I got on the wagon to go to the mansion, and I grabbed my hands tight. No matter how cold his hands were, the warmth did not return.

Throughout the wagon, only one thought hovered in my head.

'What should I say?'

Dad, do you think my brothers will believe me?

Leah, the employers, and Aunt Moore should be explained.

'I don't know I'm a baby bird, but my family is in pain.'

Anxiety bites the tail.

I don't want to see my dad's face wrinkled painfully, like when I turned out to be a regent.

It was all because of me that the temple was aiming for my mother, and it hurt my family even more.

Because of this, the father lost his beloved wife, Henri had room to be abused because the mistress's seat was vacant, and Ishaq grew up ignorant of his mother. John also couldn't help but feel sick as he desperately aroused himself in a jeopardized family.

Leah lost her esteemed master and failed to protect her only family, and she had to leave her most beloved friend.


My mom called me a strong kid, but I'm not really strong at all.

I couldn't clear my guilt.

'Can I tell my family?'

What if they hate me?

Now, even if you're happy with the reunion, what do you do if you think it's me who lost you in the deep?

'Why was I born a child of evil gods? Why was the temple born with the power to target it?'

I couldn't forgive myself for being the beginning of all this.

As I was pondering, the wagon entered the mansion. Immediately Batu stopped, and I grabbed the horse's hand and got off the wagon.

"Young lady?"

The chairman, who was in the middle, found me and narrowed my glans.

"What happened late at night?"

"Chairman, why are you still at the mansion?"

"It's the day of the competition. I also have some discussions with the lieutenant governor in Gandhi."

"I see."

The Chairman stared at me.

From time to time, when he looked at me with such a tired gaze, I felt like I would be caught in my heart.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

As I stepped back and opened my eyes slowly, the Chairman said:

"I think you're thinking of something else."

"Not working?"

The Chairman, who nodded lightly, said:

"Young lady."


"I've lived for over half a hundred years and now I can't face a century ahead of me."

"…… what?"

"A man. And then you blame yourself. It's kind of a defense."


"If I catch a cold, I wear light clothes, and if I get hit somewhere, I go there, and I think I couldn't even manage to get a little prick in the rose bush. Because it's less unfair to me. It was just an accident."

"…… It's strange."

I squirmed my lips and said,

"Why do you say that when you don't even know what's going on?"

"You know, sometimes the trauma of an abused child comes out. blaming yourself."


"If your face is so dark, isn't it worth blaming yourself for being innocent?"

"The Chairman is a ghost."

I laughed bluntly.

"Still, I write. Just the look on your face that I'm thinking about."

"An old man who's lived for over half a hundred years. It's not for free."


"Blaming yourself is never a good habit."


"It's like a disaster or something caused by someone else. How do you avoid disasters? Why can't you praise yourself for being so peculiar that you didn't collapse despite being swept away by a windmill? Why is your generosity so devastating to others?"

I opened my eyes in circles.

'Is that so? I think it was too extinct for me.'

On second thought, I did.

I never praised anyone but myself.

Even if my life was twisted by the malice and desires of others, I always endured well.

So I figured out who I am.

"That's amazing, me! '

I smiled, and he stroked my head with the face of a loving old man.

'I've lived well.'

Only when I was very young, I met disaster at a time when I couldn't do anything, and there was a euphemism.

Having suffered such hardship, I made a good man like the Chairman on my side.

'This can't be so unusual.'

I was comfortable.

"Soon, I have a story to tell you."

"I'll be waiting."


I grabbed my fist and went into the mansion.

It was over ten o'clock, but the mansion was still lit.

When I came into the middle, the workers who passed by with laundry or paperwork came up with their eyes wide open.

The deacon, who guarded the middle, also asked with a suspicious expression.

"Young lady."

"What about you and your brothers?"

"You're in the library."

I nodded and headed to the library.

When I walked into the door, my father, Henri and Ishak, who were talking, raised their bodies.

Ishaq made an impression and asked.

"What's going on? What is it? Who bothered you?"

Ishak turned me around and said, "Did he hurt you?!" I opened my eyes.

Henri also looked at my face.

"A prospective nursing home candidate and a referral wouldn't be able to come out without permission, but how did they get out?"

"The Emperor helped. I thought it was Cecilia's mansion."

"You mean it's not a marital affair?"

I was talking to my brothers and I was looking at my father. My dad kept an eye on me like that. I'm trying to give you time to talk.

'How could you close your eyes with your father and brothers?'

I have no regrets for having such a lovely family.

How did a miracle happen to me that someone so strong was my mother?

"Dad, it's me..... I....."

I tried to think it was okay, that it would be okay, that it wasn't my fault, but as soon as my mouth opened, my voice trembled.

Ishak and Henri look at me as if they are worried.

"There I am..... I found the Devil's Passage in the Imperial Palace. So I went back in time, so..."

It was then.


The door opened and John walked in with a firm face.

"Big brother?"

"Didn't you go to Territory?"

When Ishaq and Henri asked, John hugged me.



"What's going on?"

His body trembled finely.

"I'm sorry."


"I'm sorry."

I looked at my father in the face, puzzled by John, who kept apologizing.

When I saw John appear suddenly, my father's face changed very slowly, narrowing his glans.

Like a wave in the calm, he collapses very slowly. Like someone who noticed something.


I didn't have to tell you.

None of the three of us had a mouth shut, but John understood the meaning of an apology and had no choice but to know why his father's face fell.

John grabbed my cheek lightly with a trembling hand.

"Thank you for being safe with us."

I kept crying.

John in his blurred vision resembles his mother surprisingly much.


I felt like my mother's voice was heard somewhere.

I usually thought I was a very good talker. I thought I'd be able to talk at any moment.

But it turns out that I was actually a very stupid person.

He was such a humble child who could not say anything on such a happy day and was nothing but a crook.

John smiled faintly when he saw me crying with his face twitched.

"When you were born, there was something I wanted to say."

John's eyes fell with tears on his cheeks.

"It's good to see you."


"I've been waiting a long time for the day I met you."


"Baby bird."

Silence sat in the library.

Ishaq and Henri were hardened without saying a word, and their father looked at me as if rooted in the ground.

John took something out of his arms and gave it to his father.

"I'm done checking. The day LeBlaine was laid before the nursery was January 7. On the day of the disappearance of the mother and baby bird, the coins of the temple were placed inside the furnace."


"It's a baby bird, Dad."

My father covered his eyes with one hand.

I only wept as if I had never seen it before, and Henri and Ishaq's shivering snowflakes became more and more red.

"Don't bullshit me. That can't be right. How is the kid, why.... why."

The moment Ishak muttered in a confused voice.

A very small voice flowed from my father's head.


Beyond the open window, the wind blew. The curtain swung, and the frame on the library table fell.

I noticed a picture of my mother smiling brightly.

She seemed like she was talking.

[Look at that. You'll be happy. Without further ado.]

That's it.

I jumped into my father's arms, and he hugged me.

It was just a little thing that we could do that we could reunite beyond hardship, but it was fine.

Tears, heartbeat, breath were all talking.

Thanks for coming back.

Thanks for your patience.

I reunited with my family in my fourth life.