I rolled my eyes and looked at three people alternately who said nothing.

Why is the atmosphere strange?

"That's right. The reproductive row of humanity."

"Stop, stop!"


Ishak and Henri stopped my mouth this time.

I wow, wow, wow, and a pale silhouette flowed out beside me.

"You're not wrong."

It was Taylor.

I looked at Taylor and said to Henri and Ishaque, 'Look at that!' I gave him a look at me with a face.

Henri used to sigh and correct his posture. And he said to Taylor, who stood still.

"Let's talk for a second."

"What are you talking about with the naughty children who invaded my sanctuary as you wish?"

Ishak burst into laughter.

"Sanctuary means something. Do you even have a sanctuary floating around in the kitchen?"

"If you say yes, I will correct it."

Taylor laughed.

'Dubled's genes are amazing.'

I said to myself, 'Oh...' I admired it.

His smile was very similar to when Henri laughed meanly. I think I look more like Henri than my dad.

Dad or John was a neat, absurd impression, whereas Taylor had a glamorous appearance like Henri.

I thought it would be like that if I upgraded Henri.

'Then you must look exactly like your predecessor.'

Henri most closely resembles the three brothers.

Henri and Ishak's hostility also makes sense.

It was not just because the madman hated to confront me or because he tried to poison my father three times, but because he reminded me of the most horrible memory of my two childhood generations.

As I thought so, the door of the shop opened and the old man with the hat came in.

"Master, there's a wagon outside...."

Taylor approaches Henri with his arms on the shoulders of an old man who seems to be his own accomplice.

When Henri doesn't blink a single eye, Taylor's smile darkens.

"Out of the nightmare. Too bad."

Me and Ishaq's face hardened.

'You knew Henri's old man's phobia.'

Henri was mistreated by Terramore, who considered himself to be in bad shape because of the old man's horrors.

'You should know the trauma of Henri,' he said, leaving Taylor by his side when he was alive. '

Taylor's mouth slowly rises.

"It was so cute to see the wrinkles."

"Glad to be out of the trauma. You don't look cute to the garbage."

"It's not a bad habit for an uncle. Did Theodore teach you that much?"

"Your slave mother wouldn't have taught the immediate family the manners."

It's Mom.

I looked at two men who didn't lose their smiles in exchange for a defective word.

Ishaq, who gets out of his fist before the horse comes out, stops my ear with a cocky impression before he bites the poison.

"Enough! Kid's ears are rotting!"

Why did I stop my ears if I was going to yell? 'I thought,' but I wanted to avoid lengthening the friction with Taylor when I came to get help, so I pulled Henri's sleeve.

Henri turns his head, staring at Taylor with cold eyes. Taylor just shrugged.

"So, what's there to talk to me about?"

I took Ishaq's hand off, and opened my mouth.

"I know where Taylor is looking. When we first met, you remember what I said?"

[Have you caught any clues about the Meria grass you're looking for to make antibiotics yet?]


[I know.]

I heard in my first life that Taylor Dubled was looking for Maria Poole.

'I really know the place.'

I smiled and said, Taylor's purchase was slowly curled.

"Don't forget."

"Yes, so deal."

"I told you to keep the door closed, you know."


Taylor blows his face out in front of me.

"So I closed the door. Very, very tight, I mean."

I smiled awkwardly and said, "Did you...?" and made naive arrangements. Then Taylor tried to hold my jaw lightly....

Groaning! Ishak pulls out his sword with a cool sound and points the tip of the sword at Taylor. At the same time, the magic power that escaped from Henri's fingertips became a thread, and he curled his neck.

Taylor glances at me with both hands raised lightly. "Are you going to watch a trader die? 'It's a Yale hateful look.

"Ishaq, Henri. Let me go."



"Let go of me."

Brothers who made an impression reaped their hands within a year.

Taylor laughed low, Cook.

"I thought it would be fun."

, and

* * *

That afternoon.

Taylor, sitting at the table with glasses on, handed over the bookshelf.


"The coffee!"

Burinake replied, "I twisted the coaster with the teacup up and headed to the table.

"What about the syrup?"


I quickly put the sugar from each side of the table into the Pontifical coffee.

"I don't have any refreshments."


I took out a bag of cookies that I shoved in my pocket and threw it on my desk.


After steaming the coffee, blow it hard, and then lift up the teacup lightly and stay a sip.


"Phew... Phew!"

As I grumbled and fiercely stared at Taylor's ugly face, Taylor curled his eyes with a jaw.

"Even a half-uncle can get a kiss from a cute niece, can't he?"

"Where's my uncle who eats his cute niece so much!"

Taylor didn't just resemble Henri, but he did.

I noticed that I had a favor to ask.

[As if I were expelled from the castle, I have no assistant. If you help me, I might have a heart to help you.]

He began to urge us with the words:

As you can see from the side of the market, I was at least better off. Henri and Ishak are woodworkers and are working hard to cut firewood. Of course, as Taylor is trying to kill this place.

I said with a pointed face.

"It's urgent. What if the goddess dies like this!"

"If I had fallen yesterday, there would still be time."


"The evil little girl wouldn't have trusted me and abandoned her. You put a safety pin in it and you're not gonna read it."

I pinched my lips.

'But it's a ghost that I notice.'

I've handed over my Haro Flower Allergy Cure to Cecilia. Don't let the condition get worse.

When I opened my eyes and shot Taylor, I sighed deeply.

"Let your brothers come inside. It's going to be winter..."

Taylor, who touched the case, stared at me.

"…… why?"


"What is it?"

"Thinking about the comfort of your competitors?"

"He's not a competitor, he's a brother."

In my words, Taylor leans deeply against the chair and looks at the brothers who are wooden outside the window.

"Let me give you some advice. You can poison your cookies at any time if you're not vigilant. After swallowing a poisoned cookie, you'll understand. That naive thing is a sin."

"No, I'm not."


I sat in the chair across from Taylor and tore apart the cookie wrapper I brought.

"Why are innocent people sinners? The poisoner is a sinner. I won't blame myself for swallowing poisoned cookies. Under no circumstances is the victim liable."

"Because I wasn't born in Dublin Red."


"It's funny to say something sensible about the subject of Theodore's quantum."

When I looked at her with a strange face, Taylor asked.

"What does that look like?"

"Sometimes I can't help but pretend to be a different degenerate boyfriend…… It's cool."

Taylor smiles as he quickly learns his words and lifts his pair of thumbs.




Then I understood that I meant to get a new coffee. "Coffee..." I raised my body with a lame face, "he replied.

Our brother and sister were released from Taylor's hands after a dark night.

We gathered on the first floor of the objection hall to wait for Taylor's return wagon.

"Son of a bitch. I sent him back to the wagon so he wouldn't get in my father's ear."

"That's not what you're trying to make him impatient. Think you don't know what to do with us out of the reach of your employer."

"You mean lunatic."

Ishaq grabbed it. I don't know how many trees winter has yet come, but that monster Ishak looks a little tired of his stamina.

"That son of a bitch, I'm gonna kill him if this thing is solved."


Henri was most sympathetic when he told me not to do anything rash as usual. I wanted to be silent, but I felt very upset.

Ishak grinds it and stares at the room on the second floor where Taylor entered.

"Kid, are you okay..... what are you doing?"

Ishak narrows his eyebrows as he sees me moving with a sharp grimace. Henri also looked suspicious.

I said, "Shh!" I pressed my mouth with my index finger and muttered.

Taylor's notebook. '

I want to.


I looked around and whispered to my brothers.

"Taylor's notebook. There must be a cure."

"By the way?"

In Ishaq's words, I put my mouth up.

"Let's bounce with it."

I really don't have a way of listening to Taylor.

You have to pretend to be a child because you have no choice. You have to be careful and get out of the way like this.

"If you find the cure, you're dead."

When I look at Taylor's room with a nasty face, Henri and Ishak's face are as evil as mine.