At dawn, our brothers and sisters and Taylor travelled long distances to the Islands mansion.

Despite the dawn of Zec, the mansion was illuminated. As soon as we showed up, the employees who were standing in the middle said, "Young lady, Master!" I came running.

"You're back safely..... Taylor."

North, the first to run amongst the people, looks reassured, then looks at Taylor standing behind me and stiffens his face.

Taylor smiled and said,

"You still look like shit, Eugene North."


In front of our brothers and sisters, the loving face of North was coldly sunk.

"I've arranged a place for you to stay in the villa."

"There must be a room I used to use on the second floor of Bourner."

"Bourner is a space for the immediate family. It may have been Taylor's room in his lifetime, but not now."

"Javelin must have been Theodore's son, right? That's amazing."

When Taylor pointed out that his aunt, not his immediate family, was staying at Bourner.

"Don't fret."

The aunt who came down from the second floor came out and covered her brothers behind her back.

"Long time no see, sister. It looks like Theodore and I haven't seen each other in a while. I can see that she and her youngest brother were cursed by Theodore."

"At least you have more brothers and sisters."

"It would be Theodore or me or anything else, but where was his brother born?"

He said, "For the sake of his own desires, he did not divide the ships of the inhabitants of the land into built-in samples. I don't want to talk to you anymore, so go to the villa."

"Well, good. I really didn't want to stay in Bourner. I like the villa, too."

"The habit of scratching the opponent with heartless words seems to be taken for life. Get the hell out of here. Don't make my niece smell like garbage."

Auntie felt like it wasn't too much for our brother to intertwine with Taylor.

I didn't think my nephew would be safe because I had a history of poisoning my brothers. North's hostility was probably the reason.

I swung my back and swung my aunt's cardigan toe as if Taylor was really trying to head to the villa.

"Aunt, Aunt."

My aunt turned her gaze towards me. It was a very sweet eye, unlike when I saw Taylor.


"You can't send them to the villa."

"LeBlaine, Taylor is not someone you can be so kind to."

"I'm going to run, so I have to stick it next to me and keep an eye on it."


Auntie blinked. I nodded resolutely because I didn't take it lightly, but because of surveillance.

Taylor Dubled was the comeback of the run.

In my first life, when my brothers gave me a brief release to heal Mina, I only prescribed the medicine and ran away.

'Well, it worked so well that Mina woke up. There was a sequelae.'

Henri and Ishaq, who received what was due to the after-effects of Mina's fever, overturned the Empire and found it, but I did not hear the news that he was held until I died.

"I'll never run away. So until I go to the Imperial Palace, in the room next to me..... it must be my father's room. No, no, I left my chair in my dad's room without having to....."

"Your Excellency and one room……."

No matter how Taylor returns from the run, he will not escape from the reach of his father.

Aunt and North exchanged their gazes with a strange expression, but nodded at the same time to see if it was reassuring to say "One room" with her father.

"Then you won't harm the lady and the trainer."


It was my father's expression that if only my brother wasn't in danger, he wouldn't know.

* * *

Taylor was drawn to LeBlaine and headed to Theodore's office.

After a long time, the younger brother did not look any different from the one in memory.

Brothers born from the first generation divided the sequence by the identity of their mothers. The first was born of the daughter of the little-known Marquis, and the third was born of the nutrition of the prestigious Marquis.

Those who had noble mothers ruled over the ten brothers. My mother's son, who was the father of the shorthand, could not even dine with those born of the noble mother, so what about Taylor, who was born of an foreign slave?

Theodore's condition was not as good as Taylor's. He was the birth of a civilian woman who had been sold for his father's gambling debts.

It is no different from a prostitute because she received money and gave birth to a child. The brothers always made a mockery of his mother who passed away as soon as she gave birth to Theodore.

Nevertheless, Theodore never had to die. Even when I asked for sleep in the stables outside my father's eyes because of my brother's scheme, I did not feel unfair.

Other brothers called him a prideful fool, but Taylor's thoughts were different.

[Idiots, you're not without pride, you're terribly arrogant. I'm not treating you like that. As if you don't resent the stupidity of the beast.]

It can't be the eyes of a dying man.

Theodore was just breathing. Waiting for the chance to draw the blade into the eyes of brothers and sisters.

Theodore, who had three children of the same age as his brothers at the time, was still arrogant and still had no luck.

"Long time no see, brother."

Look, I still have that ridiculous look in my eyes that looks like crap to me.

Theodore constantly looks to North, where he preaches the words of LeBlaine.

"Throw it in the annex and defend it without water."

Taylor laughed, picking, as if he thought he would.

No one knew Theodore's resolute sentiments.

A single spit doesn't change the way a knife comes into your neck.

I give a piece of my room to the scum, so even if it's an opportunity to make a debt to the Imperial Palace, I'll throw it out.

Strange thing was that Javelin and North had no difficulty at all when I knew what he was doing. They glance at a little girl like Bamthol.

A child hangs on Theodore's hot stone leg.

"Let your uncle be here."

'That can't be enough to break the stubbornness of your sheep.'



"…… Bread?"

The look of the ice rink changed in one word.

"…… Bread?"


"I don't know where I learned that. Who taught this kid to be useless?"

The expression on the cold topic has a mouthful seal.

At least it wasn't the face of the teacher's neck. Maybe it's a prize.

"Can't you?"

"…… it doesn't work."

North and Javelin, employers, and even Theodore's sons, were not surprised.

The butler of the mansion already had a place to sit.

Taylor narrows his glans.

Isn't it because Theodore didn't want to scratch my responsible child out of Oxa?

LeBlaine looked back at Taylor with Gearco's permission.

"Stay in your room."

When Taylor doesn't answer, the look on the faces of the people in the room becomes harsh.

'How dare you make her speak twice!'

That's when Taylor realized.

I discovered that Dubled's reign of power had been overturned for years while I was in the dungeon.

Bamtol was ruling from the top of the pyramid of power.

* * *

I stole cold sweat with my back of my hand, looking at my father, who was in the same space as Taylor.

'Good, it worked.'

I succeeded in learning from Laura in case she didn't know.

[Lady, every father in the world hates bread, but he loves it.]

Until I learned, I really wanted this to work, but Laura was right.

"I can't believe you're using the technique of spleen. '

Now that I've used my spare loaves, how do I break my dad's stubbornness next time?

I sat by my father's side and struggled with my chin, and I blindfolded at the documents he was looking at.

"That's ancient language! No way. Did you find out about the trust?"

John, who was with him on behalf of his father, replied:

"Part of it. If it wasn't for a 21-seat new rank, it was too much to figure out the whole thing. It's a word that doesn't appear in the Bible very often, so it's difficult to interpret even in temples."

When interpreting the Bible, one speculates the letters through the frequency of the letters. If it is a word that does not appear often in the Bible, it must take time.

'But I know how to read!'

I quickly studied the three words written on the paper.

"Red, moon, descent?"

Ishaq heard me say, "Ah." I nodded.

"Yes, the boy knows how to read ancient language."

"Yes. The first……."

I learned from my first life, "and then I saw Taylor and Aunt and North and quickly changed my words.

"I'm a child of destiny, so I guess I can read it."

'But what does the Red Moon mean?'

I was pondering, scratching my cheeky toes.

'It means that on the day of the rise of the Red Moon, Mina will descend.'

Red Moon is a 100-year anniversary.

'Then it's the day Mina comes.'

I definitely remember. The day the Red Moon rises.

The day the Duke of Amitier returned to the mansion, always sober.

'It was the day of his first love. When was the date? So... hmm.'

I was wrapped around my head with both hands, trying to recall my memory, and my eyes widened.