The man of the tattoo came to us stumbling.

"You ran away like a rat. I have rolled my body in the dust, you filthy bitch, who has been boldly revealed, and I will not save you, even if he were you."

"Shut up, Benedict."

Reset, no, my mother seemed to know him well. The corpse's face is distorted as she confronts the imaginary.

"In the meantime, only my mouth……."

"Once again, the stupidity you don't recognize remains. I'll say it again kindly. Shut the fuck up. Don't get all cocky in front of my son."


I gasped, swallowed my breath and looked at my mother.

"I would have warned you many times a decade ago. If you call me a fucking bitch one more time, I'll blow your mind."

"Rain, you fucking bitch...!"

"My three-year-old son would know more words than you. Maybe 20 years repeating the same words all at once. If you have a head, please learn to live."


I've noticed my mother's extraordinary character since I read the note she kept, but she's actually braver than I thought.

The face of the corpse is red and blue.

"Let's see if my neck is twisted in my hand. I'll show you the world alongside that bloated bitch!"

Tons of excited men rushed to my mother.

When she tried to reach her mom with her fist like the lid of a cooker, she swiftly walked her inside ankle and fell between her crotches.


A squeaky moaning burst.

My mother sweeps her long head and the field breathes.

"One more time, I'll put my cub in your filthy mouth and you'll see Kwanteum's dog again."

"Crazy...... this crazy bitch...!"

At that time.


The back of us started to burn with great noise.

My stopped mother looked back.

Looking down at us over the valley was the wizard we saw with Benedict.

The crest of Neriad was shining on his cheek, stripped of the robe.

Adrian, who saw him, muttered.

"…… Cardinal Paul."

Hearing his name, I turned my head.


A man I never even saw growing up as a child of destiny.

Cardinal Paul was a member of the Royal Guard of Pope Christian, who worked for the Temple under the water.

And, uh...

'The most powerful of Cardinals.'

A monster named after an adult for defeating ancient weapons from the plateau alone in the Holy War.

'If I am the author, I will never win, even if I and Adrian recover their divine power as usual.'

My mother hid me behind her back and shouted at Paul.

"You're tired of chasing me, Paul!"

"Even if the Saint had been as negative as the others, I would not have been so eager to find him."

"It's natural for us to send down revelations as we please, and to run away from the herd of lunatics we call Saints as we please. Turn off the lights now! How many folk do you think are down here?"

"It is an unavoidable sacrifice for the good."

My mother's face became restless.

The fire is moving quickly into the tree. If Hanshibabeep didn't evolve, human damage would be severe.

'Since it's winter, we've been storing oil every village.'

In addition, during this time, we supply fireworks for the people of the territory who are suffering from the cold.

'If it's on fire, it'll explode without a bird to escape.'

While we usually detect live fire seeds through a shield to prevent forest fires from blowing in the winter months and reaching the firestone, the detection tower cannot be properly operated in a situation of chaos due to enemy raids.

"Hand over the child, Saint."

When Paul spoke arrogantly, his mother embraced me from the past as he stood in the furrow.

"Where is the mother who gives the cub to the Beast?"

"Where is the Virgin? What do we think about watching parents burn and die down that mountain?"


"You're a wise man, so think about it. We're going to look at the child very carefully. You can save countless people by keeping the child out of your arms for a while."


A feverish cry echoes on the hillside.

Rayna said in an indifferent voice, "Ma'am....." and whispered.

My mother's hand was trembling. I can't do this between the lives of countless people and their children.

The forest fires were getting bigger and bigger, even as my mother was pondering.

I held my mother's hand and whispered.

"It's okay."


"I'm a brave girl who goes through a prenatal period and finds pleasure in it!"

When I smiled widely, my mother's face was sore.

Benedict, who was in pain at the time, raised his body. His purchase was meanly twisted. He was convinced that he would never abandon his people long enough to know his mother.

His mother slowly lifted up her head and looked at Paul.


There was a discontent on her face. Paul, who saw her with his shoulders extended, raised his mouth.

"Yes, Saint. Make the right choice"

"A wise man is a bad seller. No matter what you think, I can't hand my son over to you."


My mother held me in my arms.



"I'll stop the wildfire. Come on!"

Rayna, who realized the meaning of what she had done, ran to Benedict and bought him time.

"I don't like poetry."

My mother looked at Adrian. Then I whispered to him, and I gave him something. Adrian nods, confirming it.

"No matter what."

As soon as she smiles, Adrian hugs me.

"Oh, no. Let go of me!"

"We have to go."

"No! Let go!"



I reached out to my mother as I embraced Adrian.

"No! I'm not going! Mom!"

A freshman in my arms burst into tears. It's like you know you'll never see your mom again.

* * *

Fruit and vegetables!!

The Urae echoes the sky terribly before the starter rises on the back of Reset's hand.

Soon the clouds began to cover the full moon, and the rain began to fall by one drop and two drops.

[You stupid...!]

Someone's voice rang into Reset's head.

[Bad Bitch, Negotiator, Dog..... You liar!]

"I'm sorry for you, Fur."

[You said you'd be friends, you idiot who put my life in the dust on the subject of never giving up on us!]

[Knock it off, pathetic. What is more gruesome than us is the reset.]


Reset shook his head in his inner voice.

'Ah, my friends.'

Reset Shaman was a special person who had received revelations from before he was born.

[The child of black feathers. And he shall be born in the everlasting moon, and shall be ready for the beginning and the end.]

The elders of the temple were excited to see this revelation, pointing to the Virgin in the arms of the child of God, whom they had been waiting for.

If we join forces, we will bring terror to the church.

But her shoulders were engraved with a profane crest.

Priests received the divine revelation, but they were reluctant to regard her as an unclean being, and as a result she had to remain alone for the rest of her life.

Those were the ones who loved them.

Poor thing tied to Etwal in the temple.

My angels who spoke to themselves, became friends, and told the world.

I escaped the temple because I wanted to save those who were bound by the chain of Neriad God and were cursed by subordination.

One of my friends in Etwal said,

It's stupid. I'm gonna end up in a temple and live a life worse than ever.

'You're wrong.'

Only after she left the temple did her life begin.

I met a family that loved each other horribly without blood, a man who was willing to give birth to a heart, and three loving sons.


"I met you, LeBlaine. '

A child who has always appeared in my dreams as a child who lived through a day of pain and loneliness.

[What's in life? Even if you can't eat it, Goya!]

[What's left of a good life. I'm going to be a very bad boy!]

Only this morning, when she found out that the dream child was her daughter, she rejoiced before the grief that she was about to break up.

I knew you from the start.

You were my dream and my hope. I wanted to live like you. I've always loved you.

Because you're the bright one.

Because you're so lovely.

Because she is forced to be loved by anyone.

'I have so many people who will love you even without me.'

"Damn bitch!"

Benedict approaches her with a sword in Gear Rayna's chest.

Paul, who had leapt under the cliff, was also narrowing the distance.

'How happy I am to give birth to you.'

Benedict's sword roared, crying sharply. A black stalk stretched out from Paul's hand approached her neck.


Leah and Cecilia came running from afar.


"How dare you take the sinner who stole the First Sacrament of the Church into the arms of God."

"In the arms of God."

Benedict and Paul had a nasty smile, while resetting their mouths and raising their tails.

"Forgot? I'm a Qanteum's dog."


When Paul frowned at the impression, Reset shouted.

"One's a doorman, I'm a doorman."

"Oh, crazy...!"

"Come with me, scum!"


A blunt sound sounded.