"Where did you get hurt?"


When I look at her, I keep feeling strange.

Because I will become the family of her husband and sons in the future.

It's because I've met someone I love so much.

I didn't know why, but the only thing that was certain was that my chest was tickling and my eyes were getting hot.

At that time, the monster bird rattled loudly.


Leah stumbles back and Adrian breaks the chain of divine power, dropping blood from her wrist.

Surprised, I reached out to him.


"We have to go. I'm worried about it later."

Reset dragged me and started running.

Adrian, Leah and Cecilia run after us.

But the monster bird that once set the target flew up fast and chased behind us.

Leah and Cecilia, who looked back, stopped walking.

"We will lure you down the mountain first."

I was flawed by Leah's words.

"You can't do that!"

I shouted, but Leah shook her head.

Reset nods at Leah's face.

"I did not allow Lord to die. Come back to me alive."

"When did my troops ever let you down? Trust me."

As Leah smiles, Cecilia nods and sympathizes.

'No, how can we deal with monsters without reinforcements or wizards!'

Leah and Cecilia rush out to the monster bird.

I tried to reach out a heavy hand to catch Leah, but was obstructed by Reset.

"Baby, stop.....!"

"Let go, let go! Leah, Leah!"

At that time, Adrian, who came to me in great measure, shook me and embraced me.

"Excuse me."

Even though I was stubborn, Adrian ran away without letting me go. Reset came running after us like that.

Seeing that the roar of a monster bird was heard from afar, Leah and Cecilia seem to be blocking the monster well.

It was only in the valley that Adrian sent me down.

I look at the direction in which the roar of a monster bird is heard with an uneasy expression.

Then Adrian grabbed my shoulder. Then I looked back.

Reset looked at him and saw him breathing roughly.

There was blood all along the way she jumped.


As soon as I give birth to a baby bird, my condition will not deteriorate.

The evidence shows a blue face. It's like he's gonna be out of breath in no time.

I approached her carefully to ask her the status quo.

"I don't think so."

"You okay?"

Reset is looking at me with a desperate face.

"Where did you get hurt? What happened to the blood? Huh?"

"Reset is more..... than I am."

She smiles faintly and strokes my head.

At the end of the day, the clouds covering the moon were lifted, and a white, broken moonlight shone upon her.

Now I see her face properly.


A lovely blonde with a full moon, a strong greenery that looks like she's bowing her head to the earth.

He was as beautiful as the rest of the portraits in Dublin Red. However, there was a very special atmosphere that could not be contained in the portrait.


His smiling face is the same as John's. And the eyes are like Henri's, and the nail shape and the point of the neck are like Ishak's.

I said bitterly.


"You don't have to worry. I have a secret that no one else knows."


"I was born and raised in the temple, but I have a pretty helpful power."

Reset whispers with a playful face.

"I can see the future."


I opened my eyes in amazement.

'You really have that power?'

It was embarrassing, but there was a straw.

She married her father and became the Dublin Duke's wife, but did not have any foreign activities at all.

People say she's ordinary, and she bought her identity before the wedding, so to hide her identity thoroughly, but I don't think so.

[Auntie also protected her like that!]

Yeah, protection.

If the family had restricted external activities to protect her from the temple…….

There was another strange thing.

"How did you become a homemaker? '

Of course, my father is better than anyone.

But at that time, all the brothers were held hostage by their predecessors. How many times have I not fought a dangerous war as a tool of the vanguard to protect them?

If Reset helped my father with the power to see the future, so I took back my brothers and made them go away…….

It was what she said to me, clearing up confusing thoughts.

"I know tomorrow's weather, I know where special herbs grow, I know where they will be loved, and I know when they will die."

I was staring up at her because I was dumb.


Rayna, who dragged the fur, came running towards us.

Reyna, who was breathing, hurriedly looked at Reset and asked.

"Are you okay? Where did you get hurt? How are you feeling? Yes?"

"There's nothing so urgent."

"It won't be urgent! Where is that running mother as soon as she gives birth! He intended to kill me with a heart attack. It's obvious!"

Rayna cries out, and Reset smiles.

Reset's smile was a strange corner. Even Reyna, who looks so angry, has an amazing power to make her fall apart.

Rayna sighs as she glances at Reset. Then I carefully handed over the fur to Reset.

Rayna smiled and asked.

"Did you name your baby?"


Reset touches the child's cheek carefully and says:


What did you say?

Her gaze was on me.

It seemed like time had stopped. Just as there is only me and Reset in this world, we looked at each other without a glance.

Her low voice fell down the valley.

"I knew it."


"I also knew a precious child would come to me today."

She smiles kindly, and I harden like a man who's suffocated.

"What did you say… what……."

When I squeezed, Lisette's eyes turned red.

"I've been looking forward to meeting you for a very long time."


"You've grown up a lot, LeBlaine."

Reset, who holds only one child in his arms, pulls down the fur with a very sweet touch.

The moment the child appeared, the prevailing wind became gentle.

As the wind touched the child's red cheek and passed by, the child moved.

Pale brown hair.

The point of the shepherd.

Not long after I was born, I could see even if I didn't open my eyes.

That pupil in that eyelid is going to be the same color as me.


Adrian hastily supported me as I sat down with my legs loose.


"... it was me."


"It was me."

Why didn't I know?

Why didn't he want to know?

Why didn't you know the miracle that happened to me so far?

I wanted to tell you if there was a father here.

Now don't stand alone with her shoes. I didn't keep it. Don't be heartbroken. I always said there was a baby bird by my dad's side.

I was a baby bird.

* * *

Reyna's baby, Reset, who handed me over from the past, came to me.

"Come here, baby."

Reset smiles at me, who doesn't know what to do.

Adrian pushed my shoulders a little, and I approached her with a tangle.

"You've grown so much. A little kid who couldn't even play soccer in his stomach."


"Do you have any idea how frightened you were by not telling your father the tale?"

She rubs her nose on my nose with a Cook smile.

"I…… I……."

"I'm sorry I couldn't be by your side."


"I'm sorry to hear of the hardships that will come upon you this morning."

"…… Don't."

She cried out in circlip tears after holding my hand tight.

"I'm sorry I couldn't be by your side, sweetheart."

"…… Mom."

I was born and put words in my mouth that I never called.

It was so strange to me that I never cried when I called my mother.

Adrian and Rayna used our dialogue to identify the situation.

Adrian, who came directly to the past with me, nodded in silence, and Rayna was puzzled as if she could not believe it.

"That's ridiculous. That's not... that's not..."

It was then.

"Found it."

A creepy voice resounded in the valley.

'Heavy-armored man!'

He who was buried in my blood did not die but found us.

The torn shoulders of the monster bird are bumpy and creepy as if they were monsters.

My mother quickly hid me behind her back, and Adrian stopped the man.

Adrian's face hardened while giving strength to his hands.

"Damn it....."

'I don't have enough divine power.'

The starter doesn't come to mind.

What you have is a bag of knives.

I grabbed Etwal.



No matter how I called, there was no answer.

'What do I do? What should I do...!'

The man in heavy armor raised his hand. But there was something on the back of my hand that wasn't there.


Then I realized.

The identity of the man with the tattoo on the back of his hand who's been harassing me and my family.

'I survived using gold, and the side effects left a remnant of gold on my back!'