A deep dawn where owls and owls roar.

Theodore looks at LeBlaine's face as if he had fallen asleep on his bed.

"There was a message from Emperor Dalan that he sent back before sunrise."

"Send Javelin."

"The young lady....."

When Theodore was silent, North turned his head and left the room.

He carelessly sweeps the hair of his daughter who fell asleep.

Why didn't I protect you?

I broke my vow that I would live only to keep it. Sincerely, the only thing left to weave and rust was the thirsty shell.

After all, love was considered worthless. If it's the feeling of love that keeps you wandering the Oasis-free desert for the rest of your life, there's no such thing as sincerity, I vowed to live here.

You lived undead, and you appeared in a life where only aimless goals filled your whole field of view.

[Please be Abaddy.]

He was a frightened father who turned his back on his earnest hands, and you didn't give up on such a foolish father.

[I like being a father's daughter.]

As much as I love you, I can't forgive a fool who didn't recognize his child without putting him in front of me.

Nevertheless, you are so kind to this ignorant father, so.

'How did I live by keeping you out of my arms?'


The voice is cut off like a chew and scattered with chaos.

The emotion of wanting to turn away so much ended up completing the family. He rescued him and hugged those he had not taken care of.

[The day will surely come when he will tell you how great love feels.]

I could only hear the voice of the woman I loved all my life in my ear.

You're right, Reset.

[Look at that.]

Yeah, you're right.

You're always right.

So at this moment, I'm desperate for you to hold this child.

* * *

It was sunny morning when I woke up. And I'm very heavy right now.


I can't believe I'm sick. I opened my eyes in arrogance.

"What is this?"

Turning his head to the right, Ishaq fell asleep with his legs tied to a sheep that could be a doll.

Turning his head to the left, Henri snorted and fell asleep.

And looking at the front.....

"Have you slept well?"


I was startled and screamed at John, who put out his face.

John used to open his eyes in circles.

"I didn't mean to startle you."

"How..... No, why are these brothers sleeping with me? That in your room, too?"

"When I came to wake you in the morning, I couldn't wake you up and I fell asleep together."

"What time is it?"

"Twelve o'clock."

I woke up screaming once more.

He's crazy!

No matter how tired I am about this, it must be crazy to wake up at this time.

"You'll find me in the Imperial Palace. Oh, I didn't get into the nursing home at the promised time..!"

"I sent Javelin instead."

I heard my father's voice at the window. When I turned my head, my father, who was sitting at the tea table, approached me.

"So sleep more."

"It's okay……."

"You can sleep more."

My dad stroked me in the head. John smiles faintly, and Henri and Ishaq, who lie next to me, twitch their eyebrows as if they were providential.

Somehow I felt embarrassed.

'It would look like a real family to everyone else.'

In my first life, I enviously watched Mina and Duke Amitier lie on the living room couch and take a nap.

Mina, who cut off Duke Amitier's arm and fell asleep, was very reassuring, and I was desperate to be so alone with someone.

"Then just a little……."

I laughed and lay down in bed, and brought the blanket to me with my feet.

To do so frightened, Ishaq's leg came up to the ship on his chin, and Henri lay back and turned towards me.

'Shorter is more uncomfortable than I thought.'

I groaned, and John laughed and pushed Ishaq away, and he lay there.


Ishak rolls out of bed, rubbing his back.

John looked up to me with his arms wide, completely ignoring Ishaq.

"Lie down?"

"That's clever. That's my mother's daughter."

"Because she's my daughter."

My father said without hesitation, but John ignores it again.

I lay down with a smile and cut off John's arm. It was hard.

'I'm uncomfortable with the shorthand.'

That's what I'm thinking, and Ishaq, who had a sleepy eye, said, "A." Then I tucked John in and pushed him and sat next to him.

My father looked at us with an unworthy expression.

"I thought you guys had work to do."

"I've managed to make the same day as today a rest."

"Yes, if you live too hard, you will be punished."

John smiled without a sound as I nodded from the former beggar, and his father sat in a chair and looked at us rolling around in bed.

A huge window pours in sweet sunlight, and a pleasantly cool breeze fills the hair.


Yesterday I was distressed, but today I was as happy as yesterday was colorless.

Even if something sad happens, today's memories will give us hope to live tomorrow.

I thought maybe this was my mom's gift.

"My mom was a wonderful person."

When I muttered, John looked at me and said,


"I went to the past yesterday. The day my mom died."

"…… is this possible?"

"It must have left her power behind. I accidentally found it that the temple was holding. I saw Cecilia as a knight, and I saw my dear Rayna. It looks just like Leah!"

"I remember Rayna, too."

In John's words, his father smiled and added:

"I said I'd marry Rayna."

"... don't use what he said as a mockery."

"Didn't I give you your grandmother's ring?"


John is silent. I open my eyes and scramble my dress pockets.

"Do you have this?"

"How could you...!"

"Rayna gave it in return. I'm glad you found a cave to give birth to. I didn't know if I was a baby bird."

And I said, "Brother, I'll give it to you." When I gave it to him, John smiled and handed the ring back to me.

"Then I'll give it to you this time."

"Is it easy for you to get married?"

"There are no cheaters. LeBlaine, it's hard to meet a man like that, so it's best to have a proper marriage with me."

When Ishaq and Henri, who had just happened, handed over one word, John said, "Shut up." I stopped Henri's mouth.

Henri opened John's hand and asked.



"Did you even talk to your mother?"

My family is a wonderful people. Even if I told a story I couldn't believe it, I believed it unconditionally.

I was so happy that I laughed and said,

"Th ~ rum! My mom called me a baby, and she called me a baby."

"I hope so."

"She's a wonderful person. I kicked the bad guy's testicles."

And he said, "The kicking of the reset hurts." I murmured. Like anyone who's ever been hurt.

"You were right, too?"

"Kid, if my aunt hadn't been so skilled, some bones would have been broken in laughter."

"Mom only hits bad guys!"

When I said it, Henri raised his tail.

"It's our father, and no one else is that bad."


Dad sings aloud, but Henri shrugs.

"You taught me that anything should be interpreted from an objective perspective."

"Yes, my father did!"

"That's right."

When did the brothers who were afraid of their father change like this?

I laughed and kicked and kicked and said, "Yeah." I nodded. Dad's got his tongue full, Tsk.

"When I first met her, your mother was the same person as Sally."


"A man who doesn't even know how to be considerate of a topic that has a lot of days."

"I think he did."

My brothers laughed miserably in my words.

"Correct interpretation from an objective point of view, LeBlaine."

"She is my mother's daughter, youngest."


My father frowned at me like he was unfair and laughed at my brother at the same time.

"Anyway, you're a strong man. I knew it. He was a man who would never die when he confronted Paul, who was called an adult."



Henri and Ishak raise their bodies and stare at me.

"Aren't you an adult now? Anyway, Cardinal Paul. The Pope's latest."

"There is no such person among the Cardinals, LeBlaine."

I opened my eyes in circles.

'No way.'

Much has changed since the first life, but Paul has never disappeared.

This life is so famous.... I can't believe it.

[I didn't change anything in the end.]

[Something must have changed.]


I buried my face in both hands.



"It's the youngest."

My brothers looked at me and wondered at my father.

'You were right, Adrian.'

There's something my mom and I have changed. I want to tell you this.

When will he be back? Can I come back? Can I get him back?

While I was happy, the anxiety that filled my head disappeared.

I changed something. Adrian's misfortune can also be turned into good fortune.

I was amazingly comforted when I organized it.

'Oh, the weather is good.'

Mom, the weather is great here.

And I'm happy to remember my mom on such a good day.

The sweet breeze breaks my hair again. It's like my mom stroked me.

* * *

The Pope's office.

A man in a furnace with a deeply turned hood walks near the Holy Lake.

When the slow pace reached the Holy Grail, the man looked unwittingly into the water.


The man who missed the jar hurriedly threw off the hood and gave him a rim wrapped around the Holy Grail.

"Holy Father..... Inform the Holy Father of the news! A revelation has appeared!"

The letters glimpsed behind the back of the corpse that ran out of Burinake.

[The child of God. On the night when the Red Moon rises, let it descend into the world of salvation.]

The revelation about the new child of God has finally come to this land.