'Eight years later, April.'

It's different.

It was around the nineteenth century that Mina came to the Empire, and it was two years early.


Mina was a dimensional mover. A child from a world other than this. So I don't understand any more.

There is only one case where the future changes. When you got involved with me.

But moving dimensions is something that cannot be done by human power, so I have no intention of becoming entangled.

There were few straws.

First, my interpretation is wrong.

Secondly, the future has changed because people have been involved in dimensional mobility.

And the last one.

'Involvement of God.'

I would think it would be ridiculous if someone else heard it, but I knew that God truly existed, who lived as a child of God.

In my first life, I witnessed with two eyes what calamity had been caused by the evil spirit that had cracked the seal. That's why Mina didn't stitch up evil by mediating me.

The most likely was the last case, so it was complicated in my head.

Things behind my back that I didn't know about were getting a little out of my sight.

The remnants of darkness that appeared before my eyes were much deeper and bigger than I thought.

'If God is involved in the tax, there's no way I can beat a human being.'

If the god Neriad helps me with the temple in Mina's hand, then what happens to me?

The temple will use me as an offering again, but the families will surely die to protect me, so what should I do?

Am I supposed to protect my life and my family?

I think I've been playing God's hand.

I got dizzy in my head.

'Stop! Calm down!'

I pair my cheeks with both hands! I hit him.

"What are you doing, kid! I'd rather hit my little brother!"


"It's the youngest."

Then I saw the pictures of my brothers, my dad, and my mom on my desk, worrying about me.

I take a deep breath and stare at the spire of the temple that looks out the window.

Do you think I'll give up? '

I was separated from my family when I was a freshman and did all kinds of hard work, but Gear came back into the family fence.

I started barefoot, found a family, set up a top, and drowned my people.

Evil is the best thing in the Empire.

I mistouched God or Naval. '

There is no need to be impatient. There's still eight years left. No matter how involved God was, time was on my side.

One step at a time.

I squeezed my fist and turned my head and looked at Taylor.

"First, the restoration of the goddess!"

"…… what?"

"Follow me!"

I grabbed Taylor's sleeve and left the Great Party Executive Office.

* * *

The emperor, the emperor, and the maids of the palace looked at the goddess who was unconscious with a worrying young face and Taylor who diagnosed her like that.

Taylor nods within.

"You'll be awake soon."

Then the Emperor sighed and sat in the chair.

"Thank goodness. Yes, thank goodness."

If the Emperor had been swarming with the goddess's venom, the imperial palace would have been destroyed, as well as the nobility and the temple.

The Emperor put a frown on his face.

"The Dubled Ball of Honor is huge."

I acknowledged that it was not a humble gesture.

'Yes, my balls are big. What should I do then?'

The emperor groaned, groaning as he looked with those eyes.

"I'll drop a thousand gold coins on Dubled."

A thousand bucks?

If you save the goddess, you'll save the Emperor's body, and you'll block out the imperial palace in advance.

I'll have my allowance for a couple of months.

And I lifted up my eyes, and lifted up my mouth, and there came another groaning from the Emperor's dove.

"What about Caledoni's farmland?"

Caledony is a grassy or barely dry land.

"Your Majesty, Dublin is not short of money or land. What is lacking is only Your Holiness's....."

I blurred the end of the horse and glanced back at him.

"What do you need?"

Finally the word I was waiting for came back and I answered coldly.

"Forgive Her Majesty!"

In my words, silence sank in the goddess's bedroom.

Taylor did not say that the goddess's bottle was allergic to Haro Flowers, so the misconception of the Emperor was not resolved.

There were a group of scholars who had a brief thought of the Emperor, and they all had a small face.

"Dubled's daughter is deeply affectionate to Mohu. Very good."

The Emperor's voice was lowered when the Emperor was furious with the Emperor.

"It's not because of His Majesty the Emperor…."

The emperor narrows his eyes.

"What do I do?"

"My dad said this shouldn't be known outside. So people will think you sold to Mo Hoo for no reason. The five sins set by Lord Neriah are null and void, right? Even in temples, nobles will say His Majesty is bad."


"I don't want the Emperor to be unfair....."

The Emperor's glabellar wrinkles faded as he kept his hands together and played the good boy.

"But this is a grave crime, which even Mofu cannot pass on. If your aunt recovers and bites and stretches....."

The emperor seemed troubled just to think.

"Don't worry about that!"

"Don't worry?"

"It was my uncle who saved the goddess. The goddess knows the grace, so she will give you a prize, and you will tell her that you hope that the Emperor will not be in trouble!"

I stabbed Taylor in the side, Cook.

'Quickly agree.'

With that look, Taylor nods in a nuisance.

"Aunt Mofu is the cause of your fall. Will you accept him?"

"Dubled is on your side. Of course I do."

I wrapped my hands around my chest and smiled.

I'm the child of the temple's destiny.

The temple means I'm in charge, and my father will detain the nobles.

Even if the goddess asks for the punishment of the Emperor, no one will sympathize. Then the goddess will shut her mouth as an excuse to listen to Taylor's voice.

Dubled and I will clear the perimeter. There is an excuse to keep the goddess quiet. No problem, right?

The Emperor, who saw my face, raised his tail.

"Where did something so cute come from? Who raised you so lovingly?"

"The Emperor is the father of the people, and the people are the children of the Emperor. Your Majesty raised me."

The emperor's purchase collapsed when the fourth time in his life he was put into effect regrettably. He laughed and said, "Come or not." I stroked my cheek.

"I'll listen to your call. But I can't stop caring for my luggage. Listen! I will give the Dublin Heroic a title of caution!"

Yes, sir?

I rolled my eyes and looked around.


I'm so sorry.

I nodded and laughed awkwardly, as people replied.

Bonjour was an honorary title awarded to a mother who saved the king from war about a hundred years ago.

No one calls him "Lord," but his powers were enormous.

Boju means to be a quasi-human. So, like a goddess from the immediate family, Princess Ingrid, a goddess.

In other words, the authority of the Joon-hyung people comes.

At a certain age, you will have the right to vote for the Golden Temple (a meeting of imperial lineage).

Possible to enter the Imperial Palace at all times.


Permission to enter Elicyano class! '

The Elicyano class is a class of foreign academic institutions composed exclusively of royals of the Empire and royals of other countries.

There is an international academy that gathers only the best talent on the continent, where John is studying.

The most remarkable class on the continent is the Elicyano class.

Two princes of the Wigggentra Empire.

Twin Prince of Waynes.

Princess of Gahong.

The grandson of the tribe leader of Atar.

This was where these people came to the forefront of admission.


I covered my cheeks with a dazzling expression.

Where the Nodas Will Help Independence! Golden Fields of Connection!

'Blessed are you if you do something good....'

I didn't know you were doing such a good job.

In exchange for doing a good job, I drew the golden complex with no difficulty.

I walked like a pole to Lulu Lala's palace. Taylor smiled at me like that.

"That wouldn't be a good thing."

"Why is it so bad?"

"Why else would I be disrespectful?"

"Because I got help. In any case, Elicyano class is a golden field of connection, so it's enough for a reason to like it."

If you stay here properly, the temple won't be afraid of a single horn.

Even if independence fails, you can escape to a frozen land of connection.

"It would be nice if my brothers went too. Especially Johann's brother....."

When the Dublin Kingdom is independent, he will become a prince.

Taylor glances at me as if I'm sorry.

"I'm not going to be a royal."

I flinched and laughed awkwardly.

'It's a secret to Taylor. He can't be trusted.'

"When you know a good connection, that's how helpful life is."

"… now it's not Henri who resembles the best of his generation, but you. You didn't mix a drop of blood."

"Are you saying I'm a dog poop now?"

"Dog shit?"

"You're no better than dog shit!"

Taylor's eyes flutter as I put a sheep fist on his side.

"Are you fearless or thoughtless....."

"What is it?"

"You're the only one who talks about the future."

"What's so weird about saying a bad person is a bad person? I'm not a good person either, but he's a scum."

"You have a great grandfather. So his sin is yours."

"Why is that my sin? That's his fucking fault. I'm me, and his grandfather is his grandfather. If you want to tie it together, you can live for me."

I turned my nose and said, "Taylor's eyes are shaking."

"Is that so?"


"You did."

"Of course, right?"

Why is that?

I said to myself, "I see..." I muttered alone and narrowed my glance at Taylor smiling.

Then, I cried.

'It's Seria.'

I said, "Wait!" I quickly jumped and headed to a rare place.


"What's going on?"

[We've compiled all the data on time regression. I can pick up Prince Adrian!]

Oh, my God!

I kept my mouth shut.

Thank goodness. Thank goodness. I don't know how scared I was to bring him back.

I sighed and raised my head.


"What is this....."


"Seria, now the sky....."

I looked up at the sky with trembling eyes.

The Red Moon was revealed with the clouds completely cleared.

The Red Moon is in the sky now.