Cecilia and I went to the party. She was impressed by my actions, but it was also brief. I looked back at the party leader with an uneasy look.

"Is it okay?"

"What is it?"

I asked with a fine expression, and I was saddened by Cecilia's expression.

"This is going to be a tough day. Rumors that can't be contained in the mouth...."

"Rumor has it that I am Cecilia and my father's only son? Don't worry. I'm trying to make a rumor out of it."


I nod.

"In fact, the rumors are very powerful. If you just leave it alone, you will grow up like a swarm of bees holding Cecilia on top of the Emperor and insisting that the nobles prove my birth. Cecilia will eventually be branded as an unclean emperor, as there is no way to prove the birth of the Empire's technology."

"But why did you pay for the rumors?"

"So we have to set an example so that we never talk in advance."

I lifted my eyebrows and spoke.

"Fortunately, I have someone to set an example for."

"If you are an example……."

"Like that stupid brother who was watered by me."

"... No way."

I covered my mouth with a sheep fist and smiled.

"Those woodpeckers won't stand still because they've been insulted in so many places. If you see Dubled's infatuation trying to overshadow him, you'll think Cecilia and the Duke's father-in-law are clear!"

"I don't even know what a poor little brother trap is."

I kept my eyes open and said, "What!" He denied it.

"If you reflect and heal your mind and live quietly, that's not going to happen. So it's not a trap, it's an opportunity!"

Cecilia nods with a smile. I didn't believe it at all.

'Go spread the word.'

Allow the Dubled to stand on the front.

I was going to ruin it thoroughly so that no one could bring up the story of the dead.

'That way you can make Cecilia a Emperor with confidence.'

Putting her on top of the Emperor was a kind of reward.

Helping Cecilia to make her dream come true, not to waste her life trying to protect her.

Of course, it was for my own sake.

[If there's only one way to get into the Holy Grail, not 21 seats. Observing the National Spirits.]

[If it's the National Spirits.....]

[Yes, the Emperor's friendly family is invited to the temple. Cecilia has put her name in the Dublin Red Personalities Book, so if she becomes Emperor, you and the Lady can enter the Holy Grail.]

Upon hearing the Chairman's words, I squeezed my cheeky toes.

At least a few months to be interpreted in the light of current trends. In the light of the previous life, the contents of the revelation are assumed.

'Informing Mina of her existence.'

But the time has come for revelation to come.

When the revelation about the coming of the Mina came down, I was originally seventeen years old.

So it's right to see that the revelation came down early because I changed something.

'That would be nice.'

Making a difference in itself was to be welcomed. There will be no improvement without change.

'The problem is the timing.'

When Mina, the real child of Neriad God, comes down, I lose the status of a child of destiny.

The child of destiny has been a shackle for my life until now, but at the same time it was undeniable that it was a shield.

Is it not because I am the child of destiny that Duke Marche and the Pope do not touch Dubled?

'When Mina comes, everything will change.'

Both Duke Marche and the Temple will be perfect enemies.

So we need to figure out when Mina is coming from the revelation, and we need to cut through the foundations of Dublin Independence before she comes.

I shot a giant religious painting in the hallway.

'I'm not taking anything anymore.'

By oath.

* * *

Me and Cecilia spoke alone in the annex that the Imperial Palace gave for the candidates.

"The first exam was held before the lady arrived."

"What about the exam?"

"I made inquiries with the Empress as a group. But....."

"The referee was the Emperor, so you wouldn't get a good score. You must have pushed a whole bunch of Angoise infants."

Cecilia sighs in embarrassment.

"Javelin tried, but it wasn't enough."

"Well, good. You can score on the remaining exams. Even after the Emperor, you won't be able to exercise your monthly rights until the next exam. I don't really see people."


"I wish I could know the contents of the exam……."

The moment I muttered, the door opened and my aunt came in.

"To get the heart of the deglid goddess."


When I woke up, my aunt smiled and pinched my cheek slightly.

"You're all better, aren't you?"

"Yes, thank you for defending your place."

"You were supposed to take care of what I had to do. Are you sure you don't need any more rest?"

"She's healthy! But if she's a degli....."

As I blinked, my aunt sat down and replied.

"Sister of the Sunset. The Emperor has a high profile, and he is the Shinu of the Emperor. He was defeated in the power struggle with Sun-hyung and lived as an old man in the back room, but in the meantime, he is a big hand that moves around an outrageous noble faction."

"Was it Yvonne the Emperor who attracted the goddess?"

"Yes. You wanted to ruin the mansion one way or another. When the deglid goddess comes out, she'll think she can break into a nursing home. The Emperor and the Emperor cannot be shy."

I said, "Hmm." I groaned and nodded.

"But he's the best equity judge."

"Yes. The goddess is not attached to the Emperor, the Emperor, or even the Emperor Yvonne. If she scores well on this exam, no one will doubt Cecilia's ability."

That's good.

I stared at Cecilia and said,

"Let's take first place on this exam!"

"Can I get the goddess's heart?"

"Of course!"

And I called my trusted allies to the comms.

[Yes, miss.]


[What should we do?]

My three maids.

"Data on the deglid goddess. Find out what her weakness is. And see how much money I have.]

[What about private money?]

Jonah asked in a suspicious voice and I answered refreshingly.

"We have to bribe!"


[You're also a citizen.]

[You realize that Don Bundle is smarter than a knife at a young age, too, my lady!]

I shrugged my shoulders as the maids sounded full of emotion.

Aunt and Cecilia stare at me with an absurd expression.

But the next day.

I saw what was announced on the bulletin board and Tsk, my tongue was full.

[Lady Constance and her advisor, Count Obir, defile the Holy Patriarch with an unclean solicitation…… (weight) ……… Exit as a ghost.]

A hundred bribes would be a hundred for an unfair solicitation.

'How can money not work?'

I clasped my arms in the face of the world's filthiness.

"No bribes."

I frowned at Cecilia's words as she watched the board together.

"That's a big deal. I don't fit in with honest people."

"What if this time we had an honest and welcoming outcome?"

"If the world is filthy, and you're honest and happy alone, what do you have left?"

Cecilia laughed, Cook, when I asked with a naive look.

"I have to think of another way..... Umm, what would be good?"

"Wait for me to greet the goddess this afternoon. Because if you look at it yourself, you might think of a good number."

I said, "Yes. He said," I turned my step with Cecilia.

"But where did they say hello? I wish I could have a place to talk, if I were a king. Having trouble drinking."

"Oh, my God!"

I heard a familiar voice from the right side, as I was ringing. It was the candidacy of the Emperor, Anvuaz, who was pushing him away.

"Hello, Miss Anvuaz."

"Yes, how are you?"


"Thank God. I was worried you might be thinking about what happened at the party last time."

I was talking to people about what I was chewing so hard because of the humiliation that Hosa gave my brother.

I knew it all, but I gave out my two hands.

"Don't worry, I erased it from your memory if you called me half-hearted!"

You were humiliated by that, too.

The face of the infant, Anboaz, is red and blue.

"I wasn't talking about that, but... Thank you for forgetting."


"I want you to erase your little memories and stay alive. I don't know how worried I was that you were sick. Everyone wished him well in fear of disturbing his nursing home."


I mean, even if you're sick, people didn't write a letter, did they? Evidence that even Dublin nutrition is being conceived in noble societies. 'Turn around.'

I stretched my eyebrows nicely and replied.

"Thank you so much for your concern. I used to admire him because I heard from my peers that he had a great personality."

You don't have a very good relationship in society, do you? He said he didn't have a sister to help him. My peers, when they saw you, dropped out of school.

Those around me who understood the meaning of the word covered their raised tails with a handkerchief.

Anvuaz's infant laughed awkwardly like a rock.

"Well, thank you."

Then he shook his head without a castle and walked past me.

When I shrugged, Cecilia asked with an astonishing expression.

"You're very good at arguing with the social world."

"I've been mocked hundreds and thousands of times in my first life. And in my third life, I was trained in horse fighting by Emulin."

When I pretended to raise my head, Cecilia burst into laughter.

"I heard from Tree that Emulin is a great kid."

"It was a hell of a drill……."

[What? You lost!? You idiot!]

[I don't think it's a mockery...]

[It's so mild who wins. LeBlaine. You need to change your mind first to win the horse fight. Now, follow me.]


[Today I have chewed the razor. I will steal you with the blade of my tongue.]

[Today I don't want to chew on a razor...]

[I can't keep up! Kids like us look like eternal sewage once we lose!]

Thinking of the memories I had written, I stroked the oss chicken flesh on my forearm.

Cecilia and I went to the break room. About an hour or two later, the servant summoned the candidates to the Imperial Hunting Ground for a face-to-face ceremony with the goddess.

I held hands with Cecilia and laughed at her head as she walked to the hunting ground.

'Why the hunting ground?'

The goddess seemed unusual.

When I arrived at the hunting ground, I saw an old man with clean hair among the young girls who arrived one step ahead of us.

"You took a precious step to meet her. Nice to meet you. I'm Deglide Louergrane."

The first time I faced the deglid goddess, I hardened.

"Young lady?"

Cecilia looks at me with a suspicious look.

"I've seen him before……. Cecilia, it's me. I know the goddess."

That, too, is very good.