Cecilia looked at me with a face that looked like she knew the goddess, and I said, "As soon as the goddess's gaze came to me, I hid behind Cecilia.

'It's ruined. It's really, really, really ruined.'

I felt like screaming.

Where is this? Why is Mina's godmother...!

After Mina turned out to be a child of real destiny, the nobles of the social world somehow turned her into a foster daughter.

But Mina,

[I already have someone who teaches me examples. He always sighs in words, but the time with him is very pleasant.]

I refused the nobleman who came out with the words:

Everyone wondered who Mina's godmother was, a child of real destiny.

But I've seen Mina's godmother a few times.

That's him, the Dead Beauty.

[Grandmother...! Evil!]

[Don't run. I can't hear you even if you say you're hurt.]

[Good to see you. Good to see you.]

When I thought of two people in a friendly atmosphere, I felt like I had no headache.

'When Mina used to be a godmother to someone she didn't even know her name, the social atmosphere was strange.'

All Confucians and Princesses in society build connections based on godmothers.

Mina, who had this one nameless godmother who taught, was a virtue of the imperial social world.

However, it was strange for the nobles to take care of Mina more carefully than before.

'The goddess set up a path for Mina in the back.'

I was very uncomfortable with her. It's not just Mina's godmother, it's because I once got cheeks from a goddess when I was driven into her poison.

[How can I wear a human shirt..! A child who is not afraid to turn the filth upside down for you, which is called the shame of the Empire. How can you be so mean to a clear child..!]

I was embarrassed and unfair, and I remembered the time when I didn't know what to do. And the eyes of a goddess with love for Mina.

'Mina's godmother didn't like me very much in the first place.'

There were only two encounters, but I felt like I saw the Beast every time.

"Miss, are you all right?"


"Where are you uncomfortable?"

Yeah, I think we're ruined on this test.

'Because things aren't going to work out, I've met a bad actor like this.'

It was challenging that I was smiling.

"Are you the Dublin Red Favorite?"

I heard the goddess's voice, and I narrowed my shoulders. Then Cecilia stepped out from behind her back and shook her head.

"Shining light on the Empire. Dubled's daughter is meeting the goddess....."

"You're a quieter kid than I've ever heard."

The goddess looked at me with a squeaky hand, but with no more than a glance.

Then I slowly looked around the candidates gathered at the hunting grounds and announced the exam.

"How can the virtues of the Virgin be limited to me? He who encompasses the people of the Empire must be braver than a bookkeeper and wiser than a wise man."

Anboaz's infant stretches his skirt wide and bends his knee lightly.

"The goddess is absolutely right."

Other ladies bend their backs along her as well.

The goddess used to lightly carry the sword brought by the servant.

"Sewing and mouth-watering. Prove your bravery to me. This exam is supposed to be about catching a flying animal that was released."

The candidates' faces became blurred.

It's a pretty tough test for infants who have never heard anything heavier than a fork in their lifetime of noble parents' patronage.

Moreover, the weapons prepared by the servants were swords.

"It's not a bow, it's a sword....."

Someone mutters in a perplexing tone.

The goddess replied with an imaginary face.

"A bow is a weapon that can only be used after repeated training, but it is easier to use than a black one. Once you have rats, you can buy a four-year-old."

'But unlike the long-range weapon, the bow, you have to run.'

Is it possible for those who grow up to be precious to wear a deer's neck in front of their nose?

The faces of those who had divine power or magic were bright. It was because if you use magic, you can get ahead of others.

But the goddess.

"Magic is forbidden."

I even made them freshen up by saying,

"Two points for rabbits, four points for deer, and six points for foxes. You can only get half the points if you have the help of a referrer."

As the surroundings were quiet, the goddess built a backpack.

"Don't refuse and don't start."

The moment the goddess sat in the chair set up by the servant, the hunt began.

* * *



Screaming was all over the place.

Candidates and referrals also found deer and rolled their feet.

A deer may be a cute animal if you just listen to it, but in fact, the muscles are falling apart. In particular, the reindeer of the Empire were very violent, but the reindeer released by the goddess were also scary in the middle of the day.

"Oh, brother, do something...!"

"I've never hunted with swords before. Argh!"

Referrals could also be hunted with candidates, but the men who grew up with you did not know what to do.

And Cecilia....


When she raised her hand, the servant replied.


"Do you only have to catch one per animal?"


"You don't have to catch one, do you?"

"The goddess did not limit the number....."

Cecilia smiles freshly and spins her sword and grabs it.

And then, the rush.

The strong and leaping Cecilia stepped up on the deer's back, rolling a wheel in the air. And let's strangle tightly with both legs, and the deer says, "Duck!" I collapsed with a loud voice.

"That's right. Just stay calm. I won't take the collar."

To Cecilia who grabbed the human collar, grabbing the animal collar was easy.

Candidates looked around with an impatient expression.

"It would be easier for a deer to hunt than a fox, but we also have to....."

"I'd rather have a rabbit……."

"The rabbit doesn't even get caught. My feet are faster than deer."

In the meantime, I was scouring the bushes.

'The goddess must be meticulous.'

Everyone knows the sword they hold, but there are tools everywhere that may not be in a well-organized hunting ground.

'Right, the net!'

I knotted the net under the tree and drove those rabbits running like crazy towards the net.

"Now, go away! You!"

I ran behind Wudadadadadadadak, and the rabbits took care of the net.

I heard the rabbit glimmer.

"I got it! Do I have to disassemble?"

The wild rabbit looks pretty gross. Hair is not controlled and crumples, claws are sharp, and animals are violent.

When I saw a rabbit that was rattling out of my hand, people looked zinc.

The servant panicked and said, "Oh, no." I said.

"Good. The leather didn't come off."

I snapped the rabbit in the iron spear that the servant was holding, laughing and refreshing.

'I hope the fox has the highest score.'

The rabbit hunt I grew up to be an orphan in my last life was very easy.

If it wasn't a good day, I would go up to the mountain hungry and hunt wild animals.


Cecilia and I flew very fast.

In the meantime, the masonry was shining in the air.

* * *

"Oh my....."

The nobles gather in front of the horoscope and look at Cecilia and LeBlaine in a panic.

When other candidates don't know what to do, they're the only ones who've already scored seven.

[Uh, uh! Cecilia! I went that way! Fox, you son of a bitch. I'm not coming! You, take off your leather, very!]

LeBlaine was like a meat that met water. The eyes of a violent hunter were no different from that.

"The Dubled Youth is really…… so, um……."

Looks like a beast over there.

The words did not follow, but all those who watched the hunt through the horoscope were grateful.

The goddess Camilla smiles and nods.

"And brave!"

Duke Dubled and John replied with the same expressionless expression.

"He used to hunt boars in the territory."

"When hunting monsters, the soldiers asked me to go first."

Those who saw the youngest of the rich with arrogant faces laughed awkwardly.

The emperor was watching the horse with his eyes open.

'Yes, that's right, catch them all.'

In the last exam, Cecilia was the number one infant after the Emperor.

I couldn't sleep until I rained the love of Angoise.

[Uh-huh, open your mouth!]

The emperor rejoiced when LeBlaine pressed the fox's neck and shouted.

'Isn't she really cute?'

A child destined to be the necklace of a temple. Perfect for anything you ask.

When Javelin was 9 years older than the adult Javelin, he was secretly uneasy when he said that Javelin had become a recommendation for him.

'How can we not bring him to the Imperial Palace?'

Andre and I seem to be quite right... No, it won't hurt more than Marche and Dubled signed off, so Adrian....

"I felt like I was getting along with Adrian. '

This is how a son who looks like me can help!

The Emperor's mouth was filled with silence.

It was when he sent a subtle glance to Duke Dubled.

The nobles around the Duke opened their mouths.

"But isn't it time for a fiancée?"


John answered resolutely, looking at the nobility with his bitter eyes. The nobles spoke awkwardly.

"Most infants get mixed up before they become teenagers……."

"My brother said he would marry me."

When his son brags arrogantly, his father twists his legs arrogantly.

"No, he said he'd live with me for the rest of his life."

At the end of the second arm discharge, Mrs. Camilla rubbed her chin lightly and said:

"You don't have to get married."

It was the moment when the non-marital Corps of LeBlaine began to fire.

* * *

'I think we should stop hunting.'

The total score is 19 points.

No matter how hard they try, they won't be able to follow us. At last, the communication stone was crying. It looks like Seria cleared all the data about the demon.

'I need to take a break and look at the data. We have to get Adrian out of here quickly somehow.'

I walked towards a single statue set up in a groaning and resting room.

Then I encountered the goddess who was watching the hunt on the stage.

'By the way, the goddess was Mina's godmother. How did you two find out?'

I didn't seem to be in solidarity with the temple. Don't kill them. Their doctrine. If the goddess had been in solidarity with the temple, she would not have taken the hunt as a test.


'Huh? Why is my nose tickling and my heart.....'

At that time, the goddess was holding her forehead and groaning.