had a sharp hint.


A flying monster bird rushed to me, and I closed my eyes with indifference.


But it was weird.

No matter how much time passed, it didn't hurt. When I opened my eyes, my poor back was blocking me.

"You okay?"

That's ridiculous.

I hardened and looked at the man who surrounded me.

"Are you okay?"



"…… Reset."

Tired of her face whitening, she smiles slowly.

I looked around.

Leah presses through a giant spear to capture the essence of a monster bird.

Cecilia assisting Leah.

Adrian who defeated the wings of a monster bird with a chain of divine power.

Then I saw Rayna holding the fur from the cliff.


I was born, baby bird.

Reset wrapped around my cheek and said,

"…… baby."