I stared at the bride who covered her mouth with a handkerchief.

'Are you unwell?'

I coughed, coughed, and made an impression.

The goddess wasn't the problem. My condition was getting worse. It's a familiar pain.

'This must be.....'

As I looked around, I retreated as I watched Haro flowers bloom behind a single statue.

Haro flowers are rare flowers that can only be seen in late fall or early winter.

Flowers bloom only in cool weather, but they are ridiculously vulnerable to snow, frost, and sword winds, and wither quickly when people touch them.

However, the fertility is so great that once sprouting, it quickly spreads around.

'From the garden of Emperor Hu to here.'

Having a Harrow flower allergy, I twisted my mouth with both hands and stepped back slowly.

I've only found my birth and found a real family, and I can't die.

"If there's a Haro Flower everywhere, it's gonna be a big deal."

I went back to where Huddak Cecilia was muttering.

* * *

The next day.

"Mouth to mouth equation…………."

It's been less than half a day since I thought it would be a big deal because of Haro Flowers, but something really big happened.

I snorted, groaned and curled up. Cecilia changes the towel on her forehead and lengthens her eyebrows.

"Are you sure you don't need to call a doctor?"

"The doctor doesn't know. Besides, if you get sick from the Imperial Palace, you may be expelled....."

Harrow flower allergy is very rare. There is no one who has divine power among the people, but only one who has high purity. Maybe 0.0001 if you take a chance.

'I'm glad I prepared a cure, just in case.'

This is also usable because the condition is not severe. If it gets serious, you can't use your hands unless you're a newbie or a very special doctor.

"Tell Sir and Javelin."


I quickly grabbed Cecilia's hand.

"All it takes is a cold, and the family knows it's like this."

You don't even know what you're doing, but you're gonna have to work with a lot of doctors.

The moment I thought about it, Cecilia said with a very serious face.

"…… the country will be better off on both sides."

"Isn't that enough……."

"No, there will be disasters."

"Even so....."

"It's a disaster."

Cecilia is so adamant that I turn around laughing awkwardly.

"There's a cure. This much is better if you take your medicine and rest a day or two."

"Well, thank goodness."

She threw the blanket up to the end of her neck.

"Get some rest until you're all better."

"I'm sorry. It's a very important time."

"What did you say? If it wasn't for you, how'd I get here?"

Cecilia is so sweet.

I laughed and dug into the blanket.

'First of all, improve your condition. Before that, I don't want anything to happen to the mansion....'

I fell asleep after thinking that. I haven't really opened my eyes in almost two days to see if things were worse than I thought.

And the third morning.

I narrowed my glare by looking at an empty board that had barely happened on the bed.

'We haven't had a secondary exam evaluation yet.'

No nursing home participant exceeded Cecilia's score. First prize is set aside.

In addition, the secondary exam was a simple one to rank with a score, so there is no reason to delay the assessment.

'It seems strange.'

I went back to the listing and contacted the Chairman.

[Yes, miss.]

"There is no secondary exam evaluation yet. Did something happen to the goddess?"

[I don't know. I haven't heard from our man at the Imperial Palace yet.]

"Who is the palace of the goddess, the palace of cheap mouths?"

[I heard that there is a low-mouth person in the goddess's palace. This is Servant Elgar. They're from the Emperor's Palace.]

"It would be quick to find out from my side in the Imperial Palace."

[Do you mean yourself? I don't think that's a good idea. It's dangerous for you to step out yourself. Information is not enough to find out on my side.]

"It takes a long time."

[Is it so important to us that something happened to the goddess in the first place?]

"What I'm worried about is that the goddess's health has deteriorated and the second exam is gone."

The second test was like a plaque for me and Cecilia.

On that plate, we grabbed the perfect first class that no one would object to.

The same is true for Cecilia who did not perform well in the first exam.

"Let's make Cecilia a Emperor. Mina will be here soon, and she'll be stuck with Emperor Yvonne. Even in my first life, the two of them had a good relationship. So I made Cecilia an emperor."

[Is that really all?]

"What are you talking about?"

[You're impatient as a lady. Housekeeping is going to be quick or late. There's no reason to be so impatient. The Emperor has identified you as a referrer, and the family is important, so you can't fall in love with her. In the meantime, aren't you worried about the two princes in the past?]


[So one way or another, we're going to finish the snatch quickly, just to focus on finding the Second Prince.]

"…… Adrian must be struggling because of me."

[I understand the lady's heart. But what remains in the past is his choice.]

"But if it wasn't for me, he had no reason to stay in the past."

[Yes. He's left for the lady. But if you do something to find him, and the consequences become dangerous, the sacrifice will not be meaningless.]


[It would be more rewarding if he brought the prince to live in a more comfortable environment than if he brought him a day or two earlier. That's what you would think if you were a normal girl.]

The Chairman spoke in a gentle voice, [did he not?] asked.

I replied because I became gloomy.


The Chairman is absolutely right. I couldn't erase her impatience if she thought she was suffering from the past because of me.

I clench my cheeks with the Communication Stone! I hit him.


When I spoke, I heard a faint laughter in the comms.

[You didn't die because you heard what I said, did you?]

"My mom's a reset dubled, and I was impatient for a second. I am the bloodline of the bravest man in the world."

[Of course. The Duchess' daughter will not die of this.]

He concluded the conversation with the Chairman with a smile and closed the communication.

It was when I was putting a communication stone in my pocket.

"The duc's blood line."

It was Cecilia's voice.

Flawless, turning his head, Cecilia looked at me with a firm face, holding a plate of fruit as if prepared to give it to me.

"What do you mean, you went in the past?"



"I was going to tell you when the nursing home was over."

"What. What the hell……."

"I'm a baby bird."

Dishes from Cecilia's hands are shiny! Sharp sound and rupture.

"Very... very, very long story. Cecilia."

When I started talking about where I went in the past, Cecilia's face was terrified.

* * *

Cecilia cried for a long time, holding my hand together.


"He gave me the opportunity to be a knight. Reset said, The precious child I've always dreamed of, always smiling with a pompous smile that no man would ever do. He said that age or gender does not depend on will."


"I got the courage to hold the sword."


"It was the lady. The one who gave me courage."

Cecilia strokes her cheeks with her wet eyes.

"It was all thanks to you that I was able to live on that terrible day, so I met my nephew and had a new dream."

"Cecilia protected me, so I could live."

I wonder why my tears don't dry up when I think only of the mountain where my mother died.

'I told Adrian I wouldn't cry again.'

Cecilia smiles faintly as she twists her face and looks at me crying.

"Thank you for being alive, thank you for coming back."

But no matter how much I thought about it, it wasn't my fault I kept crying. Because there are such good people.

I hugged Cecilia in tears, and she gave me a warm hug like my mother.

But it was then.

"Olga, Dubled Younger...!"

A maid from the Imperial Palace bought in Dublin jumped into a heavy lodge.

As I sniffed and raised my head, she said with a white-faced face.

"I know I shouldn't have been in touch, but I'm sorry I had to tell you so soon."

"What's going on?"

"The Knoxstein brothers bought the maid's maid's maid's maid Elga and bought her information."

As soon as I heard about it, my tears burst into tears. I gasp, I breathe.

'Wow, I almost got in trouble!'

Elgar the Maid is not the maid I was trying to buy!

'Even if I had one quick shot, it was almost me, not the Rusty Brothers.'

If it's the Nogstein sisters, it's the candidate and the referee I humiliated the last time.

"Have you two been captured?"

"Yes, it went to security. But the problem....."

"Are you saying there's more trouble here?"

Cecilia narrowed her glans, and the maid swallowed a dry needle and replied.

"The goddess has formally challenged the Emperor. Elga was handed over from the Emperor's Palace, and the Emperor planted it."

Me and Cecilia changed their eyes.

"Lady, then....."

"Yes, I have a formal objection, so if the Emperor does not make the correct adjustment, I may take responsibility for this."

"So the one remaining adult goddess of the Imperial Court is back on the front line? The General Manager of the Mansion must have changed."

"More importantly, all the power of the Emperor will go to the goddess....."

I'm in trouble.

Emperor Taehu was a man of the Duke of Mars, and I was able to swing him because I was not in a good relationship with Emperor Yvonne. Above all, he defeated the temple and churches.

But if the goddess comes to the front.....

'Maybe the temple will infiltrate the Imperial Palace again. In this situation, if Mina comes, a Cecilian goddess can't face the Emperor Bonne.'

I urgently told the maid.

"What about the escalation? What about the escalation? Is the Emperor preparing to retaliate?"

"That is……."

The maid said with an unfathomable face.

"The Emperor was right to plant the Maiden Elga."


"Elga, who was a salesman, didn't just hand over the information to the Emperor, but also sold the information to the participants in the nursing home……."

I understood why the Emperor only grabbed the back of his neck when he saw the Emperor.

I got my back!

I wiped my cheeks with wet tears, sparkling.

"Miss? Where are you going?"

"We have to work things out."

We must solve the Emperor's affair and get help from the nursing home, and somehow tackle the goddess.

I grind my teeth and go to the Great Hall.

* * *

"You're mistaken, Your Majesty! My mother is unfair!"

Feud was no mess. The Emperor shouted as if he was breathing, and the goddess faced the Emperor with a thin face.

The emperor covered his eyes with one hand, as if he was in pain.

"Aunt, you must make this big."

"It looks like the emperor planted a pottery in my palace. Or did you get involved in this?"

"You know it's not like that."

"Horse macaroons, they can poison my food."

"Aunt, how could you do such a thing?"

"So you make it clear. Should this old man put the work of the royal family on the agenda of the Central Tower and bring the Golden Temple (a meeting of the royal family) back to the palace?"

The Emperor's face was fistful.

When the Golden Temple enters the Imperial Palace, it will be disgraced, as well as remain an unwritten emperor.

I understood the Emperor's hurt feelings.

'I don't think I'll ever get over it.'

Ah, how can this be solved?

'But why does the goddess look so flustered? Huh? Wait.....'

The goddess pressed her forehead with the back of her hand. And…….



The emperor and the goddess's maid fell, who was terribly whimpered to shout.